SeeleN DAO ecological project layout announced for comprehensive development in multiple fields

SeeleN mainnet validators announced on March 30 that they will jointly fund the establishment of the SeeleN Turbo Ecological Fund. The SeeleN DAO ecological project support plan was launched, aiming to provide fund support for outstanding developers and ecological projects and expand the ecological scale of SeeleN DAO.

For outstanding developers or projects recognized by the community, SeeleN Turbo will not only fund them during the incubation period, but will also continue to provide fund rewards after they are launched and recognized by the community. In addition, for outstanding projects that have been launched on other networks, SeeleN Turbo will also provide funds to attract projects to settle in the ecosystem.

Public chain competition has always been the focus of attention in the blockchain field. In 2021, it will be even more competitive. In terms of ecological construction, various public chain projects have achieved certain results and entered an ecological explosion period. The multi-chain world has moved from ideal to reality, and the number of public chains has increased nearly 7 times within a year. Under the premise that Ethereum is becoming more and more perfect and saturated, EVM compatibility is a path that many ecosystems prefer. Since the SeeleN network updated the POS consensus mechanism, it has supported EVM compatibility, and successfully launched the main network in 2021, introduced the DAO governance model, and officially started the ecological construction.


At present, the ecological fields that SeeleN DAO plans to deploy include NFT, blockchain games, energy, DeFi, entertainment, DAO concepts, etc. In the previous project ecological conference, specific information on projects in some fields has been announced.



CandySwap is SeeleN’s first ecological project, and currently undertakes the main function of asset trading within the SeeleN ecosystem. The SeeleN Turbo Fund has previously announced an investment of $250,000 to support the development of CandySwap and subsequent feature development.

Soul Wallet


SeeleN Wallet is a SeeleN ecological wallet that is currently undergoing closed testing and will be launched in the near future. SeeleN Wallet integrates functions such as asset management, application entry, payment, information, and social networking, and has the characteristics of compatibility, ease of use, and openness, providing ecological users with complete basic services.

Project Fantasy


Project Fantasy is the GameLauncher platform of SeeleN ecology, and will be dedicated to SeeleN’s continuous exploration in the field of blockchain games. The platform innovatively launched the pass function, allowing players to experience the games on the platform for free and determine the direction of game development. In terms of game lineup, two platform games have been confirmed to be released in the near future, and more game development and introduction work is also ongoing.

Project Lending


Project Lending is a project developed for the expansion of SeeleN’s ecological financial functions. In the early stage, it mainly focuses on lending functions and provides a very low mortgage guarantee rate. It will eventually form a derivatives trading market that provides liquidity for individuals and institutions.

Project Stablecoins


Project Stablecoins will provide algorithmic stablecoin support for the ecosystem, and provide liquidity for users to store and create stable assets. It will also support stablecoin exchange with cross-chain functions. In the future, users will be supported to mint stable coins or synthesize other assets by mortgaging different assets.

Project Carbon


Project Carbon is an energy field project with carbon asset trading as its core function. It will create a data account protocol family at four levels of storage, network, calculation, and application in the process of carbon asset formation, and ensure the multi-party data and calculation of carbon assets. Collaboration and mutual recognition.

Project Video


Project Video is a blockchain application related to online video and streaming media. Relying on the decentralized blockchain network, through the point-to-point transmission method, the content is transmitted on the network, and the audience contributes excess bandwidth as a node to watch high-quality video. and also get rewards.

Project Metaverse


Project Metaverse will build the identity infrastructure in the Metaverse, create identity labels for individual users, and link industries and institutions in other fields. The project not only focuses on the Metaverse, but also establishes a network consensus in the Web3.0 era.

Project Nature


Project Nature focuses on the blockchainization of the traditional field of energy projects, breaks the high threshold and closed restrictions of energy project investment, completely opens energy investment to the public, and promotes a more active market.

Project Asset Management


Project Asset Management is a decentralized asset management platform within the ecosystem. Users can diversify investments through the platform, manage passive income and maximize asset value utilization. The platform will also support tracking other people’s investment strategies, external integration with exchanges, lending platforms, and asset protocols to achieve multi-strategy investment.

Project Insurance


Project Insurance focuses on insurance services for users’ investment behavior. Through a decentralized infrastructure, trust issues are avoided, and there is no need to check user identity and credit. The project will be deeply coupled with the DeFi functions within the ecosystem in the early stage.

Project Society


Project Society will transform the blockchain for the social field, return control of data and information to individuals, and provide rewards for contributors. Project Society will strive to end the social era of harvesting user information and monetizing it.

Project DAO


Project DAO is a DAO concept project initiated by internationally renowned institutions. The project aims to promote cooperation among various departments, fields, and even countries through DAO to achieve the goals of sustainable development, and will participate in a series of youth activities of the United Nations as a partner.

In today’s blockchain field, the internal cycle of the new public chain ecosystem is gradually improving, and the decoupling of assets from Bitcoin has become more and more obvious. The maturity and perfection of the ecosystem and the independence of the user circle have made the ecology break through and Bitcoin price changes. Strong relationship, and gradually walk out of their own development path. However, the enthusiasm of the new public chain is the evolution of the existing structure of the blockchain rather than the denial of the original system, just as productivity innovation, transparency of production relations and full freedom of competition are the driving force behind the development of the encrypted world.

Since the ecological construction of SeeleN DAO, it has established a good cooperative relationship with many projects and developers, and will continue to conduct in-depth exploration in different fields to expand the ecological scale. At the beginning of ecological development, SeeleN DAO will use high incentive policies to drive the activity of the entire ecological assets, and expand the path to external expansion and output after reaching a certain scale, actively realize ecological innovation and differentiation, and finally achieve community co-construction. Collaborative autonomous ecology.

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