Sage Building shakes, too many miners resonate?

Huaqiang North 356-meter-high Sage Building today brushed the screen!

Sage Building shakes, too many miners resonate?

Today Huaqiang North 356 meters high Sage building today brushed the screen!

May 18 at noon, WeChat and microblogging suddenly screen: Sage building shaking, the scene of the emergency evacuation of people from the building video. Some netizens responded that many people who ran out of the building threw up. From the video, the people who ran out of the Sage building also had much panic. So, what happened?

According to the response of Shenzhen Emergency Management Bureau, at 13:50 on May 18, the duty office of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau received a report that the Saige Building in Huaqiang North Street, Futian District, Shenzhen, was shaking. The Bureau to view and analyze the city’s seismic monitoring station data, the city did not occur today earthquake. The reason for the shaking of the Saige Building is being verified by the relevant departments.

Some netizens said that the 74-story Saige Building just swayed and danced in the wind, and everyone in the building desperately ran outside. Some people ran down from the upper floors, shoes are running bad, afraid to take the elevator. The slipper also became the biggest “netizen” of the day.

Sage Building is located in Shenzhen’s most beautiful main road Shennan Avenue and Shenzhen’s busy electronics street Huaqiang North Road intersection, where the electronics city all over the streets and alleys, with the world’s most complete electronic components sink. With the outbreak of the Sage Building shaking event, some merchants said that they may not dare to go back to work in the near future. As a result, electronic products, including hard drives and graphics cards, may experience some fluctuations in the near future.

Come and see the report!


Shenzhen Huaqiang North Sage Building today noon sudden building shaking, building internal staff emergency evacuation, the official informed the specific reasons to be investigated

Video No.

Saige shaking, many people have vomited?

Information shows that the Saige Building is located in Shenzhen’s most beautiful main road Shennan Avenue and Shenzhen’s bustling electronic street Huaqiang North Road intersection, where the electronic city all over the streets and alleys, with the world’s most complete electronic components sink, and most of the people who come here to shop are going to the electronics mall, for passers-by in front of this tall Saige Building believe that we are not unfamiliar, although Shenzhen is now a lot of tall buildings on the street, but Saige Building to the crowds. But the impression that the Saige Building leaves to the crowd is also different, perhaps because this building has a wide range of uses, set of e-commerce, office, accommodation in one building, a total height of 355.8 meters, a total of 79 floors, 75 floors above ground, 4 floors underground.

Such a very modern building today brushed the screen. Shortly after noon today, a video of Sage Tower shaking suddenly appeared on the Internet, and a large number of people on the scene were evacuated urgently. According to some netizens, many evacuees are vomiting phenomenon.

According to the Shenzhen Special Administrative Region, at 14:10 that day from the Shenzhen Fire was informed that the police had been received and the police. At present the building has been closed, the building has been completely evacuated, outsiders have been banned from entering, the entrances and exits (including parking entrances and exits) have been guarded by security or property staff. It is reported that Shenzhen Fire has received the police and police, public security departments have been involved, the details of the situation and the cause to be identified.

According to the Shenzhen Emergency Management Bureau response, at 13:50 on May 18, the City Emergency Management Bureau duty room received a report: Shenzhen Futian District, Huaqiang North Street, Saige Building shaking. The Bureau to view and analyze the city’s seismic monitoring station data, the city did not occur today’s earthquake. The reason for the shaking of the Saige Building is being verified by the relevant departments.

According to the surging news, the afternoon of the 18th, Shenzhen Saige Property Development Co., Ltd. Saige Square Management Office staff said that at 13:00 on the 18th, Saige Square building shaking slightly, after the incident, the building was the first time to evacuate people, no casualties. Some evacuees said that the chair shaking is more obvious, everyone felt it.

The listed company Shen Saige also said that it is not clear why the building shaking, is investigating the situation. The company’s share price performance after lunch was also quite stable.

Electronics to rise again?

Some netizens flirted with the idea that cryptocurrencies are too hot and Sage has too many bitcoin miners, triggering resonance. This is to be set aside in the past, Huaqiang North definitely has this influence. Back then, here a power outage, the global electronic components are going up. So, does it have that influence now?

The brokerage China reporter connected with a Mr. He who is doing business in Sage. He said that today is indeed a bit scary, this thing may be behind the hard disk, graphics cards and other parts of the product to bring a certain impact, because Sage is still a lot of electronic components business distribution center.

He also talked about the recent hard disk prices fluctuate greatly, starting on April 15, hard disk prices began to rise wildly, the price stood to the highest point around April 20, after the hard disk prices will open a sharp decline mode. But in recent days, the price of hard drives is rising again like crazy. If Sage has no way to do business, it is expected that there will be shipping problems in the short term. According to him, much of the recent price spike in hard drive prices is related to the currently hot Chia (Chia) coin mining activity. The mining activity has caused a surge in demand for hard drives and a shortage of supply of high-capacity hard drives in the short term, driving up prices.

Another person familiar with the electronics industry told reporters that, in addition to hard drives, the price of graphics cards may also be impacted. From October last year to the present, the price of graphics cards soared at least twice, the market would have appeared a card difficult to find the phenomenon. Now that the Sage Building is closed, the shortage of supply of graphics cards is likely to intensify if it cannot be restored in the short term.

According to the data in 2019, the number of people working in Huaqiang North reached 220,000, with more than 40,000 enterprises and individual merchants. The annual turnover of Huaqiangbei commercial street reached 200 billion yuan. What is different from before: there will be many cell phones and computers in the past, but now electronic components, smart wear and service industries are the main ones. Although Huaqiangbei’s influence may have declined in people’s minds, its position is indispensable.

In addition, data from Fufeng Finance also shows that Huaqiangbei has more than 20 sizable startups doing incubators, with an average of one business born every three months, cultivating at a fairly fast pace. In the future, Huaqiangbei will become a world-class intelligent hardware center, the top domestic innovation and entrepreneurship base.

A commentator once wrote: Huaqiang North’s influence is crucial, if there is no such a huge electronic product shipments, Shenzhen will be difficult to capture the latest electronic product trends, companies will not be able to adjust their main direction in due time, different sizes of innovative enterprises can not find their own efforts. It is with this valuable distribution center, Shenzhen’s electronic information industry is perfect, it is possible to play an important engine role in the country worldwide.

I hope Sage is okay and Huaqiangbei is safe!

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