• Metaverse, reform or revolution?

    In the context of the unprecedentedly powerful digital media and e-commerce products, how will Meta Universe be realized? As Facebook changed its name to Meta, investors became more and more curious about what the future meta universe will look like. Morgan Stanley believes that although it may take several years to create and evolve, Metaverse is still likely to become the next generation of social media, streaming and gaming platforms. Similar to these platforms, Meta Universe is likely to become an advertising and e-commerce platform for offline products at first….

    2021-11-19 Metaverse & NFT News
  • Directly hitting the Dapp dilemma, what has UENC changed?

    “Whoever has it will be doubled to make him redundant; if there is not, even what he has will be taken over.” ——The Bible “New Testament·Gospel of Matthew”  Since the concept of Dapp (decentralized application) was born, people are witnessing the rapid expansion and popularity of Dapp. And it is like a hanging “Sword of Damocles”, once again arousing widespread heated discussion on Dapp security and future development within the industry. What is Dapp?    DApps are distributed applications based on blockchain technology. Unlike traditional applications built on IOS and Android platforms, DApps…

    reviews 2021-10-25
  • Those interesting user education in the crypto world

    The world of cryptocurrency is a world with “slightly higher” thresholds, not only because cryptocurrency is inclusive, but also because of the use and operation of cryptocurrency, it makes many users “comfort” again and again. For example, if you are playing a blockchain game and suddenly a 40X error occurs, the game software has been unable to log in and cannot be used. Or when you are using a cross-chain bridge, you only see a bunch of hashes, but the transaction is late, and the anxious waiting is very helpless. Therefore,…

    2021-09-23 reviews
  • The Findora Developer Network successfully realized the full compatibility of EVM and cross-chain functions and officially entered the DeFi ecosystem

    September 22, 2021 – Public chain Findora block chain with programmable privacy attributes, one of the developers behind Discreet Labs announced that developers can now Findora on the Developer Network (Devnet) Ethernet Square Virtual Machine ( EVM) deploy smart contracts. The successful compatibility of EVM is a milestone in Findora’s development towards introducing privacy protection properties for EVM smart contracts through the zero-knowledge proof of the open source cryptography library, multi-party computing and related privacy systems. Developers can now use the Ethereum virtual machine to write smart contracts on Findora’s developer network Devnet,…

  • 5 big data to see whether the leading OpenSea is cool or hot?

    On September 7, Bitcoin began to fall from a high of around $52,900. As of press time, it was about $42,000, a drop of about 20%. Other crypto assets generally fell. This kind of short-term price plunge is extremely damaging to the sentiments of market traders. Does this have any impact on the recent hot NFT assets, and how does it affect? This article attempts to start from the five-dimensional data of OpenSea , the world’s No. 1 NFT trading platform , to see if the current NFT market is cold or still hot. What’s new in OpenSea? Dimension…

    2021-09-23 reviews
  • Blockchain interoperability: the next obstacle to global blockchain adoption

    Although the relevance of blockchain in multiple industries continues to increase, it is still a few steps away from being as ubiquitous as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. The improvement of blockchain interoperability makes it easier to adopt in business operations than it is now. In recent years, the continuous growth of blockchain-based applications in various industries is shocking. The global blockchain market is expected to continue to grow rapidly, and its valuation will reach approximately US$70 billion by 2027. The increase in blockchain usage is not surprising, at least for…

  • Uniswap transaction optimization program “automated routing” detailed explanation

    Uniswap is still optimizing its trading plan. On September 16, in the blog, Uniswap introduced the technical ideas for optimizing transaction costs, automated routers. This is part of Uniswap’s trading optimization after the time-weighted market maker’s research plan, which may also mean that the two will merge in the future. (Time-weighted market makers have not yet been applied) The following is an excerpt of the program details: AutoRouter uses advanced intelligent order routing algorithms to find better trading prices for traders in the Uniswap application. Will include: Split route for executing transactions…

    2021-09-17 reviews
  • How Taproot can benefit hardware wallets

    The latest Bitcoin upgrade-Taproot-will change the way Bitcoin works and take it to the next level. It changes the transaction signature method, removes unnecessary information exposure (such as whether it involves smart contracts), and also reduces the overall amount of data that a transaction needs to occupy. Therefore, it has a positive impact on user privacy, and also enables more complex transactions to be packed into a block, which improves the efficiency of the network. Although Taproot is backward compatible, it means that users don’t need to do anything to use it, and miners…

    reviews 2021-09-16
  • Viewpoint: The historical wheel of the rise of decentralized derivatives has become unstoppable

    With reference to the ratio of DEX to CEX trading volume, the trading volume of decentralized derivatives still has the potential to grow at least 20 times. Summary: The issuance of dYdX tokens has accelerated the process of replacing centralized derivatives, which is reflected in the substantial increase in the ratio of DEX/CEX trading volume of derivatives. I think DEX trading volume has at least 20 times the growth potential, because derivatives should have the same DEX/CEX ratio as spot trading. Perpetual contracts are currently the most popular decentralized derivatives. Just like…

    2021-09-08 reviews
  • Take you to understand UENC faucet test network in one minute

    To UENC global ecological users: In order to accelerate the improvement of the UENC ecosystem, UENC has opened a faucet test network. All users can immediately participate in UENC’s faucet test network and obtain 501 test tokens. What is UENC? UENC (UnitedEngine Chain, engine chain) is a high-efficiency and energy-saving decentralized public chain system. Through the DPOW consensus algorithm, a low-power CPU working mode is realized. Each node has a complete node function in the network, ensuring safety. Under the premise of reducing the complexity of the algorithm, fast and…

