Shanghai Yuanlei Culture and Art Foundation opened the first public welfare institution Metaverse

Xinmin Evening News (reporter Le Mengrong) What kind of new applications and new scenarios will be opened up by the combination of cultural public welfare undertakings and Metaverse technology? Yesterday afternoon (October 3), Shanghai Yuanlei Culture and Art Foundation launched the first domestic public welfare organization Metaverse – “Yuanlei Foundation” public welfare Metaverse in the former Italian Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo Cultural Park.

Shanghai Yuanlei Culture and Art Foundation opened the first public welfare institution Metaverse

The picture says: “Yuanlei Foundation” public welfare Metaverse was held yesterday The organizer provided the picture (the same below)

Digital collections are a hot topic in this year’s Metaverse application scenarios. The highlight of this event is the first Genesis Digital Collection of the Yuanlei Foundation’s public welfare Metaverse. The prototype of the artwork selected in this digital collection is the calligraphy of Su Yuanlei’s triumphant work “Tiankai Pictures, Spring Full of Qiankun” in his later years, which is majestic and uninhibited, showing Mr. Yuanlei’s “old people and old books” style. The collection is deployed on the third-generation blockchain public chain – CONFLUX (CONFLUX) chain, with blockchain technology as the core, combined with smart contracts, digital wallets and other WEB3 applications to achieve the creation, distribution and circulation of traditional cultural and artistic values. At the launch ceremony, the collection was directly airdropped to the foundation’s donors, volunteers, philanthropic artists and guests.

Shanghai Yuanlei Culture and Art Foundation opened the first public welfare institution Metaverse

Pictured: The first Genesis digital collection

Zhang Qiang, chairman of the Shanghai Yuanlei Culture and Art Foundation, said that in order to thank all the public welfare partners who donated or donated calligraphy and painting works to the foundation, the foundation will upload the data on all donation certificates and produce a commemorative digital collection, and the good deeds of the public welfare partners will be remembered forever through blockchain technology. The calligraphy and painting works donated by public welfare artists will be transformed into more digital artworks in the Metaverse, promoting public welfare and linking the future.

At the beginning of this year, through strategic cooperation with the Shanghai Shutu Blockchain Research Institute, the Foundation quickly launched digital transformation, promoted the application and promotion of Internet blockchain technology in the field of culture and art, explored the innovative development model of public welfare organizations in the new era, and fully embraced the new track of “Metaverse”. The tree map technical team also cast Mr. Ying Shiliu’s work “Entropy” into a digital collection on the spot, reflecting the perfect integration of science and technology and art.

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