Qixi meets the blockchain, the whole world is our witness

I wrote my love for you in the sky,

Taken away by the wind

I write my love for you on the beach,

Taken away by the waves;

I write my love for you on the blockchain,


Time cannot erase the proof of our love.

Everyone has different visions for love, but the same thing is that everyone hopes that their love can be witnessed together, and that the oath of love can be eternal. Couples are constantly trying to find crazy ways to make their love “immortal”. At this moment, diamonds are not the only way they pursue.

The features of blockchain, such as non-tampering, traceability, and permanent preservation, have become an excellent way of record storage. Putting confession and love records on the blockchain is a beautiful promise and practice in terms of love, confession, and marriage contract.

The story takes place in Florida. David Mondrus and Joyce Bayeux held their wedding in 2014. Unlike other couples, the location they chose was… on the blockchain .

“Only death can separate us, because the blockchain is forever.” David Mondrus described his marriage with his wife Joyce in this way.

Yes, they recorded the wedding vows on the blockchain. Regarding why a lifetime commitment should be made on the blockchain, they said: “It will enable us to commit to each other in an open and transparent way, and to commit to each other in a permanent way.”

Coincidentally, the founder of Yuchi, Shenyu, who was a guest at Babbitt’s live broadcast room, shared his story of proposing on the block, “I didn’t buy a diamond ring at the time, so I took this block as a diamond ring, because I think this may be more eternal, as long as the Internet Exist, human civilization exists, and this oath will never disappear.”

Putting the greatest love on the blockchain, inspiring the romance of the whole world, and being able to freeze the most precious heart in an eternal form, what a tender and sweet thing.

Of course, in addition to marriage proposal, the daily show of affection on the blockchain is also enviable. For example, someone sent a romantic love letter in the form of a transaction in the 448064th block:

Qixi meets the blockchain, the whole world is our witness

These transactions in the picture can be pieced together into a complete sentence:

“Dayah Dover, your personality is unique; you are smart and can do things that ordinary people can’t do; you are always so elegant; you are my world, which brings infinite joy and new meaning to my life. Daya ,I love you forever.”

This oath on the blockchain is really a show of love and a romantic history of “love” in the block.

In fact, the imagination space brought by the blockchain can be extended infinitely. In addition to witnessing beautiful love, just imagine if love can be chained, then you can view the relationship experience of your boyfriend/girlfriend and determine whether TA is right or not. A scumbag male/female, looking at it this way, wouldn’t it be a great help in choosing a spouse~ Because of the blockchain, lies have nowhere to escape!

Having said that, you don’t need to understand blockchain technology, but you can learn from the thinking of blockchain. Maybe you will get out of order one day! Today is Qixi Festival, let’s talk about the block “love” together~

Distributed ledger

A sense of security is an indispensable thing in love. Whether it is a boy or a girl, I hope that the other party can disclose your love, let the people around you know your relationship, and everyone will record it for you and witness your love path together. So, a serious love, let the world know the existence of TA~

Can not be tampered with

Life is not acting, and there is no rehearsal without rehearsal. What happened is that it happened, there is no way to cut out any part of the past.

Everything that happens between lovers will be recorded in each other’s memory, a cruel word that hurts, an unreasonable quarrel, an unforgivable act… will become a fact that has already happened and cannot be tampered with. Therefore, lovers shouldn’t be impulsive, keep talking, be more considerate of each other, and consider each other’s feelings more. Otherwise, those experiences that cannot be tampered with will become a knot in the hearts of both parties, which is difficult to repair.


In a relationship, everyone hopes that the other person can remember something for themselves. It may be an unforgettable experience, it may be an anniversary, or it may be a warm word. Just like the timestamp of the blockchain, each transaction is recorded clearly and clearly in sequential time.


In love, the rights and obligations of any node are equal. Love depends on the joint efforts of two people. It cannot always be centered on one side, or only paid by one side and enjoyed by the other side blindly. Then, after a long time, The relationship is bound to have problems.

Token incentive mechanism

A relationship without interest cannot last forever. This interest can be reflected in a kiss in the morning, a small surprise gift on weekdays, or a warm dinner after a busy work.

Using Tokens to create sweetness and maintain relationships will not make you feel bored in love and lose your sense of existence or the other party’s presence.

In the Westward Journey, Zhou Xingchi’s “ten thousand years” love confession is very popular. It seems that blockchain technology can do it now.


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