Self-proclaimed “national currency” with “Tianhe II” computing, when the pyramid scheme cloaked in digital currency “disguise” ……

The company calls itself “National Currency” and uses “Tianhe II” computing to provide virtual digital currency value-added services under the guise of developing nearly 2,000 pyramid scheme members nationwide.

Self-proclaimed "national currency" with "Tianhe II" computing, when the pyramid scheme cloaked in digital currency "disguise" ......

Source: Xinhua News Agency

Reporters Chen Nuo, Wang Ona, Xiong Feng

The company has been developing a pyramid scheme for nearly 2,000 people in the country under the guise of providing value-added virtual digital currency services… …Anqing City Public Security Bureau in Anhui Province recently uncovered a large network pyramid scheme case, the suspects concocted the concept of speculation “air money”, the pyramid scheme cloaked in digital currency “disguise”, on the network The suspects concocted the concept of “aircoin”, cloaked the pyramid scheme in digital currency “camouflage”, and “went on the road”. In recent years, similar cases have occurred in many parts of the country, and the new trend of online pyramid schemes is worth being alert to.

The “national currency” is actually a “national fraud” 12 provinces and cities 8 files of members to absorb 200 million yuan
In January of this year, Anqing police received a report from the public that the “Global Wealth Panda Gold Dollar” investment platform was suspected of being a pyramid scheme. The police investigation found that since 2016, the suspect Sun Moubao rented office space in Hefei, Anhui Province, to a local biotechnology company as a carrier, the creation of the “Global Wealth Panda Gold Dollar” network investment platform, pulling together others to build a website to provide virtual digital currency value-added services under the guise of developing relevant investment The company has also set up a website to provide virtual digital currency value-added services under the guise of setting up relevant investment levels, rewards, and cash withdrawal regulations to conduct network marketing.

According to the Anqing Public Security Bureau Da Guan Branch Economic Investigation Brigade police officer Zhou Xiaofeng, the group through the WeChat group to share website links to develop members, new members to register to pay an entry fee of 168 yuan, and need to share the confirmation of the person to obtain membership, membership is divided into “student level” “expert level “After investing or developing a downline according to a certain percentage, the website will return the “Panda Seeds” to the members according to the level in a ratio ranging from 1:1.07 to 1:3. “Panda Seeds” are given to members for exchange for “Panda Gold Dollars”.

The “Panda Gold Dollar” is the platform’s main “virtual digital currency”. The reporter saw on a promotional article titled “Eighteen Reasons Why Global Wealth Panda Gold Dollar” that the platform claims that the “Panda Gold Dollar” is a “national currency” and uses the “Tianhe II” computer system to automatically calculate the “Panda Gold Dollar”. The computer system performs automatic calculations and “it is possible that a panda gold dollar will exceed 10,000 yuan in the next five years.”

However, the police said that the backstage data of the “Panda Gold Dollar” price increase and decrease were controlled by Sun Moubao and other people. In just a few years, the platform recruited nearly 2,000 members in 12 provinces and cities across the country, involving a cumulative amount of more than 200 million yuan, in addition to some of the funds were used to return the so-called commission to the investors, most of the remaining funds were transferred or withdrawn by Sun Moubao.

At present, eight main suspects, including Sun Moubao, have been transferred to prosecution according to law.

The “chain” on the pyramid scheme, the “new way” to prevent the inability to prevent
“pyramidal coins” “air coins” “cottage coins” …… reporter search the Internet to find, identify these The “bad money” science post has long been “screen”, some netizens even combed out the name of more than a hundred “pyramid coins”, but still can not stop the fraudulent cases.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. The “dynamic income” (development of downline profit) as bait to attract the public to invest funds, and lure investors to develop people to join, and constantly expand the pool of funds, with illegal fund-raising, pyramid schemes, fraud and other illegal behavior characteristics, so that people can not guard against.

–The old tricks are “dressed up” in new concepts. The actual “brainwashing” method often advocated by traditional pyramid schemes such as “state support” and “government background” has been used. “The Panda gold yuan group not only forged global market layout map and other promotional materials, but also moved out some high concept to further disguise themselves.

