Put on the coat of Metaverse to go for gold

Who is the next rich man?

They want to apply the elements of the meta universe to their stories and sell them to those who are willing to take over. Before everyone can understand the meta universe, they will find the first pot of gold.

 “In the past, I talked to customers about plans, and they preferred to use video. For more than a month, almost every customer has been asking:’Can you present it in a meta-universe way?’.” A Shenzhen company focuses on virtual reality. Shen Zhe, co-founder of Reality and Augmented Reality, told All Weather Technology.

At the end of October, Facebook founder Zuckerberg announced at the Facebook Connect meeting that Facebook had changed its name to Meta, all in Metaverse. Since then, the reality universe has set off another wave of meta-universe carnivals.

The latest news is that on Tuesday, Eastern Time, on the virtual world platform Decentraland, a piece of digital land was sold at a high price of US$2.43 million, setting a new virtual real estate transaction price record at a price that was more than double the price.

In China, the first yuan universe Institute, the first research center of the universe scenic yuan, yuan universe, principal analyst …… all kinds of new name also cropped up almost overnight, meta universe wave rushed to all walks of life, streets .

Sky Eye Check shows that as of November 24 this year, the number of companies applying for Meta Universe-related trademarks exceeded 700. As of November 8, the data is nearly 400. On average, over the past 20 days, more than 17 companies have applied for Metaverse-related trademarks every day.

At the same time, data shows that the number of Metaverse-related trademark applications has exceeded 4,400, of which more than 3,000 are currently in the status of “waiting for substantive examination.”

Reports from brokerage firms, research institutions and other parties have added fuel to this craze.

The “2020-2021 Metaverse Development Research Report” issued by the New Media Research Center of Tsinghua University proposes that 2020 is the tipping point for the virtualization of human society, and 2021 is the “first year of the metaverse.”

CITIC Securities believes that Metaverse is likely to be the next integrated innovation that will change human life in the medium and long term after the Internet, bringing investment opportunities in units of ten years.

“We are still in the wild era of Metaverse. In fact, most people don’t know what Metaverse is, but this does not affect their money.” said Zhang Wen, the founder of a VR total solution provider.

Entrepreneurs, capitalists, Internet giants, and retail investors, no matter at which time they enter the “metacosmic circle”, they all try to find opportunities to get rich in different ways. Some of them want to put the elements of the meta universe in their stories and sell them to those who are willing to take over. Before everyone can understand the meta universe, they will find the first pot of gold.

Gold Rush Yuan Universe

As Zuckerberg believes, VR is the gateway to the meta-universe.

A few weeks ago, a county party secretary approached Shen Zhe, hoping that he could come up with a plan to show the local tea culture in a “metacosmic” way.

This is not an isolated case. Shen Zhe found that in the past two months, both old and new customers have been consulting whether the content of cooperation can “get on the edge of Metaverse”, and there are many local government projects.

“In fact, most people still stay on the surface, thinking that wearing a VR device is the metaverse.” Shen Zhe said, but it can also be seen from this that the combination of metaverse and cultural creativity is already a trend.

In less than two months, his company’s revenue has increased by at least 70% as a result, and the work schedule at the beginning of next year is also full.

Shen Zhe is obviously more optimistic about the continued growth in the future. He believes that even if the enthusiasm of the meta universe is lost, as long as China’s cultural and creative field is sustainable, VR will be sustainable.

“Perhaps a thousand people see the appearance of a thousand meta-universes, but when the opportunity comes, we all hope to see clearly what we can do to make money.” On November 24, STEPVR President Guo Cheng was in a Yuan Said at the Universe Summit.

As a startup company that has been in the VR industry for eight years, STEPVR ushered in the “second spring” after experiencing the glory of 2016 and the “winter” in the following years.

According to Guo Cheng’s prediction, the GMV within the STEPVR system will double this year by 10 times. “At present, we have more than 150 stores across the country, and by the end of this month, we can almost reach 200 stores. The gross profit margin of our offline stores is very high.”

In the eyes of most practitioners, including Guo Cheng, aside from the hype group, the hardware end with the product landing is the most direct commercial realization of the business.

Capital is also voting with its feet. Since the beginning of this year, the “dead” VR has become popular, and corporate financing events, equipment sales, and corporate revenue have all shown an upward trend.

The “Virtual Reality Industry Development White Paper (2021)” released at the 2021 World VR Industry Conference Cloud Summit shows that from January to September 2021, the cumulative investment and financing amount of the virtual reality industry has reached 20.709 billion yuan. The number of investment and financing events and financing The amount has exceeded the total amount of the previous year. The rapid popularity of the meta-universe concept has accelerated the take-off of the VR track, and the market has also joined the carnival.

