Retreating from JPG to TXT, the hotly-hyped LOOT in the market turned out to be an improvement?

Loot (forAdventurers) is the hottest NFT project in these two days.

The project started airdrop about 6 days ago and swept the entire NFT community yesterday. According to Opensea data, Loot topped the sales list with a turnover of over 10,000 ETH within 24 hours after being popular yesterday . As of press time, the data is close to 16,000 ETH-this Monday, the top seller is the MAYC variant of BAYC. At that time, the transaction volume of MAYC within 24 hours after the sale was 25,000 ETH, but as the popularity of MAYC has diminished, the transaction volume has fallen to the fifth place in the market, and the popularity of LOOT is still rising.

The white text on a black background is the symbol of this project. Therefore, the project is called TXT (text) in order to contrast with the NFT market avatar project that was previously nicknamed “JPG”. “The more you don’t understand, the more worth buying, the market goes from JPG to TXT”, someone in the market concluded.

Retreating from JPG to TXT, the hotly-hyped LOOT in the market turned out to be an improvement?

What is LOOT worthy of praise?

Celebrity effect. Some big Vs in the NFT community bought LOOT, driving this wave. On September 2, Feng Bo, the founding partner of Ceyuan Ventures, bought Loot#1288 for 35ETH, detonating the Chinese community.

Some people believe that this is a viral social network, which is related to the resume of LOOT’s founder. DomHofmann, the founder of LOOT, is the co-founder of Twitter’s short video sharing application Vine. He also founded the NFT community Blitmap and the video game project Supdrive. Hofmann allows the community to use LootNFT in any way they want.

The current popular narrative of LOOT is “bottom-up revolution”, which is based on the programmability of LOOTNFT. The article by tandavas.eth compares most NFTs in the previous market to creators who have built “houses” and then sold the “houses” to buyers, while LOOTNFT provides “bricks and tiles” for users to build their own buildings. Therefore, this and Ethernet Square similar.

After several days of dissemination, LOOTNFT has achieved some success. Some communities have spontaneously created based on LOOT and airdropped LOOT holders.

The value of LOOT depends on the community

LOOT didn’t have an official website at first. It was founder DomHofmann who first announced on Twitter that he had done a fair casting project.

With the explosion of the project, the official website is being rapidly improved.

LOOT has a total of 8,000 NFTs. Each NFT is called a loot bag by the official website. Each bag contains 8 items: weapons, breastplates, helmets, waist armors, foot armors, hand armors, necklaces and rings.

The expression of the loot bag is as follows:

Retreating from JPG to TXT, the hotly-hyped LOOT in the market turned out to be an improvement?

The loot bag No. 1-7777 can be claimed. At first, you can claim it only by paying the gas fee, while the loot bag No. 7778-8000 is reserved by the contract deployer. That is to say, there are 7777 LOOTNFT circulating in the market, and the initial cost is only the gas fee.

Yesterday, there was a person who bought LOOT with 9.5 ETH. He conveyed his excitement to the author. This is a person who has been immersed in the domestic encrypted digital currency industry for many years. He has always followed the hot spots of the market. His keen sense of smell enabled him to catch the DeFi boom early last year. But he was hesitant to devote himself to catching up with the NFT boom. Until yesterday, “loot is a programmable NFT. It painted an exciting picture for us. From understanding this project to starting, there was only a short For two hours, I am very optimistic about it!” he said.

After ten minutes, he calmed down and said: “If you think about it carefully, I was still a little impulsive to buy today. I was studying loot while hesitating whether to buy it. As a result, every time I refreshed the website, I saw that the price went awkward. Rising, which greatly aggravated my sense of urgency to buy. There was a little episode when I bought the first product. I bought the first product twice in a row without success. Later I found out that someone else was rushing to buy it at the same time, which wasted a little gas. Fee, but I think it’s worth it. After all, I’m finally in the game!”

Currently, the floor price of LOOT is close to 14ETH.

According to the official website, LOOT is the first project in the TXT NFT and does not belong to any company or team, so it is unique and completely decentralized. In addition, LOOT officially stated that the value of LOOT depends on the community. The official did not provide guidance on the price at the time of release, and did not clarify its scarcity. Nonetheless, the community spontaneously designed the mechanism and scored LOOT’s loot bags to determine Its value.

LOOT is an NFT underlying solution or chain game innovation

From the perspective of presentation, LOOT is the text with white characters on a black background, while the previous NFT avatar project in the market is the image, which is equivalent to the rough removal of the image by LOOT. Therefore, when the Chinese community first exploded, it caused some doubts: Is JPG returning to TXT a degradation?

However, for some gamers, the game equipment displayed in TXT format is not unfamiliar. This kind of game has a specific name in the game industry, namely “word adventure game”, also known as an interactive novel.

China’s first online text game was born in Taiwan in 1995, and its name is “Oriental Story 2”. Inspired by this, in the same year, Mainland China also launched the first online game “Xia Ke Xing”. The game script of “Xia Ke Xing” is based on Jin Yong’s novel. It is said that this ancient game is still running.

Retreating from JPG to TXT, the hotly-hyped LOOT in the market turned out to be an improvement?

Looking at the world, word online games originated from MUD, which refers to Multi-UserDungeon (multi-player participation in virtual space games). The reason why there is a way of presenting a story narrated in words is due to the objective limitations of the computer’s storage space, computing power and Internet speed at that time.

