Real estate speculation to “meta universe”? A piece of 4.8 square meters of virtual land was actually sold for 15 million

We should remain cautious about NFT investment and be alert to financial scams like “drumming and spreading flowers”.

The Wachowski brothers announced in November this year that they would re-direct the “Matrix 4: Matrix Rebirth”, which created a wave of science fiction. In the economic situation where inflation was not significant that year, the Matrix trilogy won a global box office of 1.7 billion U.S. dollars, and the commercial value behind it can be seen.

In addition to movies, in the near future, there is no more imaginative and substituting concept than the “Metaverse” (Metaverse) in which major Internet companies are vying to join the game.

Not long ago, the global technology giant Facebook announced that its business layout has turned to Meta Universe, and even changed its company name to Meta, which has pushed the attention of all walks of life to “Meta Universe” to a climax, not only in the capital market, but also in some countries. The government of Korea has also noticed this emerging industry, and South Korea is planning to build Seoul into a “meta universe city.”

At the same time, a wave of “house speculation fever” has also blown into the meta-universe world.

A piece of 4.87 square meters of virtual land

Was sold for 15 million yuan

On Tuesday, Eastern Time, on the virtual world platform Decentraland, a piece of digital land was sold for a high price of US$2.43 million (approximately RMB 15.52 million), setting the price record for virtual real estate once again. This selling price is more than double the previous virtual real estate record of US$913,000. At the same time, the selling price has been slightly higher than the average price of a single house in Manhattan in the United States, and much higher than that of single houses in other U.S. administrative regions and San Francisco. price.

The buyer of this digital land is Metaverse Group, a subsidiary of the digital asset investment group The company bought a piece of digital land for 618,000 mana. Mana is the cryptocurrency used in the circulation of Decentraland. If converted into fiat currency, this fund is equivalent to US$2.43 million.

The land for sale is 116 plots located in the center of the Fashion Street Estate. stated that they will use this land to expand the digital fashion industry.

Of course, if you calculate the average price per unit area, Decentraland’s housing prices are still not as good as the first-tier cities in the United States. Decentraland in a land block (Parcel) corresponding to 52.5 square feet (about 4.87 square meters), so the purchase of land equivalent to about 6,090 square feet (about 565.8 square meters) – much higher than the The average residential area in San Francisco is 1,150 square feet (106.8 square meters). This means that in Decentraland, the price per square foot of land is approximately US$400, while in San Francisco it is US$1,200.

Real estate speculation to "meta universe"? A piece of 4.8 square meters of virtual land was actually sold for 15 million

Land and real estate in Decentraland can be freely bought and sold with tokens

After more and more people have poured into the meta universe, the price of crypto tokens connected to the meta universe has also surged recently. In the past week, the price of mana has risen by nearly 60%.

The meta-universe boom may bring negative effects

People’s Daily Online: Beware of financial scams like “drumming and spreading flowers”

To say that the hottest word in the technology circle and investment circle in 2021 must be the Metaverse.

The major technology giants are vying to lay out the meta-universe track. In addition to Roblox, which is known as “the first stock of the meta-universe,” Facebook, Microsoft , Epic Games, Tencent , Ali, etc. have all entered the game, attracting investors and entrepreneurs to run into the game. field.

In March of this year, Roblox , the game known as the best embodiment of the meta-universe concept, received US$520 million in financing. The developer of the game, Roblox, known as the “first share of the meta-universe” , broke its market value on the first day of listing. 40 billion U.S. dollars, a ten-fold increase in valuation from a year ago; Bytedance also acquired VR startup Pico at a price of nearly 10 billion, demonstrating its determination to lay out the meta-universe… In addition, Facebook, Microsoft, Epic Games, Tencent , Ali and other major domestic and foreign technology giants have entered the game, but the same meta-universe track, the “racing racing” method is very different.

