Say this to 50 KOLs in the current crypto market trend

Editor’s note: This article is based on the opinions and remarks of Twitter big V on the current crypto market conditions, including bitter water, chicken soup, and a heart booster. It is for reference only. Please do not use it as a trading basis. DYOR (especially in extreme market and large-scale fluctuate).

Say this to 50 KOLs in the current crypto market trend

1. Binance founder CZ:

If you think only cryptocurrencies are volatile, look at stocks. -84%, -72%. That’s not to say it makes things better for cryptocurrencies, it’s important to understand risk management.

We need to respect the market and leave the rest to the market and time. Ultimately, we need to get back to the fundamentals. Real products are created, not by short-term incentives or promotions, but by intrinsic value that people use. The market moves up and down in cycles.

Remember, where there are sellers, there are buyers.

Say this to 50 KOLs in the current crypto market trend

Say this to 50 KOLs in the current crypto market trend

2. FTX founder SBF:

Markets don’t fall because of rising inflation. Inflation happened not long ago.

The world “realizes” that inflation has happened -> interest rates rise -> inflation falls -> markets fall.

3. Barry Silbert, founder of Digital Currency Group:

In this market, I’d rather own bitcoin than anything else.

4. Zhu Su, co-founder of Three Arrows Capital:

Several aspects of our industry were stress tested this week. I also saw a similar feeling to March 2020. It feels cruel right now, but it will always get better.

5. Cathie Wood, founder of ARKinvest:

Stocks sold off after the tech/telco bubble burst because the “dream” won’t become a reality for 20-25 years. Genome sequencing, adaptive robotics, energy storage, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology are all realities, and their stocks appear to be in deep value territory.

6. Richard Chen, general partner of 1Confirmantion:

Last year, many mercenary founders got misinformation from VCs (Ethereum NFTs are bad for the environment, DeFi competitors have XX problems, etc.).

In a bear market, when the tide goes out, it becomes known who is swimming naked, leaving the real founders and the products that are actually used.

7. Bankless founder David Hoffman:

This is part of a market cycle where newcomers either learn the value of decentralization and resistance to censorship. Or they leave and then come back and enter the next bull market.

8. Alex Svanevik, founder of Nansen:

It’s easy to get caught up in binary thinking at times: “Should I sell it all or hold?” It’s important to remember that you still have options. It’s usually better than doing nothing.

9. Alex Atallah, co-founder of OpenSea:

Micro pessimism, macro optimism.

10. Paradigm co-founder Fred Ehrsam:

Its 2018 article “surviving crypto cycles”: “Cycles are not good or bad, they are natural. Excitement at the peak provides the world with an opportunity for dreams to come true. Despair at the low point breeds utility and clarity. The market is irrational in the short term, but not in the long term.”

11. Dan Morhead, founder of Pantera Capital:

I think Bitcoin could soon decouple from other risky assets. Bitcoin has gone through many boom and bust cycles.

Here are the average declines (weighted by market cap) over the past 5 periods: -61%, 169 days.

Current Bear Market: -56% over 180 days.

Say this to 50 KOLs in the current crypto market trend

12. The Jiho.eth, co-founder of Axie Infinity:

Today is an absolutely brutal day for the crypto world. As an industry, we still have a long way to go and a lot to do. I’m not saying this bear market will be like the last one, or even that we’re in a bear market.

I want you to know that this kind of volatility is quite normal in cryptocurrencies. It is the fertilizer for future growth. It stinks, but it is necessary. This is part of the process.

Looking back, the last bear was all we needed: it made us strong, it brought us together, it gave us new perspectives. We have the funds to continue building for 10 years. We are ready.

Many projects will die, and we will survive.

13. Ryan Selkis, founder of Messari:

We just lost $40 billion in assets, not too big to fail. I’d rather choose a ruthless, antifragile system than a “safe”, “canonical” system.

You might have a few months to buy around the current price, assuming they hold their value.

14. Robert Leshner, founder of Compound Finance:

Crypto Fight Club Rule No.1 – Live first.

