Relying on cutting-edge technology to stimulate content tension, Zhongying enters the Metaverse track year by year

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The future of the Metaverse will change various forms of economic, cultural and social interaction, and Zhongying Niannian will continue to provide users with high-quality content experience in the new world of the Metaverse.

Metaverse is a new type of Internet application and social form that integrates multiple new technologies, virtual and reality, and is still in its infancy. In 2022, Zhongying, a comprehensive animation company, will enter the Metaverse track year by year. Since its establishment 12 years ago, China Film has devoted itself to technology research and development, content creation and IP incubation in the field of 3D animation year by year. It has accumulated rich experience and formed a complete content production process, which has become an important strength to enter the Metaverse track support.

Technology-driven “immersion”: hyper-real virtual images to expand business potential

In the virtual world, as the mapping of human beings in the virtual world, digital humans provide users with identity symbols to live in the virtual world. Therefore, the related technologies constructed with digital humans have become the basic elements of the Metaverse. China Film is devoted to technological innovation every year, and has more than 200 independent research and development technologies in 3D modeling, character motion capture, expression collection and real-time data transmission, 36 national software copyrights and “A Face Recognition for Expression Capture”. “System and Method” and other national patents, which can construct rich and detailed virtual characters and digital scenes. In the field of technology research and development, Zhongying Niannian has experienced a long-term accumulation, and will bring greater commercial potential in the future of Metaverse’s continuous development.

Content derived “artistic sense”: continuous incubation of high-quality IP provides strong support

Metaverse provides users with scene entrance, and its natural sense of immersion puts forward higher requirements for content quality and visual effects. When the content market tends to be fully competitive, the competitiveness of high-quality content will become more apparent. Zhongying Nian Nian has always been committed to producing high-quality content around excellent culture. It is very mature. It has the new martial arts series “Youth Song Xing”, the national tide cyber style “Xinjue”, the fantasy travel “Yuanlong”, the ancient style Xiuxian series. There are many representative works and IPs that are loved by fans, such as “I Am a God”, “The Bloody Sky” of the bloody battle, and the “Brave Adventure” of the thrilling exploration. Among them, “Song Xing” has become a phenomenon-level product in one fell swoop. In 2018, “Youth Song Xing” was broadcast, and the number of broadcasts on the entire network reached 850 million times. It scored 8.6 points on Douban and topped the list of domestic first-line video platforms. After the return of “Youth Song Xing Feng Hua Xue Yue Chapter” in 2021, the current broadcast volume on the entire network has exceeded 300 million, ranking third on Weibo Anime’s January Anime Influence List, and TOP 1 on the National Creation List at Station B. Guduo’s entire network is real-time The popularity ranked No. 1 for three consecutive weeks. In 2022, China Film will continue to promote high-quality content production and pan-entertainment IP incubation. In the future, it will launch many series such as “Thirty-six Riders”, “Yuanlong 3”, and “Dawn Sword”, creating a soul and character. , Impressive character image, making it an important content thrust into the Metaverse.

Relying on cutting-edge technology to stimulate content tension, Zhongying enters the Metaverse track year by year

Not only that, China Film has also entered the “NFT” game, and jointly launched the “Youku Song Xing” virtual digital collection with Youku Animation and Alipay, so that the IP derivatives can gain new value. The Alipay “Whale Quest” digital collection platform was put on the shelves, and it was sold out within three seconds, reflecting the influence of the “Youth Song Xing” series of IP.

Relying on cutting-edge technology to stimulate content tension, Zhongying enters the Metaverse track year by year

The “sense of connection” of the future system: technology + content highlights cultural soft power

The future of the Metaverse will be a process of continuous superposition and fitting of virtual and reality. The blessing of cutting-edge technology and the boost of high-quality content will always serve the cultural and spiritual core of human interaction. China Film Nian Nian has long insisted on using Guoman to convey the excellent traditional Chinese culture, conveying the Chinese spirit to the world in a more creative way that contemporary young people prefer, and will continue to use the advantages of technology and content creation in the Metaverse to speak about China well Story, build virtual scenes and props of different dynasties in China with a sense of history, create digital characters of different nationalities and styles, etc. In the future, all users can interact with them in the virtual world. As a large-scale participatory medium, the Metaverse will be a new trend in global social networking. In this trend, China Film Nian Nian will also prepare in advance to enhance the confidence of Chinese culture and meet the future.

Relying on cutting-edge technology to stimulate content tension, Zhongying enters the Metaverse track year by year


The construction of the virtual environment and the integration of sensory experience constitute the infinite gameplay of the Metaverse, and also bring infinite incremental space. As a builder of virtual scenes and creators of high-quality content, China Film will continue to promote technological iteration and content innovation, spread the core of Chinese culture in new forms, and provide users with better content in today’s immersive interactive Metaverse. experience.

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