Radiotherapy Metaverse, 15T magnetic resonance scientific research solutions… This Expo won the first exhibition of cutting-edge medical equipment technology

Develop together with the international medical industry

At the end of last year, an internal document leaked online, the “Guiding Standards for the Review of Government Procurement of Imported Products” (2021 edition), included monitors, imaging equipment, in vitro diagnostics, high-value consumables and other equipment, requiring a certain degree of restriction on the procurement of imported medical devices, adding another pressure to foreign-funded enterprises operating in China.

However, on October 25 this year, the National Development and Reform Commission and other six departments jointly issued the “Several Policies and Measures on Promoting the Expansion of Foreign Investment, Stabilizing Stock and Improving Quality with a Focus on Manufacturing”, which clearly stated that it is necessary to ensure that foreign-invested enterprises enjoy equal access to national industrial development and regional development and other support policies in accordance with laws and regulations, and ensure that foreign-invested enterprises enjoy equal treatment in terms of factor acquisition, qualification licensing, business operation, intellectual property protection, standard formulation, bidding and bidding, government procurement, etc.

In short, medical device products produced by foreign-funded enterprises in China will enjoy equal treatment in government procurement.

The renewed enthusiasm for investment and operation at the policy level was reflected in this year’s CIIE to a certain extent, when more than 100 multinational medical device manufacturers arrived at the Shanghai National Expo Center and showed their most cutting-edge products and technologies on the spot.

The medical devices exhibited by various giants are all-encompassing, and it is difficult to summarize the unified trend of the development of various industries of medical devices across industry differences. But to sum up the essence of the entire conference, it must be “localization” and “cutting-edge innovation”.

Medical imaging leaders converge, and differentiated competition is on the horizon

GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, and Siemens Healthineers have always loved CIIE, especially this year, which lacks industry conferences such as CMEF. At the conference, the absolute leaders of the three medical imaging equipment not only demonstrated the competition of cutting-edge technology, but also competed on the same stage in the field of CT; They also conveyed their differentiated understanding of the Chinese market and empowered Chinese medical care with their respective advantages.

GE Healthcare completed the China premiere of the ultra-high-end 256-row CT Revolution CT Power at the Expo, bringing China a standard ultra-high-end CT device equipped with both wide-body detectors and dual instant-cut energy spectrum imaging functions.

Revolution CT Power focuses on wide-body detectors and precision spectroscopy imaging. According to GE Healthcare, the CT uses GE’s most advanced 16-cm wide-body gemstone HD detector, which can perform 360-degree rotational scanning to achieve full coverage of a single organ of the human body.

A new generation of high-energy subtubes and instantaneous high-voltage generators with simultaneous dual instantaneous cuts brings new energy spectrum imaging capabilities to help physicians explore the deeper relationship between disease and chemical elements. In terms of diagnosis and treatment, more accurate and quantitative image data can help doctors find smaller lesions at an earlier stage, and help the early and accurate diagnosis and treatment of major diseases.

Radiotherapy Metaverse, 15T magnetic resonance scientific research solutions... This Expo won the first exhibition of cutting-edge medical equipment technology

Ultra-high-end 256-row CT Revolution CT Power

Siemens Healthineers presents the Asian premiere of the world’s first photon counting CT NAEOTOM Alpha. While traditional CT scans detect an integrated X-ray energy signal, turning “calculus speculation” into “counting measurement,” photon counting CT subverts this imaging principle by generating diagnostic images from a direct reading of each incoming X-ray photon.

With this technology, the images obtained by photon counting CT will no longer be subject to electronic noise and energy mixed images, and the image resolution can be increased by 1 to 2 orders of magnitude to 110 microns. According to Siemens Healthineers, photonic technology CT can identify clinical changes in the early stage of germination of microtumor lesions, and can also accurately assess complex coronary heart disease, diagnose cerebrospinal venous fistula and other rare diseases, further extending the ability boundary of CT equipment.

