Ren Zhengfei rectification speech: accelerate the elimination of mediocre cadres

Ren Zhengfei rectification speech: accelerate the elimination of mediocre cadres

I. Ren Zhengfei’s speech at the report meeting on cadre management

First, cadre management must be aligned with the goal of contribution, and everyone is equal in front of contribution. The General Cadre Department should seize the opportunity to support the company’s team bloodletting to get rid of mediocrity and laziness, and build a steel cadre force that can support the company to occupy the victory heights in the future.

All the work of the General Cadre Department and the management of cadres at all levels should be aligned with the goal, which is contribution. Management is to emphasize the actual contribution of cadres, rather than over-emphasizing the quality of cadres. In the past, the quality was very important, how can it be without contribution? This person’s ability to use the quality model to evaluate perhaps not strong, but the actual contribution is very large, why can not be mentioned first? After lifting up, continue to assess and test the quality, can not also go down and return to the team as soldiers. Each cadre said they have contributed, that will be publicized, we comment, can be posted on the Internet to go well.

To boldly select in the line of fire, in the trenches to promote cadres, experts, professionals, to let some of the best people directly across up to activate the cadre groups and organizations. The cadres should be able to grasp the main contradiction and the main aspects of the contradiction and focus on victory.

The chief officers and supervisors must implement the last 10% elimination every year to force self-learning and scientific struggle. All management cadres who are laid off go to the internal talent market to re-find job opportunities. Those who really need to arrange positions downward must first be lowered to the rank of the position they went to, and continue to assess without relaxation.

Experts must improve their ability through “examinations for training”, and continuously pass circular examinations and examinations, and make contributions in practice before they are evaluated. Differentiation in the use of circular tests and examinations, as well as reasonable elimination.

Professionals mainly do their own work, responsible for the process, not for the results, accurate, timely and conscientious service, the implementation of absolute assessment, not relative assessment, not the implementation of the last elimination. The examination position remains the same, perhaps each examination topic also remains the same, different professional, different grade examinations are different. Can work until the age of 50 or 60.

Out of the achievements of the place to produce cadres, experts, excellent staff, no achievements, to objective evaluation, comprehensive consideration, not exactly simple data. We do not seek to blame all the cadres, you can promote up and then ask him to correct their deficiencies, do not always promote the good boy up. We are now going through the 3 to 5 years to replace a number of mediocre or lazy cadres, to resolve to replace a group of blood. Otherwise, 5 years later, when we are going to fight for the high point of the world war, cadres are still sparse, so what is the use of leaving those cadres now?

Cadre management is the responsibility of the hand of each department, and the General Cadre Department and the cadre management system at all levels are the support system. After this general principle is set, the total cadre department should be allowed to boldly exercise some necessary powers to identify, eradicate and replace unsuitable cadres in time.

Second, seize the time to “streamline”, accelerate the pace of promotion of cadre experts, accelerate the elimination of mediocre cadres. Eliminate from the authorities, from senior cadres, from a layer of AT.

Huawei is not eternal can work here, to seize the time to “streamline”, reduce the redundant staff who do not contribute or contribute little. Reasonable step-by-step restructuring of the AT team, AT must be the leader of the winning team. In the current situation, the company is not in the stage of vigorous expansion, but in the stage of strategic contraction and consolidation, so those who cannot work well should leave. The target of streamlining can also be senior cadres, and what can’t senior cadres be eliminated? Mediocre, lazy and backward executives eliminated, the following excellent grassroots staff can be promoted to become senior cadres, eliminating a backward executives can support the incentive of several excellent employees.

The cadres can not be official officials, capable of contributing to the people who do not have to quit. As our management level gets higher and higher, we do not need so many so-called competent people to stay in the organs, competent people without contributions also have to go. To accelerate the pace of grass-roots experts, account managers, support services personnel to break the pace of promotion, because flowing water does not rot, the household pivot is not worm-eaten, mediocre and backward cadres pile up, the company sooner or later to lose.

So the cadres of the authorities can not official officials, the authorities should accept the evaluation of the front line, efforts to serve the front line, support, reasonable supervision, the grassroots will trust you. The organs eradicate mediocre personnel, the front line there are other outstanding talents can come up. In the current cadre combing, this cadre was originally a regular position, now changed to a deputy position, why do such a thing? Those who are not qualified to clean up from their regular positions can then go directly to the internal labor market to find a job. I spoke in the Public Relations Department, the head of these public relations in the UK and France, if they do not charge into battle and only write PPTs, then they will be transferred to staff responsible for the implementation of daily processes to go.

The headquarters should optimize management and implement a large departmental system to reduce duplication of work. Your duplication of “labor” is to confuse the entire battlefield and increase the burden on the front line. You can’t see the duplication of people floating in your department and the platform of the whole organization, that is, your tenure is not qualified.

Organs currently need to accelerate the construction of professional teams, divided into clear which are professional positions, so that they work steadily, not flow, not relative assessment, only unqualified to eliminate. This way the organ gradually turned to the stability of professional positions, a large number of people are now engaged in the work, due to its processes and systems of constraints, are relatively determined, are professional positions work.

First, the process is stable, and second, the professional operating positions are stable. The work of decentralization can be a bit bolder. The American state is the staff system, so once the leader is changed, it is completely turned around. It has two boundaries, one is religion, one is the law, with these two boundaries, it is liberalized innovation surging.

In implementing the organ squeeze, the organ is not allowed to use its power to stuff people down the line unless you can find a point of opportunity to help win the battle. If the organs are squeezed to the front line, do not the front-line heroes of the post robbed? Say the level of employees below is not as high as you, but people climbing ice and snow on the battlefield, in direct contribution, why do you want to squeeze people out?

So, the organs squeezed out of the cadres of experts, is to the internal labor market, and then form a death squad on the battlefield. Machine personnel to the front line to win, you can get a bonus, but can not increase the level, the opportunity to increase the level is mainly reserved for grassroots personnel fighting on the front line, if there are vacancies on the front line, and then fill up. When the front line also does not need so many people, the exit of a large number of organizations of the agency staff, with stock away no problem.

AT organization should be reorganized regularly, and we should dare to remove the people in AT who can’t perform their duties and management, and they should go out from AT team, no matter how high level. The backward departments can’t even have a hand in the AT, and they can replace some of the best grassroots employees to come up to the AT team. We reform the AT team, we can start with a layer of AT. To realize that the current examination of the army chief is to test the individual contribution and ability, is an important way to get rid of mediocrity and laziness, all departments should seriously carry out well. The senior cadres who have opinions and are dissatisfied with the work of the military commander in the examination are transferred to other jobs, and now we have to streamline the army.

Departments should take the initiative to sort out the cadre groups, for those who do not dare to adjust or adjust enough, the department’s pay packet can be discounted, rank promotion should be controlled. For example, we require demotion, demotion of people to have a percent (resignation away from the people do not count), those demotions and demotions are not enough for the organization, the pay packet to be discounted, promotion is not given to you; demotions and demotions in place, retain your pay packet. Now you can’t blindly raise your salary like in the past, and the salary incentive should focus on business continuity, key projects and contributors with excellent performance. This year we demoted only 13 people, so moderate cadres department, how competent to overcome sanctions.

In 2019 the stock should be increased to the middle and grassroots, as well as the broken promotion of personnel allotment efforts. This year’s stock allotment priority to 15 to 18 levels, including 19 levels of outstanding personnel more allotment of shares. Further up, priority allotment can be given to those who have been promoted up through broken ranks.

For this year’s entry-level freshmen, a group of personnel selected by examination on key projects or strategic attack projects, failed to pass the assessment and selection, can enter other projects and other unified arrangements for work.

For 110,000 software personnel, we have to pass the examination screening and due diligence screening to improve the organizational capacity of our software development. For example, the test is not good, good work, give them the opportunity to do “Huang Jiguang”; test is not good, also not good work, on the elimination; test is good, and good work, is the seedlings. The two-pronged approach of appraisal and examination is used to continuously filter personnel in this way.

Third, the reorganization of the General Cadre Department’s own department should be aligned with the results and the victory. After the general principle is determined, you can start to do it first, other details of the program and then comb, discuss, and constantly iterate the process of building the organization.

We often say that the first responsibility for regulation, do not dare to offend people, and what regulation. The first hand also can not put the blame on the supervision. If the management result is not good, the cadre management organization should be replaced; if the cadre management person is not like “Zhao Gang”, he should also be replaced and go to the internal labor market to find job opportunities.

The human resources department of the top-level organ of the big department is responsible for the formulation of policies and the calculation of related quantities, so it can be considered to be set up separately from the cadre department, each with its own responsibilities. But when it comes to the organizations below, the HR and cadre departments mainly work on implementation and should be able to merge. The total cadre department can come up with a solution and then discuss it together with the human resources department. In the near future, we should come up with a plan for the preparation of the General Cadre Department so that it can be submitted for approval.

Huawei University is a professional function module and a tool for the General Cadre Department to carry out management. How to use this tool well, you explore, just play its role. Huawei University should not go against the training assessment indicators in the society, but against the victory. There are two best universities in the world, Whampoa Military Academy is two tied legs, the resistance is a small bench, young people, junior high school students sitting there to listen to a little revolutionary truth, get a little spark, go to the senior cadres.

Specific work ideas without too much communication, reporting, the general principles are now set down, you should be allowed to exercise the power to boldly do it first.

