Russia and Ukraine are caught in the fourth round of negotiations and the encryption field is gradually showing defects

The situation in Russia and Ukraine has fallen into a stalemate in which many negotiations have been unsuccessful. The Ukrainian side relies on the support of Western forces and ignores the dire life of the domestic people. More support and more hacking attacks against Russia.

On March 14, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister announced that Ukraine was on the verge of imposing the fourth round of international sanctions on Russia; in fact, such sanctions came from many international parties, not Ukraine itself. Applied to Russia’s goal, this is the desired effect of the West’s continued wooing of Ukraine, but the promises will never be fulfilled.

Russia and Ukraine are caught in the fourth round of negotiations and the encryption field is gradually showing defects

It seems that Western interest groups are very happy to implement such sanctions, and they continue to express their positions, and the content of sanctions is also continuously superimposed. Except for the important strategic resource such as oil, which has been reluctant to let go, other sanctions are emerging one after another, in the field of encryption. It has not escaped sanctions, nor has the Internet sector escaped. Even the International Federation of Feline Animals issued a statement to stop the import of all cats living in Russia. I am full of doubts and ask whether such nasty sanctions are really necessary? Or is it a gesture of goodwill by all parties to take actions such as sanctions as a way of expressing a position to Western interest groups. Hopefully it doesn’t end up like the scene in the movie, where a wall of isolation is built around Russia because it refuses to breathe the air from Russia.

After software vendors including Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, Google, Apple, Oracle and other software stopped providing services to Russia, audio and video streaming media including Netflix, Disney, and Sony Music, as well as Xbox, EA, Activision Blizzard, Epic, etc. Game makers have also successively announced the suspension of services for the Russian region. In the face of the collective sanctions of Western technology companies, the Russian side has been very calm and has announced the lifting of the ban on the pirated resource website RuTracker, which was once banned for 6 years. Ensure that citizens of the country continue to use Internet services as normal.

RuTracker is one of the “world’s most famous” resource sites. Even if it is banned, RuTracker still ranks among the 300 most visited websites in the world. Pirated resources, covering from professional office software, games, movies, music and other aspects. According to a report published by Similarweb in December 2021, the site served 44.3 million users. Once the news was announced, the whole people were excited, and the traffic of the website increased sharply in a short period of time, and there was a situation that it could not be accessed for a time. Interestingly, the data shows that the country with the most visiting users is actually the United States, the “hand of justice” leading the sanctions.

Russia and Ukraine are caught in the fourth round of negotiations and the encryption field is gradually showing defects

As for the field of encryption, its original defects are gradually revealed in the continuous international sanctions. Blockchain technology has always advocated the concept of decentralization and the importance of anonymity. However, in the continuous sanctions, it is not difficult to find that by Due to the pressure of various countries, the exchanges that have to choose a side stand. Among the sanctions and functional restrictions implemented against the Russian region, including ordinary citizens, the characteristics of decentralization and anonymity are useless. .

The decentralization and security of blockchain technology are real, so what is the problem that makes these features lose their own role? The features of decentralization and security depend on the distributed storage of data, multiple remote databases The scattered and repeated data of the Token is mutually verified in use and cannot be read independently, so that the stored data has the security feature of immutability and anonymity, but each data verification and reading also leads to inefficiency of operation and transaction, Therefore, the operation and transaction based on this will take at least ten minutes, and in this rapidly changing era, there may be too many changes in ten minutes, which cannot meet the needs of current users at all.

In order to solve such problems, exchanges came into being, providing users with a temporary platform for asset storage, speeding up transaction efficiency and taking unnecessary risks for users. It seems to be a solution to the problem, but it also forgets the original intention of decentralization.

Originally trying to change the state that users need to rely on a certain bank or institution as the main body for transactions, so as to ensure that users will not leave transaction records or personal information, and the original intention of having sufficient security and privacy is unknown in the reality of the backbone. Unconsciously, it returned to the original point, but from paper money to cryptocurrency, from bank to exchange, decentralization seems to have never existed in the first place.

Because although cryptocurrencies are not regulated, platforms such as exchanges that are indispensable for the circulation of cryptocurrencies cannot escape the supervision of the state, because the platform itself is not a DAO and does not have the characteristics of decentralization. Under the current technical conditions, cryptocurrencies cannot completely get rid of the platform and exist alone while maintaining the current market value. How can such a powerful Western force allow a field that is not self-interested and may break free from the shackles of the ruling class to develop rapidly?

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