Revisiting the first year of 2021 NFT: Top 10 NFTs you need to know

NFT can be said to be infinite glory in 2021, and no one thought that Crypto’s road out of the circle in 2021 would start with NFT. From no one cares to everyone knows, and even elected the “Collins Dictionary” 2021 vocabulary of the year, according to statistics, in 2021, the usage rate of the term NFT increased by 110,000%.

In 2021, NFT has also gone through many out-of-circle events and changes. Today, Rhythm BlockBeats sorts out the top ten NFTs in 2021 according to time.

NBA Top Shot

Revisiting the first year of 2021 NFT: Top 10 NFTs you need to know

In early 2021, the NBA Top Shot fired the first shot of the NFT out of the lap.

Although the NBA Top Shot began testing in mid-2020, it only broke out in January 2021. These digital star cards have attracted the attention and active participation of many NFT enthusiasts, NBA fans, and physical star card collectors. When the NBA Top Shot was the hottest, the single-day transaction volume could reach 45 million U.S. dollars. As of press time, the total transaction volume of the NBA Top Shot secondary market is as high as $811 million.

Among them, the digital star card with the highest turnover is a dunk made by the famous star LeBron James in the 2020 finals, with a turnover of up to 230,000 US dollars.

Revisiting the first year of 2021 NFT: Top 10 NFTs you need to know


Revisiting the first year of 2021 NFT: Top 10 NFTs you need to know

In February 2021, Hashmasks, the next project that has a huge impact on the NFT field after the NBA Top Shot, was born.

The emergence of Hashmasks has made people exclaim that the blind box sales form can actually be used on NFTs, and the joint curve of the sales price can actually make people feel such a big FOMO sentiment. Hashmasks also made people realize for the first time that they can participate in the process of co-creating works by naming their own collections, and for the first time, Name Change Token also made people realize that the gameplay of NFT collections can also be used with tokens. Economic integration.

It can be said that the birth of Hashmasks opened the prelude to the NFT series of collectibles frenzy. As of press time, Hashmasks secondary market transaction volume reached 83.4 million US dollars. Among them, Hashmasks No. 9939 set a record for the highest transaction volume in the entire series, at approximately US$1.59 million.

Revisiting the first year of 2021 NFT: Top 10 NFTs you need to know

Everydays: The First 5000 Days

Revisiting the first year of 2021 NFT: Top 10 NFTs you need to know

Then, in March 2021, the encrypted artwork “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” of the artist Beeple landed at Christie’s top auction and sold for a sky-high price of US$69 million. At that time, this work also became the work of a living artist. Ranked third highest in the art.

This incident caused a great sensation in many fields such as the encrypted art circle, the NFT circle, and the traditional art circle. At that time, mainstream media reports on the NFT still focused on the wealth effect of the NBA Top Shot and whether the NFT is a new type of scam. The out-of-circle of Beeple and its works made people begin to realize that NFT as a new medium is useful for digital art. How important.

This masterpiece composed of 5,000 pieces of Beeple’s daily creations also made countless NFT followers shout “This is a great NFT revolution” and “The era of NFT has come.”

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Revisiting the first year of 2021 NFT: Top 10 NFTs you need to know

Then in early May, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) was born. BAYC can definitely be said to be the best-performing NFT series in 2021. Whether in terms of price increase, popularity, social capital, etc., BAYC has led a collection of NFT avatars to a height that was unimaginable before. Today, Stephen Curry, Post Malone and other celebrities from all walks of life have bought BAYC, which has also allowed BAYC to continue to gain greater popularity, and the floor price has also climbed to 51.9 ETH, which is approximately US$210,000.

At the end of the year, the frontal confrontation between BAYC and CryptoPunks also attracted countless attention. BAYC gives the copyright to the collector, and the collector can use the image of the monkey to make peripherals, derivatives, etc.; while Larva Labs, the production team of CryptoPunks, chose the opposite, and did not give the copyright to the collector. This has also caused continuous disputes between the two communities, and in the dispute, some CryptoPunks collectors turned against each other, which also caused the price of CryptoPunks to fall all the way.