Second, the General Cadre Department, Human Resources Department learning points

  1. wartime is the best time to identify cadres and outstanding talents, identify mediocre and lazy personnel

(1) take courage, start from yourself, take immediate action, do not dare to identify mediocre cadres expert HRD is actually mediocre HRD, to be the first laid off. Cadre management to get real, the specific work really falls on our own head, our attitude and practice is what, why did not do well in the past, is worth reflecting on. We ourselves encounter things whether we really dare to manage, in the past, verbally speaking many requirements and methods are not lacking, but the key to really implement. Implementation is that we have to start from me, from their own organizations, from the problems they see in the management of the cadres to do. The first thing is not to grow grass in the brain, the senior director of human resources must first learn to “no I”, in order to dare to manage, do not dare to manage the HRD first to lay off.

(2) “Those who can, those who are mediocre”, the key to the process is to clarify how to eliminate the process of cadres “down” into the comfort zone, into whatever zone. Current analysis from the data, many unqualified cadres after processing, including the transfer of professional posts, demoted to deputy, in fact, continue to stay in the “comfort zone”, and even into the “regardless of the zone”, such as the discovery of many cadres to professional posts after a long time not to do the qualification certification, not Get professional qualifications, or even long-term personal grade higher than the post grade or professional qualifications do not support the personal high grade, these problems are not effectively managed, and even by AT and HR long-term neglect, these people are in a long-term “invisible state”.

It is suggested that regardless of the level of cadres, they can be classified and sorted out according to the assessment and examination, and can directly enter the reserve team and the internal talent market, and then the market mechanism will decide whether to withdraw. In this regard, the cadres of the organ function service “on”, to implement the service object “reverse evaluation and assessment”, by the benefit of the organization and business to reverse evaluation, truly reflect the business contribution, rather than personal packaging.

(3) To more systematically study and design the exit mechanism of cadres. Without an effective exit mechanism, the width and smoothness of the exit pipeline also determines the speed and difficulty of our personnel metabolism. Therefore, the study and improvement of the exit mechanism is crucial, if the post is always occupied, there will be no vacancies, new young cadres, Montgomery people will not have the opportunity to be promoted, can not bear the responsibility to bear the weight.

We need to learn more from the industry’s good practices. The U.S. Army has a metabolic management mechanism for officer management, a combat officer in a post to a certain number of years, if not promoted up, and can not adapt to other posts, only to withdraw, these can be learned and combined with the actual company to think.

(4) cadres adjusted to professional posts, the need for strict management. Once the cadres are not competent to turn professional posts, the status quo we see no constraints after the cadres are not qualified to turn posts, many times there is no adjustment of grade and salary according to the actual position, and no one to monitor whether they are really engaged in professional practical work, whether to obtain professional certification, and even the phenomenon of watering down in the professional certification, these problems are diluting the requirements and orientation of the company’s team to professional proficiency, will have an impact on the entire team in The pursuit of professional ability to improve better to win battles has an impact and influence. Each department should establish and improve the management mechanism of cadres to positions, and do a good job of tracking management after adjustment, especially to track whether those Mr. Nan Guo still continue to exist in the team.

(5) wartime state, personnel exit and cattle recruitment both hands should be grasped, from the personnel structure adjustment, accelerate the metabolism. Personnel size control at the same time, the people who want to stay, the unsuitable people invited out, leaving an opening for recruitment, mainly recruiting elite people, key areas in urgent need of talent.

(6) HR should learn from the CFO after finding the problem, and be bold enough to raise their hands and handle it. At present, we see that many supervisors are still willing to be good, not willing to be evil, demotion is difficult, that’s why there is this time to sort out, more than 1500 cadres in half a year to adjust, but only 13 to reduce the personal rank of the situation.

HR should be able to identify problems in a timely manner, dare to raise their hands, to promote the adjustment, and to take the initiative to take responsibility for the implementation of the responsibility. The cadres can not stay on the words and paper, it is recommended to start from the first half of the adjustment of 1300 cadres to professional posts, further analysis of the current management status, for the unreasonable adjustment.

  1. guide the charge, guide the long-term combat contribution in the first line of people

Take the initiative to take responsibility, support good AT, focus incentive resources to the front line of combat in the grass-roots level to bear the weight of the combat team and outstanding talent, to the business continuity and strategic breakthroughs in the key project contributors, to adjust the current functional organs in an orderly and steady but resolute way too high grade problems, oriented to the charge, oriented to long-term contribution in the front line of combat.

(1) To enhance the grade of front-line combat load-bearing and contribution positions, and appropriately reduce the grade of positions of organ functions. The past organizational system and post weighing is based on centralized power and central control, the overall pyramidal grade structure. Under the wartime company-oriented “village for war” business model, “village for war” means that the representative offices and regions bear greater responsibility and pressure, and the allocation of resources is gradually changed from top-down allocation to bottom-up market-oriented trading and pulling through. In addition, the management influence of representative offices and regions is also increasing.

For this reason, the positioning and weighing of their positions, especially the contribution to the weight-bearing positions and has played out excellent results, should be gradually raised, the corresponding organs gradually lowered, so that the high grade in the front line, the combat warhead department of the grade “to improve the attractiveness”, the organs of functional support positions ” Lower the attractiveness”, so that cadres of experts are willing to work in the front line. All departments should identify the organs and the front line, in the case of limited resources and total grade constraints, re-look at the distribution of incentive resources and the rationality of the grade structure.

(2) This year, we are going to allocate shares, so we need to focus our long-term incentive resources on business continuity, key projects, groups that can really fight battles, and middle and grassroots groups that can make heavy contributions. In July/August, HRD should use this year’s long-term incentive opportunity to sort out the people in the team carefully, and make a distinction according to their contribution and potential to make sustainable contribution. And for the past performance in general, the potential for improvement is not high, then we should sort out and firmly implement the elimination.

(3) At present, there is a lack in the quality of AT operation, the empowerment of the system, and the efficiency and effectiveness of AT operation, which needs to be strengthened urgently. The General Cadre Department should collaborate with relevant departments as soon as possible to output methodologies, including AT assessment rules and templates, AT operation rules empowerment materials, HR policy rules empowerment materials, AT peripheral interview methods and templates, operation sampling rules and templates, etc., and assist AT work to provide good service and support, while problems found in the process should also be bold and timely raised. The General Cadre Department should boldly promote the work of AT reorganization and shape the AT team that can really take responsibility.

Third, the staff discussion follow up

Viewpoint 1: Facing the problem squarely, seizing the time of reform, effectively implementing the metabolism of the cadre, and making the cadre come alive.

Horseshoe Mountain BBQ King.

Migrate the wood to establish the letter!!! Senior cadres did not ring the gun, slogans shouted loudly also useless. The following countless pairs of eyes watching, do cadres work people, go to each department of the masses, to find those who want to get rid of mediocre cadres will not be difficult, rather than simply look at this data that appraisal. Now hear the voice of many is “how to stay are such cadres”, “how to go are good cadres”.

Head down and head up to see the sky.

On whether there is a team of senior experts “Mr. South Guo”, it is recommended that the following aspects to do a key review.

Professional qualifications and job grade deviation is very big scenario, in recent years, during the management post, the job grade usually rises quickly, soon to the chief engineer / technical expert post level, when no longer as a management post, the job grade is still retained, while the professional ability does not catch up at the same time.

Short-term technical grade upgrade faster staff / job grade upgrade very fast scenario (such as 1 year continuous upgrade situation), common “one fish eat more” situation, that is, years of past something continued to support multiple rapid upgrade, there is no new important contribution to match

As a senior expert (except for the PPT expert who summarizes everyone’s opinions internally), not to say that he or she has influence in the industry, at least to reflect his or her professional ability internally, right? What is the benefit of such a senior expert to the company?

It is recommended not to take “performance appraisal” too much as the condition and standard for judging “Mr. Nan Guo”, which will easily lead to the misunderstanding of circular argumentation, and the performance appraisal in recent years has carried too many things, and the credibility has been greatly reduced; tofu is tofu, and professional ability is professional ability. is professional ability, otherwise it is difficult to carry on …..

How to apply?

Based on some scenarios above statistical analysis review, for non-management posts, to technical qualifications as a relative reference benchmark (although there are many problems with qualifications, but after all, technical employment or the need for professional defense and professional evidence and other requirements, the relative bubble less), to give the job grade upgrade / downgrade recommendations, and I communicate, if I have objections, you can use similar The “examination of the military commander” mode, public technical defense, is a mule is a horse out walking on it is very clear!

For the management post, whether the pilot in some areas can take out many years ago the market cadres resignation of boldness, re-competition on the post mechanism, so as to really let the “able, the mediocre”, since the management post grade bearing so high (many 19/20 +), should let the ability, willingness, responsibility to take charge of the people to lead, to reduce the situation will be a nest of bears. Reduce the situation of a nest of bears!

Van Nistelu II.

This is also lol, a large operations and maintenance BU people basically in Xi’an and between the representative office to engage in frog jumping, the representative office in charge of a seven old eighty, none of them have overseas experience, but to suppress discrimination people from overseas back to do management services, know the full operation and maintenance process. Especially will help leaders cover up online accidents, blowing what O&M intelligence, engage in highlights, RTAC director has never been overseas, 8 years 10 years did not change, people send nickname “Xi’an emperor”.

The eight immortals dedicated canoe.

Character, pattern, ability, the lack of one, will not be a qualified manager, either mediocre South Guo, or delicate or not so delicate egoist. South Guo promote South Guo, bad money expel good money. To eradicate mediocrity, not only need determination, but also need a wise approach, to avoid letting Nanguo manipulate, to prevent bad money continue to expel good money.

Pan Yong.

