Rumor has it that Apple has allocated $2.5 billion worth of Bitcoin

Crypto Twitter broke the news that Apple will soon announce the acquisition of Bitcoin with billions of dollars.

Crypto Twitter broke the news that Apple will soon announce the acquisition of Bitcoin with billions of dollars. Galaxy Trading is one of many people who have contributed to the incident, and they say this number will exceed $2 billion .

GalaxyTrading’s Twitter on July 12 pointed out that “Rumors #Apple has purchased more than $2 billion# in Bitcoin.”

Joshuwa Roomsburg, CEO of ChainLeak, believes that Apple bought $2.5 billion worth of bitcoin. At the same time Roomsburg said that if the rumors are true, he will buy an iPhone to commemorate the incident.

Coin World-Rumors that Apple has deployed $2.5 billion worth of Bitcoin

Joshuwa Roomsburg wrote on his Twitter, “There are rumors that #Apple will announce today that they have purchased 2.5 billion US dollars of Bitcoin. If that happens, I will buy the latest #iphone to commemorate today’s Thing! I will treat it as a souvenir until Bitcoin rises to 100,000 U.S. dollars. When this news is announced, imagine what the Crypto world will become!”

However, considering Apple’s history of wavering in Bitcoin and Crypto, is this rumor really true?

Bitcoin is very controversial for Apple.

In early February, Tesla announced that it had purchased $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin. This incident caused Bitcoin to rise by 20% on the same day and promoted the rise of Bitcoin , reaching a peak price of $65,000 in mid-April.

We can predict that if Apple also discloses that it has purchased Bitcoin, a similar trend may appear in the market. But to be honest, every Weibo that supports the rumor has the same number of people refuting it.

Ran Neuner, CEO of OnChain Capital, responded to this incident. He publicly declared that this incident will not happen, at least not in the short term. Similarly, @Flappning also has a negative view on Apple’s purchase of Bitcoin.

“If negative probability is one thing, it is my judgment on Apple’s purchase of $2.5 billion worth of #Bitcoin.”

At the same time, DevOps engineer Alexander Ross pointed out that Apple’s brand awareness is too strong to do anything controversial. He believes that Bitcoin investment may be too much for the company.

” Apple hasn’t done anything controversial. They are very brand aware . Bitcoin is not in line with its brand spirit at this moment. I have to say, but it’s too rebellious for them, and it makes people have too much There are many opportunities to use this to deal with Apple.”

Despite this, recent rumors have portrayed Apple as a state of positive attitude towards Bitcoin, but whether this will extend to a $2.5 billion investment is another matter.

Apple job advertisements express interest in the Crypto field . At the end of May, Apple released a job posting seeking a business development manager responsible for “digital currency payment”. One of the key requirements for this work is to have more than five years of work experience with alternative payment providers including Crypto.

Coin World-Rumors that Apple has deployed $2.5 billion worth of Bitcoin

As early as 2019, Jennifer Bailey, the vice president of Apple Pay, pointed out that Apple thinks Crypto is very interesting and they are keeping an active eye on it .

However, in addition to the recently released recruitment information, Apple has not made any clear moves in terms of Bitcoin and Crypto.

Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets analyst Mitch Steves estimates that by implementing the Crypto exchange function in Apple Pay Wallet, Apple can get up to $40 billion in revenue from Crypto.

“Apple has 1.5 billion users. Even if we assume that only 200 million users will conduct transactions, this is 6.66 times that of Square. Therefore, the potential revenue opportunity in the Crypto field will exceed $40 billion per year (a 15% increase from the highest point). “

Steves pointed out that compared to producing new energy vehicles, joining the Crypto field is a safer game for Apple .

However, the price of Bitcoin failed to respond to the rumors as expected and fell 3% today.

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