Rethinking “Marketing” The story of Nick and Polygon

Nick Johnson may never hate Twitter’s reminder function so much. He wrote before going to bed: “I don’t expect to get up early to check notifications tomorrow. This is just because of the spam from Polygon … I thought that the spoofing message disguising Metamask was bad enough, but now it’s too hard to imagine! If that’s not bad enough, there is also a fight between Banteg and Sassano in those words that circle me. “
I had known this, Nick, founder of the ENS, hair piece may not tweet 11 hours ago – Screenshot message, coupled with the following description: Ever wonder why Ethernet Square guys look Are you so positive about Polygon? And, my god, I don’t “open”, even if I want to “open”, it’s much more expensive than a one-time payment of $500!
In order to better explain the incident, I have attached a screenshot of the email and my translation.

Rethinking "Marketing" The story of Nick and Polygon

As of the time of writing, this tweet has been reposted 122 times and liked 757 times. Why is Nick so excited, and the masses responded so strongly, what kind of bad news has this e-mail touched? It seems to be just an ordinary marketing email.

Digging for secrets in the comments

Maybe you can find the answer in the comments? Oh, before that, briefly introduce the background of the matter. Ethereum is currently the most popular smart contract public chain (as can be seen from the cost of use); Polygon is an Ethereum side chain, which is fully compatible with Ethereum, but its security has always been questioned, but in fact most People don’t care much about security. After all, it is too cheap compared to Ethereum; Nick became the core developer of Ethereum since 2016. He is the founder of ENS (Ethereum Domain Name Service), and now the service has been separated from Ethereum. The Fang Foundation has achieved independent operation.

Response from Polygon

The two Polygon co-founders Sandeep and Mihailo Bjelic quickly responded.

Sandeep: This is not what we did

The first is Sandeep. Considering that his reply time is 3 am New Delhi time, this is really desperate for the project. Sandeep denied that this was the email they sent, saying that it was like that kind of fraudulent information. He also used the face of the Web 1.0 era to convey his frustration with Nick’s behavior-“I hope you can confirm with us before you publicly publish such a serious accusation against a project. :( :( 』
Afterwards, he made a request to Nick-“Is it convenient to post the complete email header?”

Nick: I have evidence

Nick posted it, and he quoted a screenshot of Sandeep replying to Captain Nemo before posting. Obviously Sandeep didn’t read the reply under this tweet. Considering that he might be woken up by the phone in his sleep, there is nothing unforgivable. This screenshot is as follows:

Rethinking "Marketing" The story of Nick and Polygon

Note: Sent by and signed by
What do you mean? Let’s see how Mihailo got back.

Mihailo: We respect you, I am sad, hope you are joking

Mihailo first expressed his respect for Nick. He said he would figure out this matter, but it was clear that they did not send the email. The reason is that Polygon knows who Nick is, how can he try to use money to buy his publicity, especially how can it be a mere $500. Secondly, Mihailo said that it would be great if Nick could contact them to confirm before posting, but even now, thank you very much. Finally, I hope that what Nick hinted is a joke, that the members of the Ethereum community are positive about Polygon because they were bought by money. “We are adding value to Ethereum. Sincere”

Nick: Let me explain the evidence

“SFP (Note: SPF) and DKIM have been verified. If it is not from you, no matter who it is, he will have the signature key for your email. I should have contacted you privately, but this is obviously from your domain name, and it seems unnecessary. 』

Mihailo: Maybe I’m wrong, I will figure it out

Mihailo’s tone backed down. He withdrew the words “We will not try to buy you”, and replaced it with “Maybe it’s just me…”. He is not an expert in SPF and DKIM, Polygon will figure it out!

What is SPF and DKIM

This is not a technical science article, so I will not explain these details. If you are interested in reading the comments on this tweet, it is not difficult to figure it out. Simply put, SPF verification ensures that the mail is sent from the specified IP address list, and DKIM verification ensures that the content of the mail is signed by the specified key.
So the conclusion is that this email was sent from Polygon’s server IP address and signed with Polygon’s key. Either it was sent by a member of the Polygon team, or the server was controlled by another person or the key was leaked.
Compared with the latter, the former seems to be more acceptable.

Onlookers’ reaction

The onlookers’ reactions were also very interesting. They were roughly divided into several categories: one was questioning the authenticity of the email; the other was questioning Nick’s motivation; the third was evaluating Polygon’s market strategy; and the fourth was mocking Ethereum and its opinion leaders.