  1. From the organization’s point of view, to maintain the continuous vitality of the organization, it must be necessary to avoid the precipitation and burden brought by time from multiple dimensions, especially the organization’s talent, talent will become more and more dependent on the organization over time, and the organization is in continuous need of fresh blood, as an individual in the organization, it is necessary to understand that anyone will eventually cease to be competent for the needs of the organization; just as anyone will die of old age, the fact is The fact is cruel, we need to accept it with relief and embrace it actively.
  2. From the perspective of individuals, to maintain vitality, individuals need to continue to have pursuits and dreams, and through personal long-term career planning to pull themselves to keep up with the times, continuous learning, so that their careers as long as possible, to contribute to the achievements of nearly as much as possible; just as to make their lives as long as possible, the quality of life as high as possible the same reason.

The company is not home, although many people and the company together through the most precious decades, may be closer than home, but the company to continue to develop must be in accordance with the law, rather than purely emotional. I believe that if every individual in the organization is actively and healthily developed, the organization must be in a positive and healthy state. Finally, to borrow the phrase that I have gained the most recently: the greatest wealth in life is the passion that never dies!

Eagle Yong.

Only by always being in an active state and maintaining continuous learning and growth, can the organization and individuals adapt to current and future changes. Frankly speaking, danger and opportunity will always coexist, and giving up illusions requires everyone to stand on a new starting line, face new opportunities, and think about how to grasp them.

In recent years, a teacher has been deeply inspired by me, deeply inspired, he is recognized as the most authoritative expert professor in the industry, but also has been a member of the Department of State, but still maintain the state of hard learning, each seminar speech, each lecture, will be carefully prepared, never because of the content of familiarity and perfunctory, each time carefully prepared to grasp the latest international and contemporary development frontier, each time Every time I listened, I was deeply inspired. Imagine if everyone in our organization can have this kind of spirit, what can’t be overcome?

That’s how NB is.

War time saw the impact of the business overseas drastic optimization, organizational flattening, improve per capita efficiency, improve digitalization, although the China region is ballast bearing wall, but the organization is also a lot of people floating in the matter, high level doing the things of low level, to HR system, the district general HRBP unique value where, in addition to let the representative feedback report data, is to do something to prove their own under the banner of the district general The value of things, they are partly pour overseas experience, but not can go to the representative office, so that more valuable, the Chinese district is also to the representative and operator delivery minister of the necessary overseas experience to do well, which also shows that overseas experience is right, overseas and China personnel rotation does not bring business impact, too many people use customers and national conditions to kidnap the company.

RongRong Song.

Survival of the fittest is the law of nature, which also applies to the company, especially for Huawei at this stage. Of course, “fit” is not only required to adapt to the wartime work environment, but also to integrate, challenge, move forward and break the inherent pattern. Tapping into the war heroes, the whole group a rope, energy to a place!

Break the inherent pattern, must ensure that the team is active, if the supervisor, the leadership is not innovative, lack of management tools, pay attention to pleasing superiors ignore the focus of team work, must be replaced.

Digging wartime heroes, must give potential, excellent people to provide space and opportunities to amplify their role, to stimulate the creativity and competitiveness of the team, to enhance efficiency. At the same time, stabilize team talents and avoid losing them. For wartime heroes, direct superiors or leaders should focus on training and use Huawei University as a tool.

The whole regiment a rope, strength to one place, the first is to emphasize the direction of combat, wartime phase, to fully support the front line, the flow of talent, materials, etc. to have a bias; at the same time, but also to do a good job of supervision of the department of the authorities, avoid the phenomenon of the front line fighting, while the authorities corrupt. The second is to emphasize the team, to use the department members, collision of new thinking, do not appear in charge or leadership of the phenomenon of a single word.

Survival of the fittest, the last elimination, the most important thing is to require the supervisor or leadership dare to eliminate, dare to question, so as to update the face of the team from top to bottom, the whole ring as long as there is a ring is still stuck in the comfort zone, efficient work mode will only be a flash in the pan.

Iterative state.

High-level masters think about business direction and strategy, how to jam on the battlefield pattern, find the commander or general who can win the battle, and award the battle flag. This corresponds to the top level of the company.

Middle-level officers should think about how to achieve the strategic demands of the top management and win every battle. Find the many generals who take each hill, give enough firepower and logistic support, let the generals decide the attack formation, and send the attacking front, rear and reserve teams to cooperate with each other. This corresponds to the BG or BU president.

The base commander is responsible for aiming at the position he is in charge of, directing various fire-firing squads, concentrating on one point and firing hard, allowing the aimers (experts) to strike the vitals with precision, blowing apart the hardest bunkers and capturing the high ground with the least cost. This corresponds to the SPDT general manager and the head of the systems department.

Wang Tengfei.

Why do we want to eradicate mediocrity? At West Point, all freshmen have four things they must keep in mind: they are not allowed to lie, cheat, or steal, and they are also not allowed to do so by those around them. It is easy to do so yourself without lying, cheating, or stealing, so why should you also ask those around you not to lie, cheat, or steal? Because as a team, it is essential to maintain consistent values, and if one of them violates them, then the whole culture of the team will degenerate and spiral downward.

So not only must we ourselves always be in wartime shape, always fighting and always ready to fire, we must also ensure that our entire organization is always in wartime shape, one gun for the whole battalion! The “one gun for the whole battalion” emphasizes the consistency of culture and the consistency of combat direction.

Not only do we have to stop slacking ourselves, but we have to make sure the entire organization doesn’t slack off. This is why we have to eradicate mediocrity, not only ourselves to eradicate mediocrity, but also to always be vigilant, eradicate the mediocrity inside the team, only then, our culture will not degenerate, our fighting spirit will be high, we can be single-minded, concentrated, force out of a hole, to a city gun muzzle charge, dare to shine, dare to kill, and ultimately will be able to seize the high ground of victory.


The problem is obvious, the current major industries have reached a bottleneck in development, the supervisors at all levels have lost the wolfishness of building success and have turned to be philosophical, from “attacking” to “defending”, fearful, serious burden of thought, defeating themselves to bear the consequences, even if they have fought Winning the war and what, because a bunch of “success and fame” in front of the predecessor as a mountain in front, they will not have much change, why bother?

So the current focus is on “operation”, “highlights”, rather than the business itself, not “contribution”. Therefore, the emergence of more transactional, operational type of the best people, resulting in more labor, internal tossing, and daily meetings.

I think this is the request of Mr. Ren from the top to the bottom, from the authorities to the local rapid elimination of the last, rapid promotion, all oriented to the current contribution, not just the historical contribution. But how difficult it is to revolutionize their own lives. I see only the results of strong application, such as Japan AT commitment, no objective reasons, no sentiment, the upper level of severity, is bound to drive the whole.

Wei Zizhen.

At present, we face a difficult environment, we must do our own muscles and bones strong, so that we can withstand external pressure, in order to be more healthy and the company together through the difficulties; from their own positions, identify mediocrity, remove the south Guo, is to make all the team’s personnel hands sticky mud, sticky mud is to make Mr. South Guo has nowhere to hide, and eventually removed from our backbone team.

In addition, each team should have their own discussion of the victory criteria, and can be their own team victory criteria out by the surrounding departments or higher departments open, and can accept any challenge, for the victory criteria do not meet the standard, to re-open the discussion know that the standard so far, on this basis can also exercise the team, but also to further strengthen our muscles and bones. Iron needs to be hard!

Han Chaolun.

The current situation in addition to get rid of mediocrity, advocating changes in the work atmosphere is also very important, in the process of continuous change and optimization, there will certainly be a variety of so-called vacuum areas, some things temporarily can not find the person responsible for the situation will arise, if this time we are still stuck in their own work interface, look at their own scope of responsibility, rather than everyone reach out to take the initiative to fill the gap in the combination, then this combination of problems will always be very difficult to get change.

We have too many people are buried in their own boundary work, reluctant to step out of the step, so now in the company to solve even a small problem, basically involves all aspects, involving a lot of departments and responsible for communication, efficiency is too low, some simple things can not be simple, the mail transfer is not a person to solve. This situation must be changed, otherwise organizational adjustment, or even some employees transfer and leave, will leave more or less empty space, resulting in organizational internal consumption.

The front-line strugglers.

  1. firm support to get rid of mediocrity, through the input of new blood, to replace the vitality of the organization, to enhance combat effectiveness, there may be a certain degree of difficulty and even pain in the process, but the organization is absolutely beneficial.
  2. In the implementation process, it is recommended that the management, especially the decision-making power, to be on the ground, hands in the mud, not through the campaign, or just listen to reports to make judgments. Avoid deviations in the implementation, to establish the correct orientation. In the past few years, the penalty of three glasses of wine has become a buzzword, and it is necessary to seriously consider the negative impact of similar symbolic penalties on the team and the establishment of a “bad example”. Avoid this “black box” operation, in the implementation of the scripture read the wrong situation.
  3. Short-term identification of personnel to activate the organization, but for the long term or from the organization and management processes to sort out how to simplify management. Get rid of these mediocre survival of the soil. Sort out clearly the responsibilities of people and posts, as well as weighing, to avoid complementing each other, complementing is the most wasteful efficiency and easy to give mediocrity space to survive.

The establishment of many of our new organizations, in fact, are complementary to the existing organizations, the company 5 years, 10 years of work is so much, why then do not need so many organizations? Now after all kinds of disguised orientation, there is no “bright spot”, there is no way to report, there is no “organization” is no bearing.

The continuous expansion of internal demand makes the organization more and more huge, and also makes the organization and positions being filled easy to breed mediocrity. In the first 10+ years, especially in recent years, our organization has changed, and the demands of customers are much smaller than the various demands that our company has tossed out internally. I remember five or six years ago, most of the starting point of any organizational and personnel adjustments is how to serve customers and enhance business, but more in the front line to pass out is “xx leadership (the first three rows)” so thought. A variety of “fancy” or “movement” will be seen around the world, suddenly like a spring breeze to ……

  1. although always say listen to the voice of the front line, the authorities to serve the front line, but also can not remember since when, now all the actions, requirements, changes, feel from the “top” guidance, there are a few is the total proposed to the ground? There are still a few local chiefs who dare to really voice their opposition in the General Assembly. This in itself is an anomaly.

