Scientists: the upper limit of human life expectancy is 150 years

The pursuit of eternal life has always been one of the visions of mankind, but a new study by Singaporean biotechnology company Gero found that the upper limit of human life expectancy is 150 years.

As we continue to grow older, the body’s ability to repair itself begins to decline, and this repair ability is different for each person, and when the repair ability is low to the limit, the person will die.

Recently, Gero, a Singaporean biotechnology company, and the Roswell Park Cancer Center (RPCI) in the United States published a paper in the scientific journal Nature Communications, claiming that human life expectancy can be more than 120 years, with an upper limit of 150 years.

By analyzing genetic, blood and medical data from hundreds of thousands of volunteers in the U.K. and the U.S., the researchers discovered a new indicator that can be used to test the degree of aging – the Dynamic Human Indicator (DOSI). Scientists found that the rise and fall of the human dynamic index is strongly correlated with aging.

The researchers observed that the human body is affected by external factors, such as poor work habits, work stress, diet, etc., its human dynamic indicators will occur relatively large fluctuations, and age-related chronic diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes, etc.) is one of the “culprits” to exacerbate aging.

Scientists: the upper limit of human life expectancy is 150 years

Dr. Timothy Pilkoff, a molecular scientist, said that the data model proves that the body’s dynamic indicators show different “elasticity” at different ages. He continued.

The recovery time is fastest in young adults between the ages of 18 and 28. From the age of 40, the DOSI index becomes less sensitive, and this is when aging begins to accelerate. As the human lifespan increases, the recovery time from various diseases also becomes longer.

Between the ages of 120-150, the DOSI indicator elasticity will reach its limit. At that point, the human ability to repair itself and the rate of recovery from disease will reach a critical point and no longer change, the upper limit of human lifespan.

Dr. Peter Fedichev, co-founder of Gero, believes that human dynamic indicators reveal the true relationship between human aging and age cascades. He continues.

The Human Dynamic Index proves that even the most effective age interventions available today only increase the average life span or healthy life span, not extend it.

It is worth mentioning that Professor Davidson of the Harvard Pual.F Institute on Aging has discovered the “youth molecule GeNAD” through his research, and has received over $50 million in venture capital from Silicon Valley. He revealed this year that his next goal is to work on more human-based research. He said.

People should focus on extending healthy lifespan because every year of healthy lifespan increase in the global population will generate $38 trillion in dividends.

With the advancement of medical technology, health environment and nutrition, as well as the development of related biotechnology, human beings will get closer to the limit of 150 years of life.

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