According to an article issued by the Science and Technology Daily on the 25th, judging from the current situation, major technology companies mainly rely on their existing advantages to deploy the meta-universe field, which can be divided into three modes:

The first is to focus on core areas of basic components and platform, plus fast cloth Bureau yuan entrance universe hardware and operating systems to NVIDIA , Meta, Microsoft and other international giants digital technology-based, byte beating other domestic companies are speeding up The research and development of meta-universe related hardware.

The second is to focus on business models and content scenarios, and explore the landing of related application scenarios of Metaverse, focusing on domestic digital technology giants. For example, Tencent stated that it will accelerate the research and development of Metaverse in the fields of games and social networking.

The third is the government’s promotion of enterprise entry mode, mainly Korean enterprises. South Korea is one of the most active countries in the world to promote the development of the metaverse industry. Its capital, Seoul, announced in November this year as the first city government to join the metaverse. At the same time, the development of the metaverse industry in Korea is mainly led by relevant government departments, guiding and Promote Samsung, Hyundai Motor, LG and other companies to form a “metauniverse alliance” to form a joint force for the development of enterprises in the metauniverse field, so as to promote the realization of a larger-scale virtual reality connection, and establish a national-level metauniverse development platform in Korea. In addition, South Korea also wants to build Seoul into a “Metaspace City”, and recently released the “Metaspace Seoul Five-Year Plan” , announcing that from next year, the city government will be divided into three phases: economy, culture, tourism, education, petitions, etc. All business areas create a meta-universe administrative service ecosystem. The total investment plan is 3.9 billion won.

Since the beginning of this year, major global investment institutions have increased their deployment in the field of Metaverse, which has promoted the continuous increase in the degree of attention and popularity of Metaverse. On the one hand, this craze has promoted the development of XR, digital twins, artificial intelligence and other meta-universe-related technologies, and enhanced the development momentum of meta-universe-related industries, which has certain positive significance.

On the other hand, this craze has also produced some negative effects, and may even mislead the development direction of the meta-universe industry, which is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

First, companies have gathered together and poured into the meta-universe field to create “meta-universe man-sets” one after another. Since the realization of the meta-universe application scenarios requires the comprehensive integration of multiple digital technologies, some technology-related companies quickly packaged themselves into a meta-universe enterprise or changed the original business of the company to be related to meta-universe when the meta-universe concept was on fire. . This kind of behavior that caters to the concept boom and deviates from the original technology development path may not be very helpful to the enterprise, or even backfire.

Second, some technological bubbles have been added, and some new routines and scams have even been spawned from this. The favor of technology giants and venture capital for Metaverse has led to a surge in related concept stocks, which has increased the metaverse bubble to a certain extent. For example, in the current market cybersquatting related trademark phenomenon, some companies have almost nothing to do with the business of the universe. There are even illegal companies and individuals under the guise of Metaverse, doing things that “take loopholes”, and this has spawned some routines and scams.

The third is to sell anxious and wealthy pie, and harvest the “IQ tax.” Some organizations and individuals often use exaggerated words such as “ultimate”, “last time”, and “future channel” to describe Metaverse. “IQ Tax”.

People ‘s Daily Online also issued an article today (25th) that since this year, celebrities, big Vs, and companies have created and launched their own NFT products, and digital art has become one of the fastest application scenarios for NFT. The concept of meta universe continues to be hyped, and the market sees the business opportunities of NFT. In the opinion of some people in the industry, Metaverse provides more diversified application scenarios for NFT, and NFT will become an important tool for realizing digital assets and circulation transactions of virtual items. It is worth noting that the current hype about the concept of NFT and meta universe has spread to listed companies and the secondary market. Some behaviors such as rubbing hot spots and speculating concepts are also arousing the vigilance of the regulatory authorities. Industry insiders believe that the domestic legal nature, transaction methods, supervision subjects, and supervision methods of NFTs are not yet clear. NFTs have risks such as speculation, money laundering, and financial productization. They should be cautious about NFT investments and be wary of “drumming and spreading”. Financial scam.

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