Really “hot” or fake “boom” Observe Art Gobblers with data

During Halloween, an NFT project called Art Gobblers was officially launched, and the floor price once soared to 15 ETH, obtaining a trading volume of 6800 ETH, which made the already “cold” NFT market fluctuate and brought people new expectations for the market.

Whether Art Gobblers can stir up the entire NFT market like a “catfish” is still uncertain, but aside from the more “virtual” content, let’s see the market reaction and performance of Art Gobblers in a counted way.

What is the logic behind Art Gobblers?

Before analyzing Art Gobblers data, you first need to understand how it works. The explanation of the official website makes very investors in the clouds, NFT (Gobblers), Token (GOO), advanced NFT (Legendary Gobblers), co-creation NFT (Drawn Pages), each has linkage, and each makes people look ignorant.

Let’s look at it through a simple split, Art Gobblers is mainly divided into 4 parts.

NFT section

Art Gobblers’ NFT is called Gobblers, which can be regarded as the “beginning” of the entire project, and users can participate in more links when they own the NFT (Gobblers), such as pledging the NFT to generate tokens (GOO).


Token section

After staking the NFT, users who own the token (GOO) can use it to continue to buy Gobblers, in addition, they can also buy Gobblers’ blank pages, which can be used for graffiti creation, and the “graffiti” after creation is not an NFT, just drafts and enters the waiting area.


DIY plate

Once the “graffiti draft” is selected by Gobblers, it will be combined and absorbed, and then new rare NFTs (Gobblers) will be formed.


Legendary NFT section

When Gobblers issue an additional 10% of the number of NFTs each time, a new legendary NFT (Legendary Gobbler) will appear, for a total of 10 legendary NFTs, which in addition to rare attributes, can also get double tokens (Goo) when staked.


Now release the official map of Art Gobblers, and it will be easier for everyone to understand the ecological logic of Art Gobblers.


What about Art Gobblers‘ data?

After talking about the entire operation logic of Art Gobblers, everyone also has a preliminary impression of Art Gobblers, so let’s see how Art Gobblers’ data performs.

Since Art Gobblers itself comes with different NFTs and tokens, the data aspect is divided into 3 sections

Gobblers NFT data

The first official issue of Art Gobblers released a total of 2,000 NFTs (Gobblers) in a whitelist manner, with 300 reserved for the core team.

According to GeniiData data, there have been 1883 in circulation in the market so far, accounting for 94% of circulation, and 1883 NFTs currently in circulation are stored in 811 IDs, and the current transaction frequency is 4610 times.

In addition to the above data, it is worth mentioning that about 30% of the chips in the current market are concentrated in the hands of 2% of people.


Pages NFT data

As of November 4, Art Gobblers has generated a total of 125 Pages NFTs, which are in the hands of 76 user IDs, which means that only 9% of user IDs currently on the market own Pages NFTs.

From the transaction data, basically the price of each Pages NFT fluctuates between 2~2.5 GOO.


GOO Token data

Since GOO staking can obtain certain income, a large number of tokens are currently pledged in contracts, and interesting data cannot be seen from the wallet.

However, in terms of comprehensive trading volume, when Gobblers broke out on November 2, the token trading volume reached 3508 on the day, but the total amount in the wallet address on the day was close to 0, which indicates that the user staked GOO into the contract to obtain income after generating trasnfer behavior that day.

People close to the Gobblers community said that according to the Gobblers income model, if one person holds assets centrally, the rate of interest will be faster, and based on the above data, on November 2, there may be centralized transfers and accumulation of assets for pledging interest.

GeniiData data analysts said in an interview: According to the data, early users, with the help of the space and interest rate of the price difference between tokens and NFTs, rely on GOO to quickly return to the capital and obtain profits. The whole project mechanism design is very exquisite, as for whether the ecology in the system can prosper and develop in the future, it is necessary to see whether Art Gobblers can give NFT and GOO coins more application scenarios to form a positive cycle of value.



At present, from the perspective of data, the NFT chips of the first phase of Gobblers’ 2,000 whitelist are more concentrated, but the gameplay is more novel than the traditional NFT market, and it also brings a new “warm winter market” to the current NFT market, which is a good news for the market, but whether it is sustainable and whether it can become a “catfish” driving the market, you need to see whether Gobblers can withstand the next market test.

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