In fact, if these avatars are simply regarded as “collectibles”, it is completely understandable to retain the copyright. However, in the Web3 era, these avatars have become the “digital identities” of collectors and cannot be held in their own hands. “Identity” is contrary to the purpose of Web3, not to mention that Larva Labs directly authorizes some “digital identities” to film and television companies as movie roles. One of the major reasons for the popularity of BAYC is that collectors have used their own apes to make many peripheral products. This spontaneous and large-scale publicity has also accumulated a greater reputation for BAYC.

As of press time, the total transaction volume of Bored Ape Yacht Club’s secondary market reached 898 million U.S. dollars, and the highest transaction volume was approximately 2.4376 million U.S. dollars.

Revisiting the first year of 2021 NFT: Top 10 NFTs you need to know

Art Blocks

Revisiting the first year of 2021 NFT: Top 10 NFTs you need to know

Art Blocks is a generative art platform. It was launched in 2020. It didn’t start to become known until June 2021. In August, it set a historical record of monthly transaction volume, reaching 627 million US dollars.

Generative art is an art category that has become mainstream in the context of encrypted art. Unlike the familiar oil paintings and sketches, the creation of generative art relies on code and usually combines the randomness of computers. It can be regarded as human and computational, orderly Art that combines randomness, sensibility and reason. Many codes used in generative art are also open source. Anyone can use the same code to generate the same work. On the basis of open source code, adding some artists’ own thinking can produce a new set of works. Art work. The creation model and concept of generative art also coincide with Crypto and Web3.

As of press time, the total transaction volume on the secondary market of Art Blocks reached US$1.12 billion, with the highest record of US$6.965 million set for the 109th work of the Ringer series.

Revisiting the first year of 2021 NFT: Top 10 NFTs you need to know


Revisiting the first year of 2021 NFT: Top 10 NFTs you need to know

When the time comes to August 2021, the development of NFT has come to a new stage. From Hashmasks to BAYC to Nouns, we can find that for the NFT series, people’s pursuit of aesthetics is gradually decreasing, and social capital is getting more and more attention. The acquisition and value-added of social capital has less and less relationship with the appearance of NFTs. The important thing is who is using the same series of avatars and who are in the community.

The issuance of Nouns NFT is different from our common one-time issuance of 10,000. Nouns adopts the form of auctioning one piece every day and established Nouns DAO. Nouns NFT is the only way to join the DAO and participate in proposals and governance. All the proceeds from the auction will be owned by the DAO vault. Like BAYC, Nouns also encourages the creation of surrounding projects. The birth of Noadz, Nouns Vox, Noundles, HeadDAO and other projects has also brought more attention to Nouns.

The No. 1 NFT of the Nouns series set a record for the highest turnover in history. It was sold at the auction on August 8 for 613.37 ETH, or approximately US$2.4851 million.

Revisiting the first year of 2021 NFT: Top 10 NFTs you need to know

Loot (for Adventurers)

Revisiting the first year of 2021 NFT: Top 10 NFTs you need to know

When the time came to September, a project that would definitely be recorded in the history of NFT was born, and it was Loot (for Adventurers).

The founder of Loot (for Adventurers) is the well-known Dom Hofmann. He launched the short video App Vine in 2012 and was acquired by Twitter for $30 million in 2016. In the same year as the acquisition, Douyin was only Just born.

Loot’s explosion is because it broke the existing model. The issuance model uses free casting through contracts instead of official website sales, and the secondary market royalty ratio is set to 0; in terms of community construction, other NFTs first have a product and then attract people to join the community, while Loot first Attract people to join the community and then the community members can create a product together.

Previously, people needed to accept the “image” given by the project party as their digital avatar in the original universe. Only after having this digital avatar can they join the communities of these projects, and then wait for the project party to decide which ones to give to the NFT Practicality or what benefits are provided to holders. What Loot has done is to reverse this model, create an image recognized by everyone by himself and the community as a digital avatar, and decide together how to empower instead of simply taking orders from a certain project party. This paradigm shift also makes people extremely optimistic about the prospects of this project.

However, because Loot lacks a way to capture follow-up value, the current performance of the secondary market has not met people’s expectations, but the paradigm shift brought by Loot has given us a new understanding of NFT and the community.

As of press time, Loot’s secondary market transaction volume is approximately 268 million U.S. dollars, and the highest transaction volume is approximately 1,703,400 U.S. dollars.

Revisiting the first year of 2021 NFT: Top 10 NFTs you need to know


Revisiting the first year of 2021 NFT: Top 10 NFTs you need to know

In December, encryption artist Pak’s work Merge attracted people’s attention.