Not long ago, Oculus Quest 2 sales exceeded 10 million units. As a representative product in the VR/AR hardware market, Oculus Quest 2 has quickly become the world’s largest VR market share in just over two months after its release in October last year.

In 2014, Oculus, a VR helmet manufacturer established only two years ago, was acquired by Facebook for US$2 billion. The news of this software acquisition of a hardware company makes the industry look forward to it .

Now it seems that Zuckerberg’s bet seems particularly “visionary.” The popularity of Oculus Quest 2 will inevitably be assisted by the east wind of the universe. At the moment, Zuckerberg is changing the name of OculusQuest to Meta Quest, hoping to point all its VR/AR related products to Meta.

Using hardware as the entry point to pan for gold in Yuan Universe is more suitable for companies already in it. For those entrepreneurs who want to “get into the air”, hardware equipment may not be the best choice.

“Hardware equipment investment is too large, you may need to start $ 10 billion. So for the new incoming, content is the most accommodating variable part of the now.” Zhang said that today do yuan universe content, like Apple phone in 2007 Develop a game on the App Store.

The content of “Porcelain” seems to be more imaginative than hardware. In the past two months, the stock price of Meta Universe concept stock Zhongqingbao has quadrupled. All this is because of its claim that it will launch a meta-universe game.

As of the close on November 25, the Oriental Wealth Meta universe concept plate has risen by more than 30% in one month, and this is already under the premise of repeated interventions in supervision.

Shen Zhe, who hopes to walk on multiple legs, has also recently adjusted the company’s operating plan. “We used to sell more hardware, but now content production accounts for the main part. The combination of software and hardware is similar to providing customers with a packaged solution.”

giants rush to the meta universe

Meta Universe is still in a very early stage. Everyone hopes to find the core entrance first, especially the giants who bring capital, manpower and technology to enter the market.

An analyst believes that Meta’s conception of the meta universe is more like a “potential Internet version.” Its choice centered on both hardware and ecology. In the latter’s efforts, it also invested tens of millions of dollars to encourage creators.

Meta logic can be seen as an increase in hardware penetration rate, which drives an increase in users, and after creators get more income, it promotes a spiral growth that increases penetration rate. Compared with newcomers, Meta has become a comprehensive meta-universe layout.

Unlike Meta’s social genes, Microsoft hopes to launch a more “practical” meta-universe, such as the “work-work meta-universe” dedicated to workers.

Microsoft’s plan, the first half of next year, users Teams collaboration software will be able to acquire new 3D avatar to a virtual who appears in the form of cartoon or animation in a video conference, do not need to wear a VR helmet, you’ll enjoy ” “Immersive” meeting.

Remote workers can also use their virtual avatars to access virtual workspaces and share Office files and functions, such as PowerPoint and Excel.

The chip giant Nvidia is trying to “find” the meta universe in terms of its computing power.

NVIDIA’s open real-time simulation and collaboration platform Omniverse is “a platform that connects the 3D world in a shared virtual universe.” It empowers creators, designers, engineers, and artists through the cloud, enabling them to work locally or in real time around the world beyond physical boundaries, and they can see their progress and work effects in real time.

In other words, the Omniverse platform provides the key basic modules of the meta-universe, such as connectivity, mobility and computing, and artificial intelligence.

Foreign giants such as Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, etc.’s layout of Metaverse covers infrastructure, terminal equipment, content applications, etc., and work scenarios are the main scenarios that they all value.

Unlike overseas giants that value the “part-time job scenario”, domestic companies use self-research, investment, and shareholding methods to place Metaverse’s initial attempts in social and gaming scenarios.

Take Tencent and ByteDance as examples, in order not to lose the ticket to snatch the meta universe. Both Tencent and ByteDance are actively changing their usual play styles.

In the fifth organizational restructuring, Yao Xiaoguang, the head of Tianmei Studio, concurrently served as the head of PCG’s social platform business and was in charge of QQ. Tencent stated that “it hopes to explore the imagination of the application of computer graphics technology and capabilities in the field of games to the field of social and video.”

Tencent has also begun to actively deploy in the subdivision field of Metaverse-virtual humans. All-weather Technology saw on Tencent’s recruitment website that Tencent’s CDG division is hiring Tencent’s advertising creative virtual person product manager. The job requires applicants: love to study virtual humans and meta-universe domain knowledge.

Put on the coat of Metaverse to go for gold

Not only that, in the investment layout, the most direct example is the cooperation with Roblox. In 2019, Roblox announced a strategic partnership with Tencent to establish a joint venture company to teach people the basics of coding, game design, digital citizenship and entrepreneurial skills. At the beginning of 2020, Roblox announced that it had completed a $150 million G round of financing, and Tencent appeared on the list of participating companies.

The way that another domestic social software giant ByteDance cuts into the meta universe is more like taking the “old way” of Facebook-starting from the content and complementing the hardware.