In the first two years, when the case was over-packaged, why did the frontline look funny, but the report at the local general meeting was often very successful? Is it that our “big members” really do not understand the business, or the so-called “report”, are more senior big brother approved, resulting in the “big members” can only agree, back to the front line After, there is a rational thinking finished saying we mean under, are considered good, how much and form a movement, after a while found that the company is not concerned, then suspend it.

I really hope that the company this time with the boss’s request, down to earth, clean up the rotten flesh, get rid of mediocrity, activate the organization, really start from a layer of organization, really implement, two feet in the mud, not to go to a trip to the front line out once, you can draw conclusions. Otherwise, it will lead to the front line, fearful and tired of internal reporting, cope with the internal, in the process of getting rid of mediocrity, and create another kind of mediocrity.

Looking forward to reproduce the year of the customer focus, simple to do the organization, the victory is to raise a glass to celebrate, the defeat is to die to save.

wedwine, I share my experience: 1.

  1. X years of non-Huawei communications / IT background, 04 years of social recruitment into Huawei, 15 years + of expansion experience, engaged in solution sales.

2004 to now, has been held in a highly hyperactive state (until the beginning of 12 years, sleep turned good). Performance has never had a B, two company-level gold individual, one boss commendation order, three + regional department president commendation order, many major project awards.

  1. “Product Manager + Account Manager” mixed role, overcame the most difficult customer relationships, the most difficult to take the project, to develop the most critical gap in the market, time and time again card opponents.
  2. After N years of hard work, I feel that it is time for me to be identified and promoted, but not.
  3. later saw the promotion of colleagues I know, its ability and performance are not as good as mine, was very shocked, very frustrated, I thought the supervisor would recommend me. For this reason depressed for a long time.
  4. I was told that you, a woman + age over 35 +, the company needs men. But I think I struggle as much as men, there is no difference at all.
  5. I deeply reflect that the biggest problem is that not stored slip pat horse. I saw some people around the leader, dinner and drinks. At that time, I thought, “I’m tired of patting customers’ asses, do I have to serve my own people, it’s not necessary.
  6. decided to take the expert route, completely according to the company process, no relationship, no greeting, break five levels, one layer of defense to the fifth level, open expert study, share the experience of playing the project, after layers of evaluation, through the company-level expert appointment process. (Unlike the management post appointment, HR will take the initiative to help you go through the process, expert positions, no one for you to worry about and planning, and supervisor relationship is not good, and will not actively help you recommend).

But then I saw a lot of a lot of broken promotion, relying on the team to support a PPT, support a few important provinces TOP high-level exchanges, directly over the get the expert recognition. Feel their own process to go so hard ah.

Then later, I resigned myself to the fate. Although, I think I am still very young, the state is okay, but now the organizational system design, but also no opportunity to show their hands, to achieve their dreams back then: to lead a larger team, to make a greater contribution.

In Huawei, perhaps there are countless people’s experiences like me, leaving behind the sweat of youth here, the years passed, leaving only memories, and finally had to succumb to destiny it ~

Zhang Chao.

At present, the biggest problem in the middle cadres, many people have no “blood”, many people want to do “match their rank” position, to do the so-called match their rank behavior, in fact, is to take themselves as cadres, the official master, not In-depth investigation and study of the actual needs of the business, only on. 2.

On the other hand, I also say that they have no choice but to say things: many cadres do not like the leadership does not say, the leadership does not recognize the leadership does not do, the leadership misunderstood also do not clarify, because once said for example, leading to leaders have a conflict, the so-called “Gods fight, the fish in the pond”, the interests of the entire department staff is a kind of “Protection”, rather than a peace, or let other departments to reveal. Such a situation even if which the superiors are really hardworking, how can know the front line, know exactly what the specific work that hand is thinking?

  1. to be honest, really disappointed, the upper beam is not correct, the lower beam is crooked, once the middle class to do so, the middle and lower levels, the bottom of the staff how to think? How to do? The current organizational climate is very problematic.
  2. to say that the advice, Ren’s advice is very clear: wartime state should have the appearance of wartime state, to rectify the wind.

Alita Battle Angel.

The first half of the year has seen several “hilarious” incidents about this, and the CBU should think about these individual incidents to map the long-term haphazard recruitment of personnel behind the scenes.

It has been 2 years since the change of blood? Still based on the facts, Huawei also has good, the industry also has a good. See too many in order to recruit and recruit, as long as there is a BAT label, it is haphazardly graded, need not need to be stuffed into. I think if you really want to bring in industry leaders, you should bring in a CBU AT members level of industry leaders, than recruit a bunch of overpay senior minions effective.

And, as soon as possible, integrate the offline team to form a synergy, do not waste time, and do not always play their own little calculations. If the public cloud is dead, the private cloud will not live long; if the private cloud is dead, the public cloud will die even faster! Don’t get caught up in the bull’s eye of the public cloud. Look higher and aim for “customer digital transformation”.

From this perspective, is it really necessary for public and private to fight like this? And, the three no strategy is not a little too narrow! Suggest that Huawei Cloud reorganize and export their value proposition, and talk about what we do! The ultimate rescue of Huawei cloud must be a deep understanding of Huawei cloud current problems, but also open to absorb the outside world “valuable” information on Huawei cloud people with feelings!

By the way, the future welink live please open to the whole company, not just the CBU internal, learn from other product lines! CBU is not supposed to be the most open. In the future, send less of those garbage marketing posters and soft articles. More dry goods to serve several large enterprises, than writing more paragraphs are valuable!

Life should be simple to be good.

Suggest that the regional department head is best not to the front line, because the regional department head are big leaders, big leaders means not to do specific work, just a long speech, pointing fingers, as long as they do not come is the biggest non-disturbance, once they come, brothers will have to rush through the night to report PPT, arrange to see customers, of course, the representative still expects to show more performance in front of the regional department leadership.

Too much money.

  1. hope to say that those organizations need to be slimmed down, which overlap, a Middle Eastern business sector how many departments, does it take a few months to count the clear?
  2. regional department director do not disturb the people, in order to increase the number of times to see the war nuclear customers and will be an event split into multiple meetings, a regional has done such a thing, the director does not know what his subordinates are doing, the director himself to be dismissed.
  3. don’t engage in local protectionism, the regional department of the people in the region’s flow must go to the region’s representative office?
  4. there are several 18 + high-end did not integrate, write out. In the end what is integrated and what is not integrated, do not come up all foreign experts are not integrated, do not recommend throwing this pot to them.

To tell the truth hot mouth.

Human energy is limited, the law of survival is also strongly related to personal values, many practical people are not good at making false claims, not good at fighting with people who have no lower limits, Huawei’s soil whether in the front line or organs is easy to grow selfishness, no moral bottom line arrogance, the first step should be to think about how to put these no professional skills, no substantial contribution, only by grabbing other people’s achievements, all day Just know to engage in a variety of relationships to identify people out.

I once saw a XX, not doing the right thing, looking for people to chat at work, but very proficient in all kinds of interpersonal relations, such people are very popular, right? Who can identify? Who is responsible for identifying?

Gas mileage is a little high.

The company (in fact, the boss) to have this kind of determination, the various masses say a lot of right: 1.

  1. some product lines in recent years to upgrade too false, and now people redundant, through the transfer of project managers to other product lines, to do a specialist, in fact, any demand decomposition analysis can not do, is a pull through. Project manager pull through is still understandable, 7 se are 18+ are pulling through, and then together to butt a 14 level and several cooperation work. These se should be realistic to do the requirements, write the program, code, can’t do it and get out. The reality is that the living is not bad, touching the heart.
  2. like 1 in the mention, the number of too much, more honest and willing to contribute to the students actually a variety of interests do not grow fast. Suggestions can really identify the real contributors, and muddlers. But moving yourself against yourself is possible?

Very worried that this is just a campaign to find some so-called mediocre employees pad, and these will only pull through, packaging, with the so-called network of so-called experts se still happy waiting for each New Year to come big money into the pocket.

Xue Wujun.

  1. the company is in a wartime state, to achieve victory in 3~5 years, the cadre is crucial. The cadre is to lead the team to charge and fight under the company’s strategy, so the cadre must come from the battle, to have successful experience, to dare to grow in adversity sustained charge. Out of the battle no desire to fight, no combat cadres to give way. To insist on all evaluations of employees based on efforts to fight, contributions, future success, training to identify future generals.
  2. How steel is made, only steel knows. The company is currently in the best time in its history, based on 3 breakpoints, the company has a new and broad development space in the future, and it is very worthy of every person’s full commitment to fight for it. Right now, the most important thing is to survive and ensure business continuity. The U.S. can no longer give us better policies than the current one, but only worse, so be fully prepared. As a frontline listing team for inverter business, we have to work closely with R&D and marketing, fight together on the frontline, refine the rhythm of each product listing certification, AC switching rhythm, and project delivery rhythm to ensure a smooth market and accomplish the growth target.

Monyon cherishes the blessing.

Having studied the company’s documents again, and especially having read many of the follow-up posts, I was touched by.

