QQ gradually Metaverses, just because it has its own “Zhang Xiaolong”?

Recently, QQ launched a new feature called “Super QQ Show”.

You can think of it as an upgraded version of QQ Show. Open mobile QQ, click the button next to the plus sign on the upper right to enter the super QQ show interface, users can set their own avatars, including clothing, hairstyles and accessories, etc. That is to say, Super QQ Show retains the basic gameplay of QQ Show. The difference is that the avatar in Super QQ Show is 3D three-dimensional, and the image design options are also more abundant – such as being able to make more details on face shape, facial features, etc. It also adds AI face pinching, which can automatically recognize the user’s face and create a virtual image. It can be said that Super QQ Show is a modernization of QQ Show.

But Super QQ Show is not just an upgraded version of QQ Show. On the basis of retaining the gameplay of QQ show, users can also have their own “small nest” (a virtual room that users can freely dress up), use their own avatars to take templated pictures and videos, and match netizens online to play some mini games and more.

Operations such as pinching faces, changing clothes, dressing up in space, and online games all sound like functions that a certain game will have.  However, unlike the game, all the functions in the Super  QQ  Show ultimately point to one purpose   socializing .

For example, for space decoration, users first need to go to the furniture store to buy their favorite furniture, and the process of visiting the furniture store seems very realistic – you can “try” the furniture here, such as sitting on the sofa or lying on the bed to experience the effect, You can also see the avatars of other users who are shopping at the same time, and you can even type or voice chat with the people who are shopping at the same time, send expressions, and “command” your avatars to make various actions, etc. Interestingly, in furniture stores with different themes, sometimes you can see the animation of the game screen of Tencent’s game King of Glory being displayed on the wall.

After buying furniture and arranging your own room, you can also invite the avatars of other users to be guests, and you can also chat and interact with the guests.

When the Super QQ Show was just launched, it also launched a “video room” function, which will play different videos at different times (much like live TV), which are basically copyrighted content from Tencent Video. Similar to a furniture store, users can also see the avatars of other online users in the video room, watch videos together on the sofa, communicate with text or voice, say hello with various actions, and so on.

Another function in the current Super QQ show, “Binhai Music Plaza”, can be said to be an inheritance of the audio-visual room, but similar to the real plaza, its space is much larger. At present, many functions of Binhai Music Plaza are still under development.

Compared with the above-mentioned main functions that are placed in prominent positions, the   built-in mini-games inSuper  QQ  Show seem to exist as additional functions . In fact, these small games have more or less imitated some of the current popular games, combined with the existing style of Super QQ Show. However, although only as an additional function, these small games obviously make the Super QQ Show more playable. At least users will not feel that “Super QQ Show is nothing more than that” after pinching their faces and decorating their homes.

Speaking of this, one word may come to mind in many people’s mind   the Metaverse .

According to people’s general understanding, the Metaverse is a kind of virtual existence, and each user has an identity, social relationship, economic activities, etc. in this virtual world, and can even work and make money in it.

The difference between the Metaverse and the game is that the identities and social relationships that users have in the game are only temporary, and the game has a beginning and an end; the Metaverse is equivalent to a replica of our real society, in different places inside All kinds of different things happen in real time (like the real-time video in the super QQ show video room), and every thing can be related to you, and the world is there, and it will not die for a long time.Because of this, the Metaverse has higher requirements for synchronization and authenticity.

Although it can’t be called a Metaverse in the strict sense, it is clear that the super QQ show already has the shadow of the Metaverse.

Perhaps before this, many people would not associate  QQ  with the Metaverse, but in fact, there are already various signs that the Metaverse has been written into the  future of QQ   with a high probability since a year ago .

On April 15 last year, Tencent Platform and Content Business Group (PCG) announced a new round of organizational structure and personnel adjustments, announcing the integration of Tencent Video, Weishi and Application Treasure to jointly form a platform and content business group affiliated with the company. (PCG) Online Video BU. This means that Tencent will merge the long and short video businesses, further integrating the content sector. After this adjustment, the face of Tencent’s “big content system” is clearer – the upstream is the IP source composed of China Literature Group and Tencent Animation, the midstream is the film and television production composed of Tencent Film and Television and Xinli Media, and the downstream is Tencent Video, Various applications composed of QQ Music, Weishi, Tencent Games, etc.

In this organizational restructuring, which is considered to be the follow-up to the “930 Reform”, the third organizational change in Tencent’s history, and the integration of content has entered a period of profound change, Tencent Vice President Yao Xiaoguang officially replaced Tencent Vice President Liang Zhu and concurrently served as PCG Social Media The person in charge of the platform business, QQ is also easy to be handsome.

