Recently scams have been frequently reported. How can we ensure the safety of our digital assets?

Protect the healthy development of the industry and improve self-anti-fraud awareness.

Today, let’s start with a true story.

Yesterday approaching midday, I opened WeChat and saw a fan’s message. The general description was that I received a so-called text message from a trading platform to remind myself that there was a problem with my account and asked to log in to change my password. When I woke up in my sleep, I was also in a panic. I directly opened the link of the text message and filled in a bunch of sensitive information.

The fan suddenly reacted after washing his face. The source of the text message just now was a bit inexplicable. When the message was opened again, he suddenly woke up, “This is a scam!”

He hurriedly logged into the correct trading platform with his computer, and eagerly updated his login password and trading password, so that he did not make a big mistake.

After reading the information, the author immediately reflected the situation to friends on the trading platform, suggesting that they remind community users to beware of being deceived, and this fan is lucky, if the response is a little slower, it may bring him Irreparable loss.

After chatting with many friends about this matter, I discovered that recently because of the market situation and certain pressures, everyone is a little trembling in the field of digital assets. They always receive some so-called transaction alert text messages or inexplicable phone calls. Facing such a situation As an “enthusiastic citizen”, it seems necessary for me to write something to give everyone a warning.

How did the scam happen?

Before we talk about how to avoid encountering the “treatment” of scams, let’s first talk about how these digital asset scams happen. After all, many people will be curious whether my information was sold by XXX, otherwise how would I receive it? What about text messages that seem to be more authentic? Let me listen to the author’s words…

1. Phishing SMS is often present, and the field of digital assets is no exception

First of all, we start with the story at the beginning of the article, and by the way, we will also answer why you receive some text messages or phone calls that seem to be real.

Normally, the path we receive the verification code is roughly the process of ” demand generation-platform-server (operator)-base station-mobile phone “. We can find that there is still penetration of centralized institutions in the links. Therefore, we The reason for receiving some spam messages is nothing more than fake base stations or information leakage.

For example, we may usually encounter economic scams that pretend to be public prosecutors. In fact, some online loan (such as JD, 360) text messages have been intercepted. There will be some personal information about us, such as name, loan amount, and mobile phone number. However, this fraud team can not only intercept 360 or Jingdong’s information, but also Weidaidai , so the scammer can use the obtained mobile phone number to continue searching in the Weidaidai’s information database to obtain more information from us . Then pretend to be a public prosecutor to cheat.

Coin World-How can we ensure the security of our digital assets?

Figure·Personal information is packaged and traded on a website

In the field of digital assets, the fraud team can spend more cost to intercept SMS to obtain information. Once the information on other platforms is leaked (especially some small trading platforms), the fraud team will take this information to the SMS service of the mainstream platform Search in the merchant’s database to get more information , such as contract status or withdrawal status, so in essence, the trading platform is also a victim. Just like the above example, this is not unfamiliar in the traditional financial field.

So this is why some text messages or phone calls we receive can clearly tell us about our transactions, but we don’t know the UID or other information. However, even if the scammer can’t tell us the UID, as long as we know part of the information, it’s easy to get Some users trust these spam messages and links.

2. Create panic and fish in troubled waters

The above mentioned are only relatively common ways, and most of the cases are feasible solutions, but the following is a story that only happens in this special situation.

I saw a screenshot that was widely spread by the community two days ago. Generally speaking, Huobi will shut down within half a year, requiring users to quickly transfer assets and provide a new platform for use. But in fact, this so-called new platform only It’s just a fake platform made up for the purpose of allowing users to hand over their assets obediently.

Such scams are nothing more than using public opinion under the pressure of industry supervision at this stage to make users panic. Scam groups take the opportunity to madly forward such unverified false news to let fearful users fall into their set traps . This kind of news was originally a story fabricated by the Air Force in order to cooperate with the short selling, but it was used by fraudulent groups to become a brand new method of fraud.

