Replace DeFi? The spring of chain travel continues

The popularity of “Play-to-Earn” (P2E) seems to be changing the situation of DeFi dominating the world in the past.

According to dappradar statistics, in the past third quarter, an average of about 1.54 million unique active wallets (Unique Active Wallets, referred to as UAW) were connected to various Dapps every day. Among them, about 754,000 UAWs were connected to It is game Dapps, which accounted for 48.9% of the total, and this proportion is still growing, and the growth rate far exceeds the DeFi and NFT fields.

In addition, compared with the number of UAW connected to game Dapp in the second quarter, the number of UAW connected to game Dapp increased by nearly 140% in the third quarter, while the number of UAW connected to DeFi dropped by 11%. Chain games are quietly becoming the mainstream of the industry.

Replace DeFi? The spring of chain travel continues

Growth of independent and active wallets (tracking 7-day average)

Data source: dappradar

From the proportion of the number of newly launched Dapp applications every month, we can also get a glimpse of chain games and NFTs coming from behind.

At the beginning of this year, the newly launched Dapp applications in the market were mainly DeFi, and NFT and game projects accounted for less than 15%. After entering the third quarter, games and NFT applications began to exert force and gradually occupied a dominant position. There is a big explosion of NFT and game applications, the two accounted for 62%, surpassing DeFi for the first time, of which NFT accounted for 40%, and games accounted for 22%.

This phenomenon is even more obvious on BSC. The newly launched game Dapps in September accounted for 40% of the number of new Dapps on BSC that month, and the UAW interacting with games increased by more than 1700%. From the data. Look, the chain tour is ushering in its own spring.

Replace DeFi? The spring of chain travel continues

The number of newly launched Dapps of DeFi, NFT and games on BSC every month

Data source: dappradar

In the outbreak of this chain game, Axie Infinity is undoubtedly the most representative one.

Axie was born in February 2018. At that time, few people knew exactly what NFT was, but today, NFT not only penetrated the mainstream cultural circle, Axie has also grown from 38,000 daily active users in April this year to 2 million daily active Big Macs today. Dapp.

In September, Axie’s historical transaction volume exceeded 2 billion U.S. dollars, becoming the first Dapp to reach this number. In the past 90 days, the game has generated more than 806 million U.S. dollars in revenue. It is currently in the field of encryption. One of the highest-income agreements, far surpassing leading projects such as Uniswap, SushiSwap, and Aave.

Replace DeFi? The spring of chain travel continues

Revenue of each application in the past 90 days  

Data source: token terminal_

On October 5th, Axie’s parent company Sky Mavis also announced the completion of a US$152 million Series B financing. It plans to use this financing to expand infrastructure and build its own distribution platform The Mavis Hub to support game developers to create blocks. Chain games, build a huge chain game empire, and now Axie has become the largest NFT game ecosystem in history.

The growth story of Axie has shown us the power of on-chain games and has also resonated with many players all over the world. The play-and-earning model has become the main driving force for the growth of this industry, although Axie Infinity still firmly occupies the chain game. Top spot, but other unique chain games are also worthy of our study.

Guild of Guardians

This is a multiplayer, fantasy, action role-playing game created by Stepico and published by Immutable. Players can form a “guardian” dream team, compete in guilds and dungeons, and receive related rewards. The game is divided into tribes, empires, Glade and other factions. There are warriors, rangers, mages and other different professions. There are also pet systems and weapon systems. The official version is scheduled to be released in early 2022.

It is reported that there are currently more than 140,000 players on the waiting list for the game. At the same time, Guild of Guardians has also reached cooperation matters with well-known game developer Ubisoft, game union YGG, and Metaverse Shahe Game Sandbox.

Replace DeFi? The spring of chain travel continues


Lightnite is an online multiplayer battle royale game similar to “Fortnite”. It is developed by Satoshi’s Games. Every game interaction between players will trigger rewards or punishments. The Beta version of the game is currently online, and the full version is planned. Released in November this year.

The internal incentive system of Lightnite uses the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Each player has an in-game account. In the game, rewards or punishments are given based on player behavior and game results.


Illuvium is a Pokémon-style RPG game. Players will be able to capture alien monsters of different abilities and categories, and fight against other players to win rewards. The game is built on the Immutable X platform driven by the StarkWare second-tier network. The official version of the game It is expected to be released at the end of 2021.

In the game, when players have better weapons, armors, fragments and other items, they will have more opportunities to capture rare beasts. Rare beasts are easier to win in battle. These beasts are all NFTs. When the player captures the beasts After that, it can be used for battle or sold to other players, with typical P2E attributes.

