Rebound reversal? Stay Cautious Stay Optimistic

In any case, it is important to remain rational, cautious and especially a little low in the face of the short-term market.

Buy, sell or use bitcoin and other virtual currencies, there are four major risks such as market, trading, technology, compliance, etc., before reading please ensure that you are able to understand enough about this market and the risks involved, the following content is personal insight and thinking, can not be used as any basis.

Hello, I am Pepe, before always say 312 then to plunge on the bottom, but everywhere gold ah, but now there is a sense of wood, in fact, this extreme market is still difficult to copy, I two days is to hang some single, of course, no group of friends excellent, if the current price, some may just profit, there are some prices set low did not hang to, so I also think that really say can successfully plunge or more difficult I also think that it is still difficult to really say that you can succeed in bottoming out, it may be relatively easy to spread the risk by buying in batches over a long period of time.

Today’s situation I will be more think is a rebound, after all, 519 down is already oversold state, plus this weekend’s panic, when the market goes to an extreme, the price repair is also normal, the key is how we go after, whether it is up in order to have more power down, or may be a reversal?

This seems to be temporarily unable to say, today is relatively strong, but the overall trend line is still in the downward trend, in addition to today up or can feel the heat of the various groups and the bottom of the small hands of the sun single, compared to the previous 312 and 94, feel even if it is still in the bull market, but also a period of calm, so the next should remain rational and cautious.

The first one is that there is no more news fermentation, today I saw an article in the Economic Reference News, from the word, the main target may be more financial institutions, payment institutions, rather than ordinary consumers, so the latter can not see the announcement of such dynamics is also possible, or more internal implementation, but what will be the final The form, especially the mine part of whether there are changes, is still uncertain, which also takes time in between.

There are also interested in checking the stock price of Ali Mission these months, and then search what happened before, so I think a better situation is to calm down a period of heat down, clean up and clean up the mess, or I do not know whether it will face a more severe posture.

Another is that this wave down, also see the news that Tesla ah, Meitu ah have lost, micro strategy did not lose, but before also bought a part of the high, about these big brother positions, you can look more website, is currently will give a reference cost calculation (note that there may be a delay in terms of data):.

Rebound reversal? Stay Cautious Stay Optimistic

List comparison seems to Meitu is a little bit worse, but need to understand, the more the big brother is the more this kind of company’s position assets, they will not say like wine and vegetables, today down crying tomorrow up laughing, many are not so concerned about this cost, for their volume only need to focus on the probability of a certain period of time can be profitable on the line, the other are secondary, many large funds are also like this, you may see them buy after the market is still down, people want is to be able to buy this chip, as to whether there are cheaper is secondary, so follow the big whale operation, if your tolerance The strength is not strong enough, it is also not much use, also so see those loss news, also do not therefore ridicule.

But this wave up, there are many institutions cost is in the range of 20-30,000 U, including this wave are not cut to Sun cut ah, is not also have to make this piece also some hard and surrender will be better, we do not know and dare not ask, I personally will prepare a part of the funds to prepare for unexpected situations, but also hope that they are not used.

Finally, I would like to talk about optimism. We can still be optimistic about the long term, because most of our intuitive preferences are more overestimated in the short term and underestimated in the long term, I hope you can do the opposite.

Also about the mining circle, there may be some uncertainty at the moment, I looked at’s arithmetic power seems to have not dropped much recently, later you can pay more attention to the data will change if there are changes, I think there is also some truth in what a blogger said today. If this part of the country really wants to migrate in the future, there may be a rise in the cost of mining across the network, which may instead be beneficial to the long-term value of the network.


In any case, the face of the short-term market or to remain rational, cautious, especially there is a point to be understated, and do not add a bar in the absence of hedging or something, this wave of blow is also this, and should also be able to see it in such a high volatility market, even 2 times is the risk of zero, I personally do not particularly recommended in this environment also hold some illusions and fluke, the premise of maintaining optimism is also to be prepared for the worst.

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