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The national team of the alliance chain cannot lack the Spark Chain Network, which is a national-level blockchain network infrastructure. This article will take you to understand SparkChain.


In response to the risk of the epidemic, the country has proposed “new infrastructure” to stimulate economic growth and mitigate the downside risks of the global economy through coordinated chain and network measures. “Chain” refers to the blockchain. As a trusted machine, the blockchain provides a safe, efficient and credible technical method to solve the problem of efficient collaboration between institutions and institutions, people and people, and equipment and equipment. Bringing opportunities; “Internet” refers to the Internet and the Industrial Internet. It is a national top node network identification analysis system built with a tree-like hierarchical governance structure to provide solutions for the Internet of Everything. At the same time, there are certain security and credibility risks.

Therefore, it is imperative to coordinate the chain (blockchain) network (Internet, industrial Internet) to accelerate the deep integration of the blockchain, the Internet, and the industrial Internet, which is conducive to the “cost reduction” and “efficiency” of the real economy, and the construction of an “integrity industry” Environment” promotes the technological change, organizational change and efficiency change of our country’s economic system.


Technology Architecture

The bottom layer of Spark Chain adopts the “1+N” master-slave chain group architecture, which supports the distributed storage function of the identification data chain on and off the chain, and at the same time supports the linking of homogeneous and heterogeneous blocks into the main chain. Deploy Xinghuo·Chainnet super nodes in key areas across the country, as the top of the national chain network, providing key assets, chain group operation management, main chain consensus, qualification review, and facing the global future development; deploying Xinghuo· in key cities/leading companies in the industry The backbone node of the chain network anchors the main chain to form a synergistic linkage between the sub-chain and the main chain; super nodes and backbone nodes have supervisory functions, and cooperate to operate a monitoring platform to conduct legal compliance supervision of the entire chain group; introduce existing domestic blocks Chain service companies to create regional/industry characteristic applications and industrial clusters.

Product framework


Xinghuo blockchain products have a total of eight system products, and each system can be independently deployed. They are: the underlying chain platform, the operation monitoring platform, the public data service platform, the business management platform, the multi-identity integration platform, the blockchain browser, and the SparkChain APP.

Xinghuo blockchain underlying platform

Based on the principles of security, independence and control, the underlying blockchain platform aims to build a national-level blockchain infrastructure, provide blockchain operation products for various industries, build a distributed business application ecosystem, and adopt a horizontally scalable ” 1+N” master-slave chain group architecture, build a high-performance, high-availability, and easy-to-expandable blockchain underlying platform, and build a multi-center distributed collaborative business system.

Specific modules include:

Horizontally expanded 1+N main chain group

Native and efficient BID account system

Safe and reliable hybrid consensus mechanism

Scalable, heterogeneous cross-chain interoperability

Auditable privacy protection mechanism

Smart contract engine supporting multiple languages

Public data service platform

The public data service platform securely stores the identity information of individual and enterprise users through the Spark blockchain, and provides identity and information interaction for users, user information providers, and user information users while protecting privacy, so that enterprises and Organizations can use and manage user identity information and data authorization more compliantly, and the authenticity of identity information is greatly guaranteed. Help users fully protect the privacy and security of their identities and data, and give them full control over their identities and data.


Specific modules include:

Identity management

Certification management

Value-based circulation of private data

Public data management

Data Resource Management Platform

Realize the functions of on-chain and off-chain data distributed storage, data on-chain and on-chain and off-chain data management, realize resource data open sharing platform, data authority configuration, data sharing, data version management and other functions, and open cross-chain execution, Data authentication, key call and other related interfaces.


Specific modules include:

Resource management

data sharing

Query resources

authority management

Business management platform

The Spark blockchain business management platform supports the creation and access of homogeneous/heterogeneous blockchains, node access configuration, smart contract management, blockchain network monitoring, member access management, authority configuration and other functions. The whole-process visualization operation greatly reduces the threshold of blockchain application and improves the efficiency of blockchain operation and maintenance management.


Specific modules include:

Visual chain group management

Smart contract management

Member access management

Privilege function configuration

Multi-identity integration platform

Establish a strong and effective interconnected heterogeneous identification fusion system to achieve the purpose of mutual integration of various heterogeneous identification systems and the interconnection of everything. Industrial Internet identification includes new distributed identification, Handle, OID, Ecode, UID, DNS, GS1 and other heterogeneous identifications combined with distributed networks. The new distributed identity provides the basic structure for the heterogeneous identity of people, carriers, objects, etc. to access the Internet, builds various cross-platform and cross-system new multi-identity fusion systems, and creates a controllable, private, and compatible heterogeneous identity interconnection Interoperable identification system.


