Regulation is not scary, it’s the rate hikes that are scary! Can the crypto bull market continue?

At the 4-hour level, the K-line combination of 8:00 on May 30 and 12:00 on May 31 can be interpreted as three valid supports.

Regulation is not scary, it's the rate hikes that are scary! Can the crypto bull market continue?

Short-term (intra-day): up

Intermediate term (more than two weeks): down

Talking about hot spots

Happy June 1! Today is still a grinding shock market, there is not much news, the major communities are quite quiet, as an old leek, we are not unfamiliar with this kind of market, recall 19 years of the contract boom is also because the market does not give up, of course, after a few months of contract life, I also successfully quit the contract this thing, do this really not many money, of course, want to make money in the bear market itself The first thing you need to do is to learn more and think about how to earn coins instead of making money when the market is not good, only when your perception reaches a certain level, good things can happen.

Of course, this paragraph does not mean that it is now a bear market, on the contrary, I think we are still in the bull market cycle, there is a popular phrase in the circle, the coin circle a day on earth a year, but my personal view in the coin circle to put the time scale bigger, analogous to the stock market every day opening and closing, we hold coins to imagine that the coin market open and close once a month, try to reduce your trading frequency, lengthen their own coin holding cycle, do not stare at the K-line every day. In addition, the crypto industry is a super fast growing industry, maybe last week’s popular section is obsolete this week, so if you want to be a coin hoarder, you must choose a track with long life to invest, as long as you can persist in being active in the crypto world for a few years, you will naturally will be able to see the benefits.

In fact, this round of pullback is not only due to the regulation, but also due to the macroeconomic policies of various countries. The law of economy is like this: too loose monetary policy is bound to bring a flood of money, which will lead to price increase and excessive prosperity in the financial market. bubble”. This round of decline and the Federal Reserve’s plan to reduce QE (quantitative easing, interest rate hikes) is very related, you know that the United States only this year increased the money supply by 30%, things are bound to reverse, so the reduction of QE and interest rate hikes are the most important factors for the market to turn, before the strengthening of regulation in various countries is just a trigger, and the whole crypto market and the macroeconomic link is very close, this I said a long time ago. That’s why I reminded you to reduce your positions at the beginning of this month, and I believe all of you who listened to me were very happy!

Recently we also completed a wave of bottoming out, after copying well do not focus on the short-term fluctuations, because the long-term crypto market is still a very promising market, this round of bull market to which now we do not know, but my speculation will be at least a double top, we will see what happens.

Read the market

BTC: 4-hour level, May 30 8:00 and May 31 12:00 K-line combination can be interpreted as three effective support, that is, my microblogging said three bottoming process, the whole 4-hour level trend, has been three times effective support, but did not appear too strong rebound, but choose to moderate repair way, to time for space, the bottom of the foundation is solid, after After the market to break out.

The 4-hour level, below the support near 33,500, above the resistance of 40,500, the next estimate or a wide range of oscillating market trend, such a market inside, in fact, play swing or relatively simple, whether mainstream or cottage, with a small mobile position to play, by the way, to exercise their own trading system, is a good time node.

ETH: Aunt Tai rebound strength is very strong, currently Ether 2.0 contract lock-up has exceeded 5 million, this number is already very scary, and with the passage of time the lock-up will continue to grow, when it reaches the qualitative boundary is the day Ether really takes off, in addition, today the Securities and Futures Commission Science and Technology Supervision Bureau Director Yao Qian again mentioned the possibility of the central bank digital currency running on Ether or Diem The fact that ETH is in the regulator’s mind fully illustrates the status of ETH, so it must reserve some Ether.

BNB: Yesterday also said if 1EO is good for BNB, today came out a new phase of mining project, so my strategy is okay, if the market continues to shake, or negative fall, the market sentiment continues to be low, then the most likely to mobilize market sentiment or the new 1EO of Coinan, so BNB is also needed to layout.

LINK: LINK re-stands on the 5 day SMA support, daily macd underwater golden cross, short term long ahead of short, plus LINK this through the bull and bear history of the high light record, layout LINK is still a very good choice.

DOGE: Although today DOGE followed the general market began to rebound, but the layout logic of DOGE is still Musk, once the market sentiment improves, with Musk’s powerful personal charm, the probability of DOGE take off is still not small.

ICP: previously said ICP problem is not small, the market value of large + after market pressure + ecological construction lack, so the short-term is not much support, the operation of the rebound to reduce positions.

FLOW: FLOW is currently facing the problem of lack of liquidity, you buy more may sell are not good, so hold FLOW must be a little faith, if the team and Coinan or Coinbase agreement in October when FLOW unlocked listed, then FLOW future does have unicorn potential.

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