SHIB infected with “rabies”, fighting fools or the victory of the common people?

SHIB’s “rise to prominence” has had a huge impact on the entire industry order

May 8, 2021 is a special day, this day everyone with great enthusiasm collective “eat shi” ……

SHIB infected with "rabies", fighting fools or the victory of the common people?

This is not a dirty word, SHIB’s “emergence” has had a huge impact on the entire industry order. From nonsensical rubbish to a strong “takeoff”, when everyone thought FOMO had reached its end, it still managed to land on the exchange against the trend, and the concentrated and huge trading volume directly crashed several major trading platforms. Until today, one of the leading centralized exchanges, Coinan, has finally bowed to this “young traffic”.

SHIB infected with "rabies", fighting fools or the victory of the common people?

Based on this alone, the strongest “flow” SHIB is enough to book a place in the “Top 10 industry wonders of 2021” in advance.

It seems that as long as there is dust so great good news, it can take advantage of the upward trend, SHIB overturned the cognition of a number of senior investors, has become the Bermuda of investment logic, Newton Einstein Hawking can not manage the “absolute field”. Today, the baked boy will take you into the back of all this, to discover the traces under this carnival.

There is one thing to say, when I first saw the white paper of SHIB, I still had some Respect for this project.

SHIB infected with "rabies", fighting fools or the victory of the common people?

The idea of creating SHIB was born out of the WSB retailer’s hard-fought Wall Street incident in early 2021. The retail investors were so close to picking up the fruits of victory that the “rule of the game” makers simply “pulled the plug” and called it quits, leaving the retail investors with no choice but to accept the inevitable outcome. The white paper in SHIB is also very straightforward: “This is all the result of centralization”. If there is no centralized team, no funding, and no direct leadership, where will a project built this way end up? SHIB’s slogan is “All From Zero”, in other words, the team wants to start with nothing and still end up with the kind of operation that the existing centralized operation teams in the market can achieve. SHIB’s founder, Ryoshi, is a long-time player in the industry. Ryoshi has publicly stated that the SHIB team is not pre-organized, and that the members of the team have never worked together before. They were a new team formed spontaneously by developers, designers, moderators, marketers and cashiers. In the words of the SHIB white paper, they see SHIB as “a social experiment”, a “decentralized spontaneous community”, where everyone involved in SHIB is the same, all beings are equal, and everything starts from scratch. Isn’t it a bit like a real blockchain?

SHIB infected with "rabies", fighting fools or the victory of the common people?

Why is “SHIB” a “Shiba Inu coin”? It’s because SHIB’s team members love Shiba Inu, and SHIB is implementing the concept of “All From Zero” with this “capriciousness”. According to the SHIB community’s vision, it is hoped that these countless zeros will be “eaten” one by one. So far, the result has been remarkable, from 14 zeros behind the decimal point at the beginning to only 5 zeros left now.

SHIB infected with "rabies", fighting fools or the victory of the common people?

It’s hard to imagine what it would mean if all the zeros were actually “eaten”. The pass-through mechanism of SHIB is also interesting. First of all, the team will not be given any passes. Want a pass? Whoever wants them, they have to buy them on the market. Secondly, the 10 trillion passes are divided into two parts, 500 trillion are given to V God, and these SHIBs are currently worth $8 billion, so do you have “billion points” to envy?

SHIB infected with "rabies", fighting fools or the victory of the common people?

(SHIB team with V-God) The other 500 trillion SHIBs are made into a trading pool with 10 ETH, and the private key of the pool is destroyed. The team envisages that if one day SHIB is not circulating in the market, the share of SHIB can be exchanged for the corresponding percentage of ETH in this pool.

SHIB infected with "rabies", fighting fools or the victory of the common people?

It’s a fallback for the team to keep SHIB from going completely to zero.

Of course, this is all a good vision of the SHIB team. Next, Roast Boy will take a look at SHIB’s road to “godhood”.

Back in March 2021, Musk had been calling out orders for “dogs”, which apparently had their own ideas and had been rising at a limited rate for quite some time. Instead, the SHIB rose in response to a tweet from Musk saying he “wanted to buy Shiba”.

This was probably the first time SHIB broke into the public eye, and the first time SHIB was “called to pull the pan”. When SHIB was associated with Musk, everything afterwards became logical. The “passive” was put online by more than a dozen centralized exchanges, which triggered massive exchange server maintenance, and Coin Security publicly issued an article stating that SHIB would soon be scheduled to be listed in the Innovation Zone today. “Dogs” and SHIB have even spawned “small animal boards”, Akita Akita, PIG, Husky Husky, Puppy DOG, Guide Dog LBD, Orangutan FEG… …and the “critters” are also very active, with Pig’s price previously at around 0.00000006, reaching a high of $0.00000096 today, an increase of over 60% in 24 hours.

So what is the source of this collective reaction? Baked interviewed a few random SHIB holders and found that most participants had not considered the technical prospects and decentralized value of SHIB, and their reasons for getting involved were actually very simple and crude: cheap / others buy I also buy / no pain to win several times the loss. These reasons sound impulsive and rash, but represent the true state of mind of many grassroots retail investors.

SHIB infected with "rabies", fighting fools or the victory of the common people?

What do retail investors really want? Just as the SHIB team’s original intent, and the WSB retail investors’ original intent in revolting against Wall Street, they want profit, voice and equality in such a market environment. All of these are currently in the hands of the elite. Bitcoin and ethereum, once billed as “anti-elite”, are becoming more and more “elite” (and more expensive). Bitcoin has become a game for Wall Street and giant whales, while the ethereum ecosystem has become a playground for scientists. Retailers who don’t understand finance and code can’t be integrated into the community. The masses of retail investors need an outlet for their emotions. That’s why Musk, who has been known as a “rebel”, has become the spokesman of the “anti-elite” culture. He called out for “dogs”, and “dogs” rose like a rainbow; he called out for SHIB, and SHIB rose to fame.

SHIB infected with "rabies", fighting fools or the victory of the common people?

However, we should not blindly believe in Musk because of this. We also need to see that his renewed campaign for “Dogs” on Saturday Night Live has not reached the level of enthusiasm it deserves. Perhaps the public’s fervor for “dogs” is receding. But dogs are not going away, and neither is SHIB. They will exist as part of the multicultural crypto industry because there is a large group of people who are endorsing them with a sentiment. The world is not black and white, and because it is so diverse, it is unpredictable, and that is why it is so exciting.


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