Seventh Anniversary of Micromedia, Entering the Metaverse

The scorched sand and stone 2022 is halfway through, and the wind of the Metaverse is still passing through the streets and alleys.

Metaverse games, Metaverse exhibitions, Metaverse social networking, Metaverse idols… Small factories make risky bets, big factories low-key infiltration, tens of thousands of people participate in this game and carve up a piece of “Metaverse” cake”.

It must be admitted that the charm of the Metaverse is no longer what it used to be. In terms of experience, there is very little content for immersion; in terms of business, hot money pours in, but no epoch-making results are seen. In the Internet, the concept of the Metaverse has been dismantled, squeezed out of the bubble, and entered the early stage of construction on the ground.

But in the world of marketing, the concept of the Metaverse still has something to play with.

How do companies enter the Metaverse? How to express and communicate the brand in the virtual world?

Hangzhou Micromedia Network handed over its own answer sheet. On July 13, Micromedia held a unique seventh anniversary press conference and Metaverse Marketing Discussion Summit in the Metaverse World.

This event was jointly released by well-known platforms such as Fangtang, Yaotai, Dingding , business travel event experts, exhibition ben, 36Kr, and Titanium Media to discuss the cutting-edge trends and new trends in the brand marketing industry and gain insight into new market opportunities.

Seventh Anniversary of Micromedia, Entering the Metaverse

Figure: Tianhu

Seventh Anniversary of Micromedia, Entering the Metaverse

Figure: Guo Lingnan

Seventh Anniversary of Micromedia, Entering the Metaverse

Figure: Jia Zijin

It is worth mentioning that this event will last for a month, and interested companies or users can also participate in it.

How exactly do you play the Metaverse?

Under WeMedia’s digital conference solution, enterprises can use the green screen keying + AR virtual human function to create a virtual event similar to the Metaverse, and with WeMedia’s fast live broadcast and cloud venue, they can achieve interactive functions + ultra-low In the delayed live broadcast, the virtual person can also interact with the host and the audience in real time .

Seventh Anniversary of Micromedia, Entering the Metaverse

Figure: Micromedia Digital Conference Solution

Sugar Planet, one of the partners, moved the event from offline to online, creating a transcendent experience. In the world built by Sugar Cube, there is not only one universe, and participants can socialize instantly like in reality, and they can chat when they get close ; at the same time, participants can also end the venue facilities and freely browse the company’s PPT and watch videos. , participate in large-screen interactive games, etc.

Seventh Anniversary of Micromedia, Entering the Metaverse

Figure: Sugar cube planet

In the opinion of another partner, Yaotai, based on technologies such as 3D engines, organizers can create online events with greater immersion and greater dissemination in a low-cost and efficient way; Virtual characters can travel and interact in various scenarios to get an immersive experience.

Seventh Anniversary of Micromedia, Entering the Metaverse

Figure: NetEase Yaotai

In the current mature technology, the organizer can use augmented reality, AI artificial intelligence and other technologies to arrange and combine them in different orders to realize some of the ideas and create an event in the Metaverse.

If you want to achieve more ideal results, you can also combine the functions of the 3D venue and the micro-media network: in the early stage, use the cloud venue, spread games, etc. to gain greater exposure; after the event starts, embed the large-screen interaction into the 3D In the venue, interactive means are used to retain participants and increase brand exposure.

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