  1. over the years the business scale growth, indeed, is to cover up our operation of many problems, some are not assimilated, wise employees have found a lot of problems, and have a very big dissatisfaction opinion, we the old staff can not be accustomed to, to think about change. These two years, the business growth slowed down, the tide receded to expose the people who did not wear pants.
  2. see the problem, also surfaced the opportunity to improve, to use the company’s business this time the strategic contraction and consolidation of the timing, do a good job of cadres cleanup and change, to ensure that when the business resumes growth, we are stronger. Strongly agree with the article’s proposed metric for cadres: contribution. This greatly simplifies the evaluation process, and the cleanup will be good to operate.
  3. cadre optimization work, both the responsibility of the hand of each organization, but also to emphasize the top to bottom consistent to do, forming a huge company-wide voice, so that each of us are subject to the historical trend of experience.

Peng Quyen/338920.

The company has emphasized entropy reduction for many years, and I hope that this time there is a tangible effort to implement the cadre strategy mentioned in the document: the focus is on eliminating cadres who contribute less and promoting those who contribute more. After reading the follow-up posts of the masses, I think the company’s operation and management is very bureaucratic, if not full of holes, and it’s time to change.

As a team leader and AT director of CBG Finance, I, like many middle-level officers, have to accept the cadres’ evaluation and inspection by my superiors on the one hand; on the other hand, I have to do a careful review of the team cadres under my responsibility, including: whether the cadres are selected and motivated according to their contributions, whether the cadres (Nanguo) and employees with insufficient contributions are cleaned up, and whether the personnel with great contributions but not enough experience are promoted. People are the company’s most core assets, to put a lot of energy into this area to.


Posting orientation and principles are clear, follow up comments sharp, straight to the heart! Especially “experts are not specialized”, “focus on customer interface weighting is not enough” and other issues are a direct response to the “blood change” urgently. As a front-line grassroots supervisor of MSSD, we need to reflect on ourselves and improve immediately: we cannot be “too soft-hearted” mentally and dare to manage the team. Business “on their own” is the best demonstration, especially in the EM market to raise the requirements for themselves; team management, after clear objectives, dead-end structural problems in the process of rapid identification and adjustment of the team structure, clear elite + elite + staff composition label, identify “pseudo-experts “, and intensify the implementation of “localization”.

Too many nicknames will not do.

Compared with the Internet, the company’s management of cadres is too benevolent and mild, especially the cadres with mediocre ability, lack of aggressiveness and mental depravity mixed in the organization, bringing a lot of inefficiency and negative workload. What they look forward to most is New Year’s Day every year, after the first and a few million to hand, this mentality of people do not say that with the team to win the war, even to subordinates can not do the basic example. The so-called elimination of 10% each year also needs to be re-examined, many people change the hill as usual all the way up.

President of Horseshoe Hill Piece Federation.

(within the company) officials protect each other, has long been rotten! Agree with the boss, engaged in the majority of half a year, only to adjust the 13 cadres, so gentle? How to make the grassroots believe that the company is determined to move the real thing? First really open to kill dozens of mixed leadership cadres, the company’s internal open competition for jobs, public announcement out! Than all day long to issue documents, shouting slogans, the effect is a hundred times stronger! If this continues, the grassroots heart, like the vast majority of Chinese rural farmers, the heart of the village cadres, has long been cold! Slogans shouted loudly! Not see a few Mr. Nan Guo type senior cadres were dealt with down!

Blue blood ten robbery.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Or are they working on trustworthy ppt, trustworthy exams, trustworthy reporting, trustworthy propaganda, trustworthy progress acceptance assignments ……? We really want to do software trustworthy, or to “trustworthy” as a gimmick, placement ass, promotion and wealth?

2, the office is the hardest hit, cto office at all levels is basically nothing to do are classified in it, is a hodgepodge of various roles. Really insulted the CTO this number!

Time time.

The boss’s previous posting said rightly.

  1. the regular job must have the ability to strategic insight and combat decisiveness, to dare to attack. The people who are courteous, gentle, respectful and frugal, and have nothing to do, and the more they grasp, the finer they are, are not suitable for the job. The key is in action.
  2. The main position must have a clear understanding of the company’s strategic direction and a thorough planning of the work. Having a clear direction and strict organization are not contradictory.

We now have a lot of such a position, literate, gentle and respectful, afraid to offend people, afraid to speak the truth, management is not oriented, beard and eyebrows a grasp, especially the front line has such a position, that is simply a disaster, one like a headless fly, can not lead the team to win the war!

Trapped in the shallows.

Company management, on the whole, is still very good, but the main problems are as follows.

  1. easy post easy pay easy grade completely not implemented, the middle boss also issued a text, but in fact never implemented. This leads to a large number of people who have struggled overpay. 2.
  2. treat B as C in the treatment. A normal team, there should have been a large number of down-to-earth work of the people, this part of the people should be recognized, may be the treatment may be slower to improve, and even have a ceiling, but should not be eliminated as the object.
  3. many positions weighing seriously high. The actual dry is the summary of the distribution of secretary-type work, but the grade is super high. The company exists a large number of experts and management cadres, the actual work content is the summary distribution, one does not specifically lead major projects, two do not consider how to support the battle, but blind command blind decisions, looking for a sense of existence. Or only their own KPI code decomposition after desperately oppressing subordinates, a will be accomplished by ten thousand bones.
  4. management does not distinguish between staff and combat troops. Staff is to honestly do their jobs can. The level should not exceed 16 levels. Some people are willing to live an ordinary life in such a position, down to earth to do the essential work, with enough salary to live a modest life, a stable professional skilled staff team, the company is very good for individuals.

Some are combat teams, combat teams should be strictly limited to only those who really create value, such as: development positions, testing SE, MKT, etc., or real food production, such as: the actual combat to take a single sales, delivery personnel (the kind just statistics summary does not count).

The combat team is result-oriented, success or failure, compensation is also result-oriented, success will go to heaven, defeat will only take the base salary. Staff positions and combat teams can be freely rotated, combat troops tired of applying for transfer to do staff, staff want to build a successful career can also apply to join the combat troops, but easy to post and easy to pay. Can not take the once halo to the staff team to continue to enjoy high pay.

  1. grade expansion is very powerful, especially in the last 5 years, the grade expansion itself is very serious, coupled with a variety of broken, locomotive incentive, many broken is actually pseudo-broken, dwarf in pulling the general, the target down, no matter whether there is also have to get a top up.

But in fact, according to the company’s standards, level 5 experts (19 levels) basically have to be well-known experts in the industry, the industry’s leading experts. Our level 5 experts, how many of them out of the company, the industry can be called by name? What is their contribution in the industry? Not to mention the industry, that is, within the company, how much contribution is really his own original contribution? Or just the credit of subordinates aggregated on their own body?

  1. the management organization is stacked with a variety of managers. On the one hand, this results in complex internal reporting relationships and unclear responsibilities, and on the other hand, the organizational hierarchy is too high and the decision-making chain is too long and inefficient. Take the representative office, a manager under the direct management, many are less than 5 people, some even on 2 people, that is to say, 3 people are a leader, 2 is a soldier, and then so form a pyramid. xx grassroots staff – xx minister – xx delivery (sales) VP – xx BG minister – representative, a representative office has 5 levels.
  2. The war of the squad leader is not really on the ground. Should be in addition to the front-line combat troops, all other support organizations, including managers at all levels, everything is to support the war on food service, the squad leader should be responsible for the results. But in reality, various internal controls, approvals, redundant processes, squad leaders are busy with a variety of internal promotion, a variety of internal reporting up. There is no time to meet customers and gain insight into their needs. Sometimes I feel like it’s really fucking hard to do something for the company, just like playing Contra, it’s too hard to go all the way through (all the internal masters). It is much harder to fix the internal than to fix the customer.

Harry Potter and A-cup.

It is said that now in wartime, the first-line compliance building is very important, the results of a compliance, work on a grassroots, direct orders, management of the mother of six: sub director, compliance officer, quality operations minister, CFO, corporate deputy CFO plus the local COO; this does not count representatives, the regional department line management these in-laws. No matter what we do, we have to report and inform the above six people, and then all kinds of pull through, benchmarking, a bunch of minutes, all kinds of copy, which is really inefficient.

In my opinion, compliance only needs to retain the sub director responsible for resource pulling through, at most add a compliance officer or CFO is sufficient. The others should be killed, especially the authorities, regional departments parachuted in the deputy CFO and other brush presence, if you can not take responsibility, can not perform their duties, what is the use of staying?

Viewpoint two: with the determination to change the blood of the cadre, but also to have the courage to move the real thing and dare to meet the difficulties of the work team, AT and HR at all levels should be bold enough to take responsibility and dare to move the knife.

I have recruited.

Read so many comments, in fact, everyone in the company is clear what the current situation is, even a few years ago it is clear what the problem is in the end. Before the company every year to send a heartfelt summary of the problem, the results are still more problems than a year, why? Because everyone is a clear-cut, are not willing to do the work of offending people.

In fact, HR is the earliest department to conduct the examination of the military commander, and Lvke also mentioned some progress in his reply, can these progress be made after data processing? Can these progress be made public after data processing and give the company a lead? This is also the best opportunity for HR to exercise and prove its professionalism.

Is the index of the business department only set for the sake of the index, whether it is beneficial to the long-term development of the organization, whether it can effectively support the development of business, etc., instead of just a clerk. Zhao Gang-style political commissar is also trained in this environment, both to ensure support for Li Yunlong to win the war, but also to unite the team, adhere to the principles of the party, leading the team out of the sweeping encirclement.

Walking Fatso.

We need Li Yunlong-type cadres, the first-line officers do not seek to blame all, business ability to be strong, the results of job responsibilities is the main basis for evaluation, but the bottom line can not be lost, the core values can not be lost; at this time, there is a greater need for Zhao Gang-style political commissar, our HRD to take on more important responsibilities to help the first-line officers, the implementation of the company’s policy guidelines, adhere to the principles, in the selection and identification of cadres, the atmosphere We should provide professional advice to the first-line officers in the areas of cadre selection and identification, atmosphere creation, talent introduction and construction, etc.