So, who is Yao Xiaoguang?

If Liang Zhu, who was in charge of QQ before, still has some origins with QQ (he has been the head of QQ space for many years, and has hatched the K song software “National K Song” in QQ space), then Yao Xiaoguang’s resume has been even similar to that of QQ space. Social products don’t fit in. In fact, while obtaining the new identity of the head of PCG’s social platform business this time, Yao Xiaoguang is also better known as the president of Tianmei Studio, a subsidiary of Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group (IEG). gamer”.

Since joining Tencent in 2006, Yao Xiaoguang has been focusing on Tencent’s self-developed game business. In the development process of Tencent’s games, the two most significant successful turning points – the launch of “QQ Speed” and “Honor of Kings”, both Inseparable from Yao Xiaoguang’s leading figure, “Honor of Kings” planned by him has become Tencent’s golden finger in the mobile game market (perhaps it can also explain the wonderful relationship of the “Honor of Kings” animation in the super QQ show).

In fact, when Yao Xiaoguang was announced to take over the appointment of QQ, some media analysts believed that the addition of the ace teacher Yao Xiaoguang would “inject technology and imagination into the future development of QQ” and provide the most direct convenience for the “integration and grafting of games and QQ”. “.

After serving as the head of IEG and PCG, Yao Xiaoguang has actually made a series of attempts to integrate social interaction and games. For example, in August 2021, Tencent PCG internally tested a game social product called “NokNok” (Chinese name “NokNok”), which is considered to be benchmarking the overseas game chat community “Discord”; 2021 The Z plan recruitment in September, when forming the team, also showed its determination to explore the Metaverse.

By the time of this super QQ show, the influence of Yao Xiaoguang’s personal color on QQ, a social product, has been clearly reflected.

It is the first time to appoint a business person in charge of a cross-business group. The appointment is also a hero who has had a major influence on the development of Tencent. While showing great trust in Yao Xiaoguang, Tencent also released a  signal that it wants to save QQ   .

Although the rise of Tencent started with QQ, when WeChat won the admission ticket of mobile Internet for Tencent, QQ fell back to the second line and was never placed in the position of strategic traffic entrance by Tencent. QQ is also considered to have undertaken two missions within Tencent that are different from WeChat –

“One is to focus on young people and develop a lot of content and social needs related to young people; the other is to become a ‘testing field’ for Tencent’s products. When WeChat becomes more cautious and instrumental, QQ’s attempt to innovate products has instead trended. Open and diverse.” 

However, QQ’s situation seems to be slowly becoming more and more awkward. On the one hand, the number of users continued to decline. The highlight of QQ remained in 2018. In that year, its total monthly active users reached 807 million, and the monthly active users of smart terminals reached 699 million, a year-on-year increase of 2.5%. However, since then, QQ users The number of users has continued to decline, and by mid-2021, it will only be half of the number of WeChat users. On the other hand, although QQ has tried many times on new products, there are not many products out of the circle that can finally be taken out. Instead, more and more users are criticized for being bloated and disorderly.

However, as the traffic portal of Tencent PCG, it is impossible for Tencent to give up QQ.

In an article “Ma Huateng’s new game: Zhang Xiaolong stays at home on WeChat, Yao Xiaoguang goes to QQ to play wild”, the author wrote, “When Tencent finds that relying on QQ itself has been difficult to restore users, there is no way to help PCG complete the future. When it was developing, the products that QQ had promoted in those days were all rushed back to the Savior one by one.” QQ urgently needs a new direction and start, among which Yao Xiaoguang’s task is undoubtedly the most important.

The launch of Super QQ Show may be just the beginning, but it can be seen that Yao Xiaoguang has been equipped with the most solid technology for this – in the version upgrade earlier this year, QQ built Unreal Engine 4 (game design and development engine) in the installation package. , and benefiting from Unreal Engine 4, the exquisiteness of the pictures and costumes in the Super QQ show has exceeded many people’s expectations.

In any case, Tencent can no longer see the number of users of QQ continue to decline.

As early as the “930” organizational structure adjustment in 2018, after sorting out and reorganizing the old business of “social + content”, Tencent has actually figured out the importance of PCG to its future development. More than three years have passed. , Tencent once again released a signal of adjustment. Just relying on WeChat and “Honor of Kings”, Tencent’s trump card is no longer enough, and it is king to find a way to strengthen PCG. As the flow base of PCG, QQ should be the place where the scalpel falls.

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