Shenzhen issues 25 million zero-threshold digital RMB cultural consumption red envelopes

On October 22, the digital renminbi cultural purchase activity of “Exchange Culture, Benefit Shenhuo” was officially launched. This is the first time that Shenzhen has distributed digital renminbi red envelopes to Shenzhen residents in the city . The total amount of red envelopes is 25 million yuan, which can be directly used for book purchases. Five major cultural consumption scenes, including movie watching, tourism, performance and exhibition. This move is not only a “cultural welfare” given to citizens, but it will also effectively promote the revitalization of the cultural consumer market and benefit enterprises and citizens.

Covering five major cultural fields, the total amount of red envelopes is as high as 25 million yuan

Since last year, in order to alleviate the impact of the epidemic and invigorate the cultural market, the Shenzhen Propaganda and Cultural Fund has launched a series of cultural benefits for the people in conjunction with a number of financial institutions and cultural enterprises, and actively explored innovative measures such as “Cultural Benefit Vouchers”, giving full play to the government’s role in public culture. The guiding and guaranteeing role of services in meeting the growing spiritual and cultural needs of citizens has a significant effect on accelerating the recovery of the cultural industry and restoring confidence in cultural consumption.

In order to further enrich the daily cultural life of the citizens, the “Contract Culture, Benefit the Deep Lives ” digital RMB cultural purchase event was jointly organized by the Shenzhen Publicity and Culture Fund and the Shenzhen Branch of the Construction Bank. Cultural consumption scene. On the basis of the original four cultural sections of book purchase, movie viewing, performance and exhibition, a “tour” section has been added, which can be used to purchase tickets for multiple scenic spots in Shenzhen.

It is understood that this event will issue a total of 25 million yuan in digital RMB red envelopes. The red envelope is divided into 66 yuan, 88 yuan, 168 yuan, 520 yuan and other denominations. There is no consumption threshold, and there is no need to collect orders and full reductions. They are directly deducted and used. Citizens register to participate in the event by making an appointment, and the prizes are drawn on time at 5 pm every Friday. After the citizens receive the digital RMB red envelope, they can go to designated merchants to pay online or offline. Citizens who have not won the lottery will automatically enter the next lottery prize pool without having to register again. Participating merchants in the event included nearly 200 bookstores, 278 movie theaters, 16 theaters, 7 exhibition halls and 12 tourist attractions in the city. At the same time, more cultural consumer companies are welcome to join the event.

With the concept of “cultural benefits for the people”, this event actively guides and encourages citizens’ cultural consumption, so that the digital renminbi fee reduction policy will benefit more companies and citizens. The joint efforts of government, banks and enterprises to create demonstration scenarios in the digital renminbi cultural field is an important attempt by finance to help cultural consumption, and it has also become an innovative move for Shenzhen to develop and prosper cultural undertakings.

Innovative digital renminbi applications to promote cultural benefits to the people

The digital renminbi is a retail digital currency issued by the central bank and positioned as a cash payment voucher (M0). It has the characteristics of payment-as-settlement, low cost, and high security. In the future, the digital renminbi will support the development of China’s digital economy, improve the level of inclusive finance development, improve the operating efficiency of the currency and payment system, and play an important role in building a new development pattern.

This event introduces digital renminbi into the cultural consumption subsidy system, which can not only provide multi-dimensional and broad application scenarios for digital renminbi, promote the popularization of the use of digital renminbi, but also bring customer traffic to Shenzhen cultural consumer enterprises. It also uses the advantage of zero handling fee to reduce costs and increase efficiency for enterprises, and at the same time provide Shenzhen residents with various forms and scenarios of cultural benefits to the people, and improve the people’s sense of happiness and sense of acquisition.

It is reported that since the launch of the digital renminbi pilot work, the digital renminbi operating institutions represented by the Shenzhen branch of China Construction Bank have expanded to cover transportation, government services, consumer poverty alleviation, agricultural markets, housing leasing, supermarket catering, people’s livelihood services, healthcare, Ten major application scenarios such as education and training, supply chain finance, etc., create a diversified digital convenience payment ecosystem, and allow safe and convenient financial services to penetrate every bit of life.

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