“Rocky”: A record of Disney+ viewing, but the story is really ordinary

On sales sentiments, who has the aura of Marvel?

Experienced “Wanda visual hallucinations” and “good start”, “Falcon and winter soldiers,” nbcs, “Disney’s new Marvel drama” The third film “Rocky” re-transmission of news –IMDB opened 9.5 points, The connection set a number of records including the highest number of users who watched Disney+ original content in the first week, the most watched Disney+ Marvel episodes in the first week, and the top 10 champion of Disney+ episodes in the 24th week.

"Rocky": A record of Disney+ viewing, but the story is really ordinary

Thanks to the accumulation of the previous 22 Marvel movies in the Chinese market, “Rocky”, which has no formal broadcasting channels, also set off a viewing boom in China. As of the 5th episode, the Douban score of the show was 9.1, and it was posted on Weibo’s hot search on Wednesday’s update day for five consecutive weeks , triggering discussions among Chinese audiences.

"Rocky": A record of Disney+ viewing, but the story is really ordinary

I thought that “Wanda Vision” was difficult to surpass, but after 6 months, Disney+ defeated “self” with “Rocky” “self”. With the fermentation of word of mouth and popularity , some “Marvel fans” on social platforms began to call “Rocky” the “first manga series”. The degree of recognition can be seen.

"Rocky": A record of Disney+ viewing, but the story is really ordinary

Jumping out of the special identity of Marvel enthusiasts with filters, just from the perspective of an ordinary viewer, first of all, you can’t deny that Disney+ and Marvel have made great efforts in the production of “Rocky”. The first two episodes The degree of excitement is far beyond the comparison of ordinary science fiction dramas. However, from the 3rd episode of the whole episode of “Water” to the 4th and 5th episodes, which are gradually going bizarre, it is vaguely felt: This is a trend of driving high and going low.

Parallel time and space, you can even say that this is the story of “Kilo”

The drama version of “Rocky” has actually been making a fuss on the core setting of “parallel time and space”. Pompeii in 79 AD, and in 1549 the general Vence, Oklahoma in 1858, 1985 Oshkosh, 2012 in New York, Alabama in 2050 for Haven Mountain …… For various reasons, Loki travels through different time and space, and even encounters himself in a certain time and space in the middle, facing a series of “butterfly effects” such as “killing myself”, “self falling in love with myself” and so on.

"Rocky": A record of Disney+ viewing, but the story is really ordinary

This terrier is interesting, but it’s also bad enough.

The logic is sparse, “fill a hole with 100 lies”, this is almost a common problem of all parallel time-space setting film and television dramas. Moreover, just like the “Back to the Future” that “Rocky” pays tribute to, this kind of film and television drama that made a fuss about the concept of time and space appeared more than 30 years ago. How can it be fresh?

If you don’t use this bad stalk, there might not be a drama version of “Rocky” at all. Because it is well known that according to the movie setting, Loki has died in the timeline of “Avengers 3”. To restart Loki’s story, either write the character’s history and make a prequel; or create a new Luo Ji, write a brand new story.

Disney+ uses the latter approach. On the one hand, the reason is that Loki’s history has been explained in the movies of “Thor” and “Avengers”. If it is made into a TV series, it is equivalent to repeating the story that the audience has already seen, and there is no new idea.

The Loki in the movie is dead. It is most reasonable to create a new Loki with the setting of parallel time and space, and tell the story of another parallel time and space Loki. This will not affect the timeline of the existing 22 Marvel movies, and at the same time, it does not have to be constrained by the story that has already happened, and it will do two things with one stone.

The first two episodes of the drama version mainly explain the setting of parallel time and space, and incidentally recall the plots of the movies “Avengers” and “Thor”, giving the “Deep Love” “Marvel fans” a very good start experience. Facts have proved that the evaluation of the first two episodes is also the highest.

"Rocky": A record of Disney+ viewing, but the story is really ordinary

Marvel Kill in “Rocky”

The more common suspicion was after the third episode was broadcast. This episode mainly tells the story of the encounter between Rocky and the female Rocky. The two accidentally enter the Lamandis-1 satellite, which is on the verge of destruction in 2077, and must board the aboard within 12 hours.

