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Notice of the General Office of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government on Printing and Distributing the “14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Shanghai’s Digital Economy”

The people’s governments of all districts and the committees, offices and bureaus of the municipal government:

With the approval of the municipal government, the “14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Shanghai’s Digital Economy” is hereby issued to you, please implement it carefully.

General Office of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government

June 12, 2022

The 14th Five-Year Plan for Shanghai’s Digital Economy Development

In order to thoroughly implement the “14th Five-Year Plan for Digital Economy Development” issued by the State Council, this plan is formulated in accordance with the “14th Five-Year Plan for Shanghai’s National Economic and Social Development and Outline of Vision for 2035”.

total requirements

guiding ideology

Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 19th Plenary Sessions, thoroughly implement the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on his inspection of Shanghai, seize new opportunities for global digital development, and use data as a key element , with the main line of promoting the deep integration of digital technology and the real economy, with scientists judging technology prospects, entrepreneurs discovering market demand, market verification of track value, and the government creating a development environment as the working method, collaboratively promote digital industrialization and industrial digitization, and accelerate the cultivation of New technologies, new business formats, and new models will comprehensively improve the level of digital consumption, build a world-class digital industry cluster, provide important support for Shanghai to comprehensively promote the digital transformation of the city, effectively coordinate epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and accelerate the creation of a world-class digital industry cluster. the international digital capital.

The basic principle

Adhere to a global vision. Firmly grasp the general trend of global digital development and the international landscape of the digital age, strengthen forward-looking planning and layout, expand the space for the development of the digital economy, and continue to strengthen, optimize and expand Shanghai’s digital economy to provide strong support for the construction of a digital China.

Adhere to innovation leadership. Adhere to innovation as the primary driving force for development, pay more attention to the strategic supporting role of science and technology self-reliance and self-improvement, continuously strengthen key core technology breakthroughs, promote the use of digital technology to promote the improvement of total factor productivity, and accelerate the formation of a digital technology innovation system with core competitiveness.

Adhere to market dominance. Adhere to the role of the main force of enterprises, take the massive data and rich application scenarios of megacities as the traction, support domestic and foreign market players to innovate and start businesses in Shanghai, accelerate the improvement of an inclusive and prudent environment that encourages the development of new digital formats and new models, and fully stimulate the innovation of market players in the whole society. vitality.

Stick to track thinking. Adhere to the characteristics of the industrial foundation and the endowment of factor resources, focus on key areas to cultivate new digital economy tracks, dynamically adjust the track layout according to market conditions, create the core functions of people who don’t have me, and people who have me, and accelerate the cultivation and growth with Shanghai characteristics digital industry cluster.

development Goals

By the end of 2025, Shanghai’s digital economy development level will stably rank at the forefront of the country, with the added value striving to reach 3 trillion yuan, accounting for more than 60% of the city’s GDP. The degree of industrial agglomeration and visibility will be significantly improved, and the growth of high-potential digital emerging enterprises will accelerate. The level of high-level digital consumption continues to rise, the layout of several new high-value digital industries has basically been formed, and the international digital capital has formed a basic framework system.

The core competitiveness of the digital economy continues to improve. The added value of the core industries of the digital economy accounts for about 15% of the city’s GDP, and the proportion of digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises above designated size reaches about 80%. The new kinetic energy of the digital economy and economic contribution have leaped to a new level.

The activity of digital economy enterprises has increased significantly. Introduce and cultivate more than 100 digital economy leading enterprises and high-growth enterprises, add more than 10,000 new digital economy emerging enterprises every year, a number of high-value new industries, new formats and new models continue to emerge, and the innovation vitality of diversified market players continues to increase .

The new digital track and new kinetic energy continue to grow. Focus on breakthroughs in a number of key technologies in key areas such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and big data, and cultivate a number of blockbuster products, digital technology innovation and digital products in intelligent connected vehicles, wearable devices, intelligent robots, etc. Supply capacity has been significantly improved.

The data element market system is basically established. The city’s unified data resource system has basically been established, the construction of data exchanges and other elements of the market has shown results, data rights confirmation, pricing, and transactions have been carried out in an orderly manner, and the use of data resources to promote R&D, production, circulation, service, and consumption The whole value chain coordination pattern is preliminary. form.


key tasks

Focusing on key areas such as new digital industries, new data elements, new digital infrastructure, and new smart terminals, strengthen the coordination and linkage of key elements such as data, technology, enterprises, and space carriers, and accelerate the development of the digital economy.

