Shiba Inu Layout Metaverse Out of Meme Confinement

Shiba Inu (SHIB), known as the “Dogecoin Killer”, has always had a strong Meme (meme) brand in people’s impressions, but it seems to have been trying to break through this limitation.

After building up a large fan community, Shiba Inu launched its own decentralized trading application ShibaSwap last year, and since then, its breakthrough ideas have become more and more. In October last year, when NFTs were hot, Shiba released 10,000 “THE SHIBOSHIS” series NFTs; soon after, it announced the game development plan. According to the latest news, a collectible card game related to Shiba Inu will be released in September this year. Online a month ago.

Behind these actions is Shiba Inu’s ambition and unwillingness. Not long ago, it announced the Metaverse Project on its official blog, this community-based project will enter the early development of Shiba Inu Metaverse under the codename “Shiberse”.

During the community AMA event held on February 23rd, key Shiba Inu members revealed that as the first step of its Metaverse plan, the team will follow Sandbox and Decentraland to introduce a virtual land system called “Shiba Lands”, and will launch the land Auction, a total of 99,000 virtual land will be sold in batches.

With its Shiba Inu image, Shiba Inu has successively displayed its fists in the fields of DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse, trying to tear off the Meme label.

Shiba Inu Announces Metaverse Project

Shiba Inu Layout Metaverse Out of Meme Confinement

Shiba Inu (SHIB), who debuted under the nickname “Dogecoin Killer” in 2021, has attracted a large number of fans around the world in a very short period of time and has become a leader in the Meme sector. A huge ShibArmy has formed a community, and they are active Mainstream social media, hyping itself up while trying something different, is full of aggression against Dogecoin.

During the popularity of DeFi, the first thing Shiba Inu did away from the Meme attribute was to launch its own decentralized trading application, ShibaSwap. From today’s point of view, the launch of the app is not a simple symbolic action, but is instead paving the way for the future ecology.

As stated on the homepage of Shiba Inu’s official website, it plans to “evolve from a decentralized Meme token to a vibrant ecosystem”. In the past year, Shiba Inu has helped community members realize their inspirations and ideas as an incubator; the community has also established a rescue program – using Amazon Smile to collect some of the products users buy on Amazon and donate them to the Shiba Inu Rescue Association ( Shiba Inu Rescue Association) to rescue dogs in distress.

After the DeFi hotspot is the rise of the NFT topic, Shiba Inu did not miss it. It released 10,000 “THE SHIBOSHIS” series NFTs based on its own Shiba Inu image in October last year. Within 35 minutes after the release, the NFT was sold out.

Shiba Inu Layout Metaverse Out of Meme Confinement


Rubbing hot spots and producing products, when Shiba Inu formed a large-scale community, its ambitions also began to expand.

Not long ago, Shiba Inu announced its plans for the Metaverse in an official blog post, claiming to see rapid growth and opportunity in the Metaverse space – where people can make content, where developers will set up stores as a vital virtual resource, Metaverse provides incentives, content and recurring royalties to the crypto community.

“Just like everything Shib has done, we will lead this Metaverse field.” Shiba Inu officially revealed that the early development of Shiba Inu Metaverse will be carried out under the code name “Shiberse”.

In fact, in November last year, the outside world speculated that Shiba had the intention of entering the Metaverse. At the time, Shiba officially announced a partnership with game creator William Volk, former vice president of technology at Activision, to provide consulting for its “Play to Earn” NFT game. The game was originally named Oshiverse.

During the Shiba Guru AMA event on February 23rd, William Volk gave an update on the game’s development. He revealed that the game is a collectible card game, but it will not be another replica of existing games on the market, “SHIB games will be unique and novel, including both mobile and blockchain versions. “It was revealed that the game could be released before September this year.

After the release of NFTs and the announcement of game plans, Shiba Inu’s Metaverse accelerated. Recently, the mystery of this new virtual universe has finally been unveiled.

Shiberse launches virtual land system

Shiba Inu revealed the first step of its Metaverse project on the official blog. The project believes that Sandbox and Decentraland, two Metaverse platforms introducing virtual real estate, have been successful over the past period of time, and that this type of virtual space brings potential, scalability, and performance evolution to the community. Therefore, the starting point for the construction of Shiberse will start from “Shiba Lands”.

Shiba Lands is a virtual land system available for purchase or auction. The team is developing a queue system specifically designed for Shiba Lands sales events to prevent robot and gas fee wars during land sales.

Shiba Inu Layout Metaverse Out of Meme Confinement

Screenshot of Shiba Inu Metaverse promotional video

In a community AMA on February 23, Shiba Inu revealed more detailed plans, saying that 99,000 virtual parcels of land will be released in Shiberse. The launch is planned for ten days, and users who hold Leash tokens in the ecosystem will have priority access to view, bid and purchase virtual land.

It is reported that the land will be released in batches. Only 35,000 pieces of land will be released in the first batch, and the rest of the land will be released in stages. In the second batch of sales, everyone can participate in the purchase. As of February 25, the bidding system has not yet been launched, and the price of the land has not been announced. According to the rules, a wallet address can buy up to 100 pieces of 10*10 land, which needs to be paid in ETH. In addition, holders of the “THE SHIBOSHIS” series of NFTs can share 2,000 pieces of land.

Shiba Inu’s land sale plan has piqued the interest of community members, and in some users’ imaginations, Shiberse will be a green, friendly, fairytale-like virtual space where Shiba Inu can play freely. When the virtual land auction is completed, people can build houses, pavilions, playgrounds, etc. in it, “can’t wait to enter this world.”

In order to advance the plan as soon as possible, Shiba Inu said that it has recently met with some leading partners in order to make the new application popular “with great energy and beyond expectations.”

In the opinion of an NFT enthusiast, most Meme projects such as Shiba Inu have their own animal images, which are suitable for publishing NFTs and games with related elements, and opening up a Metaverse around them. “When all kinds of animal NFTs are active in the virtual space, , the entire Metaverse ecology will become more colorful.”

Of course, the construction of the Metaverse is an extremely complex project. Even the Metaverse ecosystems such as Sandbox and Decentraland are relatively ecologically rich, and the C-side experience is more based on mobile and viewing, which is difficult to satisfy a further immersive experience. Therefore, it may take a long process for Shiberse to go from birth to outline to ecological maturity. Followers should be alert to the risk of speculation in virtual plots to avoid financial damage.

Judging from the development of Shiba Inu, although it has become famous as a “Dogecoin Killer”, it is not willing to play the role of mere meme. Its own label in order to play an increasingly important role in the crypto world.

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