Seven Days of Etherscan: Eth2, Merger, EIP-1559, Layer2

Vitalik Responds to Musk, Optimism Integrates Etherscan


➤ Altair Upgrade Progress

According to Ben Edgington’s notes from the latest PoS implementers meeting, the Alpha 6 version of Altair’s upgrade specification is out, the content is largely finalized, and plans to finalize the specification and set a fork date after demonstrating interoperability. The goal is to go live in the first half of June for a short period of testing and finalizing the spec, with the hope of forking the test network in July.


In addition, Vitalik has released an annotated version of the Altair specification – “Ethereum 2.0 Altair Beacon chain changes”.



The test network on the Rayonism project has been closed and now needs to be baselined back to the product code on the client side, separating the APIs. There is still work to be done on the transition process and state synchronization, which can be done while the client team is working on the London and Altair upgrades, and a larger test network will be available for related testing in the future.

In the meantime, development work continues on slicing and withdrawals.



The block browser on the London Upgrade Test Network Baikal now displays the full 1559 transaction data and block information (see image below). In particular, “Transaction Type: 2” indicates that this is a native 1559-style transaction. “Gas Price: NAN” means that this transaction does not use the gas price, which means it should be a 1559-style transaction. This is because the 1559-style transaction uses “MaxPriorityFee/Gas”, which is the miner’s fee, and “MaxFee/Gas”, which is the Fee Cap. Both of these are set. Everything else is standard transaction information.

Seven Days of Etherscan: Eth2, Merger, EIP-1559, Layer2
Seven Days of Etherscan: Eth2, Merger, EIP-1559, Layer2

When asked why the “Base Fee” is 7, Tim Beiko replied, “It’s 7 wei, or 0.000000007 gwei, which is actually a number close to 0. It’s set this way because in integer calculations, setting the Base Fee to a number lower than this will make the calculation impossible. On the mainnet, the base fee for the first block after forking is 1 gwei, and then the Base Fee grows to its market price as the block capacity reaches 15m. Thus, the first block will likely be full, requiring a large transaction fee to be paid to miners, before slowly starting to pay transaction fees at Base Fee.”


“The 1559 Wallet Interface Conference (London Infrastructure Readiness Series) is scheduled for May 26th at 21:00 BST and will be 1 hour in length.

The session agenda includes

A discussion of JSON RPC document changes

Recommended minimum values for PriorityFee

The need for wallet service providers to communicate these changes to their respective users

Need for ERC editing program


@trent_vanepps posted “Cheatsheet: 1559 for Wallets & Users”, which includes

1559 variables and their functions

Legacy transaction support

Test integration on the Baikal test network

The start-up process for the London upgrade

Simulation resources


The EF JavaScript Team tweeted on May 20 that they will release EthereumJS blocks, transactions, virtual machines and common libraries for the EIP-1559/London upgrade this week if no vulnerabilities or specification changes are finalized.


➤ Etherscan Goes Live with Optimism’s Block Browser

Optimism, an Ethernet L2 solution, announced on May 21 its integration with Etherscan, the Ethernet browser, with the launch of Optimism’s block browser:, which allows its users to

Monitor deposits and withdrawals

Complete withdrawals on L1 (coming soon!)

See when L2 transactions are pre-confirmed by sequencers, and when they are batch published and finalized on L1

Validate and publish the source code for OVM compilation contracts


➤ Sorare to go live on StarkEx in July

Sorare, the fastest growing sports NFT trading platform on Ether, will go live on StarkEx in July, tweeted StarkWare, the team providing the scaling solution for Ether.


➤ Roadmark Launches IWO, First Wallet Offering

L2 scaling solution Roadmark has launched IWO (Initial Wallet Offering) mechanism. All users with Roadmark wallets can now participate in the initial token offering of new projects directly on Ether’s L2 network.



➤ Vitalik writes that Musk’s earlier dogcoin expansion claim is fundamentally wrong

On May 23, Vitalik published an article “The Limits to Blockchain Scalability”, commenting on Musk’s May 15 posting that “Dogcoin is rationally accelerated by 10x block time and 10x block capacity. In response to Musk’s May 15 tweet “Dogcoin easily wins by 10x faster block time, 10x larger block capacity, and 100x lower transaction fees”, he emphasized that there is a trade-off between decentralization and scaling in the architecture of blockchain networks. To achieve decentralization, it is crucial to allow ordinary users to run nodes, but there are limitations in arithmetic power, bandwidth and storage for ordinary users to run full nodes.

Seven Days of Etherscan: Eth2, Merger, EIP-1559, Layer2

At present, Ethernet is experiencing bottlenecks in storage capacity, and he believes that stateless and stateful expiration schemes can solve this problem, while the sharded blockchain can further reach the expansion capacity.


➤ Consensus by CoinDesk 2021

Consensus by CoinDesk, the largest blockchain event organized by CoinDesk, will be held from May 24 -27. The conference aims to bring together professionals from around the world to discuss the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in depth. The ethereum-themed event features two series, scheduled as follows.

Seven Days of Etherscan: Eth2, Merger, EIP-1559, Layer2

Series 1: The Execution Layer of Ether (Eth1.0)

Beijing Time: May 25, 21:30-22:30

Topic: The Future of Ether: Roadmap Update & Improvement Proposal

Speaker: Tim Beiko, Pooja Ranjan

Topic: Scaling DeFi – ENS-Optimistic rollup (MVP) in Layer2

Speaker: Nick Johnson

Series 2: Consensus Layer

Beijing Time: May 26th 00:00-01:00 am

Topic: Eth2 and the state of mergers

Speaker: Danny Ryan and Mikhail K

Topic: KZG Commitment

Speaker: Dankrad Feist


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