The first MUD game started in 1978, namely MUD1. At that time, the game realized the function of real-time multiplayer interaction, and it had a map, a treasure chest, a monster, and a login function, but it was not exquisite, as follows:

Retreating from JPG to TXT, the hotly-hyped LOOT in the market turned out to be an improvement?

This may be similar to the current situation of chain games, which is limited by the development of infrastructure.

Based on this, Wu Xiao, the founder of Pure White Matrix, confirmed to the author that the current chain game infrastructure is not perfect, “I think these are more relevant to TPS, and L2 is a better way to solve these problems. I think the value of Loot lies in its There are some new explorations in the distribution, possible potential chain games and NFT assets. The follow-up development also needs to see the community consensus and whether more chain games use this paradigm to introduce Loot, especially in the market where the market is not so hype Next, whether projects within the ecosystem can continue to have derivative outputs.”

Some popular views on the market now claim that LOOT is a bottom-up revolution, mainly from the articles of some investors. This afternoon, Baiyu, the co-founder of CryptoC, and Archimedes of Cangjinge CryptoPAV, were a guest at Babbitt 8 in the live broadcast room. Archimiming said that the emergence of LOOT is actually an upgrade to the past NFT market JPG era, because LOOT Essentially it belongs to infrastructure, “but whether there is such a meaning as paradigm reform, we need to be cautious.”

Bai Yu, the co-founder of CryptoC, said that from his understanding, the programmability of LOOT is mainly reflected in the level of chain games, and the innovation is mainly focused on abstraction, enough abstraction, so it provides a broader creative space.

Loot officially stated that through SyntheticLoot, all addresses can access virtual Loot, and developers can integrate it into the Loot project they build. Anyone with an Ethereum wallet can participate in the ecosystem through SyntheticLoot, but at the same time still maintain the original The difference between loot and synthetics (SyntheticLoot is not a real NFT and cannot be minted, traded, and transferred).

Now LOOT officials have not disclosed more progress, but integrate some tracking tools, development tools, derivative projects and guilds based on LOOT. These websites may be helpful to those who follow LOOT.

Here are some reference URLs:

LOOT official Twitter

LOOT founder Twitter

From a website with information about LOOT derivatives compiled by netizens:*MNJJ57eQV-N7tbcngj-TXw#gid=0

Opensea of ​​LOOT:

development tools

Aggregated resources built by the Loot community:

  • LootRarity—@AustinGreen’s Loot attribute and rarity table
  • dhof-loot—all packages, item appearances, package rarity and images provided by @anish-agnihotri and @ktasbas
  • Booty Sub-Booty Bag, owner and transmission by @shahruz子
  • loot-sdk—TypeScript wrapper for looting subgraphs, @shahruz
  •—@scotato’s loot packs and item rare browser
  • Robes.Market—@worm#6888 Floor tracker containing DivineRobes’ bags
  • PixelCharacterGenerator—Generate pixel characters from loot bags
  • Loot-Rare-Rare Color Loot (Typescript SDK) by @bpierre
  • loot-rarity-bookmarklet— Add rare color bookmarklet to OpenSea
  • LootComponents.sol—a practical contract that can easily interact with Loot properties


Guilds are divided by items and attributes:

  • Sacred Role—For the owner of the Sacred Robe
  • CrownDAO-is the owner of Crowns
  • Dragon Guild-to the owner of the dragon loot
  • DivineLodge—for the owner of DivineLoot
  • Ancient Adventurer-to the owner of the ancient loot
  • KatanaGarden—for the owner of Katanas

Market tracker

Tools to track loot by attributes:

  • Robes.Market—DivineRobes’ market tracker
  • Weeb.Market—Katanas’ market tracker
  • Ancients.Market—A market tracker for ancient helmets
  • Crowns-Market.Vercel.App—Crown Market Tracker
  • Hoods.Market—DivineHoods’ market tracker
  • Bookclub.Market—Book Market Tracker
  • SacredNumbers.Market—Sacred Numbers Market Tracker
  • Detection.Market—The market tracker for detection books
  • FloorBags.Market—Market tracker for any commodity
  • Dragons.Market—market tracker for dragon/dragon skin items

Derivative project

Projects remixed or built on top of Loot:

  • Trophy description-role-playing description based on artificial intelligence
  • Realms-RealmWonders forked from @UnchartedAtlas
  • Ability score-RPC style level 1 ability score
  • AdventureGold—LootDAO governance and gold tokens
  • Loot Characters-Characters in your bag
  • LootPersonalities v0.1—provide a background story for your adventurer
  • LootClass—D&D style package course
  • Banquet-Random Adventurer’s Meal
  • Summoning-Summoning the battle of good and evil
  • Abodes-Random Adventurer Residence
  • LootArmy- Randomized Army of Adventurers
  • Mounts-Random mounts for adventurers
  • FOODSupplies—Supplies for hungry and tired adventurers
  • Mission-Random Mission Pack
  • Companion-friendly companions join your adventure
  • Pets-Random Pet Bag
  • Poorly painted trophy-experimental, poorly painted bag
  • Enemy (against the adventurer)-the enemy of the adventurer
  • Traveling musicians-travel tunes of trophy holders
  • LootLore—Work, Race, Religion and Domain
  • Potions-consumables with effects
  • Jihad Trophy-Jihad
  • Treasure-decentralized and combinable meta universe currency
  • LootAvatars-on-chain avatars of the Loot community


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