Say this to 50 KOLs in the current crypto market trend

15. Hassedb Qureshi, Managing Partner, Dragonfly Capital:

4 lessons from someone who lost a lot of money (not me):

(1) Humans are resilient. We get used to it surprisingly fast.

When you’ve lost everything, the first night feels hopeless. Feeling depressed the next day. The next week feels manageable. Next month, you forget you even lost it.

(2) There is no free lunch in the world. Whenever you think you’ve found an easy way to make money, chances are you’re missing something.

(3) When you lose money, you are left with your skills and knowledge, which only grow.

Much of my knowledge and experience comes from my past failures. People who fail the first time have no chance at all.

(4) You build real wealth by doing what you love. Because if you don’t love it, you’ll give up too soon.

Cryptocurrencies have died too many times to count. I know a lot of people who came in early but lost confidence and left.

16. Antonio, founder of dYdX:

The market affects us. We cannot ignore it, it will be painful and it may force us to change our mindset for a while. But what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

The market will come back, and despite the noise and uncertainty, we will stay and continue to build.

17. Frank Chaparro, founder of The Block:

People are still dealing with this, but this is a “Lehman moment” for cryptocurrencies. I heard that many funds may go bankrupt due to the collapse of LUNA.

18. New Penguin boss Luca Netz:

Fat penguin hold on! We are the fattest!

19. Gabby Dizon, co-founder of Yield Guild:

If you’re losing money right now, take a step back, keep your funds, and keep a clear head. Mental health comes first. Instead of investing more than you can afford to lose, put your time and energy into protocols and earn cryptocurrency.

20. Gabriel Shapiro, General Counsel, Delphi Digital:

Sad and happy.

I will also join the team of pain. Yes, I have a negative net worth after taxes in Terra.

Strangely, although I’m a very pessimistic and prone to depression, I just don’t seem to get depressed about it. Not sure why, but I guess it’s a good sign.

21. Bitfinex CTO,Paolo Ardoino:

If you want to keep holding, there is still a long way to go.

22. Steven, lead researcher at The Block:

I don’t care about your Crypto.

23. Bankless by Ryan Sean Adams:

UST is trying to penetrate every corner of DeFi. Fortunately, we removed the “cancer”. If it spreads at this rate, it may be too late.

24. Adam Cochran, author of The First Code of Wealth in 2022:

The worst part of a market implosion is that a fall, whether it’s a scam or a leveraged one, ultimately only happens out of desperation.

The traditional economy is so bad that most people feel the only way to “succeed” is to put everything on digital assets and leverage.

Unless a fundamentally broken socioeconomic system is fixed, they will always come back chasing something as risky as 11.

If regulators really want to protect the public from get-rich-quick schemes, the best way is to focus on improving all equity and access in our economy so people can actually get rich.

We also need to ask ourselves why so many people feel the need to gamble so hard that they ignore every warning.

25. The CEO of Wintermute, a digital asset algorithm market maker, sent an internal email to all employees:

Get ready for winter.

26. BitMEX co-founder and former CEO, Arthur Hayes:

In his latest article, “A 50bps rate hike is expected in June and will continue to weaken long-term risk assets…I’ll step in at $20,000 for Bitcoin and $1,300 for Ethereum.”

27. Packy McCormick, founder of Not Boring Capital, advisor to a16z Web3:

VCs tell founders who have pitched to tighten their belts.

28. FXT investor High Stakes Capital:

See more.

No. 2 holds the spot, and now it’s leveraged.

29. Ever New Capital partner, 168 Club partner Woody:

The veteran died of bargain hunting, numb, and continued to lie down.

30. Chris Burniske, Partner at Placeholder Venture Capital:

  • 30% probability: BTC 25K & ETH 2K6
  • 25% probability: BTC 30-33K & ETH 2K-2200
  • 35% probability: BTC 27-29K & ETH 1700-1900
  • 30% probability: BTC ~22K & ETH 1400

Say this to 50 KOLs in the current crypto market trend

31. Castle Island Venture Partner Nic Carter:

This time it’s a complete bullshit.

32. The Syndicate angel investor

Cryptocurrencies are entering winter. Liars and incompetent people can’t make quick money, the owner of Wenzhou Leather Factory is going to run away with his sister-in-law.

