Real estate speculation in the Metaverse, such “non-Metaverse” things are really people doing

Does the location of the virtual world still make sense without the restrictions of physical rules in the real world?

Nowadays, the meta universe has become the most popular vocabulary at the moment, and it has also attracted all kinds of “fairies”. According to eye in the sky to check published data show that as of November 17, filings “meta-universe” related trademarks have been over 4400, of which more than 3000 current status is “waiting for substantive examination.” On the other side of the ocean, the fanatic atmosphere brought about by the meta universe also increased unabated. On November 23, US local time, on the virtual world platform Decentraland, a piece of digital land was sold for a high price of US$2.43 million, setting the price record for virtual real estate once again. 

Real estate speculation in the Metaverse, such "non-Metaverse" things are really people doing

At such a price, you can buy a house even in Manhattan, New York, where you can buy a house. Of course, this is the same as the NFT digital artwork “Every Day: First 5000 Days” sold by Christie at the beginning of this year for $69.34 million. It cannot be compared. It is reported that the buyer of this digital land is Metaverse Group, a subsidiary of digital asset investment group, and the land sold is 116 plots located in the center of the Fashion Street Estate (Fashion Street Estate). said they Will use this land to expand the digital fashion industry. 

In a sense, the Decentraland digital land invested by has a lot in common with Bitcoin. Decentraland, established in September 2017, claims to be the first fully decentralized virtual world owned by users. In Decentraland, the user can navigate and explore content, a variety of different activities, and with other people and entities mutual action, the core gameplay is that users can operate maker (Builder) own avatar by Decentraland provided to create belong Own building and put it in Decentraland for sale. 

Real estate speculation in the Metaverse, such "non-Metaverse" things are really people doing

That’s right, this is a game of building a house in a virtual world. The entire world is divided into 90,000 plots. Each plot is 16*16 meters in size. The location is represented by the Cartesian coordinate system (±300, ±300). And Decentraland’s virtual plots are inherently deflationary just like Bitcoin, which is completely different from the community gameplay provided by other online games. However, the resources required for the core gameplay are limited supply, which is equivalent to the developer hinting to you, “If you have a hand quickly, if you don’t have a hand, you won’t be able to buy it later.” This is similar to real estate sales in the real world. For a meta universe, this kind of hunger marketing strategy is obviously also effective in attracting users. 

In fact, Decentraland has indeed attracted some “housing speculators.” For example, in the (-12, -6) plot opposite to the birthplace “Genesis Square”, someone once put up a slogan “Birthplace, three generations in one shop, you know” to sell it, and Decentraland is also on the official website A section has been opened to specialize in these transactions. But putting aside the meta-universe concept that Decentraland has used, this is essentially a simplified version of the game “The Sims” launched by EA in 2000. 

Real estate speculation in the Metaverse, such "non-Metaverse" things are really people doing

Can not polite to say, and now only from the perspective of the game is concerned, Decentraland and “The Sims 4″, ” My World” has a cloud of mud. In fact, in the real estate business in the game, the US$2.43 million spent by this time is really not the biggest one. As early as 2011, SEE Virtual Worlds, which is engaged in the sale and purchase of the core franchise of the theme entertainment business, bought the virtual world in the free online game “Antropia World” developed by Swedish game developer MindArk for US$6 million. The planet “Calypso”, but with the decline of “The World of Antropia”, this business has also become a black humor in the history of the game. 

That’s right, SEE Virtual Worlds has used personal experience to tell latecomers that speculating on land in the virtual world is also risky, and this risk stems from a problem, that is, the virtual world that the land relies on requires a steady stream of users to join the ecosystem. The expansion of the land will allow the land to continue to appreciate. However, the question is, does there really exist an enduring game or virtual world that players will continue to flow into? 

Players who are familiar with the history of the game will definitely tell you, “The kingship has never been eternal”. Even “World of Warcraft”, which was once the world’s number one MMORPG, has gone downhill in the mobile Internet era after 17 years of operation. The “League of Legends”, which was once the world’s most valuable MMORPG, has gone to this day. Entered a recession cycle. To be precise, if you really want to find a game that will not decline, it can only be “Earth Online”. 

Real estate speculation in the Metaverse, such "non-Metaverse" things are really people doing

Of course, the supporters of the meta-universe concept may think that as a reflection of the real world, the meta-universe can certainly breathe and share the same fate with the real universe. However, the problem is that there are a lot of virtual world products called meta-universe, except for this article. In addition to the protagonist Decentraland, there are also competing products such as Somnium Space, The Sandbox, Cryptovoxels and Upland.Metaverse Group. 

So the question is, can this thing that ordinary users can see, can’t investment institutions like see it? In fact, in the current meta-universe node, has a high probability of spending $2.43 million to advertise. As a listed company, focuses on investing in income-generating cryptocurrency and blockchain assets related to DeFi, NFT, and Meta universe real estate. Clearly, the company went to the well-known Bitcoin as “whale” gray investment firm supporter of all digital assets, and hope to pull through their own demonstration effect of the high dollar price of cosmic real estate projects. 

Real estate speculation in the Metaverse, such "non-Metaverse" things are really people doing

So the idea of ​​ may be very simple. It just wants to tell others that they can make money by investing in Meta universe real estate. If someone really saw the news that Metaverse Real Estate sold for US$2.43 million, and became interested in Decentraland, and even the entire Metaverse Real Estate project, it might be in the hands of 

But has forgotten one thing, that is, why prime locations in the real world are valuable. Because the real world is subject to physical rules, the limitations of physical space prevent us from coming to any corner of the earth in an instant. At this time, the value of the location is highlighted, but the meta-universe can achieve “transportation”. The real meta universe should not have the concept of location. 

Real estate speculation in the Metaverse, such "non-Metaverse" things are really people doing

What’s more, without the support of real-world technology, Decentraland has no essential difference in use value from online games. Even Decentraland, which is based on the web, is obviously not as good as online games in terms of gameplay. 

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