Replace DeFi? The spring of chain travel continues


Splinterlands is a turn-based card battle game based on the Hive blockchain. The gameplay is similar to the traditional game Hearthstone. After collecting cards, players can compete against other players and get rewards after winning. Cards can be used in battles, upgrade levels, sold or loaned to other players, and scarce cards have greater collection value.

Splinterlands also supports the land-based meta-universe world, allowing players to create guilds, build castles, and more. In September, the number of UAWs connected to Splinterlands reached a staggering 238,000. The average UAW in the Q3 quarter was 108,000, an increase of 1376% from the previous quarter. 

At the same time, the user traffic of Splinterlands occupies 95.6% of Hive’s entire network traffic. It can even be said that Hive has become the exclusive chain of Splinterlands games.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas positions itself as a high-quality game powered by Unreal Engine 5.0 graphics engine and Solana blockchain. Star Atlas is a large-scale strategy game and a space-themed virtual meta-universe game. Players can choose the role of explorer, participate in resource competition, and seize territory. All game assets in Star Atlas are NFTs. In addition, the Star Atlas universe has established a fascinating long-term gameplay in the grand strategy multiplayer game type. Players gain virtual space and power and gain benefits in continuous battles.

According to the currently published information, Star Atlas has demonstrated the same picture quality and game environment as the 3A game masterpiece. It is relatively difficult to launch the game in the short term, and it is officially expected to be launched by the end of 2022.

Replace DeFi? The spring of chain travel continues

Farmers World 

Farm simulation business games have always been an enduring game type. For example, the well-known traditional games QQ Farm, Sim City, Tiantian Farm, etc. are representative of this type. Farmers World belongs to the blockchain version of the farm simulation game, inspired by the once-popular Facebook game Happyfarm.

The game runs on the WAX ​​platform. Players play the role of a farmer in the game and use the tools in the game to create their own unique farmer world. Players can choose various tools to grow crops and harvest them, or they can wait for the attack during the harvest period. Other players. The main resources in the farmer’s world are wood, food, and gold coins. Players obtain these resources through farm development and work or sell them for profit, which belong to the chain game of the P2E concept.

Plant vs Undead

Plant vs Undead (Plants vs. Undead) is a tower defense concept game, and the gameplay is similar to that of Plants vs. Zombies. Players need to build an army of plants in their garden to eliminate undead monsters. In the game, plants exist in the form of NFT, and all in-game assets can be traded or sold on their local market.

Replace DeFi? The spring of chain travel continues

Forest Knight

Forest Knigh is a turn-based strategy game built on Enjin. Players can form their own teams and compete. The game can be NFT. These NFTs can be weapons, accessories and skins. Players can use it to equip heroes or trade with other players. The game has been launched in 2019, but it is still maintained. Good market enthusiasm.


Crypto Blades is an NFT role-playing game on BSC. Players can make their own weapons, create tradable characters and defeat enemies and get rewards. At the same time, users can team up with friends to defeat stronger enemies to get Unique reward, in the early chain game competition of BSC, there was an outstanding performance.

Gods Unchained

This is a card game, similar to the Splinterlands mentioned above, it belongs to the blockchain version of Hearthstone, but GODS Unchained was launched as early as 2018, and the early games were run on the public chain Ethereum. It was later transferred to the second-tier network Immutable X, and this Layer 2 network is the expansion solution jointly launched by the game team and the zero-knowledge proof technology company StarkWare. Today, this second-tier network is becoming a lot of chain games and NFTs. The location of the project.

Replace DeFi? The spring of chain travel continues

From the current point of view, the depth of the combination of blockchain and games can be roughly divided into three levels. The first is the blockchainization of game coins, which is only a shallow combination; the second is the on-chain of game props and characters. ; The third is the chain of game rules and all game data.

For example, the Lightnite mentioned above is at the first level. At present, most chain games have only reached the second step-the on-chain of props, characters and transaction data. If you want to achieve all the game data on the chain, you need one A powerful underlying public chain, but now, even higher-performance second-tier public chains such as Xdai or high-performance public chains such as Solana and Fantom still cannot meet the chain requirements of all the data of a large game.

But from another perspective, the development model of blockchain + games depicts a picture of the era that has never been seen before, one that can be parallel to the real world, and has both play and profit, cultural creation, social interaction, and social thinking. In the meta-universe era, as Jane McGonigal said in “Games Change the World”, ” Games are not just a technical skill. It is a 21st century way of thinking and leadership; playing games is not just for entertainment, it It’s the way to work together to achieve real change in the 21st century .”

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