Renowned Liwan NFT Japanese 8-year-old digital art prodigy growing up

I believe that most of the seven or eight-year-old children are still graffiti on white paper with crayons. Can you imagine it? An 8-year-old Japanese elementary school student was using digital graffiti, turning his work into NFT, and then selling it online, earning his first pot of gold while playing.

Digital zookeeper

The name of this little boy is anonymous on various social media, and it was also hidden during the interview with “Japan Business Insider”. He was only called the “zombie zookeeper”. He is currently in charge of a rapidly growing digital art empire-Zombie Zoo. His personal works published on the OpenSea platform have a secondary sale price of up to 18 ETH , which is equivalent to more than 60,000 US dollars.

Renowned Liwan NFT Japanese 8-year-old digital art prodigy growing up

The zookeeper said that he will now complete about three new zoo theme creations every day, such as dragonflies, crocodiles and other animals and headphones and other items to fill his fast-growing digital commercial space.

Among them, during holidays, he will increase the output to “seven to nine pieces” per day, with the goal of making more money and then buying some Pokemon-themed toys.

A helping hand from mother’s love

In the second part of the “Digital Star Coffee” series, the author once introduced Benjamin Ahmed, a 12-year-old British boy who created the famous NFT “Weird Whale”. These ultra-young encryption art geniuses rarely work alone, and their enthusiastic parents tend to give more support.

The 12-year-old Ahmed has the support of his father who is engaged in “software development in the traditional financial field”, and the 8-year-old zookeeper in this article has the support of his mother Emi Kusano, the artist assumes the son’s assistant Role. Emi runs his son’s social media and is responsible for the technology and finances of this fledgling digital empire. She also creates digital artworks, some of which are sold as NFTs.

In actual operations, Emi has shown shrewd business skills. Although she has increased her son’s secondary sales royalties from 2.5% to an astonishing 10%, the secondary sales on OpenSea have not been negatively affected. Instead, it flourished.

Renowned Liwan NFT Japanese 8-year-old digital art prodigy growing up

At present, the zookeeper continues his school life during the day, and when he returns home from school, he will do more artistic creations. The tool he uses is “a free app” claimed by his mother, which can support the creation of pixel art on the iPad.

Troubles after smooth sailing

The start of the Japanese boy’s career in the NFT market was smooth sailing.

On August 25 this year, his first work was listed on the market with 0.006 ETH. Within a week, the market “reacted very sluggishly.” However, after launching a series of activities on September 2, from famous Japanese illustrators, to the creator of virtual fashion influencer Lil Miquela and Brud founder Trevor McFedris, many people have supported the zoo The work of the administrator.

Renowned Liwan NFT Japanese 8-year-old digital art prodigy growing up

Unsurprisingly, this success story also triggered some annoying situations. For example, there are reports that fake zombie zoo works have begun to appear on the Internet.

However, the zookeeper said that he is more worried about the possible negative consequences of his newly discovered crypto wealth. He said:

“I was very happy the first time I made a successful sale, but I want to know if I will be happy if I make too much money. If I have too much money, my life will change.”

The zookeeper wears a colorful face mask in the photo in order to remain anonymous. He said that the school students did not know the NFT creation activities he was engaged in. Once, when he told a friend that he had sold a painting online, the classmate did not believe him.

At least for now, the eight-year-old has vowed to keep his creative activities secret at school. He said: “Until my work is truly famous on the Internet, I will never tell my friends or teachers.”


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