Only when the wind is clear can the gas be right, the chief officer still needs to have personal charisma, so that a vote of brothers will play hard to work with you. It is suggested that HRD or Cadre Department select a group of expert cadres from business departments who know business, deeply understand the company’s core values, and deeply understand the company’s human resources management and cadre management policies, and fill up various departments of HRD.


To be honest, while removing mediocrity internally, while also may have been recruiting “mediocrity”, which itself is a common problem in large enterprises, but if we do not cure the source, more rectification is also in the muddy water. Recruiting to get an A, layoffs and then get an A, this is not a joke. Recruiting well to rectify it. Also well rectify all levels of personnel hiring.

The chief officer’s right to life and death is too large, and there is no even if the business does not develop, but also can not just recruit a person bad “a pot of porridge” vigor. What kind of people can engage in recruitment, how to engage in recruitment? Not do HR know how to know people; not work for 20 years to know how to use people; not everything know how to find the “grip”, can produce results of people must be suitable for layer by layer up.

Every day, there are several cadres appointed to the public, attached to the cadres of the eight articles of content. I actually want to know if someone feedback that a certain cadre does not meet, and then a cadre is therefore brushed off? These will not tend to be more and more formal, and ignore the essence. Indeed, not many people are willing to “cause trouble”. What about the customers?

Delivery of pawns.

Why all levels of AT are mentioning the elimination of management positions in the staff of the subsequent professional qualifications to obtain? This is not the typical and mud? For all levels of elimination down the management of the big brother, the post is very easy to obtain know? Let’s see what kind of people are the judges of the professional posts? Get a level 6 and above may be a little difficult, but mixed with a level 5 that is still a matter? The big boys have been mixed for so many years, which judges do not know? Which judge to say hello not to give face? Unless all levels of professional service judges are replaced by a rotation can make everyone feel that there is no underhanded operation, or it is difficult to convince the public.

It is strongly recommended that the elimination is eliminated, immediately grade down three levels, people post immediately match up. When the junior soldiers to go or internal human resources market to find the job after the reduction of three levels to go, can not find the dismissal away, effective immediately. Also what to examine 8 months to see if you can get professional qualifications, that is the protection of the eliminated, the company’s irresponsibility, and mud, stirring up muddy water.

On the basis of what makes us so many grassroots strugglers, solid contributors to support them for 8 months? To let everyone know that Huawei’s officials are not so good as, no two moves do not sharpen the head to try to scamper up. The higher the scamper, the harder the fall. Let the capable and truly awesome cadres lead the sustained struggle to win the battle and recreate a new Huawei three years later.

Blue-blooded ten robbery.

Unqualified cleanup from the regular position, you can go directly to the internal labor market to find a job, the organs squeezed out of the cadres of experts, is to the internal labor market, and then form a death squad to the battlefield.

See a variety of measures are left enough time to wait for the elimination of personnel to obtain a competent position in office. Seemingly reasonable, in fact, is and mud, is for the elimination of cadres of special care and protection. Or, perhaps not intentionally protective, tolerate watching your an “old friend” eliminated after serving but once again disgraced? The company can not afford to wait, there is no time to play so many twists and turns.

Why do we have to wait for these people to competent expert post, specifically left expert post waiting for these people? Perennial experience and habits as an official, and their own circle of people …… estimated that it is difficult to transform like an ordinary soldier’s mentality! Even if you can, there is this waiting time, it is better to directly let the ready-made newcomers bear the weight! Even if you can, senior cadres should be more with a beginning heart, go to the job market to start over ah, this is the best way to get back on the job, no one! This is not an overly aggressive way, this is the road to nirvana ah.

I feel the need to excerpt the suggested way of dealing with eliminated personnel in the posting, the internal labor market. Not only do we need to spell the present, we need to plug the future. Many new people need to get more weighing experience now! In another five years, when this cadre comes to the point where they do have to retire, you will find that we have no one to pick up the slack! Young people with dreams and abilities either can’t afford to wait and have already left; or at the right time did not get to exercise to accumulate experience. How to build a “new Huawei era” when you miss this “strategic contraction period” and do not have a good reserve of energy to reactivate the organization and expand the development?

Cao Zhuibin.

At present, the Ministry of Northern Africa from the regional department to the representative office in the abolition of overlapping departments, management positions re-examination, the process of setting, also revealed some specific problems, mainly because I am not determined, sometimes too much consideration of the so-called temperature, such as: demotion is not a demotion, unqualified cadres to adjust but not easy to post easy salary easy level; management positions are no longer available, part of the organization is deformed to set a lot of “expert posts”, these expert posts of the post weighing also basically around the original management positions floating up and down the grade, change a vest continues to exist.

Another dimension, these extrusion derived from the “expert post” is also easy to the real expert post impact and impact, whether there will be “bad money expel good money” phenomenon is also worthy of attention and discussion.

In addition, our human resources and HRD at all levels should be a good “blue army”, a good organizational probe and sensor, good at finding problems, dare to raise their hands, dare to speak the truth, not afraid to offend people, organizations at all levels, teams should be able to accommodate different voices, different opinions, do not require the general alignment of fingers, ” Crooked date” can also be developed.

Hair style finally fixed into bald: 1.

  1. before, we wanted to implement: “employees to supervisors to pay bonuses (anonymous system), according to the supervisor of the project, the support and contribution of employees judged”. Then the idea was killed in the cradle because it was too “rebellious”.

Now the ATs are being put up to air, which is a huge step forward. But it is still important to have order, data transparency and supervision (several of the company’s supervisors are not very successful – the secretariat, HR and CFO; Zidong is still relatively reliable). It is also important to avoid AT members acting recklessly, haphazardly, and falsely in order not to be mediocre.

  1. In addition, the Cadre Department should take a closer look. With so many ATs sent up, how many AT members are even-handed and cannot even follow the most basic rules written in black and white, where exactly did it go wrong. A glimpse of a leopard, the cadre department is really to think about how to operate this piece up.

Huawei people who love to struggle.

If HR has long been in cahoots with the supervisor, how can you tell if the supervisor is promoting the next layer of cadres that still have value?

Yes, internal reform should indeed be encouraged. But now the upward feedback channel is only the voice of the heart this fragmented fragmentary information, how can organize a complete organization situation the whole picture? The rotten roots of the existing organization do not know to which layer, do not know to which level of the department. Organizational climate survey of the failure, how can accurately judge and decisively wield the knife?

Employees do not feel the hope of the current organizational development at all. Loss of confidence in the environment gives a deep sense of fear and helplessness, the big knife to any person, it is difficult to regain confidence. He cut down the supervisor really mediocre? She promoted the staff really practical? It is not clear at all. Grassroots employees can see many problems, are they all afraid to believe?

Blue blood ten robbery.

Knives in the hands of the “bad guys”, or to change from the top down ah. Now see all in the dry grassroots! Some of the so-called cadres eliminated from the management post, either a deputy minister, or surprisingly publicly issued a document appointing the chief expert. The line of authority has not changed at all, or hidden managers.

I think the company still has to be rooted to a few business to see, every time the idea is right, but the implementation of the level of things straight poke down really can not control. I think it’s better to start with those more crummy net business. Dead horse, try the measures mentioned in the article. Some departments and positions are now really “old cadres nursing home”!

Viewpoint three: to come up with practical improvement measures to identify the “South Guo” mixed in the team of personnel, to force the identification and adjustment of mediocre and precipitated personnel, and do not let the struggling grassroots staff and new employees take the blame.


Feel a little funny, the boss of the whole speech did not say the age of the problem, but once to the cadres of the Ministry of this side always take the age of the matter, understanding that it must be young? Montgomery’s real military prowess was after 1937, when he was already in his 50s, and almost 60 when he commanded the Normandy landings in 1944.

The study minutes of the cadre department contradicts itself in Article 3, while saying that it is necessary to rejuvenate, there is talk of looking for Montgomery (but Montgomery was already in his 50s when he really took up the big responsibility, not young). So according to this logic, our company is very difficult to find the real Montgomery, because our “Montgomery” has not yet reached the time to really play the talent, most of them have been discouraged and not renewed on the grounds of age.

Laughing at history’s wounds.

I come in and read this post once a day, a few interesting points.

  1. from the very beginning by the General Cadre Department on behalf of the posting, after Luke reminded changed to AT themselves, but many posters are not AT members. less than a handful of AT director posting (did not count, feel).
  2. not enough to say a thousand things, 10%, the capable, the mediocre, qualifications, cadres to experts, the repeated creation of sentences of key words, combined with their own business not many.
  3. shouting slogans are not a few, change the name of the country are no sense of inconsistency. Neatly shouting the same thing, regardless of whether it is a large team or a small team.
  4. about the word count, personally, I do not feel entangled in 100 words, but write a long piece is exaggerated. Eliminate the false words and slogans, eliminate the narrative class table of merit,,200 words within the absolutely absolutely enough.
  5. look at the comments more interesting, many students hit the nail on the head, the level is very high. But there are people there are rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes there are politics, it is difficult.
  6. how to measure the effect, how to resolve the ground, do not “campaign a wind, blowing over the no trace”, I generation of small soldiers are very concerned, looking forward to the follow-up.

Objective view.