Specific modules include:

Multi-identity fusion

Logo registration

Logo resolution

Logo bidirectional resolution

Regulatory monitoring platform

Through penetration monitoring and supervision technology, it assists operating agencies in the daily operation and maintenance of the chain; supports the supervision function of the blockchain, ensures the institutionalization, transparency and standardization of the operation and management of the blockchain, and promotes the healthy development of the blockchain ecology.


Specific modules include:

Chain group monitoring

Node monitoring

Fault alarm

Audit business

Punishment for violations

Legal compliance supervision

Blockchain browser

The Xinghuo chain network blockchain browser is to categorize and display the data of the underlying blockchain through collection, analysis, storage and other means, and finally form a resource browsing on the chain that can be checked, traced, and analyzed for the data on the chain. tool. Developers can use data services based on the open platform of’s blockchain browser to quickly give your enterprise blockchain application system an on-chain “verification” function.


Specific modules include:

Data overview

Transaction verification

Account details

Smart contract

Multi-identity fusion

Digital assets

Xinghuo Chain App

The SparkChain APP is a comprehensive business mobile app based on SparkChain technology. With this APP, you can use this APP to scan and sign your identity, manage your corporate identity, manage account keys, view authentication certificates, and other operations to help enterprises or individuals manage efficiently Spark chain network business. Comprehensive security protection, bank-level encryption level, to ensure personal or corporate data security.

Specific modules include:

Identity registration

Identity confirmation

Certificate management

asset Management

Xinghuo Chain Network Ecology

With “Xinghuo·Chainnet-Blockchain Network Infrastructure Construction Project” as the core, “Xinghuo·Chainnet National Technology Innovation Center” as the carrier, and “Xinghuo·License Chain-the underlying blockchain core technology research and development platform” “Xinghuo·Identification Code-Blockchain Identity Identification Core Technology R&D Platform” as a basis, to build “blockchain+industry/people’s livelihood/finance/energy” and other 10 industry agglomeration platforms, “blockchain+cloud computing” /5G/Artificial Intelligence/Big Data” and other 4 major technological innovation platforms, “blockchain basic operation monitoring platform” and 3 major national network security assurance platforms, thereby building a national-level blockchain network infrastructure with global influence , To build a relatively complete blockchain industry system covering core technologies, key systems, support platforms and integrated applications, and to better play the important role of blockchain in building a network power, developing a digital economy, and helping economic and social development. In accordance with the principle of “complete links and orderly development”, a complete supply-side capability and a sound ecosystem have been established in China. There are no obvious shortcomings in industrial support links such as terminals, networks, and platforms, and certain leading capabilities are available internationally.

Alliance Committee

The main task of the alliance is to focus on the construction of new blockchain infrastructure, gather all forces in the industrial ecology, and jointly carry out research on blockchain technology standards, testing and evaluation, application scenarios, industrial ecology, international cooperation, policy governance, etc., to promote The coordinated development of the industrial chain drives the improvement of the public service system, strengthens the cultivation of compound innovative talents, guides the industry to standardize and self-discipline, build a stable, orderly, open and coordinated industrial development environment, and focus on promoting the innovative development of information infrastructure.

Chain network governance

Xinghuo Chain Network will uphold the principles of openness, transparency, democracy and high efficiency, and extensively invite government, industry, academic, research, and use entities to form a diverse and multi-party community, centering on the infrastructure management, technology research and development, and application of Xinghuo Chain Network. Establish an extensive governance system in areas such as promotion, innovation cultivation, and security assurance, promote blockchain integration and innovation with the concept of tolerance and prudence, and stimulate the development potential of Spark Chain Network through the model of co-governance and sharing.

Four management ideas

Infrastructure management

Focus on chain-network node management, basic service operations, and the openness and compatibility of the chain-network system, promote the construction of chain-network infrastructure, improve the underlying technology, and form a complete basic service ecosystem.

Industrial ecological development

Focus on chain network technology, applications and standards, build an industry exchange and consensus platform around chain network component development, platform operations, technical services, industry applications, etc., promote the development of chain network ecological technology standards, cultivate industry application solutions, and carry out chain network industry governance .

Exchange and cooperation promotion

Focusing on the industry development of the chain network, standard formulation and industrial governance, organize extensive seminars, carry out open research and release of results around the key issues of the chain network development, organize technical competitions, application training and other activities.

Innovation and entrepreneurship cultivation

Establish a chain-net innovation and entrepreneurship cultivation platform, set up an “entrepreneurial innovation project incubation greenhouse” mechanism, inject infrastructure and services, talents and funds, accelerate the transformation of technology and application innovation, and guide and promote the integration and development of large and medium-sized enterprises in the chain-net ecosystem.

Application ecology

The application ecology consists of the Spark main chain (Institute of Information and Communications Technology), application components (digital identity, traceability certificate, electronic contract, private key management, supply chain, data exchange and sharing, application security), and business sub-chain (enterprise credit code digital identity) Management platform; one thing one code product settlement application; product supply chain financial services; chain asset management) and other components.


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