Shenzhen’s blockchain electronic invoices have been issued over 58 million in three years

Shenzhen's blockchain electronic invoices have been issued over 58 million in three years

The picture shows the blockchain electronic invoice. (Data Map) Photo courtesy of Shenzhen Taxation Bureau, State Administration of Taxation

Blockchain electronic invoices ushered in the third anniversary of its landing in Shenzhen on the 10th. According to the Shenzhen Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation, the Shenzhen blockchain electronic invoice system has issued over 58 million invoices, with an average of over 120,000 daily invoices, and the cumulative invoice value is nearly 80 billion yuan, covering retail, catering, transportation, and real estate. There are more than 32,000 connected enterprises in more than 100 industries, such as, medical treatment, and the Internet.

It is reported that compared with traditional electronic invoices, blockchain electronic invoices have many advantages. For merchants, blockchain electronic invoices realize online direct application and issuance, no special hardware and no need to go to and from the tax bureau for ticket purchase; for consumers, mobile phone self-service invoicing, no need to line up, eliminating the need to ask for tickets from merchants Worry, the invoice issued can be inserted into the WeChat card package or sent to the e-mail address, and the ticketing experience is better.

The relevant person in charge of the Shenzhen Taxation Bureau stated that in 2018, the Shenzhen Taxation Bureau started investigations from taxpayers’ ticketing pain points and blockages, and refined the blockchain electronic invoice requirements. Tencent blockchain provides the underlying technical support, Gaodeng Technology, etc. Provide industry solutions. On August 10 of the same year, the country’s first blockchain electronic invoice was issued in Shenzhen.

During the epidemic, the Shenzhen Taxation Bureau used the “non-contact” feature of blockchain electronic invoices to promote the implementation of blockchain electronic invoices in new scenarios such as real estate sales, medical care, education and training, and reduce the risk of epidemic spread. The bureau has launched a fast version of blockchain electronic invoices free of development and docking to solve the problem of “invoice shortage” for enterprises.

At the beginning of April this year, the Shenzhen Mobile Taxation Platform launched the “Easy Invoice” function, which realized quick docking without docking, hardware-free, and fee-free docking. There are no ticket types verification, purchase invoices and other procedures. You only need to swipe your face if you use a ticket that exceeds the credit limit. Then you can apply for additional credit, and the whole process can be handled online.

At present, platforms such as the “Shenzhen Four Department Information Exchange Platform”, “Natural Person Information Sharing Intelligence Platform”, “Tax-Industry Alliance Chain” and “Blockchain Bankruptcy Practice Handling Linkage Cloud Platform” have also been launched to promote the quality of Shenzhen’s tax management services. And efficiency.


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