Daring to give Ren some advice ha, the boss of some cadres may have had some good impressions many years ago, or have some war heroes, and sometimes directly into a position, such as in some organs of the department of the second layer of the president or minister of such a position, in fact, some cadres after many years has long been nan Guo, and put into important positions, he / she a layer of supervisors do not dare how to manage, the heart are It is clear that this person is a nan Guo old jianghu, very poor, not pragmatic, but do not dare to move, folk often legend who who who has someone behind the back, and even some upper-level cadres deliberately pack such a nan Guo, to prove that the above is right.

We all believe that the boss’s insight and ability to read people, but many people are subject to change, many years ago a little credit or hard work, can not prove to be able to meet the requirements of the new post, plus the boss and the top people are concerned about so many things every day, there is not much energy to look at a comprehensive or several people, a wrong person into an important position, often no one dares to move, these people are often foxes, plus There are people who specialize in packaging him / her, this scenario will be the biggest difficulty in identifying cadres of the South Guo type, while the impact on the atmosphere of the organization is fatal, we are more than to see who the background hard.

Of course, this may be some cases, one or a few points of the problem, we hope not to let this point to point to lead the surface to become a piece. After all, cadres are different from ordinary employees, cadres are below a large or small team, the problem is already a piece of the problem.

Songshan Lake temporary workers.

The chaotic world with a heavy code, but only to clean up the mediocre and idle cadres of experts is not enough, as long as the field that gave birth to these idle and mediocre cadres of experts is still there, the later will always go before and after.

  1. break up gangs and inbreeding, eradicate the “followers” of the soil, the most easily mediocre and lazy environment: in addition to the lowest level of grassroots supervisors, cadres can not be promoted to serve in the upper level of the organization, eliminated cadres can not be experts in the original post belonging to the upper level of the organization; the same management position unless it is early Unless eliminated or promoted in advance, the shortest term of office is 2 years and the longest is 6 years. The cadres in existing positions that do not meet the above principles are adjusted for a limited period.
  2. speak people speak the truth, eradicate bureaucratic habits, reading the script machine is laziness: internal reporting materials by the reporter directly in charge, the supervisor of the defense materials and learning experience to write their own, routine reporting content no more than 1 page of A4 paper, the annual report no more than 3 pages of A4 paper. The summary report itself is the process of organizing ideas, this thing are outsourced or can not do, but also not mediocre and lazy? Such reporters, listeners, accompanied by the reporters, accompanied by listening to the reporters are mediocre and lazy fellow travelers.
  3. real money, eliminate fake performance, let the lazy and mediocre sweat: cadres and experts annual and monthly TOP3 key dry work content, personal contribution summary, appraisal for public, confidential content can play XX, open access to anonymous discussion. Start with the authorities, the real need to keep things confidential is not as much as some people say, anyway, not open gossip will be open.
  4. simplify the organizational structure of the stacked bed and house, the combination of decentralization and accountability, can not let go of the hands and feet had to be lazy: the PLA 2 million people only 87 military-level units, we have 200,000 people how many president-level ministries, not to mention other levels? Power is too scattered, in an environment like a coiled cave, not lazy and mediocre cadres and experts instead of surviving, want to officer deep sigh of powerlessness. Find a few lazy typical treatment, and soon grow a group. 5.
  5. cut the business that can never enter the top three in the industry: instead of smashing money is not necessarily done, it is better to directly invest strategically in domestic or non-A companies that have entered the top three in the industry. The more complex, the larger and less marketable the business scenario is, the more laziness and mediocrity will rise and fall.

The death of a company.

The wall has fallen down, and the generation of the recent chicken feathers, all kinds of hedonism, all kinds of false, big and empty curses poured in, but according to their own work experience in the organs, other representative offices, as well as the experience of colleagues from other representative offices, agreed that the generation of Germany is currently the most tired and painful representative office, is a person carrying the most responsibility at the same time the representative office, while of course the total number of overtime is the least representative office. As a grass-roots soldier, about the German generation of some of the problems, but also to talk about their own ideas: 1.

  1. Huawei’s employer brand in Germany is not very good, can not recruit Germans: it is said that the past three years can recruit fresh graduates not more than 10 people, only some elderly people, more than 40 years old before they are willing to come to Huawei, the mediocre under the able to recruit people can not do? Business is not dry? So some leaders do not move to say: this person does not work to kill him ah, leadership, ah, killed him and can not recruit people, you come to work? We need someone to work ah. And the German labor law is very strict protection, because we can not recruit young people, are some older, long service, the cost of layoffs is very high than the cost of a few years for nothing. And layoffs in the local impact is very bad, will further lead to the deterioration of the employer’s brand, more can not recruit new blood.
  2. recruited a small number of excellent local German graduates, can not live in Huawei: Huawei’s overall environment is a big change in three years, a small change in a year, a variety of policies change overnight. The German people are extremely rigorous planning, such as a variety of doctor’s appointment, rental, children’s birthday party, etc. are at least three months in advance booking planning, Huawei this environment, the leadership at any time want a report, a variety of small and large temporary meetings, work scope is sometimes changed frequently, they are completely baffled.

Deeply feel the culture shock. So they do not want to stay in Huawei. I asked a very good German employees, why do you want to leave Huawei, his official answer is: I hope to see more outside, and then after an in-depth conversation, people said Huawei project no structured management, responsibilities are not clear, often change, who as long as the first time to deal with the matter is who, the stronger the ability will be stuffed with more work, the person did not improve their own efficiency to receive more work And get more incentives, and finally had to leave.

  1. Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and other countries gradually become more employees: because of the first two problems, can not recruit local Germans, and then the representative office and mandatory requirements of the proportion of local foreign employees, had to recruit some people from other countries, these countries can not German level, external dialogue with customers do not have the advantage of German, internal and do not deal with Huawei a variety of complex processes, resulting in the use of these people In fact, the utilization of these people is not enough. And these people do project management level is sometimes not enough, they are not good at medium and long-term planning, too many temporary requirements, the German people are gradually squeezed out.
  2. Chinese local two skins: Huawei is a company from China, although it is said to be an international company, but the company’s senior management are basically Chinese, the majority of Chinese people upload and send down, the representative office of important meetings such as AT basically only Chinese to participate in many important decisions are also Chinese people to discuss decision-making, good managers will be informed to local staff, some people meeting is a meeting, the ground is another matter, the What to do what to do.

Local employees have poor perception and often wonder, “What are a bunch of Chinese people discussing in meetings? Never tell us, then tell us what to do, there is no adequate communication, do not thoroughly understand a thing, is very difficult to perform well, we will continue to do according to our way, and then say we do things badly, can not meet the requirements.

  1. the number of overtime is small: the total number of late-night checks by the ground several times found that the German generation of overtime is not much, I would like to say that the leadership is bent on recruiting local staff, replace the Chinese staff. Germany seems to labor law, 10 hours of continuous work will be 11 hours of continuous rest (the number is not necessarily accurate, but there is this statement) Chinese side all after 11 o’clock after work there are not many people ah (the least number of expatriate representatives, right).

It is said that the General Inspection found a local staff in Yemen working overtime, and made a lot of publicity, plus promotions and pay increases, in order to start a demonstration effect within the local staff, perhaps only for the war-torn countries starting point role it, for the Germans this method will only be met with complaints from the union. Because the first reaction of a German to hear this thing is that it is illegal. If the management level is not improved, then the local staff can not become the main force, then the more local employees, will only cause the associated Chinese side more tired, the perverted imbalance.

  1. one size fits all, outside all cut: leaders shout every day to improve efficiency to reduce the number of people how many how many, HC headcount card dead, the authorities of various changes account consistent, SmartOrder is not Smart at all, PO straight through, etc., the authorities of the construction of the highway even though it is very good, but the last kilometer of the country road or to repair the first line themselves, the last kilometer of the first line of operations layer is simply still people pulling shoulders Carry, business to go on, the work must be done.

Recruiting formal employees is no HC, the second is the future is not good with the high cost of layoffs, the third is the consultant card head not allowed to use, can only use outsourcing, and now outsourcing is not allowed to use, can only go business outsourcing, and then the organs of various white papers this can not be outsourced that can not be outsourced, the leaders, point a living road to the brothers ah.

  1. historical baggage problem: because of the German generation of historical baggage problems lead to bonuses are not, everywhere borrowing. Back to fill the pit of bad luck, the pit has not been filled, you enjoy enough in developed countries, but also to move their asses away, for example: the former former people dug a huge pit dash away FLM project, leaving five years can not fill the pit, and then the authorities various leaders all kinds of punishment to fill the pit of people, how do you ability so poor, signed a good contract back to talk about the next is so difficult? Yes, Europe is so concerned about the spirit of the contract, signed a contract others firmly in accordance with the contract is to talk back to the people do not give! How to let the pit-filler get rid of the burden of thought, how to properly evaluate the contribution of the pit-filler?
  2. the leadership of the management is only to take out the two words: reply to customer mail with mistakes, such employees do not take out is afraid to manage; because the company suffered BCM problems, the project team members to save the day, as far as possible to reduce the company’s losses, but customers a complaint about slow delivery will be disciplined this project PD to the end of the line. The former signed a huge loss contract, we have to talk back to the latter, did not talk back to the success of the direct kill. Huawei managers when can really improve the management level, not simply brutal will only kill the work of people.

