Reddit, with more than 400 million users, releases new recruitment aimed at building an NFT platform

Reddit seems to be trying to build a new NFT platform. And released relevant recruitment information, their vision is to create “the largest creator economy on the Internet.”

Reddit released a job offer for a senior back-end engineer to build its own NFT platform . They are excited about NFT’s ability to create and connect new communities.

The job posting read, “For Reddit, Reddit is always about the community. We noticed that NFT also has the incredible power to create a sense of participation and belonging. Over time, we believe that this situation will grow. And NFT will play a central role in fans supporting their favorite creators and communities.”

Reddit, with more than 400 million users, releases new recruitment aimed at building an NFT platform

Candidates must be able to “design, build, and deliver corresponding back-end services for millions of users to create, buy, sell, and use NFT-supported digital goods.” and “achieve fast transactions while balancing quality.”

This shows that Reddit wants to build a high-quality platform that can be started in a short time, and they will not compromise on the “stop displaying error”. They know that the space in the NFT market is developing rapidly, and Reddit should do the same .

Binance and FTX have launched the NFT market, and Coinbase recently announced its entry. Competition in the NFT market is becoming increasingly fierce, and Reddit may generate a lot of revenue in the huge NFT community.

In other words, owning NFT means owning the future .

Reddit has long been focused on NFT, and OpenSea introduced the corresponding work on, OpenSea as the first and largest digital assets can be traded NFT market, in July last year valued at $ 1.5 billion .

They use based on the subreddit forum Ethernet Square (ERC-20) system of community integration, given the pass card real value.

Reddit, with more than 400 million users, releases new recruitment aimed at building an NFT platform

As early as July, they chose Arbitrum to expand this feature. At that time, their r/CryptoCurrency and r/FortNiteBR communities had more than 4.8 million members.

The passion of the Reddit team is more than just a prediction of the market. Data from the NFT market suggests that this may be the best time to invest. One can assume that Reddit is going all out and can expect more from their development.

Reddit said, “ Our team is a new, exciting and fast-growing team that aims to build the largest creator economy on the Internet and provide support for independent creators, digital goods and NFTs . If you ask us, The NFT movement has just begun.”

Before the advent of NFT, investment in art was limited and almost exclusive. No art gallery can create what Ethereum does to NFT.

In addition to art appreciation, the ownership of digital assets has created a milestone for the Crypto world and opened the market for creators, fans and collectors.

Since Reddit “gathers more than 430 million people together every month,” their own platform inspires the market.

The Nasdaq report stated that in 2020, “the trading volume of the global NFT market is approximately US$338 million.” They believe that the global NFT market has the potential to grow 1,000 times in the next 10 years .

If the predictions of Reddit’s plan are true, and many people continue to bet on these reports, the NFT market may approach this growth sooner than expected.

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