It is worth noting that the technical barriers of Siemens Healthineers in the construction of photon counting CT are not only the manufacture of CT equipment, but also the preparation of cadmium telluride, a key semiconductor detector material. Cadmium telluride is the key medium for photon counting CT to achieve direct electrical signal generation by X-ray, but its natural crystal formation time is as long as 3 million years. At present, Siemens Healthineers is able to reduce its production time to 3 months in the laboratory and achieve mass production, which is difficult for other companies to overcome in the short term.

Radiotherapy Metaverse, 15T magnetic resonance scientific research solutions... This Expo won the first exhibition of cutting-edge medical equipment technology

The world’s first photon counting CT NAEOTOM Alpha

Philips Healthcare did not display many high-end equipment at this conference, but there is still its most cutting-edge new generation of spectral CT – Haoke Spectral CT. Use energy spectral data and effective atomic numbers. Hock Spectral CT can capture small changes in tissue composition earlier, enabling early detection and diagnosis of early occult tumor lesions. Using multi-parameter analysis techniques such as energy spectrum curve and iodine quantitative measurement, the CT can also accurately analyze the benign and malignant tumors and the homology of multiple foci, and then apply to the identification of tumor sources, the identification of benign and malignant tumors, and the grading of malignant tumors.

Radiotherapy Metaverse, 15T magnetic resonance scientific research solutions... This Expo won the first exhibition of cutting-edge medical equipment technology

Philips new generation Hock multi-parameter function CT

Relevant studies have shown that spectral CT can improve the accuracy of proton beam therapy range calculation in radiotherapy, and greatly improve the accuracy of target delineation. Specifically, the device can improve the detection rate of lesions by 23%, improve the visibility of lesions by 80%, and reduce the misdiagnosis rate by 13%~24%; 56% reduction in further examinations. At the same time, the unique 100kVp low-dose spectral imaging can reduce the amount of contrast agent by 40%~80% and the radiation dose by 25%~60%, which can benefit patients and doctors.

In addition to the high-intensity competition in the CT field, GE Healthcare and Siemens are also making differentiated attempts based on their own understanding of China’s medical system construction. To put it simply, GE Healthcare focuses on “scientific research assistance” and “integration of diagnosis and treatment”. Siemens Healthineers pays attention to “remote diagnosis and treatment” and “integration of diagnosis and treatment”.

The SIGNA 15T magnetic resonance research solution, which promotes the development of precision personalized medicine, was also the first exhibition in China. This is GE Healthcare’s research program for brain research and in vivo metabolism research, including ultra-high-field magnetic resonance SIGNA 7.0T magnetic resonance, Pole T metabolic magnetic resonance (including the 5T ultrapolarizer SPINLAB, which can improve the sensitivity of 13C magnetic resonance signals by 100,000 times, and 3T Research MR SIGNA Premier), and the research fields cover from molecular imaging, metabolic imaging, to fine structural and functional imaging.

Since the development of ultra-high field magnetic resonance, it has been unable to break through the barrier of gradient, so that 7T’s magnetic resonance still adopts a 3T gradient system, which cannot perfectly play the value of its cranial nerve activity research. The ultra-high field magnetic resonance SIGNA 7.0T magnetic resonance exhibited this time is equipped with a dedicated gradient platform (Ultra G gradient system), and the gradient performance reaches the highest in the industry (113 mT/m, 260 T/m/s), raising the accuracy of magnetic resonance to a new height.

At present, the translational medicine platform has been implemented in many top scientific research institutions around the world. With a suite of equipment, GE Healthcare can maximize image resolution (whole body submillimeter) and sensitivity (molecular imaging, metabolic level) to explore the dynamic process of disease occurrence and progression.

