shib is on binance, read shib’s ecology in one article!

Shib (dog) will become a golden hoe and Shib will become a generalist currency inside Shiba’s ecology.

V God is holding a leash in his right hand, a puppy in his leash (SHIBA INU), and a bone in his left hand, whether it’s a bone or not is unknown, let’s say it’s a bone.

The dog (Shib) + dog leash (leash) + bone (bone) constitutes the three pieces of Shitcoin Shib ecology, and they are all held in V God’s hand, of course, the Shitcoin ecology does not only stop here, there is also, ART + NFT + RESCUE.

shib is on binance, read shib's ecology in one article!

Today we will focus on the role and division of labor of the three pieces of dog (Shib) + leash (leash) + bone (bone) in the shitcoin ecology, and why this design and what are the benefits of this design? What is the picture of the whole Shitcoin Shib ecology.

Shitcoin Shib has been subverting the perceptions of people in the circle since its birth in many ways of play, design, creativity, price increase, and so on.

Shitcoin Shib is probably the first one in the blockchain world

Shib is probably the first project in the blockchain world to do community first, circle users first, and build consensus first; then do the product.

Shib has not even had a normal white paper since it was born last August, and the product is not even seen, but this does not affect the frenzy and development speed of Shib, which reminds me of IBM’s early entry into the Chinese market: “Hearing the sound before seeing the person”. It also reminds me of the way that Xiaomi did the rice flour first and then the rice products at the beginning of the business.

According to the official news, Shibaswap will be online at the end of the month. According to the niao nature of the team, I personally predict that the launch date of Shibaswap will be April 30.

Shibaswap product is the soul of Shiba ecology, the connector of Shiba ecosystem, carrying the value of various token of Shiba system.

Some people may ask why there is a need for shibaswap when there are already uniswap and sushiswap on the market.

It is understood that shibaswap has been kept mysterious, not revealing half of the information, because shibaswap wants to bring some new ways of playing to the blockchain world, new ideas, and solve some problems that have not been solved by the existing swap products, and the delay in releasing these news is for fear of being copied.

shibaswap is not trying to be the killer of uniswap (nor can it necessarily be), shibaswap thinks that the existing swap products still have a high technical threshold for many white and small leek players, and not everyone can access the products. shibaswap wants to make a swap product that is lightweight and universal. product.

Just like dogcoin, if you can’t afford to play bitcoin, you can enter the blockchain world through dogcoin first. Maybe, in the future, if you can’t play with uniswap, you can play with shibaswap. Shiba belongs to the meme series, which is very interesting in itself, we call it “fun token”, and Shibaswap hopes that its appearance will let more ordinary people get in touch with it and participate in it. Shibaswap hopes that it will make more ordinary people reach out and participate in this seemingly highbrow world of blockchain.

These days, I’ve been thinking about what kind of role or strategy Shibaswap will play to win a foothold in the market. I personally think Shibaswap will be an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, low-cost, lightweight, universal, and very interesting swap product, Shibaswap will be the Xiaomi of the cell phone industry, a swap product that everyone can afford to play and play with.

How does Shibaswap build the value of Shiba ecology? According to the official shibaswap pictures, personal speculation

Shib (dog) will become a golden hoe, and Shib will become the common sense currency in Shiba ecology.

shib is on binance, read shib's ecology in one article!

Leash (dog leash) was originally designed as an algorithmic stable coin, rebase dog coin, which was stopped in February. Currently, according to the official news, we know that the total amount of Leash is 100,000 + pieces, the total amount is limited and small, corresponding to Shib is a huge total amount of one trillion.

Personal speculation, in Shibaswap inside, will make Leash and Shib into LP, thus rewarding bone; for example.

stipulating that a Leash can lasso (or pair) 100 million, or 1 billion Shibs.

The value of the leash is how many dogs can be lassoed (or paired) by one leash, and the more leashes there are, the more dogs will be lassoed, and the more bones will be rewarded.

So, the dog leash may become valuable, inside Shiba ecology, it is impossible to walk your dog without a leash. Hurry up and hoard some dog leashes, maybe, one day there will be a surprise.

Bone bones, according to the official website, Bone is the dog coin killer, not the Shib we thought was the dog killer, bone will follow shibaswap released at the same time, there is not much news.

In summary, Shib will be the uniswap currency inside Shiba ecology.

Shibaswap will be a supplement to uniswap and other products, and grounded, fun, can circle more users, but also will bring some new ideas and play to the circle. I hope it will not disappoint the shit fans.

Leash, will become a symbol of wealth inside Shiba ecology, more leash will be able to trap more dogs, and will get more bone.

bone, is the grand finale, is the dog killer.

The above is all personal speculation, everything to Shiba official release news shall prevail, let me together with eagerly look forward to Shibaswap on line, together with the dream of choking it.

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