Schools and enterprises join forces to build a multi-level blockchain talent training system WeBank helps innovation and development

The key transportation step tracing platform for cross-border products, the learning voucher network management system, the medical material circulation traceability management system… These topics are designed to solve social problems and come from a unique block chain completed at South China University of Technology. Course defense.

The rapid development of the industry is inseparable from professionals. In 2015, no university in the country set up blockchain-related disciplines and courses. At present, dozens of well-known universities in the country have established blockchain-related courses and research . As the blockchain is becoming one of the new tracks of international competition, professional blockchain talents play a decisive role in the innovation and development of the blockchain industry, accelerate the training of talents in the blockchain field , and strengthen the blockchain talent team The construction is urgent.

Schools and enterprises join forces to explore the “mutual feeding” model of talent scientific research

Beginning in 2018, South China University of Technology and WeBank have worked together to create professional blockchain courses for college students . The relevant person in charge of South China University of Technology told reporters that this course was developed and taught by WeBank’s blockchain expert team in close cooperation with WeBank and South China University of Technology. The content of the course covers the basic functions and basic functions of FISCO BCOS, the underlying blockchain platform. Practical operation, smart contract development practical operation, smart contract programming language liquid development practical operation, WeCross cross-chain practical operation, etc., and flexibly adjust the course content according to the latest technological development, so that students can learn the latest and most in-depth blockchain technology, Lay a solid foundation for students’ employment and scientific research.

How to cultivate blockchain talents that meet the needs of the industry? Schools and enterprises should jointly explore innovative paths for cultivating blockchain compound talents. It is understood that WeBank has been actively cooperating with dozens of key domestic institutions of higher learning, such as Tsinghua University, Sun Yat-sen University, South China University of Technology, etc. These cooperations are based on rich practical exploration experience, focusing on professional courses and scientific research cooperation, and cultivated Thousands of students who have mastered blockchain professional skills.

“The number of courses enrolled in the blockchain course of Sun Yat-sen University is increasing year by year. In 2020, the number of electives has grown to 263, making it one of the most popular courses in the college.” Zheng Zibin, deputy dean of the School of Software Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University, introduced to reporters through The cooperative course study with WeBank has greatly enhanced students’ interest in the blockchain industry and technical capabilities. At present, 38 students have obtained the certification of Blockchain Technology from the Golden Chain Alliance, and many students have obtained internship opportunities in blockchain-related companies. School-enterprise alliance can also drive research and research on industrial technology.

In 2021, the National Key Research and Development Plan 2020 project, led by Sun Yat-sen University, and WeBank and other companies and universities, has successfully established the project. The project focuses on exploring the safety supervision technology for the alliance chain, and promotes the healthy and sustainable development of the blockchain industry.

The cooperation between WeBank and Tsinghua University on the security of blockchain smart contracts and virtual machines has also achieved a lot of results. “In the face of the market, WeBank understands the actual needs of the blockchain industry, and can efficiently transform the scientific research results of universities, so that these results can be applied better and faster.” Tsinghua University professor Jiang Yu told reporters, universities and enterprises The cooperation between universities and colleges can most effectively organize forces to tackle cutting-edge technical problems, provide scientific research support for the development of blockchain, and integrate theory and practice more closely.

Standard guidelines to build a blockchain talent system

According to the “Blockchain Talent Development: Asia-Pacific Region Innovation and Recruitment Trends” report released by the international recruitment consulting company MichaelPage, from 2018 to 2020, the increase in blockchain-related work will reach 26%, and the chief information officer will be 18%. The official said that talents with blockchain skills are the most difficult technical talents to find. Zhang Kaixiang, chief architect of WeBank’s blockchain, once stated in public that what the industry lacks is not only talents who write code, but also talents with blockchain thinking and distributed thinking.

In December 2019, the country’s first authoritative standard for blockchain job capability requirements, “Blockchain Industry Talent Job Capability Requirements,” was officially released. This standard was organized by the Talent Exchange Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, with the participation of industrial companies such as WeBank and Tencent Cloud. Drafting and preparation. The standard puts forward the competence requirements of 21 specific positions for 3 types of talents, including core R&D positions, practical technical positions and industry application positions. Fundamentally, it provides guidance for the cultivation of blockchain talents.

