Several new features of Flying Spur browser are launched

A few days ago, Feichi browser has launched a number of new features, including the trend of the whole network’s computing power (three-in-one chart), storage pool rankings, large transfer records, etc. The introduction of these new features will help users understand more complete and more Comprehensive interplanetary file system network data, the entire network information is at your fingertips!

New feature 1

Network-wide computing power trend (three-in-one chart)

The Feichi browser has added the “Daily Whole Network Hash Power Trend” function. In addition to displaying the “Hash Power Growth” column, it also adds two new items: “Whole Network Hash Power” and “Hash Power Loss”. A more comprehensive and intuitive display of the daily network-wide computing power trend through the three-in-one chart.


Click “View More” to view 30-day/180-day data.


You can also choose to view any one or more of the data by checking the three items of “whole network computing power”, “increasing computing power”, and “computing power loss” above.


New feature 2

Storage pool ranking

Fei Spur Browser has added the storage pool ranking function this time, which details the ranking, Owner ID, storage pool name, effective computing power/proportion, 24h block reward, 24h output efficiency, 24h computing power increment, etc. data.


(The Star Alliance storage pool currently ranks first)

By clicking the Owner ID or storage pool name, the specific details of the storage pool can be displayed.


New feature 3

Large transfer records

The Feichi browser has added a large-value transfer record function. You can choose to view large-value transfer records (that is, transfers of more than 20,000 FIL) in the “blockchain” drop-down list. Which specifically displays the block height, message CID, time, sender, receiver, value, and type.


And in the drop-down list at the top of the page, you can choose to view all records, records greater than or equal to 50,000, or records greater than or equal to 100,000.


In addition, in the search box in the upper right corner of the page, you can enter a node or address to search and view all records of a specific node or address.


New feature 4

The associated storage pool details on the account details page

In addition, a page jump has been added to the account details page, and you can click “Storage Pool Details” to jump to the storage pool details page to view related information.



The above is the introduction of several new features newly added by the Flying Spur browser.

Previously, Feichi browser has introduced many new functions, such as: “node gas consumption query”, “orphan block statistics”  , “real-time gas consumption” and so on. Many new functions are added this time, which will further help users to transparently and clearly grasp the data on the chain.

As a blockchain browser for the Interstellar File System funded by the official devgrant project, Feichi Browser has been seeking improvements and breakthroughs since its launch, solving industry pain points through continuous technical tackling, and helping users have a clearer, more comprehensive, and more convenient understanding The information of the whole network will bring you a better user experience.


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