Shanghai will build a data exchange to promote comprehensive data legislation

On September 9, the Shanghai Municipal Government held a press conference where Wu Qing, member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor, introduced the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for the Development of Advanced Manufacturing Industry in Shanghai”. The main content of the relevant plan has been printed and released to the public in July this year. The conference to promote comprehensive legislative data, build data exchange, foster “new special expertise” enterprises to disclose more information on aspects of the industry. Among them, by 2025, Shanghai will gradually cultivate about 5,000 “specialized, special and new” enterprises.

Promote data-enabled manufacturing

In terms of the overall goal, the “Plan” is clear to strengthen the leading function of high-end industries, accelerate the digital transformation of the industry, and fully promote the “Made in Shanghai” brand as the main line. By 2025, the basic capabilities of the industry and independent innovation capabilities will be significantly enhanced, and the key areas of high-end industries will be significantly enhanced. From international “following” to “parallel running” and “leading”, we will cooperate with the Yangtze River Delta to build a world-class industrial cluster and lay a solid foundation for building a high-end manufacturing growth pole and a global excellent manufacturing base that links the Yangtze River Delta to serve the country.

Wu Qing said that comprehensively advancing the digital transformation of the city is a major strategy related to the overall and long-term development of Shanghai. Currently, we are promoting comprehensive data legislation, preparing for the establishment of data exchanges, building industrial big data joint laboratories, promoting the innovative development of industrial algorithms and industrial software, and promoting data-enabled manufacturing.

Specifically, the first is to accelerate the application of digital technology, and promote the innovative application of AI and big data technology in industrial robots, fault monitoring and maintenance and other fields. The second is to accelerate the promotion of new digital infrastructure, promote the expansion and increase of capacity and capacity of the top national node (Shanghai) for industrial Internet identification analysis, and launch 29 second-level nodes in the Yangtze River Delta, serving more than 10,000 companies, and registering more than 10 billion logos. Deploy 5G base stations on a large scale, and build 20 5G fully-linked factories. The third is to accelerate the construction of a full-factor ecosystem, take the lead or participate in the formulation of more than 80 manufacturing digital transformation standards, and initially establish a public service platform for the industrial Internet in the Yangtze River Delta.

In terms of development priorities, the “Planning” proposes to build a “3+6” new industrial system. The first is to give play to the leading role of the three leading industries. The three leading industries of integrated circuits, biomedicine, and artificial intelligence should accelerate the implementation of the three “Shanghai plans”, coordinate with the Yangtze River Delta to build a world-class industrial cluster, and strive to strive for the three leading industries by 2025 Achieve scale doubling. The second is to strive to build six high-end industrial clusters, develop six key industries of electronic information, life and health, automobiles, high-end equipment, advanced materials, and fashionable consumer goods, promote the extension of manufacturing to services, strengthen the layout of industry segments, and promote industrial clustering. Ecological development.

Implement the corporate echelon cultivation plan

According to the “Plan”, during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, Shanghai will focus on promoting entrepreneurship, implement a corporate echelon cultivation plan, build a group of outstanding manufacturing enterprises, and propose to The development goals of different enterprise groups such as “specialized and new” enterprises: strive to add 1 to 2 manufacturing world top 500 enterprises; improve competitiveness and control in the industrial chain; expand hard-core technology enterprises and implement private economy The top 100 plan supports the listing of innovative companies on the Science and Technology Innovation Board; guides SMEs to develop in the direction of “specialization, specialization and innovation”, and encourages the integration and development of large companies and SMEs.

Shanghai has also put forward development tasks for “specialized, special new” enterprises and specialized, special new “little giant” enterprises that the market has paid more attention to in the near future. By 2025, about 5,000 “specialized, special new” enterprises will be cultivated on a rolling basis, including about 300 specialized, special new “little giant” enterprises and about 30 manufacturing single-sport champion enterprises.


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