We have many, many problems, but we are still very good, at least I am proud to fight in Huawei, Ren than my grandfather’s age is still struggling in the front line, accepting all kinds of media difficulties, history has never been a company can make the United States such as the world’s first power to pour the country’s strength, tear off the mask, lose the principle of fighting with it. We have to solve problems on the ground. The problems of the German generation over the years, the problems of history need to find the right direction, not overnight can change: the

  1. Improve the management level of managers and activate the local force: In Europe, we have to comply with European laws, including labor laws, and lose the simple and brutal management logic. Activate the fighting passion of local employees, not only refers to the capable on the mediocre, first of all, we must have the ability of structured management, fine management, give local employees a stable work interface and platform, we have clear goals, the goal of each position, SLA, clear methodology, only give financial indicators is simple and brutal do not understand the business management. Local employees in the case of clear responsibilities or combat power is very considerable. The local employees are fully used is the watershed to reflect the high level of management.
  2. the courage to get involved in the local staff to discuss strategic solutions, to improve the English level of Chinese managers, many times we do not get involved in the local staff to discuss solutions, probably because the English is not particularly good, so worry that the discussion is not sufficient. In fact, we are brave to discuss with local staff, they are very willing to get involved in the process, there is a process of involvement, in order to implement the goal of the same team neatly. It is better to have local employees in the middle and senior management.
  3. long-term employer branding, in the long run, or to be able to attract excellent graduates in the local area, in order to ensure that there is blood can be replaced. HR should work with business leaders to create conditions for the survival of excellent graduates. The fire is left, and then born.
  4. for the project team members with historical baggage, for the people who fill the pit, there should be objective evaluation, project evaluation award, not because the project is a loss-making project everything does not stick to the edge.
  5. the company is in such a critical situation, do not because of the boss a capable on, mediocre down on the bombardment of the campaign, identify the capable XX people on the top, identify mediocre XX people last eliminated. The boss gave us an instruction, need to establish a mechanism to operate, need to operate in the usual, identify the capable, is a continuous long process, if there is no capable also to find the capable, is not a thing that can be under the target.

If it becomes a kind of campaign, it will lead to not able people first, mediocre people under the go too quickly, may also lead to business fault. Imagine if AT promised to find 20 capable people, and finally found only 10, is it to find 10 more posing as capable people or to carry the blame for not fulfilling the target?

I am a small grassroots soldier, can not give the numbers, the above measures to form a mechanism, whether effective to see the mechanism, look at the direction, the specific several numbers do not matter.

Business minus.

A recent hot issue, is the age to retire without renewing the contract. I think this view itself is a mediocre point of view. Should let those mediocre people (afraid to take responsibility, and nothing to do) do not renew, no matter how young or old! What level of people have to do the corresponding difficult things, to do the corresponding results. Our organization both “since the ancient heroes out of youth” mode, while some important occasions complex events also really need “ginger or old hot” mode!

Some things are not just rely on the impulse to get it done, but need the years of sharpening and long-term experience, in order to handle properly. Just like a young fighter, as opposed to older fighters, the former has an advantage in physical strength and explosive power, the latter has an advantage in fighting experience and insight, the advantageous combination is conducive to the healthy and sustainable development of business!

Finger sword broken star river.

the transfer of the company’s supervisor is not transparent, Huawei all supervisor transfer and vacancies are black-box operation, through the supervisor to ask privately or personal relationship to find the way.

  1. whether the transfer of supervisors (supervisors transferred out of the old post, not necessarily to the new post as a manager, can first serve as an expert) and job vacancies transparent, such as the way the talent market, so that capable employees can also self-referral, expanding the sources of talent.
  2. the selection of candidates for supervisory positions, interviews and other processes through the video recording of the archives on the Internet, you can feel free to watch, comment, through a transparent way to prevent black box operation.

Sina official microblog.

Suggest that all the leaders report on the discussion class PPT, the leader himself must have direct output, the lower right corner to write the name! Fellow must personally undertake SPDT strategic planning materials, do not make yourself follow, dry mouth! Netflix department, 10 years not down the leadership to strengthen the assessment, or directly take down, fools know how you make the department into a netflix department! Grasp the review of 3 years to level 3, 4 years to level 4, public its self-assessment! The cadre public announcement in just a few sentences has a P use, which is posted on the self-assessment, a strict distinction between organizational contribution and personal contribution! Huawei has no shortage of excellent cadres, but also no shortage of black sheep! First mention these few, mention more will be exposed!

Objective view.

Remember before it seems to rise to level 17 need to have overseas experience, now there are too many no overseas experience, no business experience in HR, finance staff, support the leadership report, gently loose 21 level 20, there are 22 levels, you can comb down to see, have not been to the world, how can have a global view? Do not understand the business situation in each country, how can the authorities to develop policies that can be well landed? So people who do policy in the agency, and also have to have overseas work experience.

  1. we can not boldly break through the practice of cadres must be endogenous, open some new areas of senior management, middle management positions, the introduction of industry understanding to lead, currently see the president of the R & D system has not changed for so many years, all the old man, the market system, but the representatives, the ground general, especially the representative layer will always come up with some young and talented newcomers.

In some new areas of the future-oriented introduction of some industry business leaders, such as cloud, car, etc., to open up new horizons. If all endogenous cadres, the basic will also appear homogenization, innovation and creation of insufficient problems, the old cadres will also be lying in 10 years ago the book of merit for fear of making mistakes for fear of losing their hats and inevitably lazy and stagnant, because there are ass ah. Small-scale pilot open some areas of management post to the outside of the cattle, perhaps better?

  1. At the same time, it is recommended that you can also open some management posts internal competition, those who can, may not be the existing cadre system recommended layer by layer is the best, a layer of identification bias, layer by layer bias, it is likely to a South Guo packaging into a hero. Oriented objects and groups, try to open some cadre posts expert posts, to compete for jobs, perhaps the implementation of the advanced version of Montgomery landing, can really find some excellent future generals.

To cite an extreme and perhaps common example, an excellent employee, has the potential to be a general employee, and its direct supervisor does not deal with, then ta will be suppressed, the direct supervisor does not recommend, the above two layers of three layers more invisible, this talent will be buried, many cadres are willing to recommend listening to their own words of a good boy, but perhaps this good boy is not a great talent. With the cadres competition, even if many excellent molecules did not compete on, in the process he will be identified by the company’s various layers of Burroughs, which will help the establishment of the mechanism of talent generation.

Boredom for a while.

I think it is still necessary to sort out people and things one by one business, this proportional elimination of people is a kind of lazy governance and inaction, if all the cadres are in a sense of distrust to review, in fact, the impact is also all Huawei people, because the company is composed of layer by layer of people, this review is certainly layer by layer, no one can be alone.

In addition, most of the requirements of the cadres now are slogan-like, metaphysical requirements, such as first-line experience is typical of the theory of origin, but across the line, the first-line experience of the A product is not necessarily useful for the work of the B product organs and R & D work. Why people are complaining more and more now is that more and more cadres are turning across the line, and what we lack most is actually the technical expertise of cadres.

Trapped in the shallows.

  1. the boss speaks very well ah. Unfortunately, it’s a little late. Our management is too complex and produces too many managers. Business line, resource line, professional line, and all kinds of lines, and finally found that there are not many working, the leadership than working more. It is suggested that the cadre department can count how many managers have less than 10 direct appraisal objects. It can be said that less than 10 managers are considered to merge. Unfortunately, the first thing to cut in the front line is the grassroots work, such a complex management organization, but no one to clean up. I wonder who will do the work when our batch of work is gone?
  2. it is recommended that all 18-level and above personnel, all debriefing, to see the past three years, he did the work, whether he can afford his income. The report should be specific about what he specifically did, not generalized that I completed how many orders, in fact, every penny of these orders is his own completion, are completed by the following brothers. Or say XX project I am PD, in fact, he is hanging a name, the actual project is the following DPD in handling. In this way, we can see who is Mr. Southern Guo. In the end, I believe we will find that at least 80% or more, are Mr. South Guo.

Smoke Six Yao.

The biggest management advantage of the company for 30 years is strong execution, any document and spirit will be implemented and decomposed through AT layers, just like a process of wielding a whip, strategy and purpose are controlled by hand, although the starting point are direct hits on shortcomings and problems, but in the middle of the delivery is one after another displacement leading to deviation of the final result. How to identify mediocrity? If you do not understand this idea clearly from the first level AT, and then expect the second, third, fourth and so on AT to self-understanding and self-repair, it is not too difficult? The previous period has been examining the army commander, I think now we should test the commander first!

Boss lead, rotate to join, for the commander to give a proposition essay, 30 minutes to report clearly how to live to the end of the year, how to maintain absolute leadership in the case of extreme pressure, how to retain customers or ecology, how to identify and remove mediocrity at this level? Please gather around, score, make the definition of mediocrity clear and make an example, extend downward, first the upper level and then the lower level, first the authorities and then the front line, first the regional department and then the representative office, only the upper level and the authorities are clear, the final implementation will achieve the effect, is to live!

Wang Yingshuo/374794.

  1. cadre echelon construction is the foundation of the company’s sustainable development of stability, AT to really take responsibility for timely discovery of talent, training of talent, more critical is the output methodology to fight more heroes.
  2. on the issue of cadre turnaround, at this stage FLDP, 90-day turnaround and other tools and mechanisms are available, but sometimes limited to business needs, the landing is discounted, it is recommended that the follow-up efforts to increase the coverage of online classes, etc., first send the link to the new managers, to participate in on-site empowerment when the opportunity arises.
  3. what kind of person is Mr. Nan Guo, what kind of person is lazy? Now the boss speech is clearly mentioned is the contribution, we have to identify the mediocrity in the organization based on this point, timely and decisive incompetent management.

Rong Zhang/246736.

The company’s hope for the next few years starts with organizational activation. The external environment is so bad that the organization has the fighting power to go up against the current. Can the top positions of the company realize the campaign system? Open some positions out, let the campaigners put forward their work ideas, campaign through, HR will use the campaign promises to evaluate the managers, no need for HR to choose, and no need for AT to discuss themselves who should go and who should stay, the left-handed and right-handed choice, and finally all the forms.

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