  • Loot Player’s Handbook: An article to sort out Loot derivative projects

    With Loot NFT, you might as well try these derivative projects! The NFT project Loot has recently attracted great attention in the industry, and the total transaction volume has exceeded 200 million US dollars. When you have Loot, what can you do next? We are here to provide some related casting projects and contract addresses. It should be noted that these derivative projects have not been audited! So before exploring these projects, you need to do your own research and take your own risks (all assumptions are based on you have connected your…

    reviews 2021-09-06
  • Proposed that “bags are accessories”, the commercial designer brand “Guliangjiji” wants to improve the “certainty” of design

    Realize true “bag freedom” with “no capacity” Author: Wang Jiexi, Zhang Ting “We feel that Chinese girls have not yet realized the freedom of bags. One reason is that consumers will be trapped in the context of luxury goods, and everyone mainly chooses large-capacity bags, but in the digital age, travel can be easier.” “Gu Liang Ji Ji” brand founder Gu Liang told 36 krypton. The “Guliangjiji” recently contacted by 36Kr was established in 2011 and is positioned as a commercial designer bag brand, designing lightweight and lively bag products from the…

  • Exploring the past and present of the meta-universe will you reject a portal with infinite possibilities?

    With the bursting of the NFT bubble in recent months, people’s pursuit and enthusiasm for NFT seems to diminish. But when digital art slowly retreats behind the scenes, the future of the meta universe is even brighter. Zuckerberg said: Facebook is working hard to build a world called meta-universe (the industrial branch of NFT), and the primary goal is to bring meta-universe into life. What is the meta universe? The easy-to-understand explanation of the concept of meta-universe is that it is committed to constructing a virtual parallel world in which people can…

  • Internet celebrity food court, how to break the restrictions of regional culture

    Food courts were once the most popular catering format, and they were standard equipment in major department stores and large shopping malls. Twenty or thirty years ago, department stores entered a period of rapid development. In order to facilitate the dining of consumers who came to shop, food courts were introduced. Then, as department stores gradually declined and shopping malls rose, food courts began to move to more popular complexes. Nowadays, the food court coupled with the retro trend has become an important pioneer in the catering scene, and it has become…

  • Affordable space flight is coming? Experts say high costs will discourage the general public

    “Unless a new type of low-cost, environmentally friendly thrust device is developed, space flight will simply not be popularized on a large scale.” British billionaire Richard Branson, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and others may have promised that affordable space flight is coming. But experts believe that the high cost will discourage the general public. Branson’s journey into space by Virgin Galactic’s suborbital spacecraft on July 11 is worth celebrating. After spending hundreds of millions of dollars and 17 years of hard work, the crew team composed of the founder of Virgin Group…

  • These toothpick production counties may need a spokesperson

    Local specialties often have their own stories, which can represent a local terroir. For example, Liuzhou in Guangxi is famous for its snail noodles, but the local specialties also include coffins, which means “promotion and wealth”; blood cockles, a kind of shellfish, its juice is as bloody, the index finger of the addict moves, and the boring person is panicked. The local products in Fujian are very easy to cause friends to break friends. However, it is very rare to use toothpicks, which are often seen in daily life and…

  • Is there really someone who has always been lucky?

    Don’t try to grasp luck Last week’s article “Why Luck Isn’t So Important? “ After the release, we unexpectedly received a lot of objections, but almost concentrated in the first half an hour, verifying an online reading habit: many people just read the title and the beginning, and hurriedly expressed their opinions. In fact, the title only talks about half of the content, and the end fully expresses my point of view: If you want to succeed, please control the factors of luck; if you want great success, you mainly rely on luck….

  • How to break through the takeaway market in small towns?

    1. “Reality”: Escape from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the “sweetness and troubles” of small and medium-sized takeaway merchants At the Aibic Burger Fried Chicken restaurant in Wuhu, Zhang Hongming skillfully packed the take-out milk tea, and chatted with the internal medicine gentleman. He was one of the first “veteran merchants” to enter third-party platforms to do takeaways. In the early years, he rented a stall in Shanghai to sell fried chicken. Later, because of getting married and having a baby, he returned to his hometown in Wuhu, Anhui. Speaking of the…

  • This time, will capital abandon Wu Yifan?

    Domestic entertainment’s top star Wu Yifan is experiencing a crisis. Since July 8th, the Weibo blogger nicknamed “Du Meizhu” revealed that Wu Yifan deceived his feelings and had an affair with several girls at the same time during his time with her and involved minors. It climaxed on the evening of July 18th. The party “Du Meizhu” posted a Weibo post ending with “Stand up like a man” and quickly detonated the entire Internet. On the morning of July 19, Wu Yifan posted a Weibo to deny the incident. In the past…

  • Is the distributed cloud recognized by Huawei, Inspur Cloud, and AWS the future?

    In 2021, distributed cloud is on fire. In April, at the second Huawei Cloud TechWave Global Technology Summit, Huawei Cloud released a full range of distributed cloud product portfolios (including intelligent edge small stations, IES, etc.), further consolidating the basic concept of distributed cloud × cloud native. In May, at the Inspur Cloud Business Strategy Conference, Inspur Cloud focused on launching the “Distributed Cloud+” action plan-1+2+N+ ecology, and announced that it had defined distributed cloud in China in 2019 and completed the largest distribution in China Cloud upgrade, the country’s largest distributed cloud backbone…