Shenzhen Skyworth Digital has received 50 million yuan of capital from Zhuhai Skyworth Qiangke. Skyworth Digital, an established set-top box manufacturer, has a strong interest in Metaverse?

Skyworth Digital, a veteran TV set-top box manufacturer, has made a lot of moves recently.

Since November 23, the company has first set foot in the field of venture capital, intending to invest in Shanghai Jita Semiconductor ; and then reported the news of the meta-universe-related layout in terms of intelligent hardware entrance and content ecology.

In this regard, the relevant staff of the company said that the company will closely follow the general trend of the iterative development of the times and technological changes, and maintain a high degree of vigilance for future changes.

Indirect investment in Shanghai Jita Semiconductor?

On November 23, Skyworth Digital issued an announcement regarding its subsidiary Shenzhen Skyworth Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shenzhen Skyworth Digital”) to transfer the relevant capital shares of Zhuhai Skyworth Qiangke Equity Fund.

According to data, Zhuhai Skyworth Qiangke was established on August 18, 2021, with a registered capital of RMB 360 million. The main business is private equity investment fund management, venture capital fund management services, etc. The controlling shareholder is Skyworth Group Co., Ltd.

“The transfer of the shares of Zhuhai Skyworth’s strong technology standard is that the company makes full use of the rich project resources and investment experience of professional investment institutions. Based on the semiconductor wafer manufacturing industry, it selects high-quality real economy enterprises to invest, and obtains reasonable gains for listed companies. The investment income of the company will not lead to competition in the same industry.” Skyworth Digital said that this investment is conducive to improving the company’s capital use efficiency, conforms to the company’s overall strategy and business development needs, and is conducive to the company’s sustainable development.

Skyworth Digital was established in 2002. It is a leading company in the digital smart set-top box industry. It has a certain degree of competitiveness and influence in the global field; and it was successfully listed on the backdoor in 2014. Skyworth Digital started from a set-top box, relying on the close cooperation relationship in the broadcasting network, telecommunications network, and the Internet for more than ten years. It is a simple and traditional manufacturer of TV set-top boxes.

Reflected in the financial statements, diversified businesses such as broadband network connection equipment and professional displays have driven rapid revenue growth. Among them, the VR/AR field has attracted more attention.

Regarding the reasons for the stake in Zhuhai Skyworth Qiangke, the relevant staff of Skyworth Digital said that the transfer of Shenzhen Skyworth Digital Zhuhai Skyworth Qiangke Equity Fund is to invest in semiconductor wafer manufacturing business, which is a financial investment, not as in market rumors. Enter the field of venture capital. This investment in Zhuhai Hengqin Skyworth Qiangke Equity Fund accounted for 15.97% of the total paid-in capital of the fund. Zhuhai Hengqin Skyworth Qiangke Equity Fund reinvested in Shanghai Jita Semiconductor Co., Ltd. The project is still in progress. Please refer to the company’s future progress announcement for the situation.

According to the staff’s further introduction, Shanghai Jita Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is a large-scale integrated circuit wafer manufacturing company, focusing on the wafer manufacturing of analog circuits, power devices and MEMS chips. At present , it is mainly 6-inch and 8-inch wafers. The production of products, and plans to build a 12-inch characteristic chip process production line. The products are widely used in automotive electronics, power management, smart ID cards, communications and consumer electronics. The related chip projects are also a major municipal construction in Shanghai in 2019 and 2020. project.

He emphasized, “Based on the company’s future strategic planning, we have been seeking investment projects that are highly compatible with the company’s industrial layout and have a certain technological content, and we are still continuing to focus on investment opportunities in other projects.”

Have a strong interest in the layout of the meta universe?

If the amount of investment in the semiconductor wafer manufacturing business is small and is not enough to attract investors’ attention, then Skyworth Digital’s recent layout on the Meta Universe circuit seems to be attracting more and more market attention.

November 25, Skyworth Digital answer on investor interactive platform when investors about the company “in terms of dollars as well as what the universe layout,” said, “the layout of the company and the universe dollar terms associated mainly, on the one hand in intelligent hardware In terms of entry, the company will continue to invest resources in further in-depth research and development of the VR smart terminal series. In 2022, it will launch a six-degree-of-freedom VR hardware terminal with a folding optical solution and an AR pre-research based on applications in the medical industry; on the other hand, in the content ecology On the one hand, the company will increase investment in games, education, and medical care in the future, and introduce related cooperation content; at the same time, the company will continue to self-shoot 8K panoramic content in domestic 5A-level tourist attractions.”

In fact, since October, Skyworth Digital has disclosed a series of actions on Metaverse on the investor interaction platform, showing the company’s strong interest in the emerging track of Metaverse from the side.

In this regard, the relevant staff of Skyworth Digital replied that the scope of Metaverse is very wide. In the future, its applications will include social, gaming, e-commerce, education, entertainment, payment and other brand-new changes and upgrades. It is a new type of real-world Internet, and it also needs to be applied to extended reality technology, including using VR/AR to provide immersive experience, mirroring the real world into the virtual world, and so on. It is a new challenge and a new opportunity.

The staff believes that the current VR/AR and future MR and XR should be the core entrance of the future next-generation space Internet, which can realize new displays and new interactions. At present, Metaverse is still in the initial stage of the industry life cycle, and enterprises are also facing There are many new challenges in technology, applications and business models that need to be resolved. “At this stage, the company’s layout of VR/AR hardware equipment and VR content sub-platforms, industry application solutions based on VR hardware and software systems, shooting domestic 5A scenic VR Video, etc., are the company’s deep cultivation and continuous operation based on next-generation spatial computing, new displays and new interactions.”

He also said, “In the future, the company will continue to increase investment in innovative R&D and technology based on the existing company’s business advantages, technical advantages, and talent advantages, and keep up with the general trend of the iterative development of the times and technological changes. At the same time, The company will also strictly abide by national laws and regulations and remain highly vigilant for future changes.”

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