Proposed that “bags are accessories”, the commercial designer brand “Guliangjiji” wants to improve the “certainty” of design

Realize true “bag freedom” with “no capacity”

Author: Wang Jiexi, Zhang Ting

“We feel that Chinese girls have not yet realized the freedom of bags. One reason is that consumers will be trapped in the context of luxury goods, and everyone mainly chooses large-capacity bags, but in the digital age, travel can be easier.” “Gu Liang Ji Ji” brand founder Gu Liang told 36 krypton.

The “Guliangjiji” recently contacted by 36Kr was established in 2011 and is positioned as a commercial designer bag brand, designing lightweight and lively bag products from the needs of consumers in the digital age. Gu Liangjiji put forward the concept of “bags are accessories” and successively created popular series such as “pottery bags” and “rolling bags”. Gigi Gu Liang cut the price band around $ 800, the Lynx, Taobao, have physical , Jingdong buyers shop at sales and other online and offline channels, full-year sales channels to target more than 200 million yuan.

Guliangjiji was launched in 2011 on the online submarket. Talking about the reasons for choosing the bag category to cut into the fashion track, Gu Liang said that bags are more standard products than clothing, and they can be worn in a wide range, and a single product can reach more people. In addition, the bag on the market late start, the majority of brand design dominated by male, female perspective of the original creators product brand relatively empty.

Proposed that "bags are accessories", the commercial designer brand "Guliangjiji" wants to improve the "certainty" of design

Tao Tao Bao, according to the interviewee

Unlike the “reservation” of most designer brands, Guliangjiji hopes to enter the mass market. Based on this consideration, Guliang Jiji aimed at the former crowd of luxury and light luxury, and set the customer unit price at around 800 yuan. Specifically, Guliangjiji is geared towards young women who have a certain aesthetic awareness and spending power. This type of group lives is relatively “light” and has more scenes with small or no capacity.

Guliangjiji divides the bag into three capacity systems : No Size, Basic Size and Free Size. Among them, Basic Size is based on the mobile phone bag capacity, No Size is more similar to accessories, and Free Size has normal capacity, and users can freely match according to life scenarios.

In terms of design logic, Gu Liangjiji designed products from a purely perceptual perspective in the early days, and later switched to the superposition of perceptual and rational in order to improve the “certainty” of the design. Gu Liang said that design “determinism” refers to ensuring the success of products in both business and art, and it is also a shortcoming in the current domestic design industry.

Gu Liang splits the design certainty into three factors: talents, management system and brand operation. Gu Liang told 36Kr that at present the maturity of the domestic packaging industry is low, and colleges for training specialized talents are scarce, but Gu Liangjiji is actively looking for professional designers to expand his team. In terms of the management system, the team is working on polishing the organizational structure to reduce the overall impact of the designer’s personal changes. Operational ability is the key for designer brands to break the “magic curse” of the niche, but it is not easy to balance the market and artistry.

Proposed that "bags are accessories", the commercial designer brand "Guliangjiji" wants to improve the "certainty" of design

According to the interviewee

Guliangji Ji Neng seeks a balance between art and commercialization. Gu Liang told 36Kr that Gu Liang Jiji felt the growth bottleneck two years ago, so he tried to design from a market perspective, but the effect was not good. At present, the brand has been adjusted to a more self-consistent state: the division of commerce and art within the team is clear, and good growth has been achieved. In terms of design, Gu Liang Jiji modularized dimensions, materials, and craftsmanship, so that he could grasp market trends and flexibly display design concepts in his “propositional composition”.

How to judge whether the brand has design “certainty”? Gu Liang believes that standards are divided into two dimensions: inside and outside. If the team can minimize the reliance on individual designers, and continue to produce 1-2 super single products and super series every year, it can be said that the design is gradually stabilized. After the “Tao Tao Bao” came out of the circle, the team actively invested in the research and development of the next series. Currently, Guliangjiji maintains a series of new frequencies for 2-3 months.

In terms of supply chain, Guliangjiji built an integrated supply chain for design and production, and formed a matrix on the production side according to scale, style, and technology. The next step is to look for leather suppliers and factories with certain R&D capabilities overseas.

Next, Gu Liangjiji hopes to improve the single product polishing ability, and re-settlement this year according to his own pace, sort out the brand positioning and team structure, and will work hard on growth next year. In addition, Guliangjiji is also preparing to go overseas, and is currently doing a small-scale product exposure in Europe.

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