"Rocky": A record of Disney+ viewing, but the story is really ordinary

Rocky and the female Rocky

Starting from the third episode, the drama version of “Rocky” has basically cut off the connection with the movie, which can be said to be a brand new story. Rocky fell in love with the female Rocky, that is, the famous “narcissus terrier”-“I fell in love with myself”. Under the guidance of the female Loki, Loki accidentally discovered the secret of the Space-Time Variation Authority and began to lead the crowd to resist.

Such a setting that has nothing to do with the movie universe, you call him “Kilo”, the plot is also established. It is conceivable that if the first two episodes did not touch the light of the movie universe and the wave of Marvel killing with a knife in sugar, this kind of universal story template of the protagonist traveling through time and space and awakening of free will would be less attractive.

Good service “Marvel fans” is enough

The decline in word-of-mouth and the collapse of the plot in the second half are facts, but “Rocky” is an absolutely successful work, which is beyond doubt.

Before “Rocky”, Marvel’s 22 superhero movies also faced the question of “large screen series”, but this did not affect “Avengers 4” to become the world’s second largest grossing film at the box office.

“Rocky”, like the previous 22 super-English films, is an extremely successful model of emotional sales.

Even now, the plot trend has collapsed to the point where you can’t bear to look directly at it. However, you can search everywhere on the major social platforms of Douban, Weibo, and Tieba, and you can find small essays written by “Marvel fans” everywhere. “After all, it is also the second princess of Asgard who has a great contrast!” “The second princess is a little fool” “The second princess of Asgard prison is the most beautiful and the cutest to fight with my brother “…

This is not really a navy. “Rocky” is not online at all in China, and Disney+ and Marvel do not need to spend money to maintain their reputation. The true feelings of fans are nothing more than the power of “feeling killing”. The diehard fans are the most forgiving. Even if the logic leaks into a sieve, the diehard fans can sort out a set of rules and come back. Writers do not even need to explain, really love powder had been “brain orgasm” over a thousand.

In addition, one of the fun of fans of this kind of super-English film with a comic base is to compare with the comics and look for easter eggs. The colorful eggs in “Rocky” are countless. From episode 1 to episode 5, after each episode is broadcast, fans will happily post and exchange the easter eggs they found.

One of Rocky allies – Mobius Authority staff time difference, the prototype from Marvel writer Mark Glenn Wald (was responsible for “Captain America” comic). The role of Mobius can be understood as a tribute to Marvel writers. As well as numerous principles of time and space through the works come from the Mobius loop, therefore, “Mobius,” the name, but also to the whole story, “Rocky” Fun one kind of echo of the concept of time and space in parallel.

"Rocky": A record of Disney+ viewing, but the story is really ordinary

Rocky and Mobius

After the female Loki reset the sacred timeline, the affected planets-Asgard, Titan, Sandal, Saka, Hara, have all appeared in the comics. In the 22 Marvel movies released earlier, they have also been shown to varying degrees.

In episode 5, the scene where female Rocky, childhood Rocky, old Rocky, and President Rocky gather together. You can also find a comparison in the comics. In terms of styling, the drama version almost came to a 1:1 tribute.

"Rocky": A record of Disney+ viewing, but the story is really ordinary

This process of hunting for eggs is to interact with comics and dramas. The diehard fans gain a sense of accomplishment, and the general audience also gains insight. By the way, in the long week waiting for the update, the heat of the drama has been uninvited after passing the time.

In terms of production, “Rocky” greatly satisfies the “vanity” of “Marvel fans”. The special effects that lasted for two years and strive for perfection, the fashionable cyberpunk apocalyptic style of the third episode , and the biggest contributor to the success of the film-actor Tom Hiddleston’s love and devotion to the role of Rocky for a full 10 years The degree of professionalism can be used to “wall” domestic dramas.

"Rocky": A record of Disney+ viewing, but the story is really ordinary

Similar scenes, Dou Sen’s performance in “Rocky” is almost the same as the movie back then

To put it plainly, you “bragged” in front of your friends that you are chasing “Rocky” recently, and you will not be despised if you can’t stop it. If you switch to a domestic sweet pet drama, it is estimated that some people will question your taste.

The advantage of Disney+ and Marvel is that this kind of derivative drama with a fixed fan base does not need to seek the recognition of ordinary audiences, as long as it serves a large-scale die-hard fan with more than 13 years of affection for Marvel, it is enough. Up. This is where “Disney’s new Marvel drama” cannot be copied, and it is also the strongest content barrier for Disney+ and Marvel.

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