Shanghai sent the Internet, making waves for a new decade

Shanghai is the best cradle of Internet unicorns.

Shanghai sent the Internet, making waves for a new decade

“We don’t have BAT in Shanghai, but there are many unicorns.

At the just-concluded 2021 Shanghai World Artificial Intelligence Conference, a Shanghai entrepreneur said: “If you take a taxi from the Xuhui campus of Jiaotong University to Hongqiao Station, there will be Xiaohongshu and Eastern Fortune on the side of the road. Are you hungry and Ctrip all the way to the west ? , There are Mihayou and Youzu to the south …Don’t keep staring at BAT, the Internet in Shanghai is not bad.”

As said.

Shanghai has always shown itself as an economic center, making people overlook that when China’s Internet just started its evolution 20 years ago, it was once the king.

In 1999, Ctrip was born in the Meteorological Building on the south side of Xujiahui Church; in the same year, Shao Yibo, who gave up his US green card, signed an investment contract with IDG, and eBay was formally established; 3 months later than eBay, Chen Tianqiao established Shanda in Shanghai In 2001, Chen Tianqiao took the agency of the Korean game “Legend” with the remaining US$300,000, and Shanda was able to come back to life.

Although the rise of BAT brought the first and second batch of Shanghai Internet people back home, this super metropolis, which integrates finance, trade, shipping, and technological innovation center, has not lost its temperament, but is persevering. China has reached the top of the tide again.

Shanghai sent the Internet, making waves for a new decade

At the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, a set of figures is eye-catching: As of 2020, there are 1,149 key artificial intelligence companies in Shanghai, and the annual industrial scale reached 224.6 billion yuan, achieving a growth of about 50% against the trend. This achievement is sufficient Let Beihang Shentou look envious. During the conference alone, 26 Shanghai artificial intelligence industry innovation cluster projects were signed, involving AI innovation ecology, AI smart transportation, AI life and health, AI robots and other fields.

According to the “China Unicorn Enterprise Research Report 2021” issued by Great Wall Consulting and Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau, Shanghai has 44 unicorn companies, second only to Beijing in number and far ahead of other cities. More than half of the 44 unicorns are Internet companies.

It turned out that Shanghai, which “missed” BAT, has been at the forefront of the Internet of science and technology. This city does not lack Internet genes.

From station B, which is the most popular among young people, to the unexpectedly born Miha Tour, from Ctrip, which covers food, clothing, housing and transportation, to Xiaohongshu, Hujiang Education…These companies involve transportation, education, people’s livelihood, culture and entertainment, etc., and They are as distinct as Shanghai, each with their own accents and feelings.

A question came to my mind, why can Shanghai become the “incubation cradle” of the new economic unicorn?

1 The  rise of the Shanghai-style Internet: starting from tolerance, thriving from experience

Different cultures give birth to different business and economic models. The biggest variable in the Internet age is the difference in information culture. In this regard, Shanghai has almost achieved the ultimate.

“Half of the young people in China are using station B.” From a two-dimensional animation website to the largest UGC video website in China, Bilibili only took 4 years.

“It is the’tolerant and equal’ environment of this city that allows us to always stick to our own’persistence’.” Chen Rui, CEO of Station B, believes that the cultural atmosphere of Shanghai’s “inclusive of all rivers” has given birth to the unique community culture of Station B .

An interesting fact is that Shanghai’s unicorn companies have their own pioneering side. Even on the same track, it is difficult to see the boring story of “homogenized competition”.

For example, Hupu and Xiaohongshu, which are also socially engaged, are known as China’s largest gathering place for straight steel men, and another young petty-bourgeois women accounted for more than 80%; another example is Ctrip and Lv Mama in the field of travel, one is leading The hotel reservation service center, the other focuses on scenic spots and tourism services; like Hujiang Education and Liuli in the education market , one relies on the Internet user’s learning behavior database to provide targeted products and services, and the other focuses on “AI+education” “, focusing on improving users’ oral problems.

It is also like the trendy and diverse aesthetics advocated by the Shanghai style culture. Those entrepreneurial teams that remain focused on specific things and on the track are more likely to integrate with Shanghai’s open and innovative temperament and grow into a new Shanghai-style Internet power.

Under the spirit of tolerance, focusing on service quality and user experience, and continuing to intensively work on promising areas, the Shanghai Internet unicorn has finally achieved its characteristics and core competitiveness.

