Several major exchanges were Shib collective collapse, big volatile coins need to pay attention to the risk

SHIB was cajoled after it went live on Euromoney OKEX and HUOBI, leading to a major meltdown and maintenance on these exchanges.

There is nothing more lively in the market today than the newly launched SHIB.

Many people are not unfamiliar with SHIB, this token project is called Shiba Inu, the Chinese name is Shiba Inu coin, is after the dog coin outbreak began to come out to rub the heat, to be precise, is rubbing Musk’s heat, after Musk has been shouting single dog coin, the market began to pay attention to Musk’s every move, and in the middle of March, Musk sent a tweet, said will be for his home to raise a Shiba Inu, when the dog coin did not rise, SHIB but suddenly began to burst pull.

Several major exchanges were Shib collective collapse, big volatile coins need to pay attention to the risk

Note that this is a story from the middle of March. At first, the market treated it as a joke, and it was initially traded on decentralized exchanges, but after dogcoins continued to explode last month, these so-called “animal coins” started to soar, especially SHIB, and then second-tier exchanges such as Gate and Matcha started to put SHIB online.

The reason for today’s market stir is that SHIB is on line with OKEX and HUOBI, and in the afternoon it was immediately scrambled after it was already on line with OKEX, and because the price difference between SHib on OKEX and Shib on other exchanges that were already on line was so large that it reached a maximum of three times, i.e. the price on other exchanges was around 0.000005-0.000006, while OKEX directly reached about 0.000019, leading investors from other exchanges to mention Shib to OKEX, however, perhaps because of the excessive number of coin withdrawals, there was a large area of these exchanges crashed in the afternoon to maintain the phenomenon, of course, the final did not mention success.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

For this type of coins or to focus on the attention, play is possible to play, but also to understand the risk before playing, especially to play with acceptable losses, otherwise once chasing high after being set, is very difficult to suffer.

As far as we know, this wave in the afternoon there are a lot of small partners were set on the top of the mountain.

Shib basically inherited the style of dog coins, in addition to the rise and fall of the magnitude are particularly large, but also shows its attractiveness to investors, this kind of coins can not be said to be bad, but after more will inevitably make the market become agitated, and even challenge the cognition of the coin circle people, even a random “shi coin” can rise, then our hands take the so-called value of coins and what meaning.

We often say consensus consensus, whether dog coin or Shib or, in fact, is also called an “alternative” consensus, that is, the consensus of the pull plate, as long as we think that the new coin, do not look at the technology, do not look at the future, do not look at innovation, only everyone will buy this coin consensus, this coin will rise consensus, it will rise to the back, may be a bit refreshing to everyone’s perception, but this situation is common in the market, only in this year was more manifest, the previous consensus or need to project side and community to conduct, but now seems not to.

It’s just that this phenomenon is still in the “honeymoon period”, and will be gradually broken when more and more lightning or runaway projects come out in the future.

Back to the market, today’s market performance is very good, eight o’clock in the morning a little bottom will immediately rush high, although some pullback, but in the afternoon directly again pull the plate, has returned to 59000 U.S. dollars above, look at the situation, today there is a chance to touch 60000 U.S. dollars.

Can see the recent obvious resistance point is roughly near $590000, and today is in the impact of this resistance level, according to the strength of today’s market, there is still a relatively good chance, the next to see if it can stand firm.

Several major exchanges were Shib collective collapse, big volatile coins need to pay attention to the risk

Many people don’t realize that today is Saturday, also the time when the foreign market is not open, but in such a situation, the coin price still pulled up, you can obviously see the progress of market activity, the next depends on whether it can be stabilized.

ETH: Today’s rise is slightly behind BTC, but it can also be seen that there are obvious signs of rushing higher, and it is very close to a new high. The target above is a new high, and the support below is concerned about $3350.

Platform coins: currently mainly in following the general market operation, but the platform coin market should not be finished, especially OKB and HT, the pullback can pay a little attention to the opportunity to intervene, you can properly hoard some, the current price is also not bad.

DeFi: This wave of DeFi began to pull back after a small outbreak, there are opportunities behind, but all the coins are the same, this time the outbreak is more powerful, look at the face of the big pancake, if the big pancake is blocked by the high, other coins are also difficult to break through, from the spot point of view do not have to worry too much.

DOT: It still needs time, DOT really should get things going as soon as possible, other coins are pulling through a round and still haven’t moved.

Other coins: Here other coins refer to Doge and SHIB such as short-term high explosive coins, such coins must be patient, to a low enough position before considering intervention, try not to be too heavy position, and it is recommended to try to rush in and out of the main, long-term position as small as possible, unless you can do not see the short-term dramatic fluctuations.

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