Therefore, at this stage, major platforms have expressed that they are alerting users to these new types of scams. Huobi has issued a number of security reminders in a row. The major media platforms continue to speak out to remind users to pay attention to the safety of their digital assets, and do not believe in rumors or so-called. Officials, but such a move will inevitably annoy the fraud team, attacking its platform more vigorously, and even scammers will spend a lot of money to create a fake platform similar to Huobi to carry out further fraud.

3. Network penetration and information theft

The above two types of scams are the products of objective circumstances, and the other type is related to user habits, such as connecting to insecure WiFi, or improper storage of private keys . These two types of scams are almost all due to the subjective nature of network usage habits. We were deceived by the operation, but on the other hand, this requires us to be more vigilant.

Of course, this type of scam is relatively soft compared to the first two types and can be avoided to a large extent, but the more basic common sense problems, the more likely it is to be used by criminals .

Earlier, we spent a lot of writing on the whole story of scams in the field of digital assets at this stage. After all, only by understanding the complete fraud process can we know how to avoid it. Let’s talk about how to avoid being deceived.

How should we avoid entering the scam by mistake?

1. Enter the official verification channel to view information

For phishing text messages, the best solution is nothing more than to carefully pay attention to text messages or answer calls, and to be more vigilant about so-called “official” or “staff” , especially unfamiliar calls.

If you are not at ease about the source of the information, you can also verify the information through the official channels of major platforms. Earlier, Huobi launched an official verification channel, allowing users to check whether the so-called official staff information is true . This is actually to prevent criminals from fraudulently using Huobi to commit fraud.

But the fight against fraud cannot only rely on trading platforms. As ordinary investors, we should also raise our awareness of self-safety prevention. Here, the author would like to remind all friends: pay attention to the correct identification of the official website of the platform, do not easily click or scan any links and QR codes pushed by unofficial channels, to protect the safety of personal property, for any account login, transfer/transfer You must be extremely vigilant in operations such as withdrawals and withdrawals .

2. Don’t believe in rumors and avoid malicious guidance

As for things like spreading rumors about Huobi, it is essentially creating panic to trick users into handing over assets, so the best way is not to believe the rumors credulously. If you encounter any news, go to the official website to find out if there are related announcements, or Communicate with official personnel in a timely manner. Even if there is no effective official communication channel, do not easily transfer your assets to other unfamiliar platforms . This is a taboo.

As an industry veteran, on the one hand we know that the industry needs regulation, but on the other hand, we don’t want to be used by lawbreakers due to regulation and make users the ultimate victim. In such an environment, I hope everyone can stabilize their minds, stay calm, and don’t let swindlers take advantage of it.

3. “Never tell anyone the private key”

If the previous protection is to add a protective color to ourselves, then we need to remember another more important point: do not disclose your private key information under any circumstances !

Here we need to reiterate that the private key is like our “account information + bank card + password”. Once obtained by others, it is equivalent to losing absolute control of the account. Therefore, it is impossible for the trading platform or anyone to ask for the user’s private key information. Only by protecting the personal private key can the security of personal digital assets be truly guaranteed. Remember .

Coin World-How can we ensure the security of our digital assets?

Looking back at the development of the digital asset field, security issues seem to have always plagued all participants, whether it is a trading platform or a user. Even if the trading platform does its best to ensure the safety of users’ assets, there will always be people who want to break through this line of defense.

Even old players like Huobi have been working hard on security, whether it is launching a special official verification channel, or standing up in time when facing fraudsters maliciously spreading false rumors, or standing with users universal anti-cheat guide everyone to do their utmost to ensure the healthy development of the industry, but we can not just platform unilateral efforts, but we need participation, improve self-awareness of fraud prevention .

And when the author was about to write, I stumbled upon a “trading risk alert” from the so-called trading platform in the mobile phone “harassment interception” two days ago. When I opened the link to restore it, I was suddenly awakened. People, don’t become “insiders”.

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