Quick Look at SmartWeave Alternative Solution: Contract Execution Machine 3EM

On January 4, 2022, Verto Exchange, a decentralized trading platform based on the Arweave ecosystem, announced the launch of the Web3 Execution Machine (3EM).

According to the 3EM github document, 3EM is conceived as an alternative solution to SmartWeave, while still achieving the same goal: a simple and scalable smart contract based on the Arweave protocol.

3EM will have the following features:

Security: The creation of Web3 Execution Machine (3em) puts security as the top priority. Since the smart contract on Arweave is calculated lazily (note: a concept in computer programming that aims to minimize the work done by the computer), we want to prevent anyone from injecting malicious code into the execution path of another smart contract.

Sandbox: As more and more contracts begin to use external call protocols, creating a sandbox execution environment is critical to the integrity of the thriving Arweave ecosystem.

Smartweave compatibility: 3em follows the SmartWeave contract design. This means two things: 1. Contracts need to be deployed to Arweave to allow 3EM to run them; 2. 3em can run existing Smartweave contracts and expose backward compatible APIs (such as SmartWeave Global)

Fastness : 3em is designed from the ground up to optimize efficiency. As SmartWeave contracts become more and more popular, more and more interactions lead to longer and longer evaluation times. On average, 3em evaluates contracts about 75% faster than SmartWeave v1.

The JavaScript SmartWeave contract takes (average) 2.60 seconds to calculate. The same contract in 3em (on average) requires 0.64 seconds of cache time. It takes 1.32 seconds for 3em not to be cached on the same contract. Machine: Intel i7-4510U (4) @ 3.1 SSD

Determinism: 3em execution is deterministic. Random operations have a constant seed, and non-deterministic APIs are covered by their deterministic versions.

Multi-language support: 3em supports multi-language, lazy computing smart contracts are likely to be used by the most people, because they have great flexibility in evaluation.

3em supports contracts written in Solidity, Rust, C, JavaScript, etc. For example, this means that DeFi contracts written in C can now interact with token contracts written in Rust.

In addition, Verto Exchange also stated that two new team members will join to focus on this work, and they have developed a comprehensive roadmap.

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