Expand new digital industries

1. Digital health. Based on key new infrastructure technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and big data, it will focus on the fields of pharmaceuticals, precision treatment, and smart health care, creating new development space for life and health. Accelerate the layout of artificial intelligence pharmaceuticals, guide leading biopharmaceutical companies and artificial intelligence companies to strengthen joint innovation, focus on protein structure prediction, drug target search, and drug molecule design, focusing on breakthroughs in target protein selection, static protein structure determination, dynamic protein structure simulation, candidate Drug molecular design and synthesis technology to improve the efficiency of drug research and development. Strengthen precision treatment, support medical institutions to introduce artificial intelligence-assisted treatment, take into account big data analysis and comprehensive analysis of individual differences, and assist doctors to provide the best precision treatment plan. Encourage the establishment of a precision drug efficacy evaluation platform, promote the transition from “one medicine for a thousand people” to “one thousand medicines for a thousand people”, and accelerate the realization of precise drug delivery. Accelerate the construction of smart health care, support the development of health care map services for medical institutions, and strengthen residents’ autonomous health management through personal health modeling and real-time monitoring.

2. Intelligent manufacturing. Accelerate the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, realize the redefinition of the manufacturing industry and the transformation of the process, and cultivate new kinetic energy of “intelligence”.Promote flexible manufacturing, encourage Internet platform-based enterprises, industrial chain-based enterprises, and technology enterprises to form a consortium, explore and promote the development and cooperation model of “platform + ecology”, and build a “one-stop” for vertical sub-sectors such as automobiles and electronic information products. The “intelligent manufacturing service platform” opens up the data chain of “supply, research, production, and sales” in the manufacturing industry, and realizes flexible C2M (customer direct-connected manufacturing). Deploy independent unmanned manufacturing, strengthen research and development of bionic perception and cognition, bio-mechanical integration cutting-edge technologies, and operating systems, focus on semiconductor, home appliances, medical, new retail and other sub-sectors, and cultivate excellent collaborative robot system integrators and solution providers business.Build a smart supply chain, cultivate supply chain management solutions for advantageous industries such as automobiles, equipment, electronics, steel, petrochemicals, and urban industries, and support core enterprises with industrial chain and supply chain driving capabilities The flow promotes the coordinated linkage of upstream and downstream, production, supply and marketing.

3. Low-carbon energy. Promote the integrated development of digital technology and green technology, and create a new ecology of low-carbon energy industry. Explore the new model of “energy cloud”, build an energy Internet operating system based on digital technology, realize the end-to-end integrated access of “source, network, storage, and use” of various energy systems, build a data asset pool based on massive energy data, and create energy New business models for the industry. Develop a new format of “virtual power plant”, use advanced metering, communication, control and other technologies to aggregate distributed heterogeneous energy, realize automatic remote dispatch, precise intelligent analysis and convenient market transactions, and promote the construction of “technology + product + The “virtual power plant” industrial chain of “operation + ecology”. Promote the construction of green data centers, strengthen the overall planning and intelligent scheduling of computing power, improve the cross-network and cross-regional data interaction capabilities of the data center, promote the intelligent collaboration of power supply, cooling, network, and servers in the data center, realize automatic energy efficiency optimization of the data center, and improve data Center Energy Efficiency Density.

4. Digital retail. Conform to the new consumption demands of the Internet and promote innovation in commercial circulation. Promote the digital transformation of commerce, build comprehensive, community-based and shopping malls and other types of digital business districts, improve consumer experience through big data empowerment, and achieve precise marketing, refined operation and maintenance, and intelligent supervision. Actively create the construction of smart vegetable farms, continue to improve smart facilities, and strengthen smart operation and management capabilities.Create a “borderless” new retail model with online and offline integration, deep customization of services, personalized scene transactions, and integration of industry boundaries. Accelerate the innovation of e-commerce models, encourage the development of diversified social e-commerce platforms such as content e-commerce, group e-commerce, and experience economy, and cultivate more new life segments. Gather and cultivate a group of live broadcast e-commerce platforms that lead the development of the industry, build a live broadcast e-commerce base with domestic and foreign influence, and create a number of diversified live broadcast application scenarios that integrate “food, accommodation, travel, travel, shopping and entertainment”. Encourage e-commerce platforms to carry out in-depth cooperation with Shanghai-made brands and well-known commercial brands to create a distinctive and influential new Shanghai online consumer brand. Innovate the community retail model, strengthen the layout of unmanned supermarkets, smart retail machines, online and offline fresh food supermarkets and other facilities, and expand retail “instant home” services.

