Roblox enters the educational game, is it a new way to embrace the Metaverse or a new bottle of old wine?

“As the first unit of the meta universe, why do you do educational games first?” “Because meta universe games can’t be made.”

“Meta Universe First Unit” Roblox decided to make an educational game, but also to break into the hinterland of Minecraft?

According to the news released by Roblox on Monday, this is indeed the case. It is reported that Roblox invested 10 million U.S. dollars to make three educational games for junior high school, high school, and university students, directly entering school education. The first impression of this news is that Roblox “does not speak morality” and will launch an offensive against Minecraft, which is regarded as a representative of creative games.

As a representative player that cannot be ignored in the meta-universe field, does Roblox intend to seize the meta-universe education market in advance?

Push educational game, Roblox wants to “imitate” Minecraft

Who is Minecraft? Its Chinese name ” My World,” developed by Mojang studio, after the Microsoft acquisition. It is a classic sandbox game with a history of more than 10 years (Roblox is also a sandbox game platform). The world is composed of pixel squares. Players can experience the joy of virtual survival in the game, and use “construction” and “destruction”. “Two things, using the cube world of the game to achieve Lego-style buildings and other gameplay.

Roblox enters the educational game, is it a new way to embrace the Metaverse or a new bottle of old wine?

Just looking at this gameplay, it’s quite a meta-universe flavor. But the reason it is associated with Roblox is that Minecraft is the most popular educational game in the United States.

In 2014, Microsoft acquired Mojang for $2.5 billion, and launched a special “Minecraft Education Edition” in 2016 to open up the school education market. Therefore, Minecraft now has official and unofficial groups and courses in universities, primary and secondary schools and even early education institutions at all levels. In addition, its commercial performance is also excellent. According to official data released by Microsoft, as of the end of 2020, Minecraft has an average monthly life of more than 126 million, and global sales of more than 200 million copies.

The meta-universe-style construction gameplay, highly educational, high level of commercialization… For Roblox, which no longer actively develops games after 2008, but is a transformation platform, it is indeed a good learning object.

In the layout of the educational version, Roblox’s three educational games are positioned to teach robotics, focus on space exploration, and help students explore careers and concepts in computer science, engineering, and biomedical sciences. Correspondingly, Minecraft currently offers six types of courses that comply with American education standards: language, science, history and culture, computer science, mathematics, art and design.

Roblox enters the educational game, is it a new way to embrace the Metaverse or a new bottle of old wine?

Youtube statistics point out that in 2020, Youtube game viewing time exceeds 100 billion hours, and among more than 40 million game channels, Minecraft is the most viewed game with 20.1 billion views, followed by Roblox with 75 billion views. This is very closely related to Minecraft’s entry into school education-it has not only captured the early players, but also actively expanded the social communication power.

Roblox CEO David Baszucki said: “Since we founded the company 16 years ago, our vision is to have such an experience. We have been thinking about the education and training business.” Roblox funded three The game will be released next year, and promises not to provide any virtual goods for sale separately.

Therefore, Roblox, which is also positioned on a pure education standpoint, relying on creativity to win the market is indeed expected to replicate the development path of Minecraft in school education. Roblox’s business model is to encourage users to create 3D worlds and games. Its revenue sources include membership subscription services, the sale of paid games, and the sale of virtual goods in the game. Representative games on the platform include: Adopt Me, Royale High, Welcome to Bloxburg, Work at a Pizza Place, etc.

Does Roblox’s actions have a taste close to “metacosmic education”? This may start with some actions related to Minecraft.

Can educational games be “connected” with the meta universe?

According to Aju Business reports, on November 15, the Ministry of Agriculture of South Korea issued a statement in which it mentioned that the Ministry of Agriculture of the country has released a “Wook-Craft” game, which allows virtual visits of agricultural facilities, smart farms, and agricultural museums in South Korea. Etc. in order to promote the spread of agricultural policies and affairs.

Roblox enters the educational game, is it a new way to embrace the Metaverse or a new bottle of old wine?

It’s worth noting that this game is based on the secondary development of Minecraft, and South Korean Ministry of Agriculture spokesperson Kim Ki-hoon said: “We will accelerate the use of the meta-universe platform to promote the value of agriculture to millennials and Z generations.” It will also support users to create their own agricultural space in the virtual world.

Minecraft has also been widely used in South Korea’s education field , and in some fields, it has even become synonymous with the meta-universe because of its worldview building capabilities and virtual attributes. From the perspective of the game itself, it is extremely similar to Roblox’s meta-universal attributes, but also distinguished: similar to the creative ability of the virtual world, the difference is that Roblox does not have its own game attributes except for constructiveness, while Minecraft has nothing to do with it. It can be a platform and a game in itself.

There are also actual cases in China. In 2020, due to the epidemic, the University of California at Berkeley used Minecraft to hold a virtual online graduation ceremony, and then the wind blows to the country, Zhejiang University, Changchun Institute of Technology and other institutes. The school also held a graduation ceremony online. At station B, the use of Minecraft to reproduce campuses, cities, well-known attractions, and even the second creation of the “Three-Body” Minecraft Edition, etc., are all works that continue to rise in popularity, and have been published by Xinhua News Agency , People’s Daily and other media. Praise.

Roblox enters the educational game, is it a new way to embrace the Metaverse or a new bottle of old wine?

This is similar to the brand’s use of Roblox’s platform to hold events and the star’s concert in “Fortress Night”. It contains a very simple “metacosmic worldview”: Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite or other platforms are more tools for carrying virtual worlds and characters, rather than simple games. When this level of concept is understood, the meta-universe is one step closer.

Therefore, when looking back at Roblox’s choice to do educational games, there is a feeling of a classic dialogue:

“As the first unit of the meta universe, why do you do educational games first?”

“Because the meta universe game can’t be done .”

But in fact, as long as Roblox’s platform and tool attributes remain, whether it is an educational game or a meta-universe game, it will not be separated from the word “creation”, and the final meta-universe may be the result of this creation that truly blends with reality. one day.

As Shaan Puri, a Twitter blogger reposted by Luo Yonghao, said, most people think that the “meta universe” is a virtual place, but the real meta universe refers to the moment when digital life is more valuable than material life. This progressive Changes have occurred for 20 years.

Roblox enters the educational game, is it a new way to embrace the Metaverse or a new bottle of old wine?

For users, they can hold graduation ceremonies, learn programming in Minecraft, explore robot knowledge and computer mysteries in Roblox, and listen to their favorite singers for a real-time interactive concert on the night of the fortress. Are these forms a meta-universe or Games may not be so important.

Concluding remarks

According to a Roblox research report, Roblox and Minecraft have a penetration rate of over 50% among the 9-12 year olds in the United States. This means that if Roblox’s educational game dream can go further, it will gain a wider user base.

Whether or not to embrace the meta-universe on the route may not be as important as imagined. The more important thing is that Roblox wants to capture more certainty at the user level. Even if the meta universe comes sooner or later, it will not have much impact on the prospects for commercialization. On the premise that the properties of Roblox’s platform remain unchanged, users are both a bright card or a trump card.

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