As one of the earliest companies in the field of blockchain, WeBank has become the main participant in the development of talent standards for the blockchain industry by the Talent Exchange Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Based on a large amount of practical experience, it promotes the development and development of talents in the blockchain industry. Issues such as cultivation have been actively explored. At the same time, in January this year, the Talent Exchange Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially released the “2021 Catalog of Talent Ability Evaluation Institutions in Key Fields of Industry and Information Technology”. Jointly take the lead in formulating or revising the talent standards in the field of unveiling the list, and formulating the requirements for the evaluation of the ability of industrial talents in this field by position and level. Whether the established standards can be truly applied in practice is of the utmost importance to be recognized by the enterprise.

Zhao Zhenhua, a senior expert on the blockchain of WeBank who participated in the compilation of the above two standards, said that blockchain is a relatively new industry and there are still relatively few targeted education and trainings. Therefore, most practitioners are transferred from other computer positions. “The formulation of these standards provides norms for the cultivation of talents for blockchain technology and industrial development, and is of instructive significance for industry practitioners.”

All parties build a diversified talent cultivation ecology gradually

To meet the huge shortage of talents in industry development, we cannot rely solely on universities. We must pay full attention to the role of market mechanisms in talent training and allocation. Governments, enterprises, training institutions, universities, etc. will participate together to gradually build a multi-level and diversified district. Block chain talent cultivation ecosystem.

In September 2020, the Institute of Vocational and Technical Education Center of the Ministry of Education announced the “Announcement on Participating in the Fourth Batch of Vocational Education Training Evaluation Organizations and Vocational Skill Level Certificates in the 1+X Certificate System Pilot Program”. The “Blockchain Application Software Development and Operation and Maintenance” jointly created by WeBank and Tencent Cloud was selected as the fourth batch of vocational skill level certificates. WeBank participated in the drafting of “Blockchain Application Software Development and Operation and Maintenance Professional Skill Level Standards” .

It is understood that WeBank participates in the education and training of multiple positions, including developers, and conducts in-depth cooperation with a number of training institutions. While cultivating the vast number of developers and blockchain reserve talents, it also trains teachers for universities, vocational schools and training institutions through the development of teacher training and other forms, and provides teaching, training materials, and supports the development of training systems. In addition, it also actively carries out services such as training instructor certification for training institutions to help partners build blockchain teaching capabilities.

Not only that, WeBank has also successively united with industry-university-research partners including the Talent Exchange Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Computer Society CCF, People’s Daily Online, Tencent Yunteng Institute, etc. to jointly create talent research, talent training, and talent evaluation. , Talent service is the core of the blockchain industry talent innovation cultivation system, and build a one-stop talent training channel of “textbooks-courses-training-assessment-authority certification”.

Fan Ruibin, the person in charge of Blockchain in WeBank, once stated in public that the current high-end blockchain talents are still in short supply. In the early stage of development, the industry fluctuates greatly, and the demand for talent fluctuates greatly. “Blockchain talent training institutions are also responding to a very big challenge, and WeBank and the Golden Chain Alliance hope to play the role of a’connector’ among them, and combine the blockchain talents of training institutions with our open source ecosystem. The talent needs of enterprises in the circle are connected to match supply and demand.”

Committed to mining diverse blockchain talents, WeBank has supported a number of authoritative blockchain events at home and abroad, including the 4th China Blockchain Development Contest, the BRICs Blockchain Track, and the BSN Developer Contest FISCO BCOS. Dao, etc.; organized and held the FinTechathon FinTech University Contest and the China Blockchain Application Contest of the Golden Chain Alliance. Among them, the FinTechathon WeBank Financial Technology University Technology Competition has been held twice, attracting more than 200 universities and thousands of students from around the world, and is committed to promoting domestic and overseas university students to explore technological breakthroughs and application innovations in the cutting-edge fields of financial technology , To promote cross-school and school-enterprise exchanges of relevant majors, and comprehensively improve students’ innovation ability, practical ability and employment competitiveness.


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