User experience first, Apple is the fruit into a revelation of work, but also Shanghai Internet People most frequently mention the word.

Shanghai’s taxi service experience, if you dare to be the second in the country, no one dares to be the first.

Shanghai sent the Internet, making waves for a new decade

The founding of originated from the start-up of Zhang Xuhao and his classmates around the takeaway experience. Zhang Xuhao summed up the three experiences of’s successful entrepreneurship: 1) Start small strategically; 2) Iterate in small steps to continuously meet customer needs; 3) Maintain the original intention of entrepreneurship and adapt to market changes. Is the customer experience hungry?

Ctrip’s second listing in Hong Kong also mentioned in the prospectus: “It intends to use the net proceeds from the global offering to fund the expansion of one-stop tourism products, improve user experience, and invest in technology to enhance products and services. Leading market position in China and improve operational efficiency.”

Obviously, the Shanghai-style Internet is more in line with the development theme of the second half of the mobile Internet: people no longer need a large and comprehensive super platform, but a unicorn company that focuses on the vertical field and has a clear “service attitude”.

But is it enough to tolerate culture and focus on experience?

2  great new digital infrastructure, the great explorer of business

Since entering the 21st century, the Yangtze River Delta has been the economic belt with the largest IT expenditure in China.

Shanghai’s digital new infrastructure conditions have always been ahead of the country, especially in the IT field. When concepts such as cloud computing and big data first entered the country, Shanghai was also “the first person to eat crabs.”

The earliest batch of doing cloud computing services company Sheng large cloud was born in Shanghai, while the domestic market is currently the largest and most complete product force of cloud computing – Ali cloud just 45 minutes’ drive from Shanghai Railway high.

This unique digital infrastructure gravitational belt has benefited Shanghai’s unicorns a lot.

Take Mihayou as an example: Mihayou has developed in-depth cooperation with Alibaba Cloud since its inception. At that time, game companies needed to spend huge sums of money to purchase servers, build their own computer rooms, and configure operation and maintenance personnel. However, the ascendant cloud computing provided a new opportunity for the game industry: putting aside all the investment in IT facilities in the early stage, and building all businesses. On the cloud.

This is almost a perfect product tailored for Internet startups like Mihayou.

When “Benghuai Academy” was launched, Mihayou rented two Alibaba Cloud cloud servers. President Liu Wei still remembers the scene when Dr. Wang Jian, then head of Alibaba Cloud, arrived with eight company executives and responsible teams. At that time, Alibaba Cloud was still in the initial stage of external services. Dr. Wang Jian said this to say: “. If the customer sitting in the airplane flying in the sky, we are only at the point of view, is very susceptible to faults do we and the customer together . Flying in the sky.”

Since then, Mihayou has been “flying in the sky with customers” with Alibaba Cloud. In 2016, when Mihayou launched “Benghuai 3”, there were still only two operation and maintenance personnel; in September 2020, “Yuanshen” was launched, and all five regional servers around the world were hosted on Alibaba Cloud. It is because of the powerful cloud computing capabilities that Mihayou’s explosive games did not “drop the chain” because of the enthusiasm of players, and finally unlocked the achievement of “Light of Domestic Games”.

Like Mihayou, Hupu also became a partner of Alibaba Cloud early. In 2013, Shangyun adopted the image processing service provided by Alibaba Cloud OSS (Object Storage); in 2014, the newly incubated business recognition APP and Dewu APP went directly to the cloud, which enabled agile innovation; in 2019, it achieved full cloud access and solved the problem of IT A series of difficulties in infrastructure expansion and operation and maintenance costs.

Shanghai sent the Internet, making waves for a new decade

Soon after the full cloud launch, Hupu faced a difficult challenge: In June, the NBA Finals kicked off. The steel straight men’s passion accumulated for a whole year finally had a place to vent. The average peak concurrent visits of Hupu was 5 times higher than usual. above. But with the support of Ali cloud, low solve the underlying technology infrastructure to fundamentally O & M efficiency and engine room remote operation and maintenance difficulties, low stability, expansion and other issues slow, loud APP’s request in season but fell between 30% User stickiness rose across the board.

The same tense scene occurred in the Spring Festival of 2020. Affected by the epidemic, the daily activity of Hujiang CCtalk platform users has increased by more than 10 times compared with the previous year. At the same time, the number of online teachers and students has reached millions, and this index It continues to climb every day.