Radiotherapy Metaverse, 15T magnetic resonance scientific research solutions... This Expo won the first exhibition of cutting-edge medical equipment technology

Ultra-high field magnetic resonance SIGNA 7.0T magnetic resonance

GE Healthcare’s innovation in integrated diagnosis and treatment is reflected in many aspects. Zhang Yihao told “As far as this exhibition is concerned, drugs and equipment in nuclear medicine, composite operating room robots that integrate multiple technologies, and visualized ultrasound are all direct results of our exploration of the integration of diagnosis and treatment. ”

Take ultrasound, for example. About a year after acquiring BK Medical, a global leader in intraoperative imaging and surgical guidance, GE Healthcare has integrated its business into the ultrasound visualized guided surgical treatment plan of GE Healthcare’s ultrasound product line, significantly broadening the application scenarios of GE ultrasound.

For example, combined with laparoscopic probes, “BK Visual Guided Surgery Program” can solve the problem of tactile loss in laparoscopic surgery, become the “third eye” during surgery, see small or deep lesions that are difficult to find inside the abdominal cavity, and visualize the deep tissue structure of abdominal surgery with the unique all-round bendable probe advantage. Reconfirm and locate the tumor diagnosis obtained before surgery, accurately define the tumor boundary, minimize the damage to the functional area, help improve the precision and curative nature of surgical resection, and improve the postoperative rehabilitation and prognosis of patients.

For deep lesions such as intracranial tumors with complex structures and dense neurovascularities, the surgical solution can also scan the lesion site accurately in real time and greatly improve the quality of surgery. Reduce surgery time and minimize iatrogenic injury to patients.

Let’s talk about Siemens’ “integration of diagnosis and treatment” and “remote diagnosis and treatment”. Unlike GE’s ultrasound integration, Siemens’ integration of diagnosis and treatment is reflected in respiratory intervention.

Siemens’ Cios Spin mobile 3D C-arm CT system, which was exhibited in China for the first time at CIIE, is the world’s first mobile C-arm CT system that can be used for respiratory intervention of full-platform, full-operation, diagnosis + treatment, which meets the intraoperative imaging requirements of various types of operations on all platforms, such as minimally invasive biopsy of lung nodules, lung nodule resection, and lung nodule ablation therapy, and provides a multi-functional intraoperative imaging platform for different surgical “one-stop respiratory diagnosis and treatment”.

Its emergence subverts the diagnosis and treatment process of minimally invasive biopsy and ablation treatment of lung nodules, can present fully automatic three-dimensional images in real time during surgery, determine the position and scope of transbronchoscopic biopsy/ablation in real time, can present fully automatic three-dimensional images in robotic lung biopsy, update the position of target lesions in real time, and increase the diagnosis rate of transbronchoscopic lung biopsy from 50% to more than 90%, which will promote the further popularization of transbronchoscopic biopsy, a non-invasive technology.

“Remote diagnosis and treatment” is an important solution of Siemens Healthineers to help the construction of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and medical community, and it is also an important embodiment of Siemens Healthineers’ “localization” strategy. At this Expo, Siemens Healthineers completed the world premiere exhibition of the mobile emergency and critical care intervention unit “Expedition”.

“Expedition” is the industry’s first vehicle-mounted mobile interventional operating room, which is not only equipped with a small robotic angiography system Artis one, but also supported by Siemens Healthineers’ remote interventional master solution and Turing interventional surgical robot, which can realize intelligent remote interventional treatment.

In addition, the design of the expandable cabin of the operating room breaks through the space limitation, and does a comprehensive job in radiation protection, power guarantee, virus sanitize, medical water purification sewage treatment, etc., which can be applied to emergency rescue in different scenarios. For example, in scenarios such as county medical treatment, epidemic periods, and emergency treatment of natural disasters, the operating room can bring timely treatment to critically ill patients with chest pain and stroke.

When GPS first arrived at the Expo five years ago, almost all of the cutting-edge technologies on display came from imports. However, with the gradual deepening of investment by various enterprises in China, cutting-edge equipment that was once only available for imports has now achieved self-production and self-research in China. In other words, China today is not only a market, but also a research and development base focusing on cutting-edge talent, innovation and supply chain.

