“Shiyou Technology” completed the second phase of the A+ round of financing of over 100 million yuan, using virtual human technology to build the basic ecology of the Metaverse

Shiyou (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shiyou Technology ) announced the completion of the second phase of the A+ round of financing of over 100 million yuan. The investors in this round of financing are listed companies Jebsen, Tiandi Online and two other Company and Metaverse Fund No. 2. Ji Zhihui, founder of Shiyou Technology, said that this round of financing will be mainly used for the expansion of existing businesses, the upgrading of digital human technology, and the development of the Meta Avatar Show, a Metaverse platform.

Founded in 2015, Shiyou Technology is a virtual technology provider focusing on the creation of digital people and virtual content. The core technology is the Metaverse digital human technology and the real-time rapid virtual content production system “Puppeteer Virtual Factory”. Among them, “Puppeteer Virtual Factory” includes motion capture system, facial motion capture system, motion capture gloves and corresponding rendering, driving, post-processing and other core software and algorithms. By combining real-time Metaverse digital human technology, the final output of digital human images and virtual content.

From the perspective of the virtual content production market, motion capture equipment is generally relatively mature at present, and the key point of virtual technology lies in the core algorithm. Ji Zhihui said: “Shiou Technology has carried out a lot of research and development on the underlying algorithm, and realized real-time facial expression capture without stickers. In the body capture algorithm, real-time human motion is calculated through forward and reverse kinematics, gyroscopes and other methods. , and generate corresponding models. These algorithms are also integrated into the motion capture helmets, motion capture suits, motion capture gloves and other hardware devices of Seyou Technology. It is precisely because of the strong underlying algorithm support that Seyou Technology’s motion capture The device has the versatility that is different from the products of traditional motion capture manufacturers, and can be used in a variety of scenarios.”

Based on the unique hardware and software equipment and underlying algorithms, Shiyou Technology has created a virtual human platform product, that is, a complete set of virtual content production system. Shiyou Technology’s digital human platform products are divided into four series: consumer-level, entry-level, professional-level, and AI, corresponding to the specific application scenarios of mobile phone live broadcast, virtual anchor, radio and television, and commercial advertising.

“Shiyou Technology” completed the second phase of the A+ round of financing of over 100 million yuan, using virtual human technology to build the basic ecology of the Metaverse

Shiyou Technology Business Products

In the scene application of large B-end customers, such as the production of virtual content at the radio and television level, the professional-grade products of Shiyou Technology can provide a complete set of high-precision virtual human real-time live broadcast solutions, and meet the needs of high-definition environments such as 4K and 8K in TV studios . In scenarios such as short videos and live broadcasts, entry-level platform products are easy to operate, cost-effective, and have excellent software and hardware performance and virtual live broadcast effects.

Ji Zhihui also introduced: “Shiyou Technology will soon launch a virtual live broadcast SaaS platform for small and medium-sized B-ends. The platform can greatly reduce the user’s threshold and cost of use through a standardized and cloud-based SaaS model, and allow customers to have TV-level quality. Virtual content effects; more importantly, since the rendering, processing and other systems are placed in the cloud, the virtual live broadcast SaaS platform can be quickly applied at scale.”

2021 is called “the first year of the Metaverse”, there are countless players entering the game, and capital is rushing in. According to a Bloomberg Industry Research report, the global Metaverse market will reach $800 billion in 2024. Under the tuyere of the Metaverse, a large number of start-up companies engaged in digital human production and virtual content technology services have been spawned in the market. However, compared with these start-up Metaverse companies, Shiyou Technology has accumulated more than ten years of technology before the emergence of the Metaverse concept, and virtual service technology and digital human products have served many leading customers. Now it can be quickly replicated in industrialization. The company’s business model is mature, the certainty of sustainable profitability is high, the innovation ability is strong, and the business prospects are broad. This is also the main reason why Shiyou Technology was able to complete this round of financing against the trend against the background of the global new crown epidemic, the general lack of confidence in the market, and the general prudence of investors.

“Shiyou Technology” completed the second phase of the A+ round of financing of over 100 million yuan, using virtual human technology to build the basic ecology of the Metaverse

Shiyou Technology Customer Distribution

According to public information, Shiyou Technology’s industry experience and technology accumulation are far ahead, customers cover many fields, and there are countless application cases of virtual scene landing. Represented by the film and television industry, Shiyou Technology has cooperated with many well-known TV stations such as CCTV and Hunan Satellite TV. AR projects such as “2021 CCTV Spring Festival Gala “Cow Up” and “2022 Hunan Satellite TV New Year’s Eve” have created industry virtual technology service cases model. At the same time, it provides digital human and virtual technology support for Huawei, Xiaomi, China Mobile, Lenovo and other leading digital communication companies and Internet companies such as Tencent, NetEase, ByteDance, Baidu, Alibaba, and B Station.Up to now, 600+ virtual IP images have been created or “resurrected”.

With the continuous injection of capital, Shiyou Technology’s company scale and business development will also usher in a new round of strong growth. Ji Zhihui said: “This year, Shiyou Technology’s revenue growth momentum is still strong, and it will achieve multiple growth compared with last year. In the future, Shiyou Technology will continue to accelerate its pace in the virtual digital human and the Metaverse track to enhance its core competitiveness. Empowering all walks of life to continuously provide enterprises and individuals with full-stack solutions of virtual technology. We also hope that more talents who pay attention to the Metaverse will join and jointly create a bright future for the Metaverse.”

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