1. Question the authenticity. Nick unified reply with DKIM’s picture. According to incomplete statistics, this picture has appeared more than 20 times…Maybe DKIM’s most popular day on Twitter? (I think Zhixian should be very happy)

2. Question Nick’s motives. These people do not doubt the authenticity, but accused Nick should not post this tweet because it is unprofessional. Some ridicule may be the lack of money (some say 600, some 5000), some think that Nick should confirm with the Polygon team first, and some accuse Nick of being instigated by Polygon competitors.

3. Evaluate the market strategy. Martin Köppelmann, the founder of Gnosis, believes that this may be a poor marketing strategy of the advertising company employed by Polygon. Lefteris Karapetsas questioned the legality of Polygon’s mansion strategy. Brantly of the ENS team believes that this is the result of hiring people who don’t know how to do it. Crypto natives must be hired. Vitalik ‘s father sighed with such old-fashioned guerrilla marketing! The naughty cultleader.eth praised Polygon and asked the other party to make money!

4. Make fun of Ethereum and opinion leaders. Some people ridicule the handling fees of Ethereum. After all, a transaction can’t move hundreds of dollars, and the money earned by a tweet is not enough for a handling fee; others ridicule other Ethereum folks who support Polygon. Banteg named the Ethereum community well-known “Leader” Sassano, “I didn’t expect you to be so cheap.” Sassano explained that he has supported Polygon since 2019 and became their advisor in early 2021, but “has not received the coin so far and will not receive it for a long time. These words were ridiculed by Banteg and Nick. (Life attack will not be released). In another post, banteg also explained that he and Sassano have no grievances, “just using his name to refer to Ethereum educators and opinion leaders.”

Voice of Chinese Community

I saw this tweet in the morning, but decided to write this article because I saw comments on the incident in the Chinese WeChat group in the evening. Most of the speeches think that “the main reason is to give too little”, there are also doubts about Nick’s motives, but there is no doubt about the authenticity of the email (I force DKIM to popularize science). Although the sample is too small, it seems to mean that everyone feels that (1) this kind of marketing behavior is normal and there is nothing wrong with it (2) if you give a little more, it will be fine.

I do not think so.

Rethink marketing

What did Polygon’s marketing do wrong

Obviously, whether it is from behavioral judgments or personal positions, most people think the content of this email is absurd and unforgivable, so that they doubt its authenticity. So what did they do wrong?

First, there is a lack of respect for people. Failure to figure out who Nick is may be the biggest mistake Polygon has made. If you figure this out, they will never send such an email. It is not shameful to work for Daoliang, but the honor of some people is priceless. How can they give up their position for money, not to mention that they are already very rich!

Second, there is a lack of love for the product. Replace the Polygon in the email with the name of any other project. This email does not violate the agreement. So where are the characteristics of Polygon and how can it attract people? If even the team members are too lazy to summarize and spread the advantages of their own products, how can other people care about it? What is the difference between this and non-brained praise?

Finally, there is a lack of respect for the industry. The significant difference between the cryptocurrency industry and other industries is that it originated from the cypherpunk group and was carried forward by idealists. If an expert or scholar in another industry receives such an offer, he may just laugh it off, and will not choose to make it public out of consideration for the reputation of the industry and its own future development. Practitioners in the cryptocurrency industry are more frank and are not restricted by unspoken rules, which has caused such a big disturbance.

What should marketing be done?

The tradition of liberalism and the highly speculative nature have made the commercial behavior of the cryptocurrency industry very complicated, but simply treating it as an investment product and product for promotion does not seem to be that clever. Some people talk about market and operation from the perspective of the community, and they seem to have caught the vein, but I think this term is a bit vague in the Chinese context, so I might as well use a small community instead. Marketing is to strengthen the cohesion of small communities, and to convey a descriptive consensus, to build a clear brand attribute, even “doctrine”. And it has a prerequisite, it must be a valuable claim, and it cannot be easily falsified, otherwise it is a liar.

Going back to this example, if Polygon really wants to interact with Nick, you might as well invite him frankly to comment on Polygon’s shortcomings. Don’t worry about creating a negative image, because believers always believe, and in the face of a sincere and humble team, no one can bear to yin and yang weirdly ridicule.

I am not an expert in market operations, so the above is just my own random thinking.

Finally, this may be the best marketing example for DKIM.

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