The company’s main goal is to provide a platform for the public to learn more about the company’s products and services. In the case of “Panda Gold Dollar”, a number of so-called “performance reward models” were designed, such as the direct push award, the touch award, and the management award, making people easily fooled in the illusion of overnight riches and falling deeper and deeper into the trap.

–The operating model is becoming increasingly specialized. The police introduced, these pyramid schemes from the form of dissemination, is showing from offline, e-mail to social software, short video platform shift; member login platform application gradually from the traditional PC to cell phone App, small program transfer; from the form of payment, from bank cards, third-party payments to virtual currency field payment, the flow of funds more difficult to check; from the regional point of view, the unscrupulous elements gradually platform server from the territory From the regional point of view, the unscrupulous elements gradually transfer the platform server from the territory to the outside, so as to avoid the crackdown by the public security authorities.

–The trend is towards younger participants. Zhou told reporters that in the case of Panda Gold, many of the members involved in the pyramid scheme were young people under the age of 40, with many highly educated people and even a few public officials involved. It is ironic that the originator of the case, Sun Moubao, has a junior high school education and used to sell health products for a living.

The new seeds of the fight and prevention
The market supervision bureau of Anhui province anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition law enforcement bureau director Zheng Wenbao introduced, similar to “pyramid coins” such as the network pyramid scheme is different from the traditional form of pyramid scheme, compound illegal criminal activities. Zhou Xiaofeng and other grassroots police officers believe that the accelerated spread of “pyramid coins” tests the efficiency of the linkage between supervision, public security and other departments combating illegal crimes.

All kinds of “schemes” damage the public interest and pollute the ecology of blockchain and other industries. Many experts believe that we should focus on the new situation and make up for the shortcomings of governance.

Fight and prevent, form a region-wide control. Zheng Wenbao suggested that the information sharing and consultation system should be coordinated with the net, public security, finance, communication management and other departments to implement a full amount of full-area control of those involved in the transmission. Zhou suggested that through the government’s purchase of services, with the technical advantages of Internet companies, relying on big data, the scientific establishment of network marketing monitoring and search models to achieve more accurate and valuable online early warning.

Execution and punishment converge to weave a tight legal net. It is recommended that the definition of pyramid selling and illegal trading of virtual coins be adjusted in a timely manner, and that the range of penalties for pyramid selling crimes such as “pyramid coins” be increased appropriately, so as to truly achieve heavy penalties for felonies and light penalties for misdemeanors, and that the relevant administrative penalty regulations be refined to punish those who do not meet the standard of criminal penalties.

Purify the network and popularize education. The Internet Information Office and other regulatory departments should strengthen the supervision of websites involved in pyramid schemes, and take technical countermeasures against pyramid schemes involving foreign websites to cut off the transmission channels of online pyramid schemes. Zheng Wenbao believes that publicity and education should be insisted on in a more important position, focusing on a series of publicity activities such as prevention of pyramid schemes in campuses, communities and talent markets; organizing various departments around the world to release dynamic warnings on pyramid schemes, public service advertisements in a planned and systematic manner, publishing and analyzing typical cases and exposing the nature of online pyramid schemes.

While the network information era brings many development opportunities, the network pyramid scheme criminals also take the opportunity to make up stories to attract investors who know nothing about the new economy and new concepts to follow the “set”. Although pyramid schemes have moved from offline to online, the essential features of entry fees, headhunting and team pay remain unchanged, so when the public encounters the so-called new speculative “coin” and “chain” platforms, they need to calm down, think carefully and identify carefully against these features. In order to avoid jumping into the trap at the first heat of the mind.

To eradicate network marketing, in the face of the endless criminal “metamorphosis”, the relevant departments need to strengthen the linkage, to further tighten the monitoring and early warning protection network, to close the policy loopholes, to make up for the shortcomings of the system, to strengthen the warning propaganda, with unchanging determination to deal with the changing “gimmicks” of illegal crime The “new” is the “new”.

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