Fortunately, Hujiang Education fully moved to Alibaba Cloud at the end of 2019. Through rapid expansion, it has supported 10 times the previous traffic, and continued to provide a stable teaching platform and online course services for 200 million users.

Tang Xiaozhe, the head of Hujiang Education Technology, still feels a bit of fear: “At that time, the overall traffic showed an explosive growth, with daily visits and daily activities reaching new highs. Fortunately, we achieved full cloud access and solved infrastructure problems. Worry for the future.”

What is certain is that cloud computing, which makes the new digital infrastructure more complete, not only allows Shanghai Internet unicorns to go through a series of stress tests and turn challenges into opportunities, but also provides these commercial explorers with a broad space for exploration.

“This is the luck of our generation,” Tang Xiaozhe has a clear understanding of this. “In the long run, we can enjoy the continuous development of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technological dividends.”

3  When Shanghai became a “springboard for the future”: how stable is the squat and how high is the jump

The dividend period of the domestic Internet is coming to an end. While the unicorns are cultivating the stock market, they must also consider going overseas.

Shanghai is a natural springboard for “going to sea”: a financial center, an international hub, and a global perspective.

The game and entertainment industries are the pioneers of China’s Internet going overseas. In 2016, Miha Tour officially launched a comprehensive “going to sea”. Its flagship product “Benghuai 3” initially chose an overseas cloud service provider, but it encountered successive DDOS attacks by hackers. Due to problems in technical support and communication efficiency, the normal access of users was once affected.

Because of this, Mihayou did not hesitate to abandon overseas service providers when planning the global launch of “Original God” and chose partners who grow together.

Shanghai sent the Internet, making waves for a new decade

The difficulty is that this is a multi-platform, globally synchronized open beta game, that is, all game platforms such as PS4, iOS, Android, PC and the world’s five major service areas. The server is opened and online at the same time. The data in the same service area is interoperable. Sewing convergence.

What’s more troublesome is that Mihayou abandons the traditional “separate service” method and adopts the “big pass service”. On the day that “Yuan Shen” goes live, users from all over the world and all servers will come together, and the number of players online far exceeds daily estimates.

In fact, domestic engineers have long adapted to such high-concurrency, high-performance, and highly flexible global technical requirements. The annual Tmall Double 11 is the best actual combat. As a result, Alibaba Cloud guarantees that the “Yuanshen” global synchronization public beta is successfully launched. At different service nodes around the world, Alibaba Cloud has a set of architecture products from the basic layer to the database, including cloud servers, network resources, storage, security, databases, etc. , Players all over the world can enjoy the same performance experience, truly “a set of architecture, global deployment.”

In the first half of 2021, “Yuan Shen” revenue exceeded 848 million U.S. dollars, ranking third on the global mobile game bestseller list, shaking up the domestic and global game market in one fell swoop. This “dream” of more than 3 years of research and development and an investment of 100 million US dollars successfully took off and leapt into the world.

4  epilogue: the mission of the city

A few years ago, there was a famous “Shanghai problem” in the Internet field: Why can’t Shanghai get BAT? . Even today, people still ask questions from time to time. Does Shanghai really lack Internet genes?

Iraqi writer Tarot Calvino in “Invisible Cities” in such a description: the city will not reveal their past, would treat it like a hand lines, like hide, it was written in the corners of the streets, On the guardrails of the panes, the handrails of the stairs, the antennas for lightning protection, and the flagpoles, every mark is a trace left by scratching, filing, chiseling, and slamming.

Shanghai sent the Internet, making waves for a new decade

People who are entangled in why Shanghai did not give birth to BAT often fail to realize Shanghai’s “development traces”: Under the past commercial consensus that fast is beautiful and great is beautiful , Shanghai has always maintained its own strategic determination and urban characteristics. Looking for the anchor, hatch inclination congenial Internet unicorn: to “focus” to develop the soil, to the “characteristics” with tolerance and respect, and gradually formed a unique style of Shanghai faction Internet.

Those new economic unicorns that are rising in Shanghai just show that Shanghai is worthy of its urban spirit of inclusiveness and pursuit of excellence, and it is worthy of the dreams and feelings of those startup companies.

Every city has its own mission. Shanghai is the best cradle of Internet unicorns.

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