Just looking at the NFT itself, with a black background and a small circle, countless people questioned “This is also art?” In fact, people have always had such a “prejudice” against Pak.

The “small ball” released by Pak this time will merge with the “small ball” originally owned by the collector with each transaction. The more fusion, the larger the “small ball” will become, and afterwards, These “small balls” will be converted into ASH tokens issued by Pak in accordance with the rules. Such a fusion mechanism can not only allow NFTs to interact with collectors, but also play a deflationary effect. And Merge also broke the original “buy first, then fragmentation” process, and became a “buy fragments, then merge” gameplay. In addition, the link between Merge and ASH also gives the artwork a financial attribute, and the token has an artistic attribute.

From CUBE composed of small cubes to LostPoets, which was originally a piece of white paper, people always think that these “can do it by themselves.” Indeed, only from the appearance of a single NFT, there is almost no production threshold, but Pak is not actually a “visual artist”. Compared to visuals, the mechanism design of Pak’s works is more attractive. It can be said that those NFTs plus the whole set The gameplay mechanism together constitutes “a piece of art”, and Pak is a “digital conceptual artist”.

The total transaction volume sold by Merge is as high as 92 million U.S. dollars, which surpasses Beeple’s sales at Christie’s. The total transaction volume of Pak’s works also exceeds Beeple, ranking first among all crypto artists.


Revisiting the first year of 2021 NFT: Top 10 NFTs you need to know

The shocking news was that RTFKT, a digital fashion brand and Web3 unicorn company, was acquired by the traditional industry giant Nike. As soon as this news came out, the price of the CLONE X avatar series NFT collection issued by RTFKT doubled directly.

The various 1/1 sneakers that RTFKT previously launched, the trendy play with artists such as FEWOCIOUS, and the sneaker series launched for CryptoPunks holders are all well received, and CLONE X, which collaborates with trend artist Takashi Murakami, is also attracting attention. Therefore, the news that RTFKT was acquired by Nike caused a sensation and heated discussions.

Some people think this is a good thing, which proves that NFT has an increasing influence all over the world; while some people also think that this is not as exciting as most people think, the unicorn of Web3 is ultimately Was “recruited”.

As of press time, the total transaction volume of the CLONE X blind box secondary market is 24,600 ETH, and the total transaction volume of the avatar NFT secondary market is 42,100 ETH, totaling about 266 million US dollars. Among them, Murakami and RTFKT’s joint NFT set the highest transaction volume Record, about 1.17 million U.S. dollars.

Revisiting the first year of 2021 NFT: Top 10 NFTs you need to know

adidas Originals Into the Metaverse

Revisiting the first year of 2021 NFT: Top 10 NFTs you need to know

Also in December, Nike’s competitor adidas also launched a big move in the NFT field.

The clover brand under adidas may cooperate with BAYC, G-Money and PUNKSComic to launch the “Into the Metaverse” NFT in mid-December. This time a total of 29,620 NFTs were sold, with sales of 5924 ETH, or approximately US$23 million. .

Unlike many other traditional industry giants that sell NFTs, the cooperation between adidas and the NFT project has not been questioned, but has been well received. Adidas did not return to Web2 to do traditional business after making a lot of money on the sale, but chose to develop in the long-term on Web3. The adidas official also said that this sale is just the beginning and will continue to empower NFT in the future. The currently announced benefits for NFT holders are that they can receive 3 pieces of iconic physical clothing related to NFTs for free in 2022.

As of press time, in less than a week, adidas Originals Into the Metaverse NFT secondary market transaction volume has reached 47.18 million U.S. dollars, surpassing many veteran NFT projects such as CryptoKitties.

2021 is a year of rapid development of NFT. Crypto’s development speed is faster than that of traditional industries. In addition, NFT has a cultural attribute that makes it easier to get out of the lap than other Crypto tracks. It has never paid attention to NFT before. People who pay attention to Crypto flock to it, which also allows NFT to undergo several changes in just one year.

As for what the NFT will become in the future, no one can make a final conclusion, but it is foreseeable that the existing high-quality projects will continue to advance along the path they have pioneered and attract more people to join. More new projects will try to explore the boundaries of NFT, and explore things that we have not been able to imagine today. 

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