Only 1% of legitimate founders of Web3 can create real value from the ashes now, similar to what happened after the dot-com bust.

33. JAI BHAVNANI, founder of Rari Capital:

The past week has been crazy for everyone in the market, especially cryptocurrencies. Emotions are low.

This is when the real builders come alive. This is when they thrive. The dedication of crypto market builders from 2018 to 2019 made the crypto summer of 20-21 possible.

34. Former Goldman Sachs employee Degentraland:

When I was 16, I hooked up with a girl at school and she told everyone in the school. In contrast, the market hurt me more this time.

35. First Star Venture VC,Drew Volpe:

For a long time, BTC is the stablecoin.

36. DeFiance Capital investor Arthur:

If there is another bull market, let’s stop saying “UP”.

37. Joel John, head of LedgerPrime Digital Assets:

I was there when Mt Gox (accident). Crypto was ±10% market cap at the time, but the panic was much slower. From December 2013 to February 2014, the story became reality. Obviously this will bounce back, but quite interesting.

38. KALEO, co-founder of the LedgArt NFT project:

 Once the FUD is finally relieved, it should hopefully open the door for a small rebound by the end of the week.

39. Chartered Financial analyst freshjiva:

The number of companies now trading below net cash has reached a post-bubble high in 2000.

I am using the strictest calculation: (Diluted Shares ✖️ Price) / (Cash and Equivalents – Total Liabilities).

We are getting closer…

Say this to 50 KOLs in the current crypto market trend

40. Onchain Wizard, crypto market analyst:

I’ll get it straight, short-term investment options are:

(1) Those who hold cash are facing 10% + inflation;

(2) 10% daily stock drop;

(3) own tokens drop by 20%;

(4) Holding unstable stablecoins, which can drop by 40% in one day.

41. Moon, a well-known cryptocurrency trader:

I’m probably bullish in any case right now, maybe we bounced just because the selling pressure is now over, but overall the market looks bad and this implosion is going to have a knock-on effect for weeks, months .

42. DeskBenson, trader at Benson’s Trading, Telegram group: 

15% of the bottoms were bought, and the rest waited for a strong rebound before copying.

43. Tetranode, information security engineer and ratwell0x NFT art creator:

21k to start buying.

Other Crypto KOLs

44. Cobie :

Like the 2014-2015 bear market.

I think Ethereum and Bitcoin will reach new all-time highs in the future. But the same can’t be said for other coins, I think many will fall by another 95%, and the locked-in valuation is still ridiculously high.

Reserve as much firepower as possible, put aside the “peak net worth” in your head, and make a plan for the future. You can’t win if you don’t gamble, and you can’t gamble if you lose all your money. fasten your seatbelt.

45. 0xSoro:

Follow the trend.

Looking back on 22 years and 21 years, the toss is constant, and the result is a setback. Losing and making a profit is better than nothing. All they eat are DeFi veterans. Slowly made me believe that all making money is a matter of time. On the basis of guaranteeing and improving the living conditions of oneself and family members, then toss and toss, because tossing can easily return to poverty . This should be the general state of many DeFi players. Little do they know that the gift from fate has already been marked with a secret price.

46. ​​Fiskantes :

Losing all your money is not the end of the world. You may even lose more than you have. Don’t be stupid.

47. Merit Circle DAO Enthusiast Pentoshi: 

Turn bearish. BTC may be in the 19-24k range in June.

48. Punk6529, NFT thinker and well-known NFT collector:

Now we’re going to find out which funds are “investing for tech’s sake” and which funds are actually “FOMO momentum traders.”

49. Host of YouTube channel “MMCrypto”:

Stablecoins can be unstable, but Bitcoin is indestructible.

Every time Bitcoin falls, I go 9x longer. Once the transaction fails, I reopen a new transaction at 9x. Three failed deals took us below $20,000.

It’s a matter of time, grab the bottom to da moon!

50. Emperor, the keynote speaker of the telegram group EmperorBTC Channel:

If there’s one piece of advice for you, it’s don’t try to buy the dips.

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