In April of this year, Qichacha revealed that BYTE has invested in the “Chinese version of Roblox” mobile game developer code Qiankun . As a UGC platform, Code Qiankun can support users to freely create models, physical interaction effects and gameplay to form game works, and publish their own gameplay, model materials and finished games in the restart world community or store for other developers or players use.

In August, ByteDance acquired Pico for 9 billion yuan, which is a clear signal that ByteDance has entered the Yuan Universe terminal equipment.

Not only that, ByteDance has personally come to join the meta-universe battle. According to media reports, Bytedance is developing a meta-universe social product “Pixsoul” to create an immersive virtual social platform.

And Netease also frequently acts on the “meta universe”. In addition to the registration of trademarks such as “NetEase Yuan Universe”, “Leihuo Yuan Universe” and “Fuxi Yuan Universe”, it has invested as many as 5 in virtual human related fields this year.

Today, the giants are not in the “meta universe”, they are on their way to the meta universe.

A few days ago, the relevant person in charge of Xiaomi said in response to the company’s layout of Metauniverse that Xiaomi pays attention to related opportunities around Metaverse, and has made a lot of relevant technical reserves. It has made relevant investments in mobile phones, videos, displays, etc. Make relevant preparations.

“Meta universe” logic of investors

The market has entered a new universe, investors naturally have to keep up, and some institutions have even adjusted their investment framework for this.

In the impression of Ding Yuan, a partner of the crypto fund, at the beginning of this year, Meta Universe has already become popular in the crypto fund circle.

“In 2017, Decentraland, the boss of the three giants of Meta Universe, went online, but at that time almost no one was talking about this topic because there were a large number of traditional tracks to be speculated. At the beginning of this year, the US stock Roblox was hot, and the NFT was out of the circle some time ago. In fact, It’s all track rotations, and everyone thinks it’s time to change the topic to make a stir.” Ding Yuan said.

Huaxi Securities ‘ analysis confirmed Ding Yuan’s statement. “At present, the traditional content of the mobile Internet is saturated. In the past, regardless of game or Internet manufacturers, they limited the content of the scene for user experience.”

Therefore, Metaverse is considered to be a new track following the traditional mobile Internet.

Bloomberg industry research predicts that the market size of Meta Universe is huge. It will reach 800 billion US dollars in 2024. PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that the meta-universe related economy will usher in substantial growth. The market size is expected to increase from USD 5 million in 2020 to USD 1.5 trillion in 2030, with a CAGR of 253% from 2020 to 2030.

Put on the coat of Metaverse to go for gold

Source of the growth rate of the market scale of Meta universe: Minsheng Securities

But the other side of the coin is that most of the projects are “rubbing concepts, telling stories, and defrauding financing.”

“What is the most profitable in this form? Of course, it is the content end that is closest to commerce. Once all the things on this end are meta-universe, there will be a group of wealth-makers. They all want to seize the opportunity to cash out.” Shen Zhe said .

In communicating with investors, All Weather Technology found that some rational investors pay more attention to the underlying technology of the project. For example: Are there any targets that can become dark horses in subdivisions such as sensors, operating systems, brain-computer interfaces, and chip design?

“At present, most VR devices mostly use Qualcomm chips, and they are directly modified with mobile phone chips. They are still very backward. However, in the meta-universe era, there must be new chips that are more suitable for meta-universe hardware devices. , This is an opportunity for domestic enterprises, and the operating system is the same.” Zhang Wen said.

Some investors believe that Metaverse is driven by three technologies: AI, XR (Extended Reality, VR/AR/MR) and blockchain. Therefore, investment opportunities are in the field of digital assets.

“As far as I know, in order to be able to invest in authentic Meta Universe companies, many first-line traditional capitals have optimized their investment framework and actively embrace Crypto (encrypted currency).” Ding Yuan told All Weather Technology.

In the eyes of this part of investors, at present, most people’s cognition still stays in the form of manifestation of the meta universe.

For example, as a brand new virtual space, Metaverse may be able to copy all the behaviors in real life, including production behaviors, consumption behaviors, and entertainment behaviors 1:1 in the future.

 “In other words, the meta universe is the era of web 3.0. The era of web 2.0 we are now in solves the efficient circulation of information, but web 3.0 solves the efficient circulation of data and assets. In the era of web 3.0, users Have ownership of data and assets.” Some investors mentioned.

Under this logic, in the meta-universe dimension, the core key lies in “the ownership of all your assets is in your own hands.” Ding Yuan added.

“Whether it is the’workplace meta-universe’ valued by foreign giants or the’social and gaming meta-universe’ laid out by domestic giants, they are not true meta-universes. Their layout is more like a’touch porcelain’. Because in the block chain. They are’broken legs.'” said a crypto fund partner.

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