Regarding NFT applications, the East chooses culture, the West chooses social

One side is “memes” NFTization, and the other side is “NFT” memesization.

October 11, auction house Sotheby’s held an art auction, Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai’s first movie NFT works “In the Mood for Love – moment ” to HK $ 4.284 million price of the transaction, setting a personal work with Wong Kar-Wai film NFT Asian Auction The price is at a new high. “In the Mood for Love” is an unreleased segment of the classic movie “In the Mood for Love” shot by Wong Kar-wai in 1999. It comes from the first day of filming by Hong Kong movie stars Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung. The NFT will only release version 1, with a duration of 1 minute and 31 seconds.

This auction echoes Christie’s auction of works by encryption artist Beeple six months ago. Both continue to spread the NFT wave and continue to bring this concept into the eyes of the public. The difference is that this time Sotheby’s chose the protagonist to be an Eastern player. Compared to foreign NFT community-minded emphasis on social communication and personal expression, East NFT obviously taking another a road – to the core of the cultural and creative IP culture and then spread.

Differences between China and foreign countries

Throughout the world in 2021, people’s pursuit of the “NFT” craze seems to be the same. But what few people have noticed is that the pace of development of NFTs in China and abroad is completely different from its ecological approach. The auction of Wong Kar-wai’s NFT film works and the auction of Beeple’s NFT works just show the difference in cultural connotations between the East and the West.

First of all, NFT originated in the world of encryption, and cannot be regarded as an “exotic product” in the strict sense. But to mention “NFT” in the Chinese world, it is inevitable to explain its terms first. Whether it is a “non-homogeneous pass” or “irreplaceable digital certificate”, the core of Chinese translation is to start from its “digital confirmation” function.

This is different from Western social communication channels. Because its “NFT” wave is directly inherited from the development of the crypto community, a large number of NFT enthusiasts come directly from the crypto art or cryptocurrency community.

NFT players before touching the field, it is for cyber punk, encrypt currency has a certain curiosity. So when the NBA superstar Curry replaced his Twitter account with the “Wandering Monkey” series of NFT avatars, his huge appeal made many people start to follow the trend and change their avatars to the “Wandering Monkey” NFT series. Even in the recent circle of friends, you will find that many people’s WeChat avatars have become “lost monkeys” or “pixel people” avatars.

In the Chinese context, the core function of “NFT” is “digital confirmation”. This is because the “NFT”, which was born based on the EIP-721 protocol of the blockchain system Ethereum, can serve as a certificate of ownership in the digital world. But abroad, the “NFT” wave is closely related to concepts such as encryption art and cyberpunk. This difference also makes the popular culture derived from the concept of NFT different in the East and the West.

“Memes” NFTization

“The Selfish Gene” author Richard Dawkins once proposed a new concept “Meme” in the theory of information evolution, which can be translated as “meme” in Chinese. It is regarded as the basic unit of cultural transmission. The status of, ideas, beliefs, behaviors, etc. in the process of dissemination and replacement in civilization is similar to that of genes in the process of biological reproduction, replacement and evolution. The “hot words” and “stalks” in the Chinese context are a manifestation of memes.

In China’s ecological NFT, the rendered scene is the “meme” NFT trend, whether it is Wong Kar-wai’s “In the Mood for Love”, or ant chain Research Institute in collaboration with the launch of Dunhuang “flying” NFT series, are the first There are cultural memes, combined with NFT gameplay.

Specifically, this trend is to treat “NFT” as a technical tool to help the spread of existing cultural memes.

Take the NFT trading platform “Magic Core” launched by Tencent as an example. Its first NFT is “Thirteen Invitations”. This is a talk show hosted by Xu Zhiyuan. It has been launched for five seasons, and its essence is a video program. also spawned books other form of presentation of membership and so on. “Phantom Core” was authorized by “Thirteen Invitations” to derive a new vinyl audio NFT based on its cultural and creative IP. However, in the second issue, the cultural IP launched by Magic Core was replaced with “Fifty-six Chinese Nation “. This NFT named ” Wanhua Mirror ” series is an impression of the fifty-six Chinese nationalities created by the young artist Zhou Fangyuan. Animation works, the constant is its NFT technology and form.

The NFT of the best scorer in the European Cup launched by Alipay is essentially a combination of “cultural IP” + “NFT form”. The ecology derived from this “meme” NFTization presents the following characteristics. Its main role is the IP authorizer, which is Existing or past cultural “memes” and the corresponding copyright holders, and the platform side plays the role of the enabler who provides the form of NFT, the most typical representative is the domestic BAT manufacturer, and the last is the player who buys its NFT. That is, NFT collectors.

“NFT” memeization

In the wave of foreign NFTs, another kind of ecology is present-“NFT” memeification. That is to say, NFT itself can cause a trend of culture, such as the popular “crypto cat” in 17 years, the “cryptopunk” that was on fire this year, and the “losing monkey” series that Curry is attracted to. Become a creator Or the studio came up with a new idea and used the blockchain smart contract to create an NFT series. After the completion of the chain, the community began to pay attention to it. Once the community is detonated, this series has the opportunity to become a new trend.

Of course, this model is not without cultural foundation. The content and the technical nature of its creation have potential meme expressions. Not every NFT series can resonate with everyone, but it uses social media as the main dissemination. The site, its coverage area will undergo earth-shaking changes, and its spread itself will become part of the culture.

Of course, these two ecologies are only the products of the collision and integration of different cultures and NFTs, and both have their own limitations regardless of their pros and cons.

For example, many popular NFT series copycats abroad have extremely low cost. For example, when the “Loot” series with white characters on a black background became popular, their copycat products could not be produced one after another. Including whether the “Wandering Monkey” series copied the “Cryptopunk” series is a topic of controversy. The essential reason is that the definition of new areas in the field of intellectual property is not yet mature, and the domestic mainstream cultural and creative IP authorization form has certain advantages in this respect and can avoid copyright disputes to a certain extent.

However, mainstream foreign gameplay can bring higher community creativity and cultural vitality. The core of its ecology is the community rather than cultural IP. A viable community will give birth to a variety of new memes and new gameplay, encryption Artist Beeple is just the first NFT artist to knock on the door of the world. Only half a year later, new concepts such as subsequent avatar-like NFT, NFT games and even the recent NFT fragmentation are completely different from the beginning of the year. This evolutionary speed is amazing. .

But the NFT story has just begun. Who can judge the future development of East-West NFT?

This article is from “Interface News” , reporter: Lin Wei,

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