The trend of “localization” and “localization” is also reflected in the product dimension. It can be seen from this CIIE that GE Healthcare’s Palm Super Equipment, Siemens Healthineers’ “Metaverse Healthcare”, and Philips’ “Shenfeiyun” are all aimed at sinking cutting-edge technology to grassroots scenarios and solving the problems of lack of resources and backward medical equipment for primary medical doctors. While promoting the implementation of graded diagnosis and treatment, they have made real contributions to the development of China’s medical system in their own way.

Domestic and foreign giants gather, radiotherapy has become a “new hot spot” at the Expo

The gathering of many radiotherapy companies is another highlight of this year’s Expo. Elekta, Varian and Fosun Medical set up booths at the Expo as usual, and Masip, a subsidiary of Yingkang Life, also came to the scene with gamma knife equipment to become the representative of China’s new radiotherapy forces.

Elekta brought a new generation of intelligent interactive integrated radiotherapy platform Elekta Harmony at the fourth session of the Expo, and this year, Elekta Harmony Pro further defined the efficiency, precision and intelligence of Elekta radiotherapy platform.

Radiotherapy Metaverse, 15T magnetic resonance scientific research solutions... This Expo won the first exhibition of cutting-edge medical equipment technology

A new generation of intelligent interactive integrated radiotherapy platform Elekta Harmony

Elekta Harmony Pro accelerates efficiency at all stages from equipment manufacturing to clinical diagnosis and treatment through the upgrade of “whole process, all personnel, and all diseases”. Based on 40 years of deep insight in the local market, Elekta has perfectly integrated international cutting-edge technology with local needs, and the equipment delivery cycle of Elekta Harmony Pro has been shortened from the traditional 8 weeks to 2 weeks, effectively reducing the time cost of various diagnosis and treatment institutions, so that advanced equipment can benefit patients at a faster speed.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Elekta Harmony Pro combines a wealth of automation functions and precise treatment technologies to make clinical collaboration more efficient and patient’s treatment process more comfortable and convenient. The solution covers multiple types of tumors throughout the body, meets the personalized clinical treatment needs of different patients, and adopts AI artificial intelligence target delineation technology to greatly shorten the target delineation time from tens of minutes to seconds, which is efficient and more accurate. With intelligent positioning, automatic planning and automatic quality control functions, the operation efficiency of medical staff is improved in an all-round way, and the personalized adaptive treatment process is shortened to less than 10 minutes.

In addition, Elekta Harmony Pro is equipped with the Remote Smart Office (RT Viewer) function of doctors, which supports real-time connection with multiple doctors to evaluate and confirm treatment plans, so that high-quality radiotherapy diagnosis and treatment is no longer limited by geography and resources.

This year, Varian brought three radiation therapy products for oncology, such as ultra-arc knife, speed ring knife, and argon helium knife, as well as products such as adjustable cryoablation needles and full-process management of radiotherapy. Among them, HyperArc “Super Arc Knife” is the first in the world, which can accurately target up to dozens of metastases at the same time through “one heart and multiple targets” technology, and accurately remove “one-click” within 15 minutes.

CryoCare V-Probe, the first in China, is currently the world’s only adjustable cryoablation needle, using the industry’s first argon-helium conformal cryoablation technology, which can cool down to -140°C to -170°C in 30 seconds. This cytotoxic temperature is transmitted to tissues within seconds, freezing tumor cells. It is worth noting that the CryoCare V-Probe can produce 5 different sizes of puck through sliding bar adjustment on one probe, effectively covering the tumor while avoiding damage to adjacent normal tissues, which can achieve conformal ablation in the true sense.

In addition to the equipment, Varian also built a “radiotherapy Metaverse” on site. In this Metaverse, doctors in higher-level hospitals can communicate with doctors and patients in lower-level hospitals face-to-face across the distance of time and space, guide doctors to operate equipment, and give patients care and advice, especially for domestic medical alliances and medical communities.

