Shenzhen’s highest AGV robot parking building has begun construction

Recently, Shenzhen Longhua an intelligent garage project started, is expected to be the highest AGV parking building in Shenzhen at the end of this year after delivery. This news again let AGV robot become a big focus of public opinion.

“Where there is demand, where there is a market”, the topic of parking difficulties have plagued mankind for two centuries, now, with the rapid development of automatic parking technology and robotics, “intelligent parking garage” is increasingly popular, AGV parking robot has become a The robot world “new star” tendency, so that the complete solution to the parking problem has a new dawn.

Technological progress has given birth to the highest AGV parking building in Shenzhen

AGV, is “Automated Guided Vehicle” abbreviation, refers to equipped with electromagnetic or optical and other automatic navigation device, can travel along the prescribed navigation path, with safety protection and a variety of shift function of the transport vehicle. It is an intelligent robot in the field of parking.

Although parking facilities are being built in cities, it is still difficult to meet the expanding demand for parking due to the rapid growth of car ownership. Moreover, it is becoming more and more difficult to open new parking lots because of the rising land prices in cities. AGV parking robots have become an important part of the “smart parking garage”.

Shenzhen's highest AGV robot parking building has begun construction
Shenzhen's highest AGV robot parking building has begun construction
Shenzhen's highest AGV robot parking building has begun construction

Parking robot file picture.

AGV parking robot mainly uses navigation technology, motion control technology, big data algorithm and other modern Internet and Internet of Things technology to achieve high-precision handling in the parking garage. Different from other mobile robots, AGV parking robot focus on its parking AGV system, it has fast action, high efficiency, simple structure, strong controllability, good security and other characteristics, enhance the user’s senses at the same time, to better improve the user’s parking experience.

Recently started the Shenzhen Longhua this intelligent three-dimensional garage, will be the first application by the CIMC independent research and development of double-layer AGV parking robot, plans to build more than 20 layers, can provide nearly a thousand parking spaces, is expected to be delivered at the end of 2021, after completion will become the highest AGV parking building in Shenzhen.

Intelligent garage with the parking robot’s flexible handling capabilities, the driver does not need to enter the interior of the parking lot, just drive the car into the entrance and exit hall to complete the storage operation can be, but also without parking lot configuration staff, to achieve the unmanned parking, that is, the parking lot “autopilot”.

According to reports, this intelligent parking robot has a fast, accurate mobile capacity and more than 4 to 6 hours of continuous uninterrupted endurance, the four-servo wheel motion model gives the robot a strong mobile capacity, can achieve forward, backward, spin, translation, traverse, any curve driving, can achieve 360 ° free walking on a large plane, for a variety of complex garage environment, the system failure rate Low, suitable for new flat parking garage, three-dimensional garage and other parking scenes.

AGV robot to solve many pain points of parking difficulties

The reporter learned from the project construction unit, Longhua this intelligent parking building is located in an innovative industrial park, more enterprises, parking demand, and the contradiction between motor vehicle ownership and parking supply has also been a thorny problem in the industrial park.

“The direction of our research and development is to form a comprehensive solution based on various difficult parking scenarios, and this parking building is an AGV parking solution for the industrial park.” Deng Zongping, head of the product technology department of CIMC Technology Co., Ltd. has been immersed in the Internet and Internet of Things industry for many years, he told reporters that, compared to traditional parking, with AGV parking robot “intelligent parking garage” has multiple advantages.

First, parking efficiency is higher. The use of automatic parking technology, car owners do not have to drive the car wandering in the parking lot, looking for parking spaces, AGV parking robot can quickly park the car in place, saving the owner a lot of time at the same time, but also greatly accelerate the operational efficiency of the parking garage.

Secondly, parking is safer. As the intelligent parking garage takes unmanned operation, there are only diligent parking robots working in the facility, and the general public cannot approach the parked cars, thus avoiding possible potential threats and making it safer.

In addition, it is more space and cost efficient. Saving space and cost is probably the most important advantage of CIMC’s exclusive double-decker automatic parking technology, which at least doubles the number of parking spaces, while multi-story parking buildings superimpose this effect even more, while also reducing more steel usage and labor costs during the construction phase, reducing the cost of building parking lots and allowing flexibility and convenience in changing the subsequent use of parking lots.

Driving the AGV robot market to further heat up

Although automatic parking is not the ultimate solution, this technology is undoubtedly more positive after the recent “Opinions on Promoting the Development of Urban Parking Facilities” agreed and forwarded by the State Council, which not only promotes the development of smart parking to alleviate parking difficulties, but also drives the AGV robot market to further heat up.

In recent years, the situation of smart manufacturing, industrial automation and logistics automation development speed up, for AGV robots to expand the application field opened a key breakthrough, AGV robot industry ushered in the explosion.

Now, the new role of parking robots has opened a new window for the AGV robotics industry. With the “intelligent parking garage” to further accelerate the popularity of the parking robot market demand will continue to rise, the broad market prospects are attracting more and more companies to enter the parking robot field, last year to the logistics industry AGV robot-based industry financing amounted to more than 4 billion yuan, the wind is gradually extending to the parking field.

The reporter learned that Shenzhen engaged in AGV parking robot industry research and development enterprises about 5, 6, including CIMC, Weichuang automation and other enterprises. In the view of Deng Zongping, AGV parking robot and intelligent parking garage is the trend, with parking contradictions continue to intensify, the national policy continues to improve, more and more companies are optimistic about the prospects of parking robots, are working fast to develop technology more in line with market demand, with these “black technology” technology support, also makes We have more expectations for the future of travel life.

Future parking robot this vast new blue ocean will accelerate the expansion of the AGV robot market warming trend will continue to rise, and thus continue to promote the rapid development of the industry and new changes.

Wen/Guangzhou Daily-New Flower City reporter: Wang Na

Photo/Guangzhou Daily-New Flower City Reporter: Wang Na

Guangzhou Daily – New Flower City Editor: Wang Qiqi

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