Selfie NFT: Indonesian poor student’s work counterattacks millions of dollars

NFTs have become a craze all over the world, and day by day, their popularity and influence are growing by leaps and bounds, and celebrities and big companies around the world are constantly launching their own NFTs.

However, have you heard of an “ordinary person”, or more precisely a “student” who made an overnight success in the NFT space? Come on, take a look at this issue of “Digital Star Cafe”, a student from Indonesia, the “selfie” photo NFT has been worth millions of dollars!

Meet the ” counter- attack ” poor Indonesian students

Ghozali Ghozalu, a 22-year-old student from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, took a selfie of himself, made NFT “casually”, and recently “casually” started selling it on the NFT market OpenSea.

Ghozali’s NFT series, titled “Ghozali Everyday,” showcases selfies he took almost every day from the age of 18 to 22, covering a five-year period from 2017 to 2021.

Selfie NFT: Indonesian poor student's work counterattacks millions of dollars

On social media, on January 12, Ghozali wrote:

“After 3 days, there are 331 NFTs left.

Because for the next few years, I won’t be listing any more works, and they’re sold out now!

You can do anything like flip it or whatever, but please don’t misuse my photos or my parents will be very disappointed in me!

I trust you, please take care of my photos. “

How a $3 Selfie Turned Into Millions

The 933 “selfie” photos Ghozali posted as NFTs were simply taken by himself day in and day out while standing in front of his computer. “I started taking pictures of myself from the age of 18 to 22 (2017-2021), and this is really a picture of me standing in front of my computer every day,” Ghozali wrote on his OpenSea profile.

Selfie NFT: Indonesian poor student's work counterattacks millions of dollars

However, during the sale of the OpenSea platform, some NFT collectors got involved and somehow became a kind of meme.

Ghozali reportedly started selling the image NFTs on January 9 for 0.001 ETH ($3.25) each, and it took only a few days to sell out.

On the first batch of transactions, he made $3,000. Miracles began to appear two days later. The unit price of these NFT collectibles reached a high of about 1 ETH (equivalent to $3,250). On January 13, the transaction volume reached 277 ETH, and the transaction floor price was around 0.38 ETH. This means that these NFTs are worth about $1.4 million at the base price and around $3 million at the high point.

It is worth noting that as of January 14th, there were 448 owners of NFTs in this series; according to OpenSea data, Ghozali’s Ghozali Everyday series has already ranked among the top 40 in OpenSea’s 24-hour transaction volume ranking (No. 36), with a growth rate of 72,000%.

Who pushed the Ghozali work up?

The driving force behind the NFT works of 22-year-old “unknown person” Ghozali has surfaced. Some NFT collectors and celebrities flock to it and promote it.

Arnold Poernomo, Indonesian celebrity chef and judge on the cooking reality show Masterchef Indonesia, was the core promoter, along with Indonesian sneaker and streetwear entrepreneur Jeffry “Jejouw” Jouw and various members of the decentralized finance community.

Selfie NFT: Indonesian poor student's work counterattacks millions of dollars

It is reported that Indonesian sneaker and streetwear entrepreneur Je Jouw took the lead in promoting the NFT series, and even the series of NFTs was made into an emoji package and circulated in the community.

Poernomo then tweeted to promote the series, claiming that he and other investors were aggressively buying in to “plan to help Ghozali Ghozalu earn extra income.”

Poernomo and others also reportedly created a Discord forum to help promote and manage the series.

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