Fosun Medical also showed a new surprise in radiotherapy. MRIdian Linac magnetic resonance guided radiotherapy system, which has been exhibited at the Expo for many consecutive years, will be officially unveiled as a “commodity” at the Expo this year, the product has been approved by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) in August 2022, has deployed 55 systems around the world, treated more than 27,000 patients, and will also bring good news to Chinese cancer patients in the future.

Yingkang Life, a subsidiary of Haier Group, demonstrated the power of radiotherapy from China at the Expo. Focusing on the precision, intelligence, remoteness and minimally invasive of medical devices, the accuracy level of the head gamma knife independently developed by Masip, a high-end equipment for radiation therapy under Yingkang Life, exceeds the international standard by three times. In addition, for refractory brain diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, Yingkang Life is also actively exploring technical routes such as electric field therapy and ultrasound therapy, opening a long-term front in the field of brain science.

The competition in the endoscopy and surgical robot tracks has intensified, and multinational companies have increased the entire industrial chain

The new and old faces of this year’s endoscopic track at the Expo meet. Traditional endoscopic giants Olympus, Stryker, Karl Storz, etc. still bring their own software and hardware equipment to the scene, and German companies such as XION Medical try to penetrate into the Chinese market with laparoscopy and cervinoscope.

Stryker and XION Medical are still promoting cutting-edge scientific and technological elements in endoscopes such as 4K ultra-high definition and fluorescence, and Olympus has slightly adjusted on this basis, focusing on the dissemination of the new product OER-Smart in the endoscopic cleaning system, and started a differentiation strategy.

Compared to Olympus’ past endoscopic cleaning and disinfection devices, OER-Smart has the advantage of intelligence. For example, the touch screen of the device can display the operation method and steps cleanly, so that the operator can quickly grasp the correct use of the equipment, improve the operation efficiency and reduce the operation error; At the same time, the machine can also automatically identify faults, intelligently provide solutions to quickly solve faults, and automatically remind users to replace consumables in time.

At the same time, Olympus also launched EndoRapid alkaline detergent and acetyl peracetic acid disinfectant tailored for washing equipment at the meeting, further exploring the scenarios that its own business can reach.

Radiotherapy Metaverse, 15T magnetic resonance scientific research solutions... This Expo won the first exhibition of cutting-edge medical equipment technology

Olympus Safe and Efficient Endoscopy Center Solutions

The industry’s hot surgical robot dispute also extends to the Expo. In previous CIIE, da Vinci surgical robots have always flourished and attracted a lot of media attention. This year, Medtronic caught up and brought the Hugo RAS System robotic-assisted surgical system surgical robot to the scene for the first time.

Compared with mainstream surgical robots on the market, the Hugo RAS System robotic-assisted surgery system allows doctors to have more operational flexibility. The device’s open doctor’s console and footrest design ensure smooth collaboration between the surgeon and the surgical team in real time, while its Touch Surgery artificial intelligence solution provides an integrated solution for surgical video storage, management and analysis, effectively helping patients reduce complications, shorten hospital stay and reduce scarring.

The addition of emerging forces may further accelerate the transformation of the surgical robot track, and we may be able to see more emerging surgical robot forces at next year’s venue.

Develop together with the international medical industry

From the first CIIE to the fifth CIIE, the most intuitive impression given to exhibitors is that those cutting-edge drugs and devices that need to be imported to buy in those years, with more and more frequent and powerful signing and cooperation, most of them have now achieved China’s local self-production and self-research.

This process is due to the change in foreign companies’ attitude towards Chinese investment. In the past, most of the massive funds of foreign companies in China were spent on the construction of sales channels, but today’s new investment is more evenly distributed in the production base, supply chain, sales channels, R&D talents and other links, and eventually becomes an important force to promote the development of China’s manufacturing.

This is the meaning of CIIE.

China’s development is inseparable from the world, and the world’s prosperity also needs China. In the face of the proposition of medical development, which is the common pursuit of mankind, the Expo not only demonstrates the huge potential of China’s medical market, but also the determination of Chinese medical enterprises and the international community to explore and develop together. This determination will be promoted by many parties and eventually transformed into a force to change the development path of life sciences.

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