5. Digital finance. Reasonably promote the deep integration of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain, and fully empower financial technology applications. Innovate digital financial service models, promote financial institutions to reshape intelligent and efficient service processes, innovate mobile financial services, develop robo-advisors, and promote smart contracts, data labels, natural language processing and other core technologies in transactions, risk control, customer service, etc. Application, improve the intelligence level of key links such as asset trading, payment and settlement, registration and custody, and transaction supervision, and promote high-level transformation of financial services. Carry out digital renminbi pilots in an orderly manner, and promote the application of new technologies such as smart contracts in digital renminbi pilots. Explore the pilot application of digital renminbi in scenarios such as transportation and cross-regional ecological and green integrated development demonstration areas in the Yangtze River Delta. Develop trusted transactions and digital certificates, establish blockchain-based distributed ledgers and smart contract systems, explore end-to-end payment models for both parties, build systems such as digital bills, and cultivate new business models such as intelligent insurance claims settlement.

6. Smart cities. Accelerate the construction of new urban infrastructure, and support the city to move towards the era of all-scenario intelligence. Develop new forms of digital twin cities, focus on promoting BIM (Building Information Modeling), GIS (Geographic Information System) and other technologies, support the development of data service enterprises in the fields of urban space and refined building management, strengthen spatiotemporal big data management, geographic monitoring, high-tech Build new mapping capabilities such as precision maps and geographic entities, and develop digital twin cities with interconnection of everything, virtual-real mapping, and real-time interaction.Build urban management intelligence, encourage the use of digital technology to build the “eyes (sense), brain (knowledge), hands (use), and pulse (transmission)” of urban life, promote the full-stack evolution of artificial intelligence core technologies, and create cutting-edge technologies A city-level industrial ecological platform that integrates innovation, focuses on demonstration applications, and participates in multiple parties. Develop a new format of digital community service, reconstruct the community life service chain with intelligent technology, provide the community with a new convenient and intelligent service model covering all scenarios such as government affairs, business, entertainment, education, medical care and life mutual assistance, and support the creation of a convenient community service circle Life.

Nurturing new elements of data

1. Data products and services. Unleash the value of the city’s massive data, coordinate and promote the layout of all aspects of the data industry, stimulate the multiplier effect of data elements, and improve the ecology of the data element industry. Cultivate the data processing and service industry, target the precise application in subdivided industries, break through a batch of key technologies for large-scale multi-source heterogeneous data management and analysis, support a batch of service organizations engaged in data collection, cleaning, labeling, delivery, and consulting, and accelerate the large-scale large-scale multi-source heterogeneous data management and analysis. The data industry is developing towards specialization, engineering and platformization. Improve the data circulation and transaction service system, and vigorously cultivate professional intermediary service institutions such as data brokerage, data compliance review, data audit, data asset evaluation, data transaction matching, and dispute arbitration. Support financial institutions to explore and carry out financial innovation services such as data asset pledge financing, guarantee, insurance, and data asset securitization.

2. Digital Content. Vigorously develop new formats and new models of the digital content industry, and promote the coupling and linkage of digital content and social platforms. Strengthen the agglomeration of digital content companies and application scenarios, actively introduce international e-sports companies, well-known clubs, and event organizations to settle down, and speed up key factors such as virtual digital human, graphics engine, cloud rendering, holographic imaging, artificial intelligence automatic generation, naked-eye 3D, 8K, etc. Technological system construction, accelerate the implementation of the “smart radio and television” project, explore the construction of an all-media integrated communication system, and encourage the creation of cloud exhibitions, cloud performances, cloud events, cloud games, immersive videos, and hundreds of cities and thousands of screens featuring immersive experience and intelligent interaction. and other application scenarios. Accelerate the creation of a positive digital IP (intellectual property) ecosystem, insist that content is king, encourage originality, support new models such as UGC (user-created content) and MCN (multi-channel network) based on new interactive experiences, and encourage the development of pan-entertainment, pan- The digital content industry, which integrates multiple formats such as reading and pan-education, promotes leading companies to build an internationally competitive digital IP ecological environment in the fields of games, e-sports, animation, film and television, and performances.

3. Digital trade. Benchmark international free trade rules, strengthen and expand digital trade, and cultivate new highlights in digital trade. Promote the formation of leading advantages in digital trade, vigorously develop digital trade such as cloud services, digital services, and cross-border e-commerce, and cultivate a number of digital trade innovation enterprises and international digital trade brands. Strengthen the functions of national digital service export bases, and support national characteristic service export bases such as cultural services, human resources, intellectual property, and language services to accelerate digital transformation. Create an innovation cluster for the international data industry, build digital trade infrastructure compatible with the characteristics of cross-border data circulation, promote the construction of a port demonstration zone for a digital trade hub in Lingang, and gradually cultivate international data transmission, data storage, data analysis and processing service formats. Support leading enterprises to explore the construction of NFT (non-fungible token) trading platforms, and research and promote the digitization of NFT and other assets, the global circulation of digital IP, and the protection of digital rights to be piloted in Shanghai.

4. Digital design. Efforts will be made to improve the supporting capabilities of digital design, strengthen the application of scientific and technological achievements, information technology and green design, drive the innovation and development of the design industry, and create a global model for digital design cities. Strengthen industrial design, focus on the three leading industries of integrated circuits, biomedicine, and artificial intelligence, as well as key industrial fields such as electronic information, life and health, automobiles, high-end equipment, new materials, and modern consumer goods, build a national-level industrial design platform, and promote CAD (Computer-aided design), digital twin and other applications to realize digital design-driven industrial innovation and enhance the core competitiveness of the industry.Cultivate and expand service design, focus on creative design of advertising industry, planning and design of exhibition industry, and design of public service products such as government affairs, transportation, elderly care, medical care and infrastructure, accelerate the development of digital design applications, optimize new service experience, and create new business models.

5. Digital security. Accelerate the innovation and breakthrough of safety technology, promote the rapid iteration and application of safety products and services, and make the safety industry bigger and stronger. Make breakthroughs in digital security technologies, deepen the R&D and application of privacy computing technologies such as multi-party secure computing, federated computing, and differential privacy, and guide breakthroughs in key products such as cryptographic algorithms, special-purpose chips, and communication modules. Accelerate the development of a new generation of identity authentication technology under the Internet of Everything, and build a new digital trust system.Develop network security services, promote telecommunications companies and cloud service providers to take advantage of their resources, and provide security value-added services such as monitoring and early warning, attack protection, and emergency protection. Develop high-end customized security services such as planning consultation, testing and certification, and security training that support the overall digital transformation of enterprises, and cultivate full-cycle security insurance services for pre-prevention, in-process protection, and post-event compensation.

Enhance digital new infrastructure

1. Software and algorithms. Develop the “software-defined” emerging business format, encourage the “user is the developer” model, build a complete SaaS (software as a service) product matrix, and improve the domestic Xinchuang software industry ecology. Accelerate the localization of basic software, increase R&D investment in basic software fields such as operating systems, distributed databases and middleware, strengthen the reliability and security of key core systems, and improve the independent controllability and native security of Xinchuang products. Realize the artificial intelligence of industrial software, strengthen advanced artificial intelligence technology to empower industrial software application innovation, create highly artificial intelligence integrated industrial software, and improve the scientificity, feasibility and effectiveness of industrial production decisions. Focusing on open source software and algorithms, a group of independent and world-leading open source ecological products will be created, and a number of domestic leading characteristic open source industry clusters will be developed and cultivated.

2. Cloud native and intelligent computing. Accelerate the development of an intelligent computing industry centered on algorithms, based on computing power and driven by data, promote the iterative upgrade of cloud services, and cultivate more “cloud enterprises”. Vigorously develop the cloud-native industry, support the creation of a flexible, flexible, intelligent and secure cloud open platform of “network + platform + application” to meet the needs of new business applications. Accelerate breakthroughs in cloud-native core branch technologies such as containers, micro-services, and service networks, consolidate common components and low-code development and applications, and improve the efficiency of cloud-native transformation of enterprise business. Accelerate the development of the intelligent computing industry, build cloud intelligent computing power clusters covering key areas such as artificial intelligence training and reasoning, and advanced algorithm model clusters covering key technical directions such as computer vision, natural language processing, and intelligent speech.

3. A new generation network. Strengthen the deployment of new network infrastructure, technology research and development and application innovation, and create a future-oriented network ecosystem. Advance the layout of a new generation of network forms, and explore the key points of Web3.0 (third-generation World Wide Web) such as multi-platform OpenID (digital identity recognition framework), distributed data storage, decentralized DNS (domain name resolution system), and end-to-end encrypted communication technology, accelerate breakthroughs in the core technologies of distributed networks, strengthen forward-looking research and development and deployment of 6G, IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6), Wi-Fi6 (sixth generation wireless network technology), and quantum communication, and build the third generation of data interconnection Internet technology application ecology. Build a satellite Internet that integrates space and space, aim at medium and low orbit routes, improve the industrial chain of satellite manufacturing, satellite launch, satellite operation and service, and explore a new model of space-earth integrated commercial operation.Explore global Internet seamless link services, and strengthen applications in marine operations and scientific research broadband, aviation broadband, and disaster emergency communications.

4. Blockchain. Create a combined science and technology innovation system that integrates blockchain and cutting-edge technologies, promote the development and application of “blockchain+” technology, and build a blockchain development ecosystem with strong innovation capabilities and independent control. Promote digital trusted transactions and support the promotion of trusted transactions based on technologies such as blockchain and electronic identity verification. Promote big data trusted transactions, use consensus algorithms to achieve trust and transaction confirmation, and focus on developing smart contract management and operation platforms. Develop blockchain business models, focus on developing blockchain open source platforms, NFTs and other business models, and accelerate the exploration of digital transformation and digital technology applications in the fields of virtual digital assets, artworks, intellectual property, games, etc. Support the formation of blockchain alliances across institutions and industries, and research and formulate blockchain industry standards and protocol frameworks in key areas.

5. Metaverse. Accelerate the research and deployment of the platform for the interaction between the virtual world and the real society in the future, and strengthen the whole chain layout from the bottom layer to the application. Develop human-computer interaction technology, accelerate the research on core technologies such as intelligent human-computer interaction and virtual digital human, carry out the development of terminal technologies with more immersive experience such as XR (extended reality) and brain-computer interface, and encourage the creation of new platforms with richer and more diverse content scenarios , to cultivate new forms of digital entertainment consumption such as virtual concerts, virtual idols, and virtual sports. Accelerate the ecological layout of virtual reality, break through key technologies such as low-latency fast rendering and virtual simulation engine, and develop new VR (virtual reality)/AR (augmented reality), 3D scanning and other products that integrate software and hardware. Create industry benchmark applications, and create influential Metaverse benchmark demonstration applications in the fields of online entertainment, intelligent manufacturing, digital content, transportation, online education, medical and health, etc.

Create a new smart terminal

1. Intelligent connected cars. Accelerate the research and development and mass production of intelligent and connected vehicle technology, create a smart, convenient, low-carbon future travel experience, and open up a mobile “third space”.Accelerate the development of core components and systems, promote breakthroughs in the fields of lidar, millimeter-wave radar, in-vehicle chips, in-vehicle operating systems, and V2X (vehicle wireless communication technology) equipment, and cultivate a batch of intelligent network-connected vehicle production and electronic core components Leading companies and “hidden champions”. Expand the application scenarios of the Internet of Vehicles and promote the pilot application of autonomous driving technology in the transportation field. Explore a new mode of integrated consumption of “people, cars, and life”, and accelerate the integration and application of the Internet, consumer entertainment, tourism, and finance industries with the Internet of Vehicles and autonomous driving industries.

2. Smart wearable products. Aiming at the high-end links of the value chain, we will accelerate the research and development and application promotion of smart wearable products for the segmented needs of sports tracking, education and entertainment, and medical care. Accelerate the research and development and industrialization of smart wearable products, focus on the development of mainstream products such as smart watches, smart bracelets, and smart helmets, support the development of new future products such as industrial simulation terminals, smart accessories, smart glasses, and smart clothing, and focus on breakthroughs in low-power chips, Lightweight operating system and intelligent software and hardware technologies such as biosensing, intelligent control, and end-cloud collaboration. Deepen the integration and application of key areas, promote the popularization and application of health wearable devices in medical care and elderly care, meet the needs of consumer-level applications such as education and entertainment, and promote the continuous expansion of the smart wearable market to segmented and vertical application scenarios.

3. Intelligent service robots. Focus on breakthroughs in the key core technologies of service robots, speed up the humanization of service robot behaviors, and improve the supply of high-end service robots. Strengthen the research on core technologies, focus on overcoming the core technologies of key components such as intelligent chips, servo motors, intelligent controllers, intelligent integrated joints, and new sensors, and accelerate the research and development of cutting-edge technologies such as bionic perception and cognition, bio-mechanical integration, and natural human-machine interaction. . Improve the supply of high-end products, focus on the development of surgical robots, companion robots, intelligent nursing robots, intelligent public service robots, etc., and take the lead in piloting service robots in scenarios such as smart education, smart medical care, and smart communities. Banks, shopping malls, hotels, exhibition halls and other vertical industries to expand applications to help achieve a high quality of life.

4. Intelligent business terminal. In line with the needs of consumption upgrades, support the development of new types of consumption, speed up the deployment of intelligent commercial terminals, and promote the digitalization, intelligent transformation and cross-border integration of physical businesses. Accelerate the development of self-service intelligent equipment, focus on attracting traffic, reducing costs, and improving user experience, and accelerate the development of commercial artificial intelligence terminal equipment such as self-service ordering, self-service transactions, and self-service hotel check-in, and improve the efficiency of business operation and management. Accelerate the layout of smart retail terminals, increase the deployment of smart express boxes in communities, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, institutions and parks, and encourage the development of smart vending machines, smart beverage machines, and smart recycling stations. Support artificial intelligence technology service providers in subdivided fields to provide intelligent terminal solutions with humanized interaction.

5. Smart home devices. Focus on service-oriented development and personalized customization, develop intelligent and green new smart home terminals, and promote the deep integration and application of digital technology and traditional home products. Enrich the pedigree of smart home terminals, support the research and development of next-generation home networks, multi-protocol multi-platform gateways, multi-modal biometrics, OTA (over-the-air technology), wireless charging, human-computer interaction and other technologies, and vigorously develop smart door locks, smart furniture, Smart home appliances, smart audio, smart security and other new products, and promote the development and industrialization of smart home products. Build a smart home system platform, encourage software and hardware companies to cooperate to build an open and empowered smart home system platform, and build a complete smart home ecosystem.

6. Intelligent medical equipment. Consolidate and enhance the domestic leading position of high-end imaging equipment, and focus on the deployment of high-end intelligent medical equipment with artificial intelligence technology as the core, covering key links such as diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. Support the development and application of high-end medical diagnostic equipment, vigorously develop mid-to-high-end intelligent in vitro diagnostic equipment such as immunodiagnosis, molecular diagnosis, and flow cytometry, and develop medical imaging equipment based on new imaging technology and auxiliary diagnostic algorithm technology based on big data. Promote the innovation of rehabilitation nursing terminals, develop new nursing equipment and rehabilitation equipment based on intelligent vision and voice interaction, brain-computer interface, human-computer-electrical fusion and intelligent control technologies, and cultivate intelligent prosthetics, neurological disorder treatment, disability based on brain science Products such as patient rehabilitation training.

Growing digital new ventures

1. Accelerate the cultivation of benchmarking leading enterprises and high-growth enterprises. Organize the implementation of the “New Generation Digital Economy Benchmarking Enterprise Cultivation Project” pilot project to promote the rapid increase in the scale and comprehensive competitiveness of new generation digital economy enterprises. Cultivate a group of “digital business” leading enterprises with core data technology products and professional service capabilities. Support relevant state-owned capital to set up entity enterprises specializing in the operation of the data industry. Increase efforts to identify a group of private enterprises in the digital economy as private enterprise headquarters. Encourage foreign-funded enterprises to set up digital economy functional headquarters, R&D centers and open innovation platforms in Shanghai.

2. Improve the development pattern of large and medium-sized enterprises. Give play to the leading role of leading enterprises in the digital economy, strengthen the sharing and opening of data resources, and promote the combination of online and offline innovation synergy, production capacity sharing, and supply chain interoperability. Explore the construction of new infrastructure for industrial big data, and establish a two-way open and empowering platform for enterprises. Cultivate an open and collaborative digital industry innovation ecosystem for small and medium-sized enterprises and social developers, and drive the rapid development and growth of digital economy enterprises.

Building a new digital carrier

1. Central Digital Industry Innovation Belt. On the basis of building the digital economic carrier and headquarters in the central city, Jing’an City North, Yangpu Chuangzhi, Putuo Taopu Zhichuang City-Haina Town, Changning Hongqiao Zhigu, Caohejing, Zhangjiang Online-Artificial Intelligence Island, Jinqiao Relying on a number of characteristic industrial parks around the Central Ring such as the 5G Ecological Park, strive to expand a new carrier of one million square meters of industrial space, accelerate the construction of digital economy demonstration parks, and vigorously gather and cultivate a group of high-growth digital economy enterprises with independent innovation capabilities. A trillion-level digital economy service industry innovation belt with international competitiveness.

2. Five new cities. Featuring “one city, one park”, it will focus on the development of intelligent sensors, IoT and precision medicine industries in Jiading New Town, next-generation communications and software industries in Qingpu New Town, artificial intelligence and cloud computing in Songjiang New Town, and digital health and intelligent connectivity in Fengxian New Town. The automobile industry, Nanhui New Town integrated circuit and intelligent computing industry will build a trillion-level digital terminal product, device, and material manufacturing base, promote the digitization, intelligence, and greening of the manufacturing industry, and accelerate the formation of a digital economy manufacturing cluster with international influence.

3. The Yangtze River Delta Ecological Green Integrated Development Demonstration Zone. Relying on the national integrated computing power network in the Yangtze River Delta national hub node project and the construction of the digital trunk line in the Yangtze River Delta, and guided by the collaborative creation of first-class new infrastructure, it will cultivate and develop around key areas and characteristic parks such as Shuixiang Living Room and Xicen Science and Technology Innovation Center. Intelligent computing, future network, virtual reality, digital energy and other industries, research and build the Yangtze River Delta Zone of Shanghai Data Exchange, explore and carry out cross-regional economic, life, and governance digital applications and data cooperation, and promote the development of regional digital integration.

Support engineering

New Network Infrastructure Energy Level Upgrading Project

Advanced deployment of high-speed ubiquitous, integrated heaven and earth, integrated interconnection, safe and efficient network infrastructure. Accelerate the commercial scale deployment of 5G networks, and further promote the pilot application of virtual private networks in the 5G industry. Comprehensively promote the commercial deployment of IPv6, and lay out a new type of Internet exchange center. Start the initial networking of the multimedia low-orbit satellite system, and build a satellite Internet with global coverage, advanced technology, and efficient operation in stages. Build an industrial Internet park network based on next-generation technologies such as edge computing and TSN (Time Sensitive Networking).

A new generation of intelligent computing power construction and resource scheduling project

Accelerate the construction of an intensive, collaborative, and green development pattern for new computing facilities.Build the municipal public computing power service platform, and continue to promote the artificial intelligence computing power center under construction by enterprises to be put into use as soon as possible. Promote the establishment of a high-performance computing matrix in the Yangtze River Delta region between the Shanghai Supercomputing Center and related supercomputing centers in Jiangsu and Anhui, and develop a high-performance computing supply system that calls each other. Start the construction of the national hub node project in the Yangtze River Delta of the national integrated computing power network, establish a cloud computing resource scheduling platform in the Yangtze River Delta region, and accelerate the promotion of “East Digital Western Computing”, cross-cloud business scheduling and other applications to achieve substantial progress.

Industrial Software Independent Innovation and Application Ecological Cultivation Project

Accelerate the independent development and industrial application of industrial basic software, organize leading enterprises in the industry to take the lead in building R&D design and dynamic simulation industrial software test sites in high-end manufacturing fields such as civil aviation, and support the establishment of domestic software adaptation verification systems and practical application environments , to promote pairing with local software companies to jointly develop core software for all aspects of the product design and manufacturing process, and create a Shanghai model for industrial software application traction and collaborative innovation.

Blockchain Technology Application and Industrial Development Project

Strive for the construction of the backbone nodes of the new national-level blockchain integration infrastructure “Xinghuo Chain Network”, undertake the national blockchain innovation application pilot task, promote the construction of a comprehensive blockchain pilot city in Jing’an District, and promote the city’s big data center and SAIC Group. , Shanghai Futures Exchange, etc. to create benchmark applications in the fields of “blockchain + government services”, “blockchain + manufacturing”, “blockchain + finance”, and form relevant rules and regulations.

Data Element Market System Construction Project

Accelerate the establishment and improvement of the market-oriented operation mechanism of data elements, study and establish a data transaction pricing evaluation system, and stimulate the vitality of data transaction circulation. Accelerate the construction of the Shanghai Data Exchange, carry out multi-segment operations, and promote the listing and trading of data products and services. Carry out pilot projects for statistical accounting of data elements, and carry out pilot projects for data assetization, led by state-owned enterprises. Pilot the operation of public data authorization in medical, transportation and other fields, explore pilot public data asset certificates, and deeply mine the value of public data.

Digital medical new direction layout project

Accelerate the innovative application of artificial intelligence technology to medical diagnosis and new drug research and development. Implement artificial intelligence-assisted drug R&D innovation and cultivation programs, develop leading artificial intelligence products in new drug discovery, drug safety, drug effectiveness testing, etc., and promote scientific research institutes to increase artificial intelligence-assisted protein identification and structure prediction and other underlying applications. Attack strength. Support the construction of the first large-scale medical big data training facility in China, establish a training set of 100,000 medical image data and a test set of 35,000 cases, and serve the accelerated development of the field of artificial intelligence-assisted medical diagnosis in this city.

Intelligent Manufacturing Model Innovation Demonstration Application Project

Accelerate the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry and endow “Made in Shanghai” with a new connotation. Focus on high-end ships, civil aviation, intelligent networked vehicles, high-end home appliances and other fields, support industry leading enterprises to develop new manufacturing models such as networked R&D, personalized customization, and flexible production, and create fully linked factories, fully transparent production lines, and fully digital R&D Platforms and other manufacturing new paradigms, establish industry benchmarks, and form local standards.

Low-carbon energy sustainable development demonstration project

Accelerate the construction of a regional centralized power management model based on zero-carbon energy, establish city-level “virtual power plants” and energy Internet centers, and aggregate adjustable industrial and commercial, intelligent buildings, electric vehicle charging stations, distributed photovoltaics, wind power and other ubiquitous possibilities. Adjust resources, promote the transformation of the traditional “source-load-driven” scheduling mode into a new “source-load interaction” mode, achieve maximum consumption of green power nearby, and create a new ecology of zero-carbon energy industry.

Digital city space base construction project

Build a space base serving the refined management and digital transformation of cities, support the construction of city-level real-life 3D databases and application service systems, and gradually build real-life 3D maps of the city’s core areas, key areas, and five new cities, allowing buildings, terrain, parks, etc. Geographic entities “stand up” on the map, presenting a clearer “medium vision”, promoting the fusion application of urban IoT perception information and real-world 3D maps.Build a digital twin city pilot demonstration area in Lingang New Area.

Smart travel facility upgrading and renovation project

Accelerate the digitization of highway infrastructure. Relying on S32, G60, G15 (Jialiu section), etc. to build smart highways, establish a basic digital base for all-element perception, and realize a batch of intelligentization such as dynamic perception of people, vehicles, roads, and environments, non-stop charging, and dynamic lane control. application.Promote autonomous driving and vehicle-road collaboration technology verification on some sections of expressways.Speed ​​up the transformation of smart facilities for the two-port express train and road coordination.

Safety precautions

Strengthen overall planning

Under the overall leadership of the Municipal Leading Group for Digital Transformation and the Municipal Leading Group for Strategic Emerging Industries, better play the role of the coordination mechanism of the Office of the Municipal Leading Group for Strategic Emerging Industries. A working mechanism for the coordinated promotion of relevant departments and units. Each district and relevant key areas shall establish and improve the work promotion mechanism, improve the planning and layout of the region and the construction of space carriers, strengthen the introduction of enterprises and industrial projects, and study and introduce characteristic support measures, so as to form a good environment for the city’s “up and down coordination, catching up with learning”. Ambience.

Improve the track mechanism

Give play to the role of the main force in each district and relevant key areas, and establish a layout mechanism of “one district, one track” in principle. All relevant departments and units shall, in accordance with the requirements of “one track, one plan”, speed up the formulation of relevant action plans or plans, and guide all districts and relevant key areas to develop the digital economy industry layout. Research and promote the construction of the digital economy industrial chain map, and explore the digital stable chain and strong chain work. Further strengthen and improve digital economy statistics.

Strengthen technological innovation

In key areas such as basic software, industrial software, emerging technology software, and information security software, research and implement major municipal science and technology projects to accelerate breakthroughs in key digital core technologies. Support enterprises to build an open cloud platform for industrial software, and achieve breakthroughs in full-process industrial software from point to point. The pilot adopts a competitive mechanism of self-organization first and then selects the best to support, focusing on key areas to cultivate innovative platforms such as a number of digital economy municipal engineering research centers.

Strengthen special support

Give full play to the role of the city’s strategic emerging industries, high-quality development of industries, and special funds such as Lingang and Zhangjiang, comprehensively use investment subsidies, interest discounts and other support methods, study and implement the “new digital economy track cultivation project”, and support the research and development and development of key digital core technologies. Transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Reform the original special fund support model, and support the introduction and growth of a number of high-growth enterprises with development potential in the way of “investing first and then stock”.

Strengthen market guidance

Implement several demonstration projects around key areas, and support qualified leading units to build integrated digital platforms and industry big data infrastructure. Establish a list of digital service providers and solutions in this city, and encourage enterprises to develop digital products and tools that are more suitable for the needs of small, medium and micro enterprises for epidemic prevention and production stabilization. Include excellent products of the digital economy into the city’s recommended catalog of innovative products, and guide priority procurement. Encourage qualified service providers to explore the “contract-based” service model of first-use, later-pay, and revenue-sharing, and to participate in the construction of urban digital transformation application scenarios.

Innovative financial support

Research and set up a “new track cultivation fund for digital economy” to guide enterprises, venture capital institutions and relevant districts to jointly invest in potential start-up digital economy enterprises. Continue to implement the city’s special policy on preferential interest rate credit for new infrastructure and related key industries, and guide social funds to increase investment in the digital economy and digital infrastructure and terminals. Relying on Shanghai’s “Xinyidai” comprehensive service platform, big data inclusive financial platform and “Bank-Tax Interaction”, etc., banks are encouraged to set up characteristic financing products and provide diversified financing channels for digital economy enterprises.

Accelerate talent training

Implement the city’s integrated circuit and software industry R&D and design personnel incentive policies, support and encourage the development of basic software, industrial software, new technology software, information security software and other enterprise R&D designers in Shanghai. Make good use of policies related to facilitating the employment of fresh graduates and international students in Shanghai and the permanent residence of foreign talents, and intensify efforts to introduce leaders in the digital economy and young talents. Relying on the pilot program of the “Basic Research Special Zone”, provide stable and centralized scientific research support, and cultivate a group of outstanding talent teams in the digital economy in universities and research institutes.

Improve data governance

Implement the “Shanghai Data Regulations”, speed up the issuance of supporting documents such as the municipal public data authorization operation management measures, and carry out public data authorization operation services on a pilot basis. Policies related to the establishment of the Shanghai data element market system were introduced to promote the circulation of the data element market. Accelerate the construction of the Shanghai Data Exchange, encourage market players to explore data asset pricing mechanisms, and establish and improve market operation systems such as data asset assessment, registration and settlement, transaction matching, and dispute arbitration. Actively strive for national pilot demonstrations, and carry out